Poll: Who are you voting for?

Tell us who you’ll be voting for in Tuesday’s presidential elections!


  • Jim B,

    I hope you are smart enough to realize that you only have one vote and it is too insignificant to accomplish your goal of defeating Obama…you talk like the millions of sheeple who have a fantasy that their McCain vote is going to keep Obama out of the White House…if you saw the movie “Swing Vote” you would understand no politician cares about your particular insignificant single vote and neither McCain nor Obama will come knocking on your door begging for it unless it’s a tiebreaker vote that decides the outcome of the election. All your vote will do is become a tiny statistic and raise McCain’s election day totals by one.

    You seriously need to read this


    Please don’t betray Dr. Paul and the liberty movement with that wasted McCain vote. Dr. Paul is not voting for Obama nor McCain for many reasons

  • Mandy

    I am not voting at all. If Ron Paul would be one of the candidates I would definitelly vote for him. We have two lame ducks/strawman for presidential nominees. How in a country that wants a real change we ended up with Obama, who is sponsored by shady figures and gives good speaches but will do nothing at all, or with weak man who is also a strawman for somebody else I have no clue. Nothing good will come out of both of them. I look at a financial crisis as a deliberately planned and executed one, to create chaos and panic and show who the real powerhouses are who run this world. Barack changing things for the better? Please. Barack is no one, he is a puppet and so is McCain. I agree with Dustin. I refuse to vote until Revolution. Ron Paul for President, Dennis Kucinich for VP.

  • Rod


    Ron please lead the Revolution

  • Jim B

    I voted for Ron Paul in the NM primary. He isn’t on the ballot here for the regular election. I have voted independent many times in the past. I know neither McCain nor Obama come close to Ron Paul. However, I am convionced that Obama is significantly worse than McCain, and believe I have to try to stop him from winning so will vote for McCain. Then I will reapply my energies to the Campaign for Liberty. But for now an Obama presidency can do far more damage than McCain.

  • Joe

    Well I’d have to say that 90% percent of Ron Paul supporters are not wing nuts in the least, but if Barack Obama wins he actually represents a split from the Democratic movements of late, I.E. Globalist Republican Light(tm) policies of Clinton/Bush and the democratic congress we have now. I think it is a shift in the wrong direction on some subjects but a positive one in others. Well I hope anyway… He represents to me at least at face value a real democrat from another era for the better, but personally I am less inclined to believe in those principles.

    I just cannot vote for McCain period since he drafted that pinhead from Alaska as a potential replacement. I think even if he won with another running mate I would not have as much difficulty even with him being tainted goods until he picked that faith healing dipshit, it just stinks of typical neocon pablum.

    I supported Ron Paul because he brought common sense ideas to the forefront and I still admire his opinion on many topics mostly economic ones and his stance on third party candidates: but I was a little more than disappointed that he would not run as one.

    My locality will no doubt carry Barack Obama, so it is either I will vote for him or vote for the libertarian candidate just to prop up third party candidates for the future and maybe help stop the media hit job on them.

    I think if I took anything away from the Ron Paul presidential effort it is that the Federal Reserve is in to perpetuate itself, and protect the elite from the “ravages of the market”, a sentence that Noam Chomsky has uttered many a time. And that our country is run more less by parties so alike and so in bed with the elite that it is hard to tell where the next slap in the face is going to come from.

    But I remind the most hardcore republicans among you, that the there are real truth-sayers out there, in both parties and especially in the third party ones as well. That is the cause that I will keep in mind in the future.

    I came to understand more about Ron Paul through Alex Jones’s radio show, where without I would have maybe sided with the media impression that Ron Paul was a kook had I not listened to the radio show, Well that and the fact that he was anti-iraq war impressed me a lot.

  • Andrew…it’s a no-brainer…do the right thing and give your vote to Bob Barr…the 2012 Libertarian Party nominee needs your 2008 vote for automatic ballot access in the 2012 election…otherwise he/she will have to fight the courts and go through the costly burden of collecting signatures to get on the ballots….you think RP wants that to happen to the 2012 liberty candidates after the ballot access nightmares he himself went through back in 1988 as the LP nominee?

  • A

    I still wear my Ron Paul shirts, underwear, and shoes almost everyday. Wish he was running!! The sign will stay in my yard…until I receive my “Don’t blame me, I wanted Ron Paul” sign. Maybe next go around?? DON’T GIVE UP!!!

