Ron Paul and Dick Armey discuss crisis

Watch Ron Paul, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey and Fox News’ Neil Cavuto discuss the current economic troubles, what caused them, and whether Obama’s stimulus plan might make things even worse.


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  • This is what I think about the Royal bank of scotland. RBS boss Fred goodwin should be stripped of the pension he doesn’t deserve. If they pay him a profit related percentage he will get minus figures. Taking away his pension is the best option.

  • Recession to worsen in 2009

    The writing is on the wall “Economic Crisis” is deepening and recession will be much worse in 2009 around the world than what the pro Israeli main stream media and politicians are telling us. Israeli’s who control major banks in USA & Europe are responsible for current economic melt down around the world. They are the one who created dubious debt derivatives which can not be priced in the first place and now can not be traded in any part of the world. These debt derivatives represent around $345 trillion which is 9 times the world GDP. The conservative estimate is world Banks have already lost close to $2 trillion and the figure may touch $5 trillion by the end of 2009.

    American Economic Policy Makers and Politicians for last 4 decades have been designing economic policies for Social Engineering for the benefit of Pro Israeli Elites controlling big Businesses rather than designing them for the benefit of its common citizens. In 1960’s they tried to end poverty through “Federal Spending” by giving funds to preferred institutions and individuals, in 70’s mantra was “Control on Money Supply” can solve every problem, in 80’s the buzz word was Tax incentives to incompetent businesses supporting corrupt politicians, in 90’s Alan Greenspan come up with a new mantra that by tinkering “Federal Reserve Interest Rates” one can have a robust sustainable long term growth along with tech bubble, Enron, real estate burst, banking scams and now comes another dacoit from Wall Street Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson with a Recipe made of tax payers money called “Bail out” for trillions to be given to his friends managing financial institutions who had lost rather stolen trillions from banks all over the world using American financial institutions.

    We have entered a new era where no body trusts any body and financial institutions. These institutions have no credibility for a simple reason the Managers have not been punished for taking their companies in the gutters by loaning money to those who should not be given any loan in the first place. Neither the regulators have been punished for not supervising the Managers nor the Politicians have been punished for not punishing the regulators and Managers. Rather Managers are every day being rewarded by Henry Paulson and politicians from both sides of the isle with tax payer’s money using the same set of regulators as the Supervisors.

    Americans have lost more than $10 trillion in collective house hold wealth and are scared to spend what ever is left even on basic things. They don’t see any hope and a Leader who can break the cozy relationship of Politicians and big businesses. The Banks are sitting on more than $800 billion reserves which is 60-70 times more then their usual reserves and still they are not lending. On top of this 80-90% of these reserves represent Bail out money given by these very tax payers who are being deprived of credit. Students are being loan sharked at 11% and consumers for basic goods at over 20%. CITI is still paying 14% dividend to its share holders despite getting bail out money and guarantees for over $350 billion. The reason for not lending could be these Banks have much larger bad debt exposures which they are keeping off their balance sheets. Politicians, Bankers and main stream Media does not want the common person to know about it.

    Team Obama’s proposed $1 trillion stimulus package will prove a drop in the ocean. We will see after Banks & Auto Industry; Private Pension Funds, State Governments and host of other Industries asking for Bail Outs with Tax payer’s money. Obama’s contention that America ’s roads and bridges are crumbling and by spending on infra structure projects Economy can be revived is baloney. The value of every asset from Shares, Debentures, Bonds, real estate, commodities, Cars and oil etc has fallen and are falling every day. This has destroyed demand and to make the economy worse the Banks are not lending.

    Obama and his advisors are not paying any attention to the 1990’s similar Bank Scams in Japan and the government bailed out its banks with tax payer’s money. In the same manner America is handling its massive Bank Scams by giving them tax payer’s money. There were 7-8 stimulus packages for massive infra structure projects but each failed to revive Japan ’s economy for more than a decade because no serious efforts were made to reform the financial sector and big money dependent politics. It was its corporate sector with export of goods all over the world which saved Japan from disaster. How the massive construction projects can revive US economy which is 85% service oriented? How will team Obama by building Bridges and Roads open up the frozen credit markets?

