Ron Paul’s Election Results

Ron Paul obtained 2.2% of the vote in Montana, which is the best result of any third party candidate in any state. He also obtained 0.5% in Louisiana, putting him ahead of any other third party candidate in that state. Ron Paul obtained 17,006 write-in votes in California.

Ron Paul was reelected as Congressman for the 14th District of Texas. He did not have an opponent.


John McCain: 50.1% (236,513 votes)
Barack Obama: 46.7% (220,301 votes)
Ron Paul: 2.2% (10,230 votes)
Ralph Nader: 0.8% (3,570 votes)
Bob Barr: 0.3% (1,300 votes)


John McCain: 58.6% (1,147,603 votes)
Barack Obama: 39.9% (780,981 votes)
Ron Paul: 0.5% (9,353 votes)
Cynthia McKinney: 0.5% (9,184 votes)
Ralph Nader: 0.4% (6,991 votes)
Chuck Baldwin: 0.1%

Why was Ron Paul on the presidential ballot in these states?

In Montana, the Constitution Party of Montana used to be an affiliate of the national Constitution Party until July 2006. Since then, it has been an independent party. This year, they selected Ron Paul and Michael Peroutka as their presidential candidates.

In Louisiana, a group of Ron Paul supporters founded the Louisiana Taxpayers Party and selected Ron Paul and Barry Goldwater Jr. as their presidential candidates.

In California, Ron Paul was nominated as a write-in candidate by Gail Lightfoot, a former Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate.


  • Emon

    I too voted my conscience for Dr. Paul in Md. Too bad more did not …

  • Sheala

    I voted in Maryland for Ron Paul. He was who I wanted for President. So I voted my conscience.
    And I do agree that write-in statistics should be counted in every state.

  • daruma

    I voted (write in) Ron Paul here in Arizona. And my vote does count. (To me.) It was one less vote for Obama or McCain.

    Arizona changed voter registration cards from NOP (no official party) to UND (undecided) Wrong! I am very decided.

  • Brian

    I live in Washington, and I voted for Ron Paul. I had no clue that they didn’t even tally write-in candidates. What would happen if a write-in candidate was more popular than either the “top two” choices? I guess that the “will of the people” really doesn’t count. Washington recently went to a “top two” selection on the ballot, so there is no longer any choice to select third-party candidates for local offices. We get a choice of Democrat or Republican, or maybe Democrat and Democrat.

    • Terry

      That should be illegal. That is restricting one’s right to vote.

  • Saundra Engler

    I proudly voted for Ron Paul here in North Carolina.
    I am ashamed of NC for what they have done to him concerning his request to be on the ballot. In my opinion this is a TRUE example of our State and Government. I cannot understand how the American people continue to let the government take away our freedon and rights. Is the US comprised of brain dead persons? This election was a racial election. We are no long one nation. We are a split nation. Our nationality counts more than our vote. But yet we are encouraged to vote and our vote is not counted or thrown out. WHY. Where are is our right to vote? When are the people going to stick together and fight this conspiracy? When they come breaking down our doors and dragging us out into the street? Electrical votes count more than my vote. WHY???? Why aren’t the people who fix the ballot boxes put in a prison for LIFE, and I don’t mean a holiday hotel for the wealthly. Flogging in the street would make me smile. Yet people think it is a horrible way to punish, but rape, murder, theft, abortion (murder) is accepted. Where are our morals and common sense? Our officials can lie under oath, but yet you and I would be prisioned. Our government is setting examples for people to live by, and take a look at society and see the results. When was the last time you felt save not locking your doors or car? Why? When was the last time you can worship God and not fear? So many issues and no results. WHY?????

  • Bryan

    In NH Ron Paul got 1,092 votes and in Vermont he got 1,464 votes according to their secretary of state web pages.

  • Richard

    I am very interested in the California results because I know many friends who wrote in Ron Paul. Has anyone else researched the Great Depression lately? I thought it was interesting that FDR had an executive order price fixing the value of gold, raised taxes, created programs of socialism, and sparked a brief economic rebound before a second large depression (4 years after his first term). It seems like history may repeat itself when Obama raises taxes on corporations, creates socialism with his new programs, and could send us into a deep depression.

  • Heather

    my sister and I voted for Ron Paul in Florida. I wish that vote would get counted so they can see that we’re part of the Revolution there in the panhandle.

