Why I Support Ron Paul


I write this in my support of Ron Paul. To begin, I have to go back to my college years where my passion for history taught me the importance of political awareness. I was growing tired of the confined, two party political system and started looking for other options which led me to a round of Ralph Nader rallies. Enthusiastic, robust supporters filled these rallies and speakers such as Michael Moore would preach their opinion on how the two-party system has failed this country time and time again. At the time, I found myself cheering loudly with the crowd on how there needs to be a political figure who actually listens to the people.

Little did I realize that my understanding of government and free markets was off base. Unwittingly I was about to vote for someone who believes that the free markets have failed us and that the solution to the problem is more government intervention. Many times I would say to others, “Look at the disparity between the rich and the poor. This can not be the way this country was designed. We need the government to come in and fix this situation.”

Near the end of my college education I started up my own business, which is a dangerous thing when one doesn’t believe that free markets work. Over the course of my business life I realized that the consumer is king and government just interferes with the consumer getting the choices they deserve on both pricing and quality. I was intrigued by my growing sense of discontent.

Through some associates in the business world I started reading about the Founding Fathers and the history of this great country. Throughout this reading I realized that the way America is now is not the way America was designed to be. I started reading more and more books regarding the Republican point of view and ended up changing my allegiances to the Republican philosophy.

There was only one minor problem with this. I would listen to Republicans speak and it was as if they didn’t know their own party platform. They were talking about how we need to decrease taxes but they wouldn’t cut any programs that would take away from the budget. I was confused and alas turned into what I would call a hopeless Republican.

What is a hopeless Republican you ask? A hopeless Republican is someone who loves the ideal of being a true Republican but doesn’t hear any of the ideals coming out of today’s Republicans’ speeches. Someone who is tired of voting for a politician who is motivated and influenced by his own special interests. A hopeless Republican wants government off their backs but has no choice but to vote for the “lesser of two evils” who both want more government in every way, just in slightly different ways.

Through reading more, I fell across Robert Kiyosaki (whether you agree with his books or philosophy is not the question) who wrote about the Federal Reserve and why gold and silver is the only real money. I realized at this point that the Federal Reserve is the core issue of all problems. After that I started looking up some videos on Youtube and stumbled upon Ron Paul. To get a deeper understanding of Ron Paul I decided to embark on seeing how deep the rabbit hole went and bought his book The Revolution: A Manifesto. The lady at the book store was more than anxious to sell me the book saying; she had already read it and loved it.

When I opened the pages of the book and started reading, it felt like water to a camel in the middle of a desert. Other than Dr. Paul’s stances on monetary issues, I started realizing that there was very little disagreement between the doctor and I. Dr. Paul’s understanding of free enterprise was inspiring. He had broken down free markets to simple terms that anyone can understand, instead of spending 4 months taking an economics class at a university and still walking out confused.

There are too many points to go into that I agree with but after reading The Revolution I realized that Dr. Paul was the only candidate who offered real change, not spare change. I understand that the election is over and that Barack Obama has already won, so my goal in this post is to make you aware that the Revolution has begun.

There is something you must do, and that is to first become an informed citizen and then prepare yourself for the next elections. It is your right, it is your duty to chose and alter the government you desire. Republics only work with informed citizens and sadly more people voted for American Idol than for the next leader of our country. I believe this is due to the hopelessness that they feel, that neither candidate would have made the situation any better. The burden rests on the shoulders of the revolutionaries who want a better America for their children and their children’s children.

The only message I have is if you have felt like I have felt, understand that there are no hopeless situations, just people who have grown hopeless about them. People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

Long live the Revolution,
Yours Truly,

  • Long awaited savior

    It amazes me how through all this I have not seen one person compare Ron Paul to he emulates the most more than ANYONE. I speak of JFK. It hurts that knowing most of our children and young people don’t even know this great man. I have complete confidence in Ron Paul and all of his supporters. I believe that Ron Paul can help us as Americans stand as the people we were born to be.