    Then Team Obama is forgetting some of the European Banks like Deutsche Bank, Barclays PLC, Royal Bank of Scotland has assets 100 to 140 % more than the countries GDP they belong to with UBS toping the list with assets 450% more than Switzerland ’s GDP. European Bank’s exposure to emerging economies & export oriented economies is six times the US Bank’s exposure to sub-prime mortgages. The global demand practically for every thing has crumbled and the export oriented economies especially in Eastern Europe and some parts of Asia are on the verge of collapsing. For example Austria ’s banks are most vulnerable with emerging market exposure around $300 billion against Austria ’s GDP of $370 billion. Any European bank failure will trigger a chain of bank failures across Europe and Asia with tremors in America and South America .

    The developed nations Leaders rather than looking for viable solutions to revive world economy are siding with Israeli’s in their attack on civilians in Gaza . They are also instigating a failed economy Pakistan and socio-economically failed India with world’s largest poor 700 mil in the world to strip down for a fight. So that no one could notice the present economic melt down was brought by Israeli bankers with American support.

    The current bail out efforts by Leaders representing big money has failed to restore confidence in financial institutions. Since no one trust any body; $6 trillion in global money market funds are sitting idle. Team Obama and its counterparts around the globe must work together to restore the trust and faith of the public in their financial institutions. They must prosecute executives, regulators and politicians who are responsible for the massive financial meltdown. The world governments collectively must come up with credible financial reforms that are more transparent and at the same time are capable of preserving the capital and flow of free trade. The era of inhuman pay packages, bonuses and perks must come to end in the corporate world. Above all they must put an end to the nexus between big money and politics. No politician should be able to buy the top Public office of their country like Obama who paid almost a $1 billion for the US Presidency and tenancy of White House for next 4 years.

    Dave Makkar

    P.S. I refused to call Jews or any one American when they can serve in the Army of a foreign country and can vote in the elections of a foreign Country. In the case of Jews while holding American Citizenship they can serve in Israeli Army like President Elect Obama’s Chief of White House Staff Rahm Emanuel and can vote in Israeli elections.

    It is a debatable issue how one can trust such a privileged class of Jews First with loyalties to its own morally & ethically corrupt as well as racist Leadership of Israel in any country?

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    Thursday, November 22, 2007

  • Paul

    With a Laissez-faire Free Market Capitalist Economy which Ron Paul has been encouraging. If the Price of oil was to grow too high because of limited supply, the market would turn to alternative sources of fuel as they would be cheaper, therefore relieving our dependancy on oil.

  • longshotlouie
    • Sean

      Here is a quote from that page.. read this.
      Abiotic Oil-
      After organic matter has accumulated on the sea floor, it must be buried by the process of deposition. In geological time, in order for this matter to be a likely prospect for hydrocarbon generation, the rate of deposition must be quick. Here is an experiment you can conduct to get an idea how slow the rates of deposition are. Place a small stone on the bottom of a motionless pond. Take another stone of about the same size and place it at the mouth of a small stream, a stream where the current is not so great that it will sweep the stone away. Check both of these stones yearly until they have been buried by deposition. You might see the stone at the mouth of the stream covered over within a few years, but it is unlikely that you will see the stone in the pond buried within your lifetime.

      It is a simple geological fact that the oil we are using up at an alarming rate today will not be replaced within our lifetime — or within many lifetimes. That is why hydrocarbons are called non-renewable resources. Capped wells may appear to refill after a few years, but they are not regenerating. It is simply an effect of oil slowly migrating through pore spaces from areas of high pressure to the low-pressure area of the drill hole. If this oil is drawn out, it will take even longer for the hole to refill again. Oil is a non-renewable resource generated and deposited under special biological and geological conditions.

    • Sean

      i’m not trying to argue what makes oil and if it can indeed be replaced..
      I’m showing that we are using oil at an accelerating rate and we will run out before oil regenerates. 33 countries are already running out of oil and saudi arabia has been warning us about them running out and that they will raise the price to 70 dollars a barrel to prolong consumption

    • Sean

      Why don’t you actually read the links your sending or have some sort of knowledge if your going to argue.

