Poll: Who are you voting for?

Tell us who you’ll be voting for in Tuesday’s presidential elections!


  • Dave

    I am extremely dismayed at the extent of elite/State control not simply in place, but, running smoothly. I read many of the comments above and get further dismayed by the apparent susceptibility to state media influence and its opinion control of the writers; to the writer’s surprise, I’m sure.
    Morality cannot be enforced. Abortion is a failure of genuine religious understanding to succeed. Legislating choice is a holocaust of freedom. No one likes to see pain and suffering; passing legislation in place of securing viability of education and increased awareness of life and one’s own relationship to the universe and others is only saying “Make it go away!” which actually hands over responsibility, power and choice to a certain group of individuals over the constitutional liberty intended for all.
    The country I’ve known and believed in all my life lives in me and in Ron Paul and he was taken out with the simplest ease. RP understands the MAGNITUDE of the problem escaping most of the comments I read above. The country I’ve known and loved all my life is now only a memory, just like my grandparents whose corpses rest securely cold and dark, threatening no one.
    I’ll be voting for Cynthia McKinney today because I cannot in any way endorse the level of unbridled evil so pleasantly disguised in the two major candidates’ groups as well as by the fact that Ron Paul is not on the ballot in New York–that would be a no-brainer.
    People define America in many ways. The only definition of America or the United States of America or being an American I’ve ever had has been ‘those with the Constitution of the United States of America and the Declaration of Independence alive and maintained in their being’.
    That definition does not have a geographic border. It does have a terrible consequence once the principles and concepts of those documents are no longer relevant to the fascination of the day and are subjugated to serve lesser interests or intent. Of course, out of sight is out of mind is out of luck.
    The USA is no more. It is merely a collection of states under corporate and media control.
    Where’s the integrity?
    Where’s the courage?


  • Beth

    I voted for Ron Paul.I’m in Louisiana and soo happy to see him on the ballot here. Please run in the next election!

  • Michelle

    I would have voted for Ron Paul if he were on the ballet in Jersey but since he wasnt I voted for Obama. I personally feel he would do a better job than McCain would.

  • Kevin Smith

    Kev’s Rules:

    Rule 1: One must cast a vote. In order to have minimum civic participation in the democratic process of a republic, One must cast a vote. If not, One’s personal authority to publicly discuss or express opinion on all issues is removed by self. Without a vote, One would operate without One’s authority.

    Rule 2: One must cast a vote according to One’s principles. Principles are what guide us through our lives, they are like the “roots or our tree”. Without principles (whatever they may be) One is lost. To not vote One’s principles is paramount to not having principles.

    That’s it. Pretty simple. You can take all the ideas of not voting, voting for the “lesser” or “protest voting” and through them out.

    It is up to each person to vote on their principles to effect a working Republic. Not voting (which is the worst offence) will neither hinder the two main parties, help any third party, nor will it express your principles using the most basic of our civil involvement – the vote.

    I would argue that all third parties in this election will not garner much power (and by power I mean the ability to persuade the two main parties to move their party’s platform).

    Our Republic has and always will have (under current laws) a two party system. As voters it is up to us to either support one of the main parties, or attempt to persuade one or both of the main parties to change their party platform. Our country’s history shows that any main party that is reluctant to move their platform, is in jeopardy of losing their main party standing.

    I personally can not vote for the Constitution Party because of my recent stand on the abortion issue. I believe that government control over a person’s authority is null as long as that person is not causing harm to another (of course, this leaves open the question of where does life begin – I’ve yet to understand myself on this issue). Therefore, government has neither authority to approve or deny abortions.

    So this cycle (and since ’96) I’ve chosen the Libertarian Party. My vote will show the support of my principles and have the added effect of assisting the LP’s efforts to be on the ballot in all 50 states.

    I could ramble on for hours, but I’ll close. Thank You.

  • Joe

    To Maxwell,

    It would be to your benefit to coordinate a withdrawal of British troops with ours at the same time, as I am sure that will be the way it would happen. I can tell you are no military strategist in thinking that.

