Poll: Who are you voting for?

Tell us who you’ll be voting for in Tuesday’s presidential elections!


  • Ron Paul’s campaign proved to me that liberty on the Federal level is impossible. I now advocate people move to the New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project.

    Since the state I live in requires all write-ins be pre-registered, I know that no vote I cast will be in line with my viewpoints. My write-in vote will be for Free Talk Live. It will mean nothing in terms of the election, but there’s the tiny chance that whomever processes the votes might see it, and out of curiosity, check it out and be turned on to liberty.

    If not, I’m still not subtly condoning the aggression of the state.


  • EMC

    Hi All,

    I have always voted as an Independent. This year I registered as a GOP because it is the only way my vote could be counted in the Florida Primaries since Florida is a closed state in primaries…you vote only or the candidates in the designation you are registered with…

    This yer is a real battle..so here are my views…

    The fact that Ron Paul is not running in 48 States for the Presidency, and was put on the Ballot in Louisiana and Montana,unsolicited by grass roots supporters, speaks volumes and leaves a lot of people a bit disillusioned. Ron Paul did not run…period…Yes, he endorsed Chuck Baldwin in a luke warm manner but that,too, leaves a lot to be desired,IMHO.

    Rather than throw away a vote, and call it voting “your conscience”, isn’t it better to find the candidate that is the “less bad” and vote for him, just to keep out the person who may destroy our “Democracy” by nationalizing everything via a controlled society? Have you already noticed the “Obama Two Step Shuffle” as he now widens his views on Iraq, National health and taxes? Feature this. A vote for a third party candidate, other than for Ron Paul had he run, is truly merely a protest vote and not meant to change anything. It’s like a child wanting a candy bar/ice-cream/hamburger, etc., and not getting his way. What does he/she do? He/she throws a tantrum….sometimes.

    Isn’t that what many are doing? Voters and non-voters? The alernative is to try to change a Party. The GOP will either win by a very slim margin or get trounced soundly. No party can “lose its way”, betray its fundamental principles and still stay in power. What happen to the “Reaganites?” Where have they gone?

    Under George Bush I & II, the GOP has lost its way. It has become a party of war mongers, picking on little countries, while sidling away from the “Big Boys.” On top of that, the GOP has lost its conservative principles, straying from the Constitution, and has become a party trying to “Out Democrat” the Democrats by spending big money [which we don’t have], waging war, getting involved in people’s lives at every turn ( instead of hands of), keeping the Federal Reserve, IRS, FDA, USA, supporting Codex Alimentarius, and all the other Agencies that have hurt and are hurting Americans.

    Under Bush II, The GOP has even increased Big Governement growth at every turn, plunged us into unimaginable debt, and left our borders degenseless, in favor of NAFTA, the UN…Now the “Rescue Plan” is in effect and is designed to bring other Central Banks to our shores by getting the American taxpayers to pay foreign holders of Subprime paper, and even allow foreign scientists in other countries to “share” in Tax payers’ funding of their scientific “shared” research! [Thanks to Presidents Clinton and G.W. Bush.]

    Ron Paul, for his part, has not left the Republican Party and is up for re-election of his Congressional seat. That should be a hint to all. If he doesn’t want to run for the Presidency and chooses to stay in Congress as a Republican, shouldn’t we understand the message?

    In our two party system, whether we like it ot not, there is power and money. No third party has ever won recently, ( Lincoln was the last, with about 40% of the vote, back in 1860)… It’s a different ballgame today with the huge amount of money it now takes for a candidate to stay in the race.We had better figure out wich way to go. Little guys have no hope.

    Ron Paul did give us hope but he refused to run after he was probably told to quit. [Now that is only my speculation. Any news on this?] He could have stayed in the race, seated or not, and could have tried to maintain his pledged delegates all the way to the convention. That would have made a resounding statement and maybe would have led to a compromise on the party platform…????

    While I agee with the the Constitutional principles , I think it is better to work at the grass roots level, as GOP people, and take control of the local GOP chapters where possible. This may lead to a true “revolution” within the GOP and get it back on track, or, at least, get some conservative thinking back into the party. It’s called balance…

    This election will see either a clear victory for the Democrats, in which case the GOP will have to re-think their strategy, or a squeaky win for the GOP, in which case they will still have to re-think their strategy.

    Ron Paul will win his sat by a landslide ( 70%+) and that along with a potential GOP defeat at the top of the ticket, or just a whisker of a win, will send out a clear message. We are then in for some big trouble either way, because if the Democrats win, they will “revolutionize” everything to the left, but if they lose, they will feel threatened, betrayed and cheated. That is how politics is and we better get back to reality and work within a party framework.

    Is it so hard to outsmart the “Old Guard” in the GOP, especially when their policies have wrecked the Party and America? I think not because a lot of them will want new leadership after this election. Ron Paul is a spiritual leader now and has to lead the way in finding a person who is ready, willing and able to work within the framework of the GOP, with Constitutional views. It back to the drawing board.

    If the GOP win, where does Ron Paul fit in? He is definiteley the seasoned GOP voice of sanity…

    Hats of to all Third Party candidates for their effort, but except for voicing a platform that resembles the Conservative element of the GOP as it used to be and should be now, where are they going, except to protest? It is better to work from within, rather than to look in from without. Fingers crossed!

    Ciao and God Bless all whose heart is in the right place, EMC

  • Michael

    Hey all,

    I just want to point out that I am a big Ron Paul supporter, but will be voting for Chuck Baldwin in tomorrow’s election, due to the fact that Ron Paul endorses this candidate (and I agree with his issues, as they are mostly the same between the two). I would like to strongly encourage all Ron Paul supporters to make sure that you are in one of the three states that is accepting Ron Paul votes, and if not, please give some serious thought into changing your vote to Chuck Baldwin. In the words of Dr. Paul, “If the revolution is ever going to work, it will have to be bigger than Ron Paul”. Best wishes for tomorrow.