  • An American. Not a global citizen

    First off, I do not support anything the bankers want! And it is well known the bankers, all bankers around the world, signed the communist manifesto. The bankers are falling the nation states, such as Greece with Spain, United States, and all nation states to follow so that the New World Order will be a global reality. We cannot allow this to happen. We CANNOT!!! Please follow the news at http://www.infowars.com or http://www.prisonplanet.com as the truth can be read at these sites. You will also find that Ron Paul is frequently interviewed by Alex Jones at these sites. Do not let up. Spread the word of truth far and wide. It is the intent, under the global order, the financial global order, that everyone and I mean everyone be microchipped. Please research Aaron Russo. He exposed this! We cannot allow this demonic global government to take effect. Ron Paul must be supported. Ron Paul, please run again for President of U.S. This time, though, tell everything you know to the public. Let the public and the world’s people know how that Canada, US, and Mexico are supposed to merge. Let the people know that the Euro was never to be a permanent currency. That the border with Mexico is to never be a reality. What the real ID cards really mean.
    That it is said that the Republic has already really fallen. Please, Mr. Paul, please tell the American people what is at stake here. The American people NEED AN INSIDER TO POUND THE MESSAGE HOME!!!

    The banks spoke that day of the 1000 point drop. They spoke!!!!!!!!!! And the Senate crumbled and then the Senate made changes to the Audit the Fed bill to appease the bankers. People, don’t you understand yet? It IS THE BANKERS,

    Dont’t forget 911 either!!! Demand a REAL investigation about who caused 911.
    Don’t forget that it was an ISRAELI military aircraft that was allowed to land the afternoon of 911 when all U.S. domestic aircraft were not allowed to fly.
    Why was an Israeli military aircraft allowed to land in New York? Why? Could it be to bring the perpetrators back home to Israel? Former Prime Minister Sharon already stated that it is Israel that tells the United States what to do. Not the U.S. Was it the Mousad who carried out 911? Why did building 7 fall? Why was their thermite in the dust?

    Aaron Russo said that Nick Rockefeller said that the War on Terror is a farce.
    A hoax. That the War on Terror is only meant to make the people afraid and thus submit their Liberty for safety. And this is what the bankers want! This
    war has no definite enemy. The enemy is never seen. All made up.

    Example, Christmas Day bomber brought us the body scanners. Israel DOESN’T EVEN USE body scanners at their Israeli airport because it is well known that body scanners do NOT detect thermite. The only conclusion that
    the use of body scanners are being used in U.S. is to make the public submit to the govt. We must demand that our natural sovereignty be respected. We need to question everything.

    Also, lets not forget the plane crash of the Polish President recently and all his cabinet. Why was the person who filmed the plane crash and got the video uploaded to the internet stabbed then had his respirator unplugged at the hospital? Why????? Who killed him and why kill him? Also, why were there
    people already at the crash site (see video on YouTube). On the video it can be
    heard that the victim or victims were saying “Don’t kill me.” Was this victim who said this the Polish President himself?

    Also, lets not forget something else. Let’s not forget that Obama’s real name is Barry Seotoro. He changed his name in college. Obama was BORN IN KENYA. Obama’s first executive order as President was this: TO HAVE HIS RECORDS SEALED!!! Obama is not pulling the stings. The real power, the head of the snake, if you will, is the Federal Reserve. This PRIVATE bank
    tells the other corporations, like Walmart, what to do and also tells the President what to do.

  • VFan

    I totally agree with everything and it saddens me that so many people are feeling more and more comfortable with socialism in this great nation. Remember, though, only half of the nation voted for Obama, even though the electoral vote made it look like a landslide. There are a lot of us out there that still want to see capitalism thrive in America. And the more Ron Paul continues to fight for whats right, the more people listen. The truth shall set you free, and thank God we have at least HIM speaking the truth out there.

    START A BUSINESS!!! I am a small business owner and I feel that is SOMETHING I can do to promote capitalism. Support small businesses. Buy local produce at flea markets. Find the local Electrician with a good reputation working out of his van for the last 20 years and pay HIM instead of the big chain. Buy from your kid’s school teacher that sells Avon and your church friends that sell Amway. SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS. Help others find ways to start their own businesses in this great nation – they still have the right and the ability to do so. THEN they will appreciate the virtue of Capitalism.

    It can be done, people. It can be done.

    Thanks to Ron Paul for being our voice. This nation needs more people like you.

    I think we should all start celebrating the 5th of November….

  • Lowell Foust

    To HELL with the Democrat and Republican Parties. Lets have a Conservative Party.