    If you blame anyone for your percieved bloodbath, blame the guy who started the war in the first place. He is clearly the one responsible for the deaths so far. I think anyone who supports Ron Paul and the war at the same time, is missing a good part of the message.

  • EMC

    To Joe The Student,
    Explain the situation to the Supervisor of Elections in your county and ask if you can vote by fax. It is possible to vote that way as an absentee voter and perhaps it can work in your case. Maybe it will work. It certainly is worth a try.
    If yes get to a place where they can fax you the papers. Then fill out the ballot and send it back by fax…

    The only drawback is that since it goes over a fax, the secrecy for whom you voted is lost because the ballot markings may become known to others in that office. But that shouldn’t matter since you do want to vote and what can they ever do with that knowledge anyway? Good luck and God Bless, EMC

  • maxwell field

    i am british living in britain so i am not voting but whoever votes for obama is just plain wrong he doesnt know what hes talking about. if he pulls out of iraq then there will be a bloodbath of our soldiers. there blood will be on his hands

  • joethestudent

    Planned to vote for chuck baldwin. Applied for absentee ballot as I am too far away to vote in my precinct. The city clerk couldn’t copy my address correctly and apparently sent my ballot to some other address that could not possibly have been confused with mine. I have no way to get to the polls, and the clerk had no other solution for me. She did offer me her apology;) I have been disenfranchised by idiots. Just found out about the revolution a couple weeks ago. Looking for more Michiganders who want real “change”…

  • Raymond Miller

    This is my first election to vote in as I just turned 19, however; I have previously watched all the debates between Mr. Bush and former nominees. I find this country has taught the younger generation (my closest friends) how to NOT think. It’s quite simple how all of this should work and I think everyone here knows the voting system, the so call ‘democracy’, and the power of our vote is completely broken. We need someone who has enough power to bring us all together, make the march, and bring the country back to its roots. I can preach about our government, I can complain about the campaign, I can even become a rebel and fight to bring a revolution about, but there is always a mass population of blinded and miss lead uninformed and unintelligent people to bring the rest back down! We don’t need to wait until the primary election starts four years from now to moan about the electoral process, we need to start it right now! People should have seen how the “lesser of two evils” brought this country to its knees under the Bush Administration, yet the whole country just wants to forget about it and move on as if it never happened!!!! If the people of the United States informed their selves of what’s happening then maybe they would all be as frightened as we are! We all need to stand up and teach these miss lead minds that everything that is happening now is man created but hidden from the weekend minds!!!
    Ps. I’m voting for Chuck Baldwin, Ron Paul will just be thrown away if I vote for him. To think you will make a statement by voting for him is redundant, no one on CNN, FOX, MSNBC or any other nationally broadcasted television show will announce it so no one will ever care beside the few of us here!!!!!!!!!!


  • Howard

    I am voting Palin/Macain. I cannot let a known socialist get elected. It would ruin our Country. We need a strong leader in a new third party and that leader should be Ron Paul. I say let’s start campaining now for the 2012 elections so we will be reconized.

  • I’m not American, so I cannot vote, but I think that the best solution for American people in these elections consists in voting for Bob Barr. Constitution Party has a chart of values based on puritanism, so I think that Baldwin, though Dr. Paul endorsement, can’t be voted, even if, at the end, maybe he would act on ethical issues simply removing federal funds on abortion, same as Ron Paul.

    However, Barr seems the most balanced candidate for libertarian people.

  • I’ll be voting for Barr. In theory, I want to vote for Baldwin because Dr. Paul endorsed him, but I just can’t get over his religious zeal. That’s too much for me to stomach.

  • sandy

    i was at your convention wonderful time to bad your not on the balad in ohio

  • Ted

    I never thought about the fact that if Obama got elected Ron Paul could come back in 2012. It would be impossible for him to get the nomination against an incumbent Republican. I have been struggling over the whole issue of “wasting” my vote on a third party candidate. We all know the chances of one of them getting elected are nill because there are too many sheeple ( I like that term!) that have been brainwashed into thinking that there are only two choices that have been preselected for the American people to choose from! If everyone voted their heart instead of worrying about if their vote would count or not I think we would see an upending of the two party system, but the chances of that happening are slim to none. I still don’t get the whole electoral college thing. Just doesn’t make sense to me and never will. All that being said, I think that I will vote for Bob Barr only because Alan Keyes is not on the ballot in TN. I just can’t quite stomach the Chuck Baldwin thing.( Sorry Ron!) I do this thinking that I will send the message of dissatisfaction with the way things are being run in this country and Obama will more then likely be elected thereby giving Ron Paul a chance to try again in 2012.

