Are we stimulating ourselves into oblivion?

A wise person once defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Now that Congress is considering yet another stimulus package in a desperate effort to keep our fraudulent monetary system afloat, one cannot help but wonder what their real intentions are. Don’t they realize that the more they attempt to paper over the cracks in the façade with money created out of thin air, the bigger the eventual collapse is going to be? As always, Ron Paul is a lone voice of reason and tries to rein in an insane, treacherous, or maybe just bewildered Congress that is driving us straight into the abyss of global socialism and dictatorship.

Spending the Economy into Oblivion

by Ron Paul

With news this week that Congress is poised to consider a new stimulus package, I am forced to again ask a question that seems silly in Washington: How will we pay for this?

While a few Members of Congress have raised the issue, it certainly was not the primary concern of the House Budget Committee when they interviewed Ben Bernanke on Monday. And, when they did direct this question to the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, his answer was the standard rhetoric about how Congress needed to make tough choices. Needless to say, not many specifics were discussed.

One of the most liberal members of the House, Barney Frank, has at least volunteered something of a suggestion: “We can let Iraq take care of itself.” This, of course, goes in the right direction, but hardly far enough.

We need to declare the facts and their obvious consequences. The deficit of the United States is now spiraling out of control, and the recent bailout package has only made it worse. Our crushing federal debt is one key reason behind our current economic turbulence.

As Congress begins to consider the third “stimulus package” of the year, we need to realize it is time to start setting priorities. Priority number one should be cutting spending in foreign countries. This does not simply mean Iraq, but everywhere.

The next stimulus package is likely to include money for infrastructure. While these investments are, constitutionally speaking, supposed to be made by state and local governments, it is not likely that Congress will suddenly begin to pay heed to the document we are all sworn to uphold. Still, we need to acknowledge the fact that the current Congress and Administration are rushing the nation toward bankruptcy.

This being the case, we could hope they would at least come to their senses regarding our debt and foreign spending sprees. Our nation’s foreign-held debt is at record highs and moving ever higher. Continuing to borrow money from Red China and others in order to pay “dues” to the United Nations and run “Plan Colombia” makes no sense at all.

Our whole carrot-and-stick approach to foreign policy makes no sense. The US government simultaneously gives money to Israel, and to Egypt. We send AIDS money to Africa while AIDS clinics in America shut down. “Millennium challenge” funding goes to countries which enact “market based reforms” as we push our own country further and further into a centrally planned economy.

Economic recovery will only come through financial prudence, savings and getting back to producing things of value again. But it seems to be a foregone conclusion that we are about to enact another government initiative to “stimulate the economy.” Instead, there should be some serious talk about cutting all of these foreign giveaway programs. But, alas and again, we should not hold our breath. Congress is still not close to being serious about ending its addiction to debt and spending, and is again faced with the deadly temptation to attempt to spend us out of a recession. We should not forget that in the 1930s those types of efforts gave us the Great Depression.


  • AMartin

    Tee, Wow. I loved your post. That was about the most intellegent and concise description of MY feelings about my government that I have ever read. You hit the nail on the head. Sustailability. People providing for thier family with the work of thier own hands. I am tired of going to work every day and making more money for a man who already has millions, while I’m only taking home enough for my family to scrape by. So I work harder to try and stay afloat and he gets richer still. I liked your point about big buisness. I always rave about the dependence on foreign countries that we just allow to continue, but I had never thought about the common man’s dependence on big buisness. And you are right, it is just as senseless. Get back to the earth people. When we over kill, over cut, over mine, and over farm we may not see the consequences right away, or realize what those consequences will be but they do happen. We have to learn to live as a part of this land. We can’t just build a concrete world ontop of it and pretend like it isn’t there. Nature will come back to remind us.

  • Tee

    Are there enough young people in America too out vote the GOP? I pray to God there is. I am not young but it was my son who introduced me to the Ron Paul campaign. I am voting for Ron Paul because he is the only hope left.

    If Ron does not win the election. The fat lady sings loudly.

    I think I’ll move to Canada and return to farming. The problem here in the US is that the stock market was once based on STOCK. Stock that was raised on solid ground. Stock that was raised by small family farms. Without productive soil owned there came an instability to society.

    Living off the land was a much more solid foundation than money grown in thin air. What you see now is the culmination of decades of maneuvering, lobbying and greed on the part of corporations. They took everyone off the land and away from solid ground for the sole purpose of promoting their bottom line and not the citizens of the country.

    Being green means to sustain not to turn mass profits at the cost of the masses. Sustainability is protection. A society that depends on corporations to protect them from going hungry because they no longer have soil to grow their own food on is not sustainable but dependent.

    The US is no longer sustaining the Constitution. The government and corporations are not sustaining the people. Businesses exist only because they gamble with success. To bail out big business is wrong. Small business faces the same downfalls and hurdles yet receives no assistance whatsoever.

    At present, America belongs to approximately 10% of the population. The really rich ones. They see the population much as Marie Antoinette did before the French Revolution. The total outlook of those “accredited” sources is completely and undeniably… “Let them eat cake.”

    This downward financial spiral began the day the World Trade Centers were demolished. Not hit by terrorists but a controlled demolition. It just took 8 long years for the rest of the implosions to take effect. And all under the control of the current people who run Washington and the White House.

    Obama and McCain are both without a clue. Just like any puppet is. They only do what their strings tell them to. There is not even a shred of hope for America if either one of them takes the Oval Office. If George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were here NONE of this mess would ever have been allowed!

    The only way to fix this is to totally repopulate Washington from the ground up. Think that’s possible?

    Please God, let Ron Paul win.

  • Sam Hulsey

    WE are going to pay for this debt though higher interest rates. . .

    Take a look at this article in this week’s edition of “The Economist”:

  • Peter B

    It’s not just now. The government has no money of its own! All it has, it either (a) borrows, (b) taxes, or (c) prints out of thin air. All of these eventually lay the burden on us, the taxpayers.

    I’m no conspiracy theory nut, but the longer I live, the more I wonder who’s really in charge of the major political parties in this country. It can’t be someone with America’s best interests at heart.


    By bailing out all these banks show how corporatism America is. What about all these people who are uninsurced, poor and retirements who recieve nothing… This is coming to an end, the Empire will collapse. When the government runs out of assets, it borrows money in order to keep the economy going. And so the government has been borrowing for decades and now when it hits the peak the system derails. Just like the Soviet did, they borrowed from U.S., and collapsed. The same way the U.S. government is doing now lending from China and Japan. Besides, the Iraqi government has been running surplus for many years.

  • Charlie Myers

    Dan – You assume gold money means we walk around with gold in our pockets? What is this, the middle ages? You’d walk around with the same paper and plastic in your pockets, but the paper would say it there is one gold or silver dollar that you can go pick up at the bank and put in your own safe if you’d like, just like real money did a century ago. With your money now, even the FDIC guaranteed $250,000 could be made worth less than a loaf of bread at the whim of the government or the private bank of the Federal Reserve.

  • Dan Mccready

    Ron Paul is just a quack. I prefer paper instead of gold. It weighs less….