Ron Paul’s Election Results

Ron Paul obtained 2.2% of the vote in Montana, which is the best result of any third party candidate in any state. He also obtained 0.5% in Louisiana, putting him ahead of any other third party candidate in that state. Ron Paul obtained 17,006 write-in votes in California.

Ron Paul was reelected as Congressman for the 14th District of Texas. He did not have an opponent.


John McCain: 50.1% (236,513 votes)
Barack Obama: 46.7% (220,301 votes)
Ron Paul: 2.2% (10,230 votes)
Ralph Nader: 0.8% (3,570 votes)
Bob Barr: 0.3% (1,300 votes)


John McCain: 58.6% (1,147,603 votes)
Barack Obama: 39.9% (780,981 votes)
Ron Paul: 0.5% (9,353 votes)
Cynthia McKinney: 0.5% (9,184 votes)
Ralph Nader: 0.4% (6,991 votes)
Chuck Baldwin: 0.1%

Why was Ron Paul on the presidential ballot in these states?

In Montana, the Constitution Party of Montana used to be an affiliate of the national Constitution Party until July 2006. Since then, it has been an independent party. This year, they selected Ron Paul and Michael Peroutka as their presidential candidates.

In Louisiana, a group of Ron Paul supporters founded the Louisiana Taxpayers Party and selected Ron Paul and Barry Goldwater Jr. as their presidential candidates.

In California, Ron Paul was nominated as a write-in candidate by Gail Lightfoot, a former Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate.


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  • A CA organizer speaking: We had a good crowd on APril 15 but far fewer on July 3rd. We chose the 3rd because the 4th is so hectic because of the inland travelers and the fireworks near our chosen location.
    We must make standing up as Campaign for Liberty members such a high priority that nothing inteferes with attending our local TEA PARTY and persuading others to recognise the danger we all face as gov’t continues to grow to tyrannical proporations.
    No more excuses for not taking action!

  • Micah

    I know that everyone that posted here is wishing their vote mattered to their government. The ugly truth is that it does not. As long as the electoral college exists, write in votes are not counted, and a two party system that forces us to choose which puppet goes into office next, we will never enjoy the freedoms promised by our Constitution. United we stand, divided we fall – Pink Floyd.

    Ron Paul was the bright and shining star of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and a voice of the American people who have refused to be brain washed by the boob tube.

    Time to Tea Party. . .

  • Nick

    It is great that Dr. Ron Paul has gotten some decent numbers in these states.


    As much as I would love to see him as our next president, it is also important and very crucial to remember that Dr. Paul more so than an official, is a revolutionary and a light in the darkness of our politics.

    He is gaining incredible popularity via the use of different mediums, and especially because of his sincere, just and insightful beliefs and opinions.

    He is like that American Idol guy who didn’t win the prize, but became more famous than the winner anyway by breaking huge records and having his music in every radio and bar.

    I see Dr. Ron Paul the same way.

    He is the underdog who is winning the hearts, minds and attention of more and more people every single day and minute… not only in the US but also abroad.

    It truly is a revolution!

    Please keep going. We are supporting you!

    Together we can change our country and the world.

    • Derek

      Correction, albeit late, still matters here, Ron Paul is not really a revolutionary in practice. I think he is more of a reactionary, that wants to take America back to the way it was before many many wrongs.

      • Casey

        Of course Ron Paul isn’t a revolutionary. He adopted “rEVOLution” as his campaign slogan because he is trying to avoid one from happening. However if Ron Paul is steamrolled by the corporate media and corrupt government and is not elected in 2012, I know alot of people that would consider that to be a declaration of war against the American people, and a real revolution would soon ensue.

  • Ron Paul is not a “Radical”, nut, demonstrator or such. We run the Tea Party “club” and our weapon is the ballot box. As of today we have 37,000,000 members on our external hard drives sorted and purged for duplicates. We cannot write Ron Paul directly and he is not a fancy slick three card monte scam artist from the streets of New York City nor needs a telepromter. What he needs is money, lots of it in millions; in very small denominations by USPS money order. We need the Gold Standard Money and the bums out of congress and the senate and that will take 2-6 years. We can help. Log on to

  • Kevin

    Thank you Ms. Lightfoot for great work and communicating with us and counting these write-ins. I think, if the votes for Ron Paul actually counted for something other than our enthusiasm, the 17,000 figure would have likely been much higher. Perhaps in the future there will be a way to pressure state election officials to somehow count write-in ballots toward primary and actual election tallies.