  • longshotlouie

    Thanks for the reading assignment.
    We might have reached the age of peak panic about oil supplies, but not of peak oil.
    Just as Peak Oil plays into the hands of manipulative speculators and beneficiaries of fossil fuel, so too can it be used by the champions of unilateral wars and military adventures, as it implies that war power and military strength are key to access or control of the “shrinking” or “soon-to-be-shrinking” oil. It thus provides fodder for the cannons of war profiteering militarists who are constantly on the look out to invent new enemies and find new pretexts for continued war and escalation of military spending—that is, for the looting of the national treasury, or public money.

    By the same token that Peak Oil can serve as a pretext for war and military adventures, it can also serve as a disarming or pacifying factor for many citizens who accept the Peak Oil thesis and, therefore, internalize responsibility for U.S. foreign policy every time they fill their gas tank. In a vicarious way, they may feel that they own the war!

    Thus, Peak Oil serves as a powerful trap and a clever manipulation that lets the real forces of war and militarism (the military-industrial complex and the pro-Israel lobby), and the main culprits behind the soaring energy prices (the Wall Street financial giants engaged in manipulative commodity speculation) off the hook; it is a fabulous distraction. All evils are blamed on a commodity upon which we are all utterly dependent.

  • PolLV

    Wow, Ron! I take off my hat! I am from Europe, Latvia (we are in a veeery bad crisis, by the way), and I never thought there is a single honest person in the US Congress. I’m glad I was mistaken and there are still rare people like you, who want to make this world a better place instead of silently accepting Central Bank and Federal Reserve owner’s orders.

    All best to you!

  • longshotlouie

    Peak Oil – The Other Myth

    • Sean

      It is a known fact that peak oil has occured in over 30 countries.. I guess god must have blessed the middle east to have infinate oil.

    • Sean

      You should read up on the International Energy Agency and the ASPO here at

  • tom

    anyone notice how his mike was cut off when introducing Ron Paul?

  • Sean

    actually.. the price of oil before and during the summer would have contributed to over half of our trade deficit, or 400 billion+ dollars a year.. Thats 400 billion dollars we are sending away over seas every year.

    “With the price of oil in world energy markets having nearly quadrupled over the last four years, it is little surprise that U.S. import prices have soared. One concern about these higher import prices relates to their implications for the U.S. trade balance, which turned to a deficit in 1992 and has been deteriorating ever since.” – Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

  • Sean

    We now have a larger oil deficit than we had total trade deficit in the late 90’s

  • Sean

    We have an oil deficit of 12,420,000 barrels a day. Since we’ve been running out of oil, our trade deficit has been rising dramatically bankrupting us and the Federal Reserve had been raising the interest rates in fear of our addicting consumption drying up foreign wells as we have done here in America, so new money isn’t replacing our deficits. We are in a decline in growth and will never be the same as a country. Hope is lost.

  • Sean

    “Peak oil is the point in time when the maximum rate of global petroleum extraction is reached, after which the rate of production enters terminal decline.

    Optimistic estimations of peak production forecast the global decline will begin by 2020 or later, and assume major investments in alternatives will occur before a crisis, without requiring major changes in the lifestyle of heavily oil-consuming nations. Pessimistic predictions of future oil production operate on the thesis that either the peak has already occurred,[5][6][7] we are on the cusp of the peak, or that it will occur shortly[8] and, as proactive mitigation may no longer be an option, predict a global depression, perhaps even initiating a chain reaction of the various feedback mechanisms in the global market which might stimulate a collapse of global industrial civilization, potentially leading to large population declines within a short period.

    Because supplies of oil and gas are essential to modern agriculture techniques, a fall in global oil supplies could cause spiking food prices and unprecedented famine in the coming decades.[30][note 1] Geologist Dale Allen Pfeiffer contends that current population levels are unsustainable, and that to achieve a sustainable economy and avert disaster the United States population would have to be reduced by at least one-third, and world population by two-thirds.

