Ron Paul’s Election Results

Ron Paul obtained 2.2% of the vote in Montana, which is the best result of any third party candidate in any state. He also obtained 0.5% in Louisiana, putting him ahead of any other third party candidate in that state. Ron Paul obtained 17,006 write-in votes in California.

Ron Paul was reelected as Congressman for the 14th District of Texas. He did not have an opponent.


John McCain: 50.1% (236,513 votes)
Barack Obama: 46.7% (220,301 votes)
Ron Paul: 2.2% (10,230 votes)
Ralph Nader: 0.8% (3,570 votes)
Bob Barr: 0.3% (1,300 votes)


John McCain: 58.6% (1,147,603 votes)
Barack Obama: 39.9% (780,981 votes)
Ron Paul: 0.5% (9,353 votes)
Cynthia McKinney: 0.5% (9,184 votes)
Ralph Nader: 0.4% (6,991 votes)
Chuck Baldwin: 0.1%

Why was Ron Paul on the presidential ballot in these states?

In Montana, the Constitution Party of Montana used to be an affiliate of the national Constitution Party until July 2006. Since then, it has been an independent party. This year, they selected Ron Paul and Michael Peroutka as their presidential candidates.

In Louisiana, a group of Ron Paul supporters founded the Louisiana Taxpayers Party and selected Ron Paul and Barry Goldwater Jr. as their presidential candidates.

In California, Ron Paul was nominated as a write-in candidate by Gail Lightfoot, a former Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate.


  • 3rd Party Needed – NOW

    “Write-in votes in other states are not being counted.” Why not? You mean my write in for Ron Paul, my vote in Nebraska was not counted? You mean “we” don’t count? HUH?

  • daniel mccrillis

    It has been a thrill to see and be a part of the Revolution under the leadership of Ron Paul. I am looking forward to seeing what Ron Paul will do in the next election. My son and I watched a few videos of Ron Paul the other day with music in the back ground a reflected on the past 6 months of following him. I did everything to keep back the tears. We need him very much in America and for America. I really believe this is our last chance to get America back. I only hope and pray that this revolution will one day win our country back. Some things to remember: most people in America haven’t heard the name Ron Paul and the ones that have, have only heard in passing. I will be spending the next four years spreading the name around. Ideas that are cheap for Ron Paul publicity. Make free DVD’s of his information and videos to pass out. People will watch them. Next election print hand outs for your neighborhoods. It is easy for one person to pass out 2500 flyer’s a day. This can be done very cheaply using cannon printers because their ink cartridges are refillable up to 100 times. You can even go on line and by ink for 60.00 per gallon. That is spreading the message like no other. The greatest approach to capture votes is door to door. Get out early and knock doors introducing yourself as a personal representative of Ron Paul Campaign. May Gods richest blessings be upon Ron Paul.

    God Speed,
    Daniel G. McCrillis,
    Pastor Gateway Baptist Church St. Louis MO

  • Josef White

    Hello Mr. Paul and fellow supporters thereof:

    I am a third year junior at Saint Leo University, which is located in St Leo, Fl.

    My friends, I know that Mr. Paul should have been nominated in Florida but he was not, however in that case in my love for freedom and liberty, I did not vote neither Obama, which would have been my ideal choice if he had addressed the fall of the dollar and currency but he didn’t, neither Mr. McCain, but now I think I should have gone Ralph Nader, however I haven’t had the chance to look over his views on the issues. So in that case, on the write in spot on my voting ballot, I wrote in RON PAUL on the blank that was given for the ink. My intentions in writing this letter is not to give explanations on how I voted. But it is more why I wrote in RON PAUL on the ballot. I felt that if my candidate is not on the ticket then I will use that spot given to write in my pick.

    Only the heavens know that if both Mr. Paul’s name was not on the ballot and that spot to write in my choice was not available, then I simply would not have voted. When is it when we will learn to represent ourselves if those that don’t hold our ideals and values try to lead us through flawed systems in order to control us. Their interests do not benefit me, nor can I see that they are not benefiting others either.

    I love all of you, my brethren and sisters, and I for one feel that we ought to abolish the idea of money and use the values within ourselves for currency. Government was created by people in order to assist in bringing order to social life. When I turned 21 I assumed that I was an adult, meaning that I can make my own decisions. I am a responsible individual. Mr. Paul is a viable candidate of my choice. Until then we ought to consider what has gotten us in the jam that we are in, and stop choosing the lesser of all evils. Don’t turn on yourself. Keep up the good work grassroot leaders.