  • Samantha

    It’s so amazing. I am a student at a technical college for Insurance Claims and you would not believe how I get badgered on a regular basis for being “the problem in this country”. How absurd! Understanding the struture that the insurance world is based upon is not nearly as distorted and corrupt as the Fed. May I say that atleast we are regulated. Why do people not see this? Where does this arrogance come from? When people decide to critize me on my career it always gives me a chance to attempt to educate where the real problems lies. But people don’t even want to listen! They say something like “I don’t know what the federal reserve is but we need it.” or “Ron Paul didn’t want to go to war in Iraq or he wants get rid of the No Child Left Behind” WHAT?? I’ve only been a RP follower for this election because I honestly never heard of him before but Oh, what a big sigh of relief. He just makes common freaking sense. Why would our country not want to use common sense? I mean c’mon people, I’m the youngest voting generation and I get it. But I will never give up. I will always give out my knowledge to whoever will listen or not. I encourage people to do the same. Our Founding Fathers never gave up their freedom and neither can we. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter. haha.

    Long Live Freedom


  • Perry

    I voted for Ron Paul. Dr. Paul would have been a candidate that V would have supported.

    “People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.”

    Long live Dr. Paul and the Revolution!

  • dave

    Nice find Galt… What a snake this Obama character is. We deserve better!

  • JohnnyV

    I always knew that V would be a Ron Paul supporter. HA. If you haven’t seen V for Vendetta you must. Because it’s an overdramatized view of where this nation is going.

    This nation is moving towards wanting to be more comfortable, than being free. It saddens me to a state sometimes that I give up. Luckily, I have this site and numerous others to keep my confidence up. I think it will be through the power of the internet and the people on it to truly bring about the change that Washington needs.

    Too long has the media created this monstrous political dichotomy that in a sense is coming closer together than being different. Both republicans, and democrats are for more government involvement. They just harp on the piddling points, and the media divulges their thoughts. They keep throwing disagreements about Iraq, Abortion, education in our faces and it blinds most of us from the truth. The truth being that neither side wants it to change. The cycle will keep on going, unless the people stand up to rally and recall the system.

    “Though written constitutions may be violated in moments of passion or delusion, they yet furnish a text to which those who are watchful may again rally and recall the people” – Thomas Jefferson

    Like you mentioned in your final paragraph, people shouldn’t fear (or rely) on their government. The government should fear the people.

  • Lake

    As Eric wrote, I believe the Federal Reserve is behind all this mess. I’ve been always reluctant to believe in “conspiracy”, but now I recognize it is true. Our goverment is not in our hands. Our leaders sold out their souls for money and power and the Constitution became contraband. Recently, as I was reading the lastest issue of Newsweek ( which I got for free) one of the article writer calls Ron Paul the “libertarian cult candidate”. This shows how uneducated Americans have become in regards to the US History and our form of goverment. To call Ron Paul a cult candidate shows how ignorant the writer is and how brain-washed the whole population has been through many decades of planned indoctrination of Americans via media, financial and political system. No wonder big corporations and banks invest massively in our Universities. Young, naive students are made to believe that they’re being “educated” when in fact it is the opposite. In my case, most of what I learned concerning the true foundations of our country and government system was in my local library – not in college. Most colleges are using students (who have not been trained to think for themselves)to indoctrinate the population. Hence, the disappointing result of this election.

  • John Galt

    Everyone, PLEASE LOOK AT THIS:

    This is Google’s cache of Obama’s transition website, http://www.change.gov. Look at the fifth line of the second paragraph as it says he wants to make community service compulsory for all schoolchildren (or else?)

    You can go to the current http://www.change.gov to see that this paragraph has been rewritten.

  • We’re on the same page – love you’re site!

  • Eric Carlson

    Remember, the revolution starts with our neighborhoods, communities and towns. The best way to be heard is through a system designed to voice the individual. Become involved in your local political system either through your support or your candidacy. The same wasteful spending and restriction of personal feedom found in the White House is just as common on the local level, and easily changed by a few loud voices. If our message fails at it’s simplest levels, our voices will never be heard on the National Stage. The revolution needs to reach Washington, but it starts in our own back yards.

    Let the Revolution Begin,
    Eric Carlson
    Candidate for Mayor, 2009
    Manasquan, NJ