  • Guys, in Italy Obama is described as the man of change (LOL). There are a lot of right or left-winged politicians, who want to copy Obama’s program. I read that program some days ago and I found it foolish. It is based on expansion of Big Governement, publish expendish, burocracy, low taxes only for mid class (?), and other absurd socialist policies… Obama is the Antichrist of liberalism.

  • alexander paine

    I wrote in Ron Paul in washington state. I believe a lot of people did here.

  • patrick

    you did the truely admirable thing. i live in illinois, a notorious blue state, not to mention a rural community. i did the same. letting dr. paul know that true americans stand behind him is the most important thing we could do this election. I find it inspiring that so many others actually know what they want and are willing to stand behind a candidate that will actually fight for them. who’s in it for 2012?

  • Natalie

    I wrote in RON PAUL!!! I only wished they counted them here in Oregon.

  • Dear America and All Americans, I am happy and sad. Happy to see that our revolution is still alive and that this presidential election has not deterred our movement toward a nation truly governed by its laws. I am sad that the media outlets have shunned the name of ron paul never to be spoken or written. This is a battlefield of wits and intelligence is our ammunition against capitalistic slavery. Why are there so few of us that have awakend to the truth of our monetary and political agenda systems…..George Bush and his colleges should be buried under the jail for the deaths and slavery commenced under his rein of terror…. does no one see that anyone can be labeled a terrorist with no avail? That terrorism is a make believe object to focus our minds from more important subjects…..the economic slavery and government jackals and military are only in place so that the select few can impose their will upon other nations…

  • Terry

    I think Kevin summed it up pretty good. If the money isn’t being spent to the Media, then the Media will not “reward” a candidate with news coverage; unless that coverage somehow benefits the paying candidates. I believe the Government and the Media work together to promote their pre-selected favorites. It’s these favorites that get so much funding in the first place to be even be able to pay for all that high-dollar advertizing. Thus, presidentially races work like Third World countries: you have a few super-rich, super-funded candidates at the top, and all the remaining candidates are grossly under-funded such that they could never pay for the advertizing, thus never getting “rewarded” with news coverage. It’s almost like saying there’s no such thing as a “middle-class candidate”. And folks, this is what needs to change; there needs to be a more even playing field for presidential races. And as far as presidential debates go, ALL the candidates should be able to participate, not just the Dem’s and Rep’s.

  • Ed

    Can you see Ron Paul as Secretary of the Treasury and President Obama pleading with him to “please, please please let me get some money.” ” I’m sorry , not going to let the country go broke.” Lets just let it go for a year to see if really need to spend money on that program. My vote in Illinois probably ended up in the circular file, who knows.

  • Brian

    Though possibly construed as a wasted vote in my state of Idaho, I am proud to say that I, as apparently all of you, wrote in Ron Paul as a show of defiance to a system that consistently feeds us (the public) their agenda driven garbage. We didn’t bite, thus proving the need for multi-party races. I urge every one of you to keep screaming… someday our voices have to be heard! Thank you Dr. Paul for providing American voters a truthful and trustworthy candidate! Ron Paul 2012!!!

  • Still free to fight

    NOW! While the republican party is analyzing where it went wrong! NOW IS THE TIME to speak up and take the party back! Now while the neo cons are beaten!

    Please, supporters of Dr. Paul! Find your local meet ups, and flood the gates of your local GOP meetings!

    We will take the leadership of the republican party, and in 2012 or 2016, be able to elect a president that will fight for our FREEDOM!

  • Kevin

    Here’s the deal: The Repubs and Dems need $millions to run TV ads so people know their names and faces to vote for them. To get those millions, they sell their sole to lobbyists, who they then represent in office. The third party candidates who don’t pay the media those huge prices to run ads on our airwaves, and stay honest, never get coverage by the media, because the third party folks have not spent any money with them.

    It’s a serious problem, and until we figure out a way to break the cycle of mainstream media and major party money, we’ll never see a strong third party emerge in this country.

    On the issue of “write in” candidates, as I understand it, even if in say, California, they “count” the write-ins, they don’t actually “count” toward anything. Even if Ron Paul got a majority of votes in the state via write-ins, he could not get any electoral points, as he would still not have been officially on the ballot. That is my understanding anyway.

  • cookie maker

    3rd Party Needed…. not just you in Nebraska…… seems to me that all of us, ‘we, the people’, don’t count anymore, except to a handful of representatives. I can count the good ones on one hand. Maybe both, but there sure aren’t many of ’em left.