If You Were President…

Ron Paul Treasury Secretary?If you were President, would you ask Ron Paul to become your Treasury Secretary?

In a recent online poll the New York Times asked readers to choose Barack Obama’s cabinet.

Ron Paul ranked third for the position of Treasury Secretary. He was surpassed only by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul A. Volcker and former Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers.

Ron Paul also reached the Top 10 for Defense Secretary (#5), Attorney General (#6), Secretary of Homeland Security (#6), and Secretary of State (#7).

Considering that Ron Paul appears on none of the drop-down selection menus offered by the New York Times, these impressive results document Ron Paul’s continuing popularity. All votes Ron Paul received were submitted by New York Times readers typing in his name.

Check out the New York Times poll here.

(The poll is now closed.)

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  • Paul

    LOL! I understood the essence of your comment quite well. However, I think you take yourself and the original poster FAR, FAR to seriously.

    Pontificating on a virtual soapbox is no different than doing so on a podium in front of an audience. Actions always speak louder than words and in that regard I do indeed agree with you and your points. However, there is also no problem with seeing things for what they are – and this post was not meant (assuming a level of sanity in the O.P. here) as a literal and real situation.

    Humanity may indeed not be saved by the musings of dreamers, artists, philosophers, etc… however, a world without them would not be one I would care about saving – whether or not I agree with them. That is the nature and the true benefit of freedom. The question ‘if you were president’ really was just a setup to a poll to determine the amount of support for RP as Sec. of Treas. – nothing more.

    That being said I do agree with you – however, a blog is not a vehicle of REAL change either – they are ALSO “mere digressions”.

    I apologize for MY inability to bring the essence of MY comment across to YOU. 🙂

    • Paul!..LOL… you are a evidently a most frivolous young man. 😉

      • Paul

        LOL! Yes, that’s me – you’d be amazed at the amount of money I ‘waste’ on precious metals, overseas accounts and foreign real estate. Don’t take that to mean that I’m un-American – I think we were and could be again the greatest country on earth, however – I also don’t think that semi-professional ‘commentators’, conspiracy theorists, etc… are going to ever do anything to save it.

        So in the meantime, me and my frivolity will keep preparing for the worst and hoping for the best – but most of all, trying desperately to enjoy each day I have rather than spending it always ruminating on the collapse of everything at the hands of “Zionist elites”.


        • Paul.. LOL!.. My rumination has served me well (certainly also in financial matters) through a long, exciting and very interesting life. And now, as a retiree (turning 70 this spring) I am indeed enjoying each an every day, and the harvest of my many years in the rat race… enjoying it entirely without any sort of desperation ;-).

          As for “precious metals, overseas accounts and foreign real estate”, that has always been my financial philosophy as well, but elements like “hope” and “pray” has never played any part in my decisions and moves. Neither has – LOL – “saving the world” been part of my mental exercises in any way whatsoever.

          • longshotlouie

            Pretense, you wear it well


  • Paul

    First of all (@Brandulf) I wouldn’t like your butt to be President I think 😉 And second of all it’s called literary license – no one actually expects anyone that is posting responses to an internet blog to become president.

    However, if I were somehow magically to run for and win the title of POTUS, I would simply have chosen Ron Paul as my VP and then I could step down immediately afterward – so a much better man could run this country.

    • – Well, “Paul”, I happen to be a very great admirer of Dr. Ron Paul… a man who indeed has the courage to stand up and call a spade a spade. Many a good man has lost his life for less than that up through history.
      – “If my aunt had a —-, she would have been my uncle,” is also a “literary license”, “Paul”, just like “If you were the president.” Merely wishful thinking which doesn’t bring you nor anyone anywhere. They are both mere digressions.
      – Hence, if you really are honest supporters of Dr. Ron Paul, then why not spend your time and efforts on the reality which this brave, fearless and brilliant politician is up against.
      – How about launching a question like, -“WHAT MUST CHANGE IN ORDER FOR A “DR. RON PAUL” TO BE ELECTED PRESIDENT?”
      – And by the way, I apologize for my inability to bring the essence of my comment across to you.