    • Roxanne

      Hi Josef White,

      I am glad to see that you are for Ron Paul’s values, yet it surprises me that you choose Obama who is the complete opposite of Ron Paul. Ron Paul himself has admitted that he could not endorse or work with a man like Obama.

      The person Ron Paul has known for years, and the man who worked to get Ron Paul was elected was Chuck Baldwin. He did that while Ron Paul was running for office. Later, when he was approached to run for office when Ron Paul dropped out was Chuck Baldwin. He was endorsed by Ron Paul, and Ron Paul has supported him.

      Obama’s Congressional voting record, and what he supports and his plans for the USA are complete opposite to the values that Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin supports.

      I would encourage you to check out,, just to name a few.

      Here in Oregon, there was an average many by the name of Dave Brownlow who ran against Gordon Smith an incumbant of 12 years in the Republican Congress. He was not a traditional Republican and sold out many Republicans. The race was for Senator and although Dave Brownlow of the Constitution Party didn’t win …..neither did Gordon Smith. Sadly, Jeff Merkley who we all know is a liberal won but only because Dave Brownlow tipped the scales and took away the votes that would have gone to Gordon Smith.
      Dave Brownlow was shut out of debates, received no media time, did not ask for special interest money and did not go in debt. There are another couple of 3rd party gals who ran against “big name” candidates…and have the same values as Dave. Traditional values of the Constition.
      We believe this is a Republic…..NOT a Democracy….our founding fathers knew the difference. A Democracy is a form of tyranny while a Republic is close to the people and give the control to the people.
      I just switched to the Constitution Party in Aug from being a Republican.
      Chuck Baldwin is just like Ron Paul while Obama isn’t even a citizen of the US, and supports NAFTA,CAFTA,WTO, the Super Hwy, mandatory govt rules by which we will all must abide. The Chief of Staff that Obama first elected is RAHM Emanuel who was the Director of Fannie May and Freddie May debachary under which we are suffering.
      I just heard today that 31out of 37 people whom he has appointed were from the Clinton administration……….and he said this was supposted to be a BI-Partisiian organization ! HA !!
      Last of all, I recommend that you buy, and/or check out a book called the “The Creature of Jeykll Island”. It tells all about the CFR, the FED Reserve System, etc. etc. with photos, and the history of who and where they started this system. It is a book worth having in your personal library.
      Are you aware that both Obama and his wife Michell are members of the CFR? His wife, Michell Obama, sits on the Chicago Board of CFR (Council of Foreign Relations Board).
      I believe something is rotten in Denmark….when ANY race or group buys into a philosphey by the large amount that Obama was able to get the black people to. He got a 95%of them to vote for him…..sounds fishy to me.
      I am also disgusted that so many others voted for either Obama or McCAin and didn’t know anything about their background. McCain is NO conservative, and he is also a CFR member and has a very bad and liberal voting record.
      Please go back and review the website I gave you in this paper.
      I like Betty Freauf in the news with views website.

      Take care….sorry this was so long!


  • Only 3 or 4 of us go to the Ron Paul Meet up when their were
    more than 50 from last fall to March & April of this year. This
    CAN’T STAND! Where are the patriots? “Eternal vigilence is the
    price of liberty”! CNBN just reported that more of the McCain
    vote came from the voter over 65. What does that tell you? These
    people went to school when the Constitution and Declaration of
    Indpendence were taught! They couldn’t accept the “spread the
    wealth” nonsense that Obama was spouting when they were raised
    to care for themselves and take responsibility for their families.
    I taught the Declaration & Constitution in the ’50s; I know! We
    were a MORAL people too.

  • Why are you all so surprised that our government is disenfranchising registered voters? Nowhere in the constitution are political parties mentioned, nowhere at all. But some how it becomes OK for our government to ignore anyone who refuses to endorse one of these parties. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, Americans should consider this next time they vote to give control of Congress to one party.

