The Revolution: A Manifesto – in 10 minutes

If you’ve always wanted to read Ron Paul’s bestselling book The Revolution: A Manifesto but didn’t have the time to do so, check out this amazing 10 minute video summary of the book, provided by Chance Litton:

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  • Dimitri Miaoulis

    Notice how the only man with reason didn’t get many votes in the last election? We must get Ron Paul elected as president and stop the madness. The rest of these politicians are in the pockets of someone and everyone. Let’s get our country back from these liars and thieves in Washington.


  • Mervin Sanchez

    I can’t emphasize enough how much I appreciate the fact that Dr. Paul seems to be the only representative that acknowledges the constitution. I’ve heard that the first law on holes is when you’re in one, stop digging! It seems like our country is just digging away. It gives me a bittersweet feeling, because I know that with the inspiration Dr. Paul gives us, someone will eventually rise, the bitterness is that no one seems to listen or care.

  • Ron Paul You Rock!!!! I really believe in your words and appreciate their value. Keep up the Revolution, We all believe in what you are doing!!!!

  • Rob

    I talk to my friends and coworkers about Congressman Paul’s message, as well as my own thoughts. Some of them tell me, “…(I) have a dangerious mind.” I tell them, “then let it be used as a weapon of liberty, to open their minds and free them from the bonds of false-patriotism.” Most would rather stay curled up in their own little worlds, but I fear it won’t be long before the government steals it out from under them.

  • Deric

    Dr. Ron Paul, you are a great inspiration to me and my family. I am a 22 year old male from the midwest who values your words deeply. I have not read your book yet, but i plan on buying it very soon after seeing the summary. The founding fathers of this county would have been very proud of you as am I. I am a supporter and will remain a Ron paul supporter for the rest of the days to come.

  • I just put the video out to my followers on Twitter. Thank you so much, Dr. Paul, for enlightening so many Americans.

  • AnGeL

    Great video summary! Powerful message.

  • I have the luxury of listening to my headphones at work and I have listened to Rons Book about 6 times. An amazing writer, he gets my heart beating.

    I have also taken Ron Pauls advice and checked out and downloaded very informative lectures. Check it out.

  • Thank you Mr Litton for the video!! and thank you Dr. Paul for all that you do.


    Ron Paul,
    thank you for publishing this book. I read it, and I must say that it was enjoying indeed!

  • Marshall Frazier

    Honorable Representative Dr. Ron Paul from my 14th Congressional district in Texas, I have never been prouder of any member of my government as I am of you. I am grateful for the message of liberty you have resurrected. You have truly cured my apathy and hopelessness in our government and I now believe that if we want true change in this country all we have to do is stand up and fight for it.

    I have been doing my best to build a shield of liberty around my friends and family. A shield that may soften the blows from the government and media propaganda machine and allow them to see what our system of government has become. It is no easy task to perform and that is why I have a deep respect for you and your love of liberty and the constitution. Your work is greatly appreciated.

  • virginia oneill

    dr. paul, thank you for your truth and honesty…thank your for enlighting me on many issues…i am 45 and had been asleep for to long…the bailout really caught my attention …i am guilty of only showing up when elections are coming to an end…i wish the meida would have giving you more press…i have since learned what the meida does…please run in 2012 if we still have a democrecy…you have my vote…45 yearold married 20 years to the same man , 2 children ages 20 and 18, haircutter in s.florida…