    Peak Oil as a concept applies globally, but it is based on the summation of individual nations experiencing peak oil. In State of the World 2005, Worldwatch Institute observes that oil production is in decline in 33 of the 48 largest oil-producing countries.[132] Other countries have also passed their individual oil production peaks.

    The following list shows significant oil-producing nations and their approximate peak oil production years, organized by year.[133]
    Japan: 1932 (assumed; source does not specify)
    Germany: 1966
    Libya: 1970
    Venezuela: 1970
    USA: 1970[134]
    Iran: 1974
    Nigeria: 1979
    Tobago: 1981[135]
    Egypt: 1987[136]
    Russia: an artificial peak occurred in 1987 shortly before the Collapse of the Soviet Union, but production subsequently recovered, making Russia the second largest oil exporter in the world. Figures from early 2008, statements by officials, and analysis suggest that production may have peaked in 2006/2007.[137][138] Lukoil vice president Leonid Fedun has said $1 trillion would have to be spent on developing new reserves if current production levels were to be maintained.[139]
    France: 1988
    Indonesia: 1991[140]
    Syria: 1996 [141]
    India: 1997
    New Zealand: 1997[142]
    UK: 1999
    Argentina: 1999 (BP statistical workbook 2007)
    Colombia: 1999 (BP statistical workbook 2007)
    Norway: 2000[143]
    Oman: 2000[144]
    Mexico: 2004[145]
    Australia: 2000 (BP statistical workbook 2007)

    Peak oil production has not been reached in the following nations (these numbers are estimates and subject to revision):[146]

    Iraq: 2018
    Kuwait: 2013
    Saudi Arabia: 2014
    In addition, the most recent International Energy Agency and US Energy Information Administration production data show record and rising production in Canada and China.” -WIKI

  • Sean

    Actually, it is the country that has oil which has the power and the harsh reality is that the world will run out of oil.. For a hundred years we were the largest oil producers. We were the Saudi Arabia of the past. Thats how we grew such a large millitary and had the wealth to build massive sky scrappers just like Venezuela’s growth in the past. We peaked oil in the 90’s and are running out. Saudi Arabia is expected to peak at any time. Thats why we took control of Iraq just as Germany took over Buku and North Dafur removed the people from the south. We are working on a world market now and there is an extreem demand for oil because of the growth that is associated with it. Thats why gas became so expensive this past summer until September when 30 countries tapped into Iraq. The reason the Federal Reserve raises intterest rates is to try to prolong growth and oil consumption because we are going to run out in as little as 20 years. The world consumes millions of barrels of oil a day and that number is climbing at a dangerous accelerated rate.. Without oil a society like ours cannot survive. Everything is made using oil, especially food. There is not a biomass that can replace oil either. Electric plants will fail and there is not a renwable resource that can add up to the equivalence of power. This poses the greastest threat of all time. The ones who survive will learn what its like to be amish.

    “World crude oil demand grew an average of 1.76% per year from 1994 to 2006, with a high of 3.4% in 2003-2004. World demand for oil is projected to increase 37% over 2006 levels by 2030”

    “The point in time when peak global oil production occurs is the measure which defines Peak oil. This is because production capacity is the main limitation of supply. Therefore, when production decreases, it becomes the main bottleneck to the petroleum supply/demand equation.” -wiki

    “World wide oil discoveries have been less than annual production since 1980.[6] According to several sources, worldwide production is past or near its maximum” -wiki

    “Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah told his subjects in 1998, “The oil boom is over and will not return… All of us must get used to a different lifestyle.” Since then he has implemented a series of corruption reforms and government programs intended to lower Saudi Arabia’s dependence on oil revenues. The royal family was put on notice to end its history of excess and new industries were created to diversify the national economy.[96]” -wiki

    “The Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas (ASPO) predicted in their January 2008 newsletter that the peak in all oil (including non-conventional sources), would occur in 2010.” -wiki

    “In the past, the price of oil has led to economic recessions, such as the 1973 and 1