  • Terry

    I am proud to say I voted for Ron Paul here in Louisiana. I think there are too many alternative parties where candidates like Ron Paul could potentially belong to. I would guess that the Libertarian Party is the most established of all such parties. In future elections, I think it would be best that a candidate such as Ron Paul be part of a nationally recognized alternative party such that he could be on the ballot in all 50 states and DC as the representative candidate of that same party, whichever party that may be. This method would gain the most votes and recognition. Afterall, the idea is to win the Presidency.

  • My Family and I voted Bob Barr, we need to get more viable parties in this system and end the duopoly!

  • Amber

    I live in San Diego, CA… and I just wanted everyone to know that I wrote in Ron Paul for president yesterday. It’s sad that the other states won’t count his write in votes. If they did, we might have had a different outcome in this election…..

  • Kevin

    It’s nice that here in California they count write-in candidates, but please remember that this is the state that voted in, AGAIN, a bond measure to build an expensive, and apparently impossible public rail system. Voters have done this before, threw hundreds of millions of tax dollars at it, never to see them again, and still no train. These voters just did it again.

    I envision some city planners and train contractors sipping martinis on a beach in Fiji, reading the news on the bond passage, and laughing, saying, “I can’t believe they did it again.”

    My point is, we need more than just counting Ron Paul write-ins here…. we need Ron Paul!

  • Kieran

    Considering that Ron Paul wasn’t even running or campaigning he did pretty well, especially compared to the third party candidates.

  • Jason

    Like Sarah, in Washington, I had to follow my conscience and vote the way Franklin, Jefferson, and Washington would have voted. Democracy is a fine ideal but is obviously subject to manipulation and outright censorship. The greater goal, understood by our founding fathers, is liberty. Ah, pure, unadulterated freedom. Thank-you Ron for being a beacon for us all. Yesterday, a black man was finally elected president. He has reaped the benefits of many people’s struggle, perseverance, and simple hard work over the decades. This was a revolution realized one inch at a time. Our revolution has begun. We, too, must be as patient and keep fighting the good fight. Life is not something that happens to us. We must be active participants in our lives, our communities, and our political processes. I try to get folks to vote the issues and ideals they believe in rather than for or against a person. My candidate has NEVER won but I go to bed knowing I didn’t sell out.

  • FYI, my polling place made a mistake and posted an outdated “official qualified write-in candidates” list. Ron Paul was not on it. The list they posted stated plainly that any other name written in would not be counted.

    What that means is that once again choice was stolen from people in my neighborhood. It sucks that I did not find out about Ron Paul being a write-in until after I voted.

    • Tara Crooker

      My grandma has always written in her own name.

  • Sarah

    I find it very disturbing that the state I live in, Washington, does not count write-in votes. If it’s our right, then why is it that we’ve allowed the state to not abide?

    I voted Ron Paul via write-in; my conscious would not let me do otherwise.

    This next cycle I am not going to stand back anymore; I want to become involved.

  • Logan W B

    i am proud to say that we got the statistics that we did

  • Jen

    I wanted to write in Ron Paul but I thought the most difference I could actually make was to vote for Bob Barr since in the nw subs of Chicago he was on the ballot as the libertarian candidate. I was hoping we’d get the 5% needed. Where do we find out the results of that part of the election?

  • Judy

    I voted “Ron Paul” as a write-in 11/4/08 and was proud to do it. I wish they counted the votes here in IL on the outskirts of Chicago. I am curious to know who all voted third-party. I know I did it to make a statement to government – the REVOLUTION begins.

  • State governments (some of them, including Arizona) do count write-in votes (for registered write-in candidates).

  • Rob

    I really wish States were legally forced to count write ins and absentee ballots.

  • Buzz
  • Martin S.

    Congratulations to Ron Paul for providing a true alternative. I am eagerly awaiting the write in results from my state, California.

    • Leslie

      Are the California votes still not counted? It’s the middle of Dec. Or, are they just not up on the site?

      • Kevin

        I want to reiterate something that I mentioned at the start of this post, that I believe is the case (though I could be wrong, and I HOPE I am wrong). Even if Ron Paul got enough write-in votes in California to give him a majority of votes in that state, he could not actually win any congressional or presidential position, as only candidates “on the ballot” are considered eligible in the election. Which begs the point, why have a space for write-in candidates at all, if they don’t actually count toward anything? Like it says on my car bumper sticker, my president is Ron Paul, but to the state of California, I don’t think he was ever even in the running, since he was not officially on the ballot.