  • gail k lightfoot

    Ron Paul’s total vote in CA on Nov 4, 2008 is 17,006 statewide. I am in the process of getting the county by county votes. When I have them all, I will be posting the numbers to the Ron Paul Electors I am in contact with by email and some one will be able to post them on one or more of the Ron Paul sites.
    I think we did good. Unlike other states, our votes were counted in CA thanks to well over the required 54 volunteers who filed papers to serve as Ron Paul Electors.

  • Jay

    I also wonder about the California election results where Paul was a “legal” write-in candidate. I wrote California Secretary of State Debra Bowen about write-in results and was told that the write-in votes wouldn’t be completely counted till 35 days after the election.

    Thirty-five days later…where are the results?

  • Seth Black

    I don’t like the electoral college methed. I think there should be group of about 24 canidates in the begining. Halfway throu do a primary so the canidates can see what there chances are, and if they want they can drop out. On election day you can vote for any of the 24 or so, or do a wright in. All serious wright ins will be counted. Obviously if you wright in Micky Mouse, that vote is truely wasted. Just like my vote for Ron Paul in Malden Ma. I will do it agian in four years too. Ron I believe you are this countrys last chance of holding on to the little freedoms we do have. I have a strong feeling the electronic voting machines have been compromised. I think ACORN got alot of fake votes for Barak too. I will see you in Boston on Sunday. I am syched!

  • Heather I

    Wow this forum is still going lol… I voted Ron Paul, for the same reason as many of you here. I couldn’t vote for someone I didn’t believe in and seeing as this is my first time voting, I HAD to vote Ron Paul. I don’t get excited about much, but the Revolution has my full attention (I have Ron Paul Revolution decal on my car window! Spreading the word in GA). And I knew full well that my vote wasn’t going to be counted because GA doesn’t count write in’s that aren’t registered… Not fair; and many of you agree. But even now almost a month later I do not regret my decision to vote for Ron Paul. I’d do it again and again, but I would work harder to tell people about him. I am always spreading the message and am hoping that by 2012 we will have most of America awake and realizing what is going on here.
    Ron Paul 2012!!!
    I won’t stand for another term of obama.
    (sorry so long… got carried away… lol)

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  • Cindy

    We are nothing but a bunch of slaves to the goverment. They make the rules as they go and do not care about what we say we need to work really hard at spreading the word to try to get people to stand up and make them listen. If we vote for some one than it should be counted .Come on people we have got to do something or our life of some what freedom is going to end and soon. Ron Paul has got the answers and we need to get eveyone to hear him speak.Contact your friends relatives and state officials.A REVOLUTION I feel is the only way. It may seem drastic but that is what we need to get us out of this horrbible drastic state we are in.


    I am a registered libertarian in Nevada and I wanted to cry when I found out that Nevada law does not allow write ins. I voted for the next candidate that fit my values which was Bob Barr. However, it was honestly depressing to not have a candidate on the ballot that moved me in such a way as Ron Paul did. Viva la Revolution!

  • Carole Silverman

    I voted for Ron Paul in California, & I would like to know how many votes he received in California. Ron Paul is the candidate that my nephew wanted; and in fact, my nephew wrote an article about Ron Paul, which is how I heard about him. The night before the election, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to vote for the Republican candidate or the Democratic candidate because of the crooked politics that were used, and that’s why I decided to vote for Ron Paul. I was glad to see Ron Paul listed as a write-in, & I was also glad to see that his running mate was Gail Lightfoot, who is a Native American Indian.

  • Damnitall

    Thats BS. If a name was written in on a ballot is NEEDS to be counted! Otherwise whats the F’n point of having a space to write your choice.

    I wrote in Ron Paul.

    I want to know ALL the numbers!!!!

    I’m in Seattle, WA