  • To Joe above, we know why Ron Paul endorsed somebody, we know write ins are not counted. The issue that many of us take with Chuck Baldwin, and the constitution party as a whole is that they do not promote freedom and liberty. The platform of the party seeks to establish a Theocracy. Bob Barr would have been a far better and more compatible endorsment from Dr. Paul, and Bob Barr is the candidate that will have my vote tomorrow. A lot more people here have cast their vote for McCain and Obama than have commented about it. I find that interesting and disturbing at the same time.

  • Buzz

    If my ballot does not have a WRITE IN space for Dr Paul’s name, then I plan to write it hugely across the entire ballot. Yes, I understand that this will disqualify my vote. In this FAKE election…

    The McBama “choice” offends me to the core. Which war-monger’s lies will YOU vote to fall for?

    Sure, Chuck Baldwin would be a great choice. MANY of the 3rd party options could help the nation. Nader, McKinney, Baldwin all get my respect.

    But as long as we’re in the “wishing on a star and pissing in the wind” mode of voting 3rd party, I want to be PROUD and INFORMED about my vote for RON PAUL.

    Our Rockefeller/Rothschild owners will NEVER allow us to be governed by a person who isn’t already OWNED.
    So a 3rd party vote is merely a protest vote.

    If I’m gonna protest tomorrow, I want to remember that I did it for DR PAUL. It was not Baldwin who lit the fire in me. It was not Nader who inspired me to donate REAL $ to a campaign. It was not McKinney who gave me hope that maybe this country CAN be saved.

    7 letters
    R O N P A U L

    And for the record, DENNIS KUCINICH gets my VP write-in

  • Ayone who Dr. Ron Paul endorses would get my vote, I’m English and therefore uneligible.

    Campaign for liberty!

  • Dan Beaulieu

    The lesser of two evils… you still get evil.

    Refuse to cooperate, refuse participation


  • Perry

    I voted for McCain because a vote for him was best in my eyes to keep the liberal democrats out of the white house.

  • Joe

    I believe Dr. Paul endorsed Chuck Baldwin partly because he knows that write ins will most likely be ignored/discarded. Sure Chuck wont win, but at least by voting for him your vote will be included in the percentages and if a large percentage of people vote 3rd party it will send a message out to republicans/democrats and those considering voting 3rd party next time. I trust Ron Paul and if he endorsed Chuck Baldwin I will be voting for him.

  • l and b

    Would certainly vote Ron Paul if we could. Will not vote for lesser of two evils, so Baldwin for my husband and I. At least this will tell them we don’t like the other two choices; Demo. or Rep. which are nothing more than two sides of the same coin.

  • We voted for Ron Paul in the primaries. Right now it seems to be important to at least try to keep the extreme of Obama out of the driver’s seat. Thus, our vote for McCain.

  • Kenneth B. Rees

    I live in Colorado and we do not have a write-in option for the President voting process. Ron Paul was not on the ballot in Colorado so I voted for the American Independence Party on principle. Not that they have a chance. There nomination for President was Allen Keyes. I am not particularly a fan of him but I needed someone to give my vote to. I refuse to vote for either a Deomocrat or a Republican

  • Papatya

    I wrote in Ron Paul last Tuesday during early voting. I’m so sick and tired of this mess!

  • mike

    Silly question, but if I write in Ron Paul, does it even count towards anything? I have heard that they just discard the write in because he is not even on any ballot of any kind.

  • kderentz

    I would vote for Ron Paul but he was not on the ballot here in Nevada. So I voted for one of the independents instead as I refuse to vote for Mc Cain or Obama.

  • Jason

    Ron Paul needs to go independent to really make an impact in the next election. I think he would have a serious shot as a third party.

  • IPSecure

    I will vote for Dr. Paul, the only honest man running…

    We have a few years to gear up for the next ‘eLection’.

    Please Dr. Paul, reconsider running next time.

  • gregor

    i was thinking about following the good Dr.s advice
    and voting for Chuck and Darryl (some good fellas there)
    but this run we’ve had, i got to write in the man who
    really deserves this more than anyone
    Ron is gettin’ my vote

  • Sunyata

    I have supported Ron Paul and would have voted for him had he been on the ballot in Massachusetts, but he isn’t, so I wont be voting at all in this election.
    I must say here that Ron Paul’s endorsement of Chuck Baldwin was a mistake. He needs to get the hell out of the Republican party and try to find some way of bringing the forces for freedom together in one viable body/party—otherwise this country is doomed. We are fast running out of time and the “Constitution Party” and “Libertarian Party”, with the help of Ron Paul and others, need to get their act together to pool resources otherwise the cause of freedom may be lost forever.

  • Dustin

    I may be mistaken, as I’m very tired…feel free to correct me and provide sources.

    I’m not voting. I should, I suppose…but I didn’t register, and I’m disgusted/ apathetic towards the election.

    We do not elect the president…the electoral college does. Electors are nominated (and thus, chosen) by the states’ political parties (Dems and Reps). Therefore…unless electors vote for someone other than who they pledge to elect, a third-party win is impossible.

    24 states have laws to prosecute faithless electors (electors who vote for someone other than who they’ve pledged to vote for. Electors must pledge to vote for whichever candidate the Dems/ Reps choose, as pledges are made before the 2 parties choose their presidential candidate. The supreme court has ruled against allowing electors refusing to pledge their vote.
    (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_v._Blair). We have no choice. We are offered two options which will yield the same end result…power over many, held by few.

    What a mess. We need a revolution. I don’t mean pamphlets and mail and endless donations. I mean a march on Washington and a 2 hour television spot during prime time on a major network.