Vote Ron Paul In These Three States!

As a quick reminder for tomorrow’s election: Ron Paul is on the ballot in Louisiana and Montana. He is also an official write-in candidate in California (PDF).

Write-in votes for Ron Paul in other states will not be counted.

Ron Paul endorsed Chuck Baldwin on September 23.

  • FredRopontic

    Please vote Ron Paul he’s the antichrist he will save America.


  • Mike

    Responding to Robert Gonzalez…

    This should simplify where we stand when it comes to getting the sheep of this country to think differently…this is the voting summary for my precinct.

    JOHN MCCAIN (REP) 1,211 54.48
    BARACK OBAMA (DEM) 967 43.5
    BOB BARR (LIB) 30 1.35
    WRITE-IN 15 0.67

    Yep, I was one of the 15.

  • Mike

    Hehe…just placed an order for a new Benelli M4 yesterday…one step ahead. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    The man with the power is the man with the military beside him. Simpe as that! Buy more guns!

  • Corinne

    I’m a temporarily transplanted Texan in Washington and I wrote him in, don’t care that it didn’t “count.” I wouldn’t feel right voting for anyone else.

  • brad

    I wrote him in anyways in Illinois…don’t like it that it isn’t counted though

  • So what is it going to take to:

    * Get this country to see there are more than two political parties?
    * That sometimes the best candidate is neither Republican nor Democrat?
    * Get the names of all other candidates out there and in the face of voters well before the debates and elections?

    I am so pissed off that our choice was stolen from us this year. I cannot put my finger on how that happened but I would guess it has something to do with the media being afraid of what a third party can do to either candidate (though I suspect they are most concerned with a third party candidate stealing Democrat votes) and the amounts of money raised by the national committees/conventions for both the Dems and Republicans.

    Regardless, something has to be done with the election system as it is now because a lot of Americans don’t even know that their choices were stolen from them. And that sucks.

  • Pope Ron Paul II

    Write-in votes for Ron Paul in other states will not be counted.

    – I wrote him in for my TX vote anyway. It’s idiotic that my vote will not be counted.

  • phil

    These are 2 websites I found that attempt to explain some of these crazy write in rules.