Ron Paul: How America fell into Osama bin Laden’s terrible trap

On October 29, 2008, Ron Paul was interviewed by Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. He criticized Obama and McCain, explained why he stayed in the Republican party, and described how America fell into Osama bin Laden’s terrible trap.

RM: And what about 2008’s grassroots sensation of the right wing, Republican Congressman Dr. Ron Paul. Dr. Paul stole the show at the Republican primary debates, largely by setting himself apart from the perceived pillars of the GOP. And last month at a third party press conference in in Washington, Dr. Paul announced he would not support John McCain. So what is the future of the Republican party, and who’s gonna be heading it up? Joining us now, former Libertarian presidential candidate, current Republican Congressman Ron Paul. Congressman Paul, thank you so much for joining us tonight.

RP: Thank you. Nice to be with you.

RM: I should speak more precisely and say that you were the Libertarian party’s nominee for President in 1998. You were a Republican Presidential candidate this year. Why did you decide to stick with the Republican party right through the primaries, and not try to be the nominee of the Constitution Party or the Libertarian Party this year?

RP: Mainly because the laws are very biased against people doing that. Some states won’t even allow you to do it. But the system is not very democratic for third parties and alternate choices. All the rules and all the laws are written by Republicans and Democrats, so it’s very hard to get in the debates. If I hadn’t been in the Republican primary I wouldn’t get into the debates. It’s very hard to get on ballots. Although they’ve done relatively well, it takes a lot of money. They’ll spend half their money just getting on ballots. So the system is very biased against competition, and that’s the reason so many of us, and I think a large number of the American people, in spite of this horse race going on, a large number of the American people, if maybe not the majority, think that really they don’t have a good choice and that the system is very biased and that the status quo is going to be maintained.

RM: By virtue of the fact that you did get into the debates and you worked hard at the Republican primaries, right through them, and you made a lot of money and you got a lot of attention, you attracted a lot of support, particularly from people who had seen themselves as outside the traditional market for politicos. You brought a lot of people into the political system who didn’t think there was a place for them in it before you. And for that I’ve always had a lot of admiration for how you ran this campaign this year. I wonder how you see those folks who you mobilized moving forward in the electorate. Do you think they are still alienated from he two party system, or could you imagine them lending their support to somebody?

RP: Well, a lot of them are running for office right now. You’d be surprised, there’s some states there’s 20 and 30 individuals up running, and they did it spontaneously due to the enthusiasm built in the campaign. New Hampshire and Minnesota, and different places, there’s a lot of candidates, we can’t even keep up with them, just as we couldn’t keep up with how we were raising the money in the primary.

There’s a lot of spontaneous energy because the message is so great. The message of individual liberty really attracted the young people. It’s interesting that a lot of young people that Obama has, go back and forth, they support him but they like me, and yet our message is significantly different, but our message is very attractive to young people. They like the idea of self-reliance and individual liberty. They like to get out of these wars. They love the idea of talking about monetary policy, which neither McCain nor Obama will dare talk about. Why do we have a Federal Reserve, and now that we have this financial crisis going on, the young people are really excited. Well, this is what we’ve been talking about not only for the past two years, but many more years. So it’s very appropriate to talk about this financial calamity, how it’s related to this trillion dollar a year expenditure that we spend on our foreign policy, and how it’s bringing us to our knees, and how we’ve more or less capitulated to Osama bin Laden’s idea of getting us over there, bogging us down overseas in a war like they did to the Soviets, bankrupting this country.

So we have fallen into a terrible trap, and right now we’re expanding it, and unfortunately, the two major candidates aren’t even talking about Syria and Pakistan, and the things that are important, because they essentially both agree with that viewpoint. They both say, send more troops to Afghanistan, and quite frankly, I am not expecting the troops, and regardless of whether Obama wins, that they’ll be home in 16 months. That is just pure political talk.

Both candidates support the same foreign policy, same monetary policy, neither one talks about balancing the budget, so the young people want to hear something different. They love the message of individual liberty. They love the idea of defending the Constitution, you know, that old fashioned idea, and that’s what has energized our campaign, actually it’s given me a lot of energy as well.

RM: Former presidential candidate, current Republican Congressman and political phenom, Dr. Ron Paul. Thank you so much for joining us tonight, Sir

  • DamnTheWarGods

    Unfortunately we will have to worry whether we are still a country in 4yrs. All the latest threats seem to point to more revoking of liberty of the people and forcing a surrogate society, perpetuated by a false flag event on a massive scale (I hope not) to further restrict and perpetuate fear among the public.
    WE must educate the masses also about these type of events as they will be used against us to achieve their goals.

  • Rob

    We’ve just got to keep educating the masses around us so that when nothing changes (for the better) in 4 years (or 8 if we’re still a country that will actually vote on race) people will actually begin to take back their freedoms.

  • DamnTheWarGods

    news organizations? what the ones who are paid for by the same people who buy off our elected officials. Seems to me we have to be more awake to what is going on a refusing to accept it with blind faith. Look at all the corruption from the top down. We need to get someone like Ron Paul or Chuck Baldwin or Nader in office. But 3rd party gets absolutely no news coverage at all.
    It’s sickening.

    BTW- I’m just bitching…cause you are right Dick, and the only way we will get that type of justice is to get impartial reporting. That won”t happen as long as the Bankers that are getting our money through bailouts aren’t investigated, charged and put behind bars. The corruption, and endless wars are destroying our beloved country


  • Ron Paul ran as the Libertarian candidate 20 years ago. His views are closer to the core Republican values than McCain. I think it’s time these so called “news” organizations looked into doing a little bit of investigating on who the real Republican candidate is.

  • DamnTheWarGods

    I know -Nader and Baldwin was a great debate of two guys that care. I left thinking Baldwin was the one who really explained stuff and would defend the Constitution. We are facing very troubling times with what has been happening. It’s downright sinister.
    But on a good note; many are waking up. In part because of Ron Paul, in another because so many are sick to their stomaches when they connect the dots.
    We have a real bad web surrounding us and really need to reach out to each other. I came in late in even knowing who Ron Paul was, In August I searched.
    That was about the time I found 911 truth and slowly started to make so much sense about everything and how all this was affecting me and everyone I care for.
    I haven’t seen much of the real hardcore Ron Paul fan base as much lately. But media does fail to cover him much on regular programming.
    In order to make a real change is to vote 3rd party, and we need all the “since the beginning” type of Ron Paul supporters to do the same on Tuesday. In a three way race anything is possible…and we gotta believe.
    It’s also not just a matter of “waking up”, there is also a matter of identifying ourselves to be recognized. They need to know they are not alone, and they need to know how many stand with the same vision.
    here is a link I found with good people and lots of informative posts and unity.


  • Gflynn

    It is somewhat amazing and at the same time disheartening that the overwhelming majority of US citizens haven’t figured out that we took Osama Bin Laden’s bait hook, line & sinker! These third party debates have been great! Listening to candidates talk about actual issues that are really affecting us is refreshing. But then again- It is somewhat amazing and at the same time disheartening that the overwhelming majority of US citizens don’t even know the debates take place!! When will this country wake up?