Vote Ron Paul In These Three States!

As a quick reminder for tomorrow’s election: Ron Paul is on the ballot in Louisiana and Montana. He is also an official write-in candidate in California (PDF).

Write-in votes for Ron Paul in other states will not be counted.

Ron Paul endorsed Chuck Baldwin on September 23.

  • David Ramey

    well… I wrote in Ron Paul here in Virginia… also know a few other people who did the same… had no idea that they wouldn’t even be counted… I was at least hoping that the republican party would see a mass of potential votes that they would have had if the would have nominated the right person…


  • MJ

    Wrote in Ron Paul for President today (California)

  • Greene

    No! Why did you wait so late to tell us? I already voted for another 3rd party not knowing he was a write in! Argh!

  • My polling place totally screwed up. They posted an outdated certified write-in list. Ron Paul wasn’t on it.

  • C.

    No matter what, you should just write in who you truly want. Don’t settle for the other guy because some facist made “a list.” Who cares. It’s AMERICA. VOTE!!!!

  • Andy

    Well, I’m in IL and wrote in Ron Paul. I don’t really care that it won’t be counted, because I was going to abstain from voting in the presidential race anyway. So, I figure my vote wouldn’t have counted anyway (because I know the Daley machine will make IL swing Obama), and I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for either candidate-I was going McCain until he picked Palin, but she scares the crap out of me. So, final solution-write in a candidate I believe in (even if it won’t count, which is BS) and vote a straight Republican ticket for all other races-at least when/if Obama gets in office, his forced socialism can be tempered a bit if Congress opposes him.

  • Dude, this is crap. I just found this on the California Secretary of State page. Ron Paul is totally on the list. Except the voting place had a totally different list. What kind of crap is that?

  • My wife is going to be voting within the hour. I asked her to look at the official write in list for California to see if it says what I thought it said this morning. I will be able to post back this afternoon.

  • phil

    I live in Illinois and have the same question as the previous submission. I thought you could write in anybody (and I did write in RP).

  • Ian

    Well that is a bummer, voted very early this morning and wrote in Ron Paul only to find out that it won’t count. I honestly wrote in RP not only because I like his point of view but also because two party politics seems to be taking this country into the crapper. I also voted against just about every single incumbent.

    My question is, why wasn’t Ron Paul registered as a write in candidate in my state?

  • When I voted this morning the head table at the voting place showed a list of names that were qualified for write in. Ron Paul’s name was not on that list. The notice was very clear that votes for anyone written in that were not qualified by the state would not be counted. I don’t get it. Was he qualified as a write-in or not?

    PS I didn’t vote for Nobama nor McCan’t. I just wish I knew I could have voted for Dr. Paul.

  • Sarah

    You MAY write in Ron Paul in New Hampshire!!!

    Please do not vote for the lesser of two evils!
    Don’t give up, don’t give in!

  • Joey

    don’t let the governments blocking out of Ron Paul and his message stop you from voting!!

  • david

    So…in other words they just throw the write-ins away.

  • Mark

    Here’s a list of registered write-in candidates in Texas:

    Brian Moore/ Stewart A. Alexander
    Alan Keyes/ Marvin Sprouse, Jr.
    Ralph Nader/ Matt Gonzalez
    Cynthia McKinney/ Rosa Clemente
    Jonathan Allen/ Jeffrey D. Stath
    Chuck Baldwin/ Darrell L. Castle
    Thaddaus Hill/ Gordon F. Bailey

    This is from 2004 but I assume it applies for 2008 as well:

    “These ballots may then be set aside to be delivered to a tally team to count the write-in votes for the declared write-in candidates.” (i.e. write-in votes for undeclared candidates won’t be counted)

  • Mike

    I’m confused…Texas has a blank on the ballot to write in anyone I choose…how would a write in vote for Ron Paul NOT count in Texas??? please explain.

  • I’m in California, and too am writing in Dr. Paul

  • I’m in California and I’m writing in Ron Paul.

  • Too bad he is not on the Missouri ballot, I would have registered to vote this year.

  • Sunyata

    I have supported Ron Paul and would have voted for him had he been on the ballot in Massachusetts, but he isn’t, so I wont be voting at all in this election.
    I must say here that Ron Paul’s endorsement of Chuck Baldwin was a mistake. He needs to get the hell out of the Republican party and try to find some way of bringing the forces for freedom together in one viable body/party—otherwise this country is doomed. We are fast running out of time and the “Constitution Party” and “Libertarian Party”, with the help of Ron Paul and others, need to get their act together to pool resources otherwise the cause of freedom may be lost forever.