  • Kenneth M. Williams

    I mailed my vote, wrote in Ron Paul, had his sign up till today


  • Im voting for Ron Paul even if I have to scratch the other names off and write his in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lets get back to the Constitution!


  • andrew

    Someone help. I am in New York. I can’t put Paul on the ballot. I can’t vote for Chuck Baldwin. All I really have available are O and M or Bob Barr. Whould voting Libertarian at least be a safe place to park my (protest) vote. I don’t want to not vote, but as the hour approaches I just can’t stomach voting for Obama (who I’d vote for over McCain if someone put a gun to my head)…

  • Alan

    I’m voting for the Libertarian Party, not Bob Barr, for the purpose of securing ballot access in the 2012 election.

  • J

    Come on people! Ron Paul is voting for Chuck Baldwin, not himself.
    Quit with this write-in crap!!! Ron Paul himself has stated that writing his name in is UNPRODUCTIVE. His word, not mine.

  • Kevin

    What the hell,

    Anybody who voted for Obama or McCain should be banished from this website.

    People are so gullible!

  • Marci

    It’s the first time I’ve not been excited about a candidate. Obama is inexperienced and promises too much, that I feel he won’t be able to deliver. J. McCain, on the otherhand, isn’t promising enough. I’d hoped he would have told us that he would be doing a reversal from the Bush administration’s policies!

    As for Mr.Paul, I like a lot of what he has to say and will continue to listen, but I don’t like that he says it and doesn’t run for the presidency with more fervor! I understand that the media didn’t give the independents the same exposure as O and M, but I see that Ron Paul seems to be getting quite a bit now. Perhaps, he can work more efficiently outside of the presidency.

  • Jim W.

    It is foolish now to vote for who you wish were in the running.

    It has come to either BO or McShame.

    Not voting takes away your choice altogether.

    Voting for someone who has no chance or who is not eligibile
    proves nothing. Had Dr. Paul stayed in the race, the
    intelligent may have had a chance


  • James

    It is absolutely great to be a Ron Paul supporter. You know Ron Paul is a terrific candidate and leader when his supporters are determined, informed, and tolerant (evidenced above) which is hard to find when you read through the McBama support full of hate and prejudice on both sides.

    I must say I will vote for Chuck Baldwin only because I too support Ron Paul leaving the Republican party. Maybe this will force Ron’s hand?

    If not, it pains me to say I hope Barack wins just so Dr. Paul will have the chance to lead this great nation back into the prosperous, humanitarian, isolated nation she was destined to be, in another 4 years. I just want my soldiers back; if the Rockefellers allow it.

    I love my fellow countrymen, but I am saddened by what this nation has become. The general public is blind to the evils and injustices thrust upon them. The richest people in this world do not see themselves a citizen to any nation. They believe themselves to be above sovereignty, and unfortunately in a world run by greed, they are.

    God Bless and Good Luck.

  • Travis

    I’d vote for Ron Paul if he was on the ballot, but if it isn’t (which I assume will be the case) I’ll be writing in Mary Ruwart since I agree with her 100% and RP only 98%.

  • Ben

    For those of you thinking of voting for the lesser of two evils, you may want to consider not voting for evil in the first place.

  • Bobbi

    I beleive write in votes are counted as long as the candidate signs a declaration of intent. Is this correct? Did Ron Paul sign one? I’m in Montana, so I most definately voted for him, but was confused when people were saying Ron Paul was saying “dont vote for me”! I truly feel without that confusion right there… AND if people voted honestly who they felt would make the best president… Ron Paul would win. I honestly beleive that. Many people I’ve spoken to are voting either Obama or Mcain even though they beleive in Ron Paul’s message, but they say they do not want their vote to be wasted. I understand where they are coming from… BUT if anything is going to change in this Country, WE need to change and stick to what we beleive in.

  • I already voted for Bob Barr for President. I couldn’t get myself to vote for Baldwin’s theocracy.

    If you want to write-in Ron Paul and feel good about it, why don’t you do what I did. I wrote his name on the ballot…but not for President…I wrote him in for Florida State Representative District 106…I had to choose between voting for someone named Richard L. Steinberg or doing a write-in.

    So now I can say I have voted for RP.

    Don’t forget that that the 2012 LP nominee and the 2012 CP nominee need your 2008 vote for automatic ballot access in the 2012 election…otherwise they will have to fight the courts and go through the burden of collecting signatures to get on the ballots…you think RP wants that to happen to the 2012 liberty candidates after the ballot access nightmares he himself went through back in 1988? Don’t forget that Ron Paul also discouraged you from writing in his name on the ballot.