  • Russ

    I can’t help but agree with everyone who thinks That Mclame and Osama(i mean Obama) are one and the same.Dr. Paul’s presidential campain is certianly proof enough that the media will attempt to limit our choices. Nothing would make me happier than to be able to vote for Dr. Paul but as we all know write ins seem to be a losing battle. Tomorrow i will be casting my vote for Chuck Baldwin.He has made the ballot in Wisconsin. We may not win the battle this time but we can send a message to future voters,future politians,and to the media that we will no longer be asleep at the wheel of our democracy.
    I’m curious if in the next four years the independents can maybe organize in the spirit of mutual cooperation to set up a platform debate that would resemble the republican and democratic presidential canidate debates. If Ronco and QVC can get primetime airtime why couldn’t an independent presidential debate?
    It might also help if each party some how became involved in the primaries is some fashion. The republicans and democrats hog thee Americans attention by monopolizing T.V. and Radio for almost two years before an election. Is it any question why most of the Sheeple of the U.S.A. think the third parties don’t have an honest chance?

  • Mandy

    Osama and McLame both prepare platforms that will dupe many people into believing that things are actually getting better, once either one is elected. In truth, this platform will be the beginning of slavory for the masses that will be nothing but the mules for the ruling elite.

  • Carter

    I would have loved to vote for Ron Paul in this election, but the facts are that he will not win nor will any independent. I hope a way to reform this two party system surfaces and that Dr. Paul will run again. I am voting for John McCain, the candidate who is not as bad as Barack Obama, and a candidate that has a chance of winning.

  • I am sooo tempted to NOT VOTE AT ALL! However, Ron Paul did endorse Chuck Baldwin but I don’t really like him because his main emphasis and primary concern is on immigration whereas our major concern should be on destroying the fed for bailing out Wall Street giving $7 billion dollars. Plus, let’s not forget that this country was built mainly on hard working immigrants from ALL over the world. America is special because of all the different colors and cultures incorporated in one making us interesting and eccentric… plus, Chuck Baldwin is a retarded legalist Christian whom wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for his immigrant ancestry from I don’t know where but from somewhere!

    Anyway, moving on to my objective… regardless of who wins, we, The American people need to seek answers to the real issues we are facing globally because we are certainly not getting any from McCan’t and Osama, we need a revolution to demand genuine Constitutional Rights that our founding fathers left behind for our Freedom. A revolution to defend the great American principles of individual liberty, constitutional government (in which we no longer have), sound money, free markets, and a non interventionist foreign policy.

    Sadly, Americans and fellow resident’s of the United States are totally ignorant and oblivious to our Nations status. It is said that the voters do not pick the president as it is mentioned on this forum. Ron Paul also stated: “The election process is controlled by the powerful elite to make sure that neither candidate of the two major parties will challenge the status quo,” “There is no real choice between the two major parties and their nominees, only the rhetoric varies. The amazingly long campaign is designed to make sure the real issues are ignored.” I say that only $$$$$$$ MONEY VOTES are counted here. This presidential charade/fiasco has become nothing more than an emotional & popularity contest… people should explore other sources other than the mainstream media shining the light on Obaba & McWack.

    Our political system is indeed a corrupted one! And we the people are clearly being deceived and misinformed. What a shame! Good luck America.

  • oh, and here we have electronic balloting and you can’t write in anything on an electronic ballot. It’s a touch screen

  • As far as I’m aware Ron Paul isn’t on the ticket; at least he wasn’t listed in the paper as a cadidate. If I see him when I go to the polls tomorrow then I’ll cast my vote for him, but if not then I’m voting for Bob Barr