      (http://brandulph.blogspot.com/ )

  • – “If you were President, would you ask Ron Paul to become your Treasury Secretary?” Hmmm?… Who are you fellas?… If I ever saw one heck of a suspiciously silly question… “If you were the president…” crowns it all, and I’ll tell you why:

    ONE: – To become the president of the US of A, you have to be chosen for that puppet position by the US shadow government (Zionist BIG money, that is), and I would then have to appoint the people I am told to appoint, and RP is of course not among those eligible to be chosen.

    TWO: – The surveys you make reference to are hence (with para.1. above i mind)absolute ridiculous, and do only serve to tell the near total lack of reality awareness among those who have casted their votes. The votes are casted on an absolutely ridiculous assumption on which no reality nor validity is resting.

    THREE: – Politics may not be the world’s oldest profession, but it is the same, and I do not belong in either category. Hence,I could never become president (even if I claimed to be born on Hawaii). Never, ever, as long as a Zionist plutocracy prevails in the one time “home of the brave and land of the free”.

    Hmmm?… Well then, and who are you fellas? I am pretty sure you are running this page for the sole purpose of finding out how well the plutocracy (disguised as democracy)functions. I.e, how well does the brainwashing of the American population work… How well does empty slogans like “CHANGE” and “YES WE CAN” work.

    “If you were President” my butt!

    • Terry

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for recognizing and exposing the REAL powers that be out there: Zionist elites.

  • allidaki

    This is all bullshit. I worked the victory gardens of WWII , manned the U Boat spotter stations on Long Island Sound served in the militay in the fifties I worked every menial job I could find to put myself through school.I should be the Emperor Of Ice Cream.Maybe a depression would be good for the country. The me generations would have to learn to do without.They would be smarter,tougher, more American than whining fat- assed couch potatos (or does it have an “e”.).The money supply is increasing at warp speed,The coast to coast tv stations are posing Obama as a “black” president (He is half white).The Treasury Secretary will do what his foreign handlers want him to do no matter who he is,

    • Mitch

      It doesn’t matter what color a man is… The point is that he’s our elected president… An a depression would KILL anyone that wasn’t making $150K or more right now… Do you REALLY think the govt. would bail US out in such a crisis??? C’mon… The food, electricity, heat, etc would be govt. regulated and would only go to the people that would serve the interests of the govt. You lived thru WW2, good for you and thank you for the service, but you didn’t live thru a great depression. War+another depression= mass suicide, rioting, which would only lead to more death, and with the weapons and technology the world has today, under the stress of such a time would lead to only more destruction, due to an increase of desperation for the world’s countries to show how much bigger a stick they have and could very well lead to the extinction of life on earth as we know it. Something needs to happen… I’m sure of that. But I’m not going to be just another person on here posting my opinions. I don’t have that ego. I do not know what needs to happen. I do know that in order for SOMETHING to happen there must be a leader. No offense to Ron Paul or Bob Barr, but they’re old men. The world is falling into our hands day by day. The leaders of today are getting old. We are tomorrow. Are we seriously going to do something about it or is this the extent of our efforts? Blogging? Senate and congress? We know that does nothing. I think the time has come to take REAL action. Ron Paul spoke of revolution. We declared a revolution against Great Britain and our country was born. They stopped bitching and complaining and they took their country back. The time has come, people, when we, as a people, must once again, rise up against an enemy. Sadly, our enemy is a number of men and women that swore to protect our rights and freedoms, as Americans. As I said, Ron Paul spoke of a revolution…. When do we stop talking and start acting? Are we so stupid that we would allow ourselves to become cattle lined up for slaughter? Are we too afraid to die for a cause that would make this country a better place for those who would come after us? Or are we so caught up in ourselves and what we want that we forget that we will pass on and leave behind a new generation? I beg you to ask yourself this: “When I die, what will I take with me?”. Then ask yourself, “What will I leave behind?” After you answer those questions, does death seem so scary when you know that you died for something you truly believe in? One or two men like the Ron Pauls or the Bob Barrs of this country can do nothing. Power is truly in numbers. One more thing people… Please, don’t allow my daughter to grow up in a world that teaches in school about how the Declaration of Independence was created if it means nothing. I’m looking for a leader. If you are that leader, and you have a serious idea, one worth fighting for, I’m in. I’m right behind you. I admit, I do not have the brains to organize such a revolution. But I am willing to die next to the men and women that share my disgust for the way things are and share my heart to fight beside me to achieve a new America. I’m not afraid to die. I don’t want to, but I will if there is someone else who is willing to die with me. Thank you.

  • Brad

    The mainstream media is a facade, the Republican and Democratic parties are equally parts of this facade. The front of this facade appears as a service “to serve and protect” the people, to “educate and inform”. On the reverse side of this facade and the only side that really counts, the interests of corporations and the power hungry are truely met and their agendas are the ones that are truely “served and protected”. Ron Paul is not mainstream, someone like Ron Paul is a trouble maker for the mainstream because he goes against the grain and he speaks truth. Ron Paul is understanding of the visions of our founding fathers such as Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and George Washington. I honestly believe Ron Paul wants a sovergn United States and an American people who are free where the people are entitled to the freedoms protected by the Bill of Rights and our government is held accountable to the people and the Constitution in which our government is obligated. The mainstream is one world socialist government and how could any of the above fit into that agenda? It couldn’t! This is why a Ron Paul or a Bob Barr or any non mainstream political/social figure will never be accepted by the mainstream. This is why such persons will nore their supporters will never recieve fair and balanced coverage from the main stream media. This is why they will never recieve the financial backings of the elite and corporations for their campaigns. And this is why such persons will never see acceptance by the powers that be in the Republican and Democratic parties unless they are trying to bribe and shut them up. Ron Paul speaks of revolution and thats what this country needs, peacefull where possible and maybe even violent if neccicary. I used to feel pretty hopeless about where this country is heading, felt like things were out of control with no help in sight. But I see the American people waking up to whats going on. I see people getting sick of the mainstream and gradually demanding change. That was what was required in 1774 and thats what is required in 2008 and beyond. Fleet Admiral Isokuru Yamamoto was the man who developed and coordinated the plan for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on Dec. 7, 1941. The admiral understood the American people better than any other within the Japanese military and he was against going to war with the US but as a patriot and a military officer he did his duty as best he could. When Yamamoto first started recieving reports of the Attack on Pearl Harbor he said “I am affraid that all we have done is awoken a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve”. Isokuru Yamamoto understood what can happen when Americans get pissed off and decide they are not going to put up with shit anymore. I think this is a lesson that has been forgotten by the American people and equally important, it has been forgotten by our government. I think it’s time for the American people to remind future generations of Americans that this spirit did not die with the end of WWII. I think Ron Paul is a part of the new movement that the facade and the mainstream will not be able to stop and he has my full support.

  • Jim

    I would not select him for a Cabinet post. As a fan of Ron Paul, I would leave him in the Congress, where he would be able to author very important legislation to repeal many laws and eliminate (or GREATLY reduce) taxes. I’d keep his advice (and his books) very close to my heart and to the planning phases of the federal action, and I’d recommend him for VP when the old one kicks.

  • THE PEOPLE have chosen socialism to solve their problems …Freedom is buried & the “majority” will welcome the NWO with open arms because they all work in Gov’T related jobs..GET IT YET ??

  • Jules Manson

    I am not a fan of dictatorships or totalitarian governments however I would definitely support a Ron Paul dictatorship. America needs an honest, ethical. and benevolent dictator with a iron fist.

  • Kevin Smith

    To clear up one issue I did not use the copy/paste feature. I was commenting my contrary opinion on Jason’s earlier reply stating that Communism should be viewed as an alternative form of government.

    Stating the true Capitalism in absence of “legal plunder” is the ideal form of government is my own opinion.

    Would you like to expand on you opinion that you have complete freedom to state that I’m a moron and that I don’t have the freedom to express my own opinion?