Ron Paul: Real Change or Big Government published Ron Paul’s latest article, “GOP should ask why U.S. is on the wrong track“, on its front page.

In his commentary, Ron Paul asserts that America wants change and that is why Barack Obama won the election. But:

“It mattered not that the change offered was no change at all, only a change in the engineer of a runaway train.”

To regain credibility and implement real change, GOP leaders should take a long hard look at the problems of the entire country, instead of restricting themselves to musing about the future of the Republican Party:

“Once it’s figured out what is fundamentally wrong with our political and economic system, solutions can be offered. If the Republican Party can grasp hold of the policy changes needed, then the party can be rebuilt.”

In 2000, when the opportunity came to finally do something about the cancerous growth of government, most elected Republicans concentrated only on political tricks in order to maintain power and neglected the limited-government principles on which they were elected:

“The Republican Congress never once stood up against the Bush/Rove machine that demanded support for unconstitutional wars, attacks on civil liberties here at home, and an economic policy based on more spending, more debt, and more inflation — while constantly preaching the flawed doctrine that deficits don’t matter as long as taxes aren’t raised.”

Ron Paul remains hopeful that real change is indeed possible:

“The problems are easily understood and the answers are not that difficult. Abusing the rule of law and ignoring the Constitution can be reversed. If the Republican Party can grasp hold of the needed reforms, it can lead the way and regain its credibility. If power is sought for power’s sake alone, the Party will never be able to wrench away the power of the opposition.”

But he ends the article on a somber note and reminds us that the future of our country is up to all of us:

“To ignore the political struggle and only “hope for the best” is pure folly. The march toward a dictatorial powerful state is now in double time.

All those who care — and especially those who understand the stakes involved — have an ominous responsibility to energetically get involved in the battle of survival for a free and prosperous America.”

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