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  1. Deon Maguire

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  2. Joseph

    Dear Mr Paul, I wish that I knew what your views were before the last election for I would have voted for you , I am from Connecticut , in the up comming election I intend to vote for Mr Schiff who is an economist should he get in he could replace Dodd on the banking commission , my great concerns are as follows should the Czars undermine congress to the point where congress has no say in the process will each congressman tell his constituents to resist
    because the country no longer has a constitutionally governing body
    controlling the country

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  4. Alex F.

    Mr. Paul

    I am 16 years old and I live in Chicago. I would just like to inquire as to your position, or opinion of the FEMA camp/Marshall law conspiracy supposedly going to take place in America soon. I have been reading into it. Including Operation Garden Plot, Rex 84
    and other things related to this. Also, the fact that the U.S. military has been training U.S. soldiers in Urban Warfare in U.S. cities. I understand it is supposedly to ready them for the possibility of a terrorist attack within our borders, but that doesn’t explain training them in stopping civilian vehicles and searching them without warrant. I just find this very concerning personally. Don’t get me wrong, I am not feeding into all these conspiracy theories. I just want to fully understand it before i embrace or reject these theories. I know you don’t have time to respond and set a position on every conspiracy theory being talked about, but this is a very serious issue in my eyes. So please, if you can, respond and let me know what you think about this issue, and if, in your eyes it has any real base behind it. And if not, an explanation to operation garden plot and rex 84.

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  5. Tak

    What is your opinion about Obama’s eligibility for Presidency with regard to his natural born citizenship satus (see below link for example)?

    Thank you!

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  6. Tii

    We have been attacked by many -

    even so called ‘friends’ trying to get us into wars with their enemies… look up the Lavon Affair (found out when a bo m. b went off prematurely that it wasn’t really ‘nasty mus lims’ – and the USS Liberty – where the US was attacked by US donated planes/miss.iles/attack craft, etc. (which LBJ said that he wants the USS LIberty ‘at the bootom of the ocean’ after he personally unscrambled two seperate flights of A/C to protect the ship.

    Look up OperationN orth woods… and maybe drjudywoods.com for goot measure.

    What about the supposed mus lims in India a couple of days ago – asking specifically for British and US Passport holders?

    The reason that there aren’t more ‘retaliations’ is that most people are kindly – and put up with a lot of abuses before rising up… look at US citiz4ens… or even the army – who gets sent off to die on foreign soil without even proper equipment… why did a couple 4 star generals go around wearing Dragon Skin Armour when visiting Iraq/Afghanistan… yet the ‘troops’ are equipped with a crappy piece of lead to protect them?

    Musl ims in some ways have more guts (or less brains since getting the wrath against them) than many other people in standing up for themselves… since they at least ‘believe’ in ‘something’. The ideal world might be Mus lims ruling Mus lims in Arabia – Germans ruling themselves, chinese themselves, true blooded american ruling themselves… all minding their own business… even if there are little wars between people… others should stay out.

    The victor is always ‘right’ and the loser always ‘evi l’… since ‘they write the history books’ so to speak.

    Not the fake alternative of ‘lets make one country = ‘no wars’ then’.


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  7. Josh

    I also have another question regarding your non-interventionist policies. You have said many times that the reason that we are being attacked is because we’re in the middle east, but why, then, have there been no attacks on us from the other hundred or so countries where we are? Please site some specific examples, thank you.

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  8. Josh

    Will you run for the presidency again in 2012?

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  9. Al

    Diogo Oliva Vivaldini:

    Do you know if it is true that the UN OWNS The Amazon Basin – I have heard that the UN through IMF/World Wank works like this:

    1. try to bankrupt all countries
    2. loan money to said countries that could never possibly be paid off
    3. trade land for debt/oil/etc.
    4. slowly bankrupt all the lands
    5. own the world

    Also there is more I’ve heard – such as:

    Oil per barrel (nearly 250 L of oil) costs $2 to $3 per barrel to dig up and transport. The UN gets the difference in price from the ‘$100′ or ‘$50′ (etc. whatever it is ‘trading for’ at the time) – hence where they further get money to ‘be nice’ ‘relieving/forgiving debt’.

    There are two countries that did not sign up to the UN/ US secret deal Kiss ing er was going around demanding – Iran and Iraq under Saddam. Iraq has since been subdued and Saddam was put into power by the USA of course.

    The deal was like this:
    1. we will buy all the oil you can dig up
    2. in return – you purchase US debt at X% of GNP

    The USA is supposed to have 2 large oil fields (the largest out side of Iran) that can EACH/individually can SUPPLY THE WORLD’S OIL REQUIREMENTS – INCLUDING PROJECTED EXPANSION (3rd world counties getting cars for all – and projected population growth) for the next 200 years.

    The largest pipeline in the world is supposed to have been built for the fields (on the Alaskian Continental Shelf) or Purdue Island – and Gull Island…

    This oil was supposedly banned for US import (bringing it to actual Refineries to process) and is thus kept as ‘hidden reserves’.

    The Rev. Lindsey Williams (from memory) is suppossed to have broken his silence a few years ago an has written ‘The Energy Non-Crisis’. The Big Wig of the oil fields got the sack – and helped update the figures for the book – so that they could not be dismissed if a single ‘error’ was incurred. Then he got his job back with pay rise to shut-up.

    Look up the Rev Williams on youtube for some videos about it… and ‘economic hit men’ for the other.


    PS I guess that such things could not be brougth up in congress / senate – if they proved to be true???

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  10. Diogo Oliva Vivaldini

    Mr. Paul, I am a brazliam engineering student and i´d like to ask you about how can I spread the liberty message in an effective way here in Brazil, because we are taking the same steps here at my country that yours government is doing at the U.S., the only difference is that the brazilian government cannnot print astounding quantities of money the same way you guys do with your dollars. But our interest hates are one of highest in the world and our importations are only 9% of everithing we consume, wich means we are less vulnerable in terms of resources, but we need desperately to shrink the size of our government, cause we are working 5 months of the year for the government, this massive taxation is an outrage to the freedom of private iniciative and i am really upset about what is going to happen with my country in the next years.
    Very much thank you for your attention.

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