Poll: Who are you voting for?

Tell us who you’ll be voting for in Tuesday’s presidential elections!


  • annan

    dont refuse participation. vote third party anyway! we need a revolution. but lets say the popular vote for third party candidates starts rising, it might change something down the line.

  • Joe

    Like everything else GW has touched it always turns to shit, well one of the last things he touched was the republican party at election time. It will take a long time to recover from this.

    I sincerely hope Ron Paul continues as a balancing force in the house and on the screen/interviews/public at large.

    I do have a lot of respect for John McCain but for being a maverick he still listened to the same neocon election strategy that everyone is obviously hip to by now.


    Best libertarian option this year!

  • Bryan

    I want my vote counted, not discarded, which might happen?? if we write in RP. So, Chuck Baldwin, RP’s recommendation is my choice.
    Libertarians, Constitutionals, Ron Paulites, even Nader heads; we need to UNITE as INDEPENDENTS. Remember Ron was on the Republican ticket, but that label has been sullied. We stand OUTSIDE of the Neo-con Republican Party, where all informed citizens will eventually move towards when the Fit hits the Shan.
    A new name for a new Revolution.

    God help us as WE HELP OURSELVES!!!

  • Jenny

    How I would love to vote for a man like Ron Paul. Living in a “battleground” state like Florida, though, has made me feel that I must vote for McCain only as a way of voting against Barack Obama. I had considered writing in Ron Paul but became convinced that the movements that Obama would make towards socialism and morally bankrupt policies would become so entrenched in our culture (isn’t it funny that we’re still dealing with the awful policies of FDR?) that I could not risk 4 years of an Obama administration. If McCain wins, at least there’s still a fighting chance that in 4 years some of his stupid policies will be able to be repealed.

    An open plea to Ron Paul: please run for the office of president again. Please don’t let me vote for the conservative-in-name-only Republican party again. Your voice has made a difference in my own thought about politics, the economy, and how libertarian principles are the friends of people who still see bright lines in moral issues.

  • Janelle

    Chuck Baldwin isn’t on the NYC ballot. McCain/Palin are listed Republican, Conservative, and Independent.

  • Tom in ohio

    I know Ron Paul has said we should vote for Bob Barr, and I almost did. But today for the first time in my life, I cast a vote in good conscience for the good of America and the freedom we love so much. (That is quickly being taken away). That vote was a write in to Ron Paul. Many would say I “wasted” my vote because he can’t win, however I would ask? Did I really? Or have the American people been cheating themselves by only considering the two party monopoly. I cast a vote that cleared my conscience, and for the good of America…. I wish more people would have done the same. Keep trying Dr. Paul, people are waking up every single day.

  • Barbara Starr

    I was, and still am, a supporter of Ron Paul and his principals. However, I believe it would have been in the best interest of our country for Dr. Paul to have supported the Republican candidate. No, he is certainly far from my choice, but he is so much better than the alternative. Sometimes we are forced to be pragmatic and put our ideals aside and do what is in the best interest of our country. I say, our country,but I am not sure how long I will feel that it is my country if Senator Obama is sworn in as our next President. It simply doesn’t get any worse, in my opinion, than the socialistic platform that he has run on (and possible actually be elected our next President). I support Libertarian principals, but the reality is that Bob Bar was not electable at this time. If Obama is elected, and we have an overwhelming Liberal majority, our liberties are in serious jeopardy. Perhaps if Dr. Paul had showed his support for John McCain those votes could have made a difference.

  • maria

    I voted for Chuck Baldwin. I figured I couldn’t quite vote for McCain. I think it is interesting that Ron Paul endorsed Chuck instead of Bob Barr. I really like Chuck but I don’t think he can address anyone but Christians, and he would need to show that it makes sense for everyone. So in lieu of “none of the above” and standing up for what is the hardline right( a little extremism might be good now and then),since Ron Paul is not on the ballot, the vote went to Chuck Baldwin. My votes also went against every incumbent we had.

    I’m inclined to believe that we need to start now to do something real for the next election(if there ever is another). I hope Ron Paul runs again, and trains others to follow in his wise footsteps. That way, we have better trained people for the future.

  • Rawley Butler

    i LOVE Ron Paul and i support him all the way! but i think that Ron would tell me to vote for Chuck Baldwin! so i have to vot for Chuck!

  • Tresa

    PLEASE EVERYBODY GET OUT AND VOTE. The third parties need every single vote they can get. Although it seems futile, if you don’t show strong disention by voting 3rd party, then the themes and dissatisfactions will never register and things will continue moving the way they have been.

    The best hope is for the next presidential candidate to take notice that significant numbers of people are sick of status quo and want to see real change — sick enough to vote third party. Maybe the next president will touch on ANY of the meaningful issues of our day — crazy spending, lack of fiscal responsibility, nonsensical government intervention, the failing socialist system of education, the Fed — etc etc.

    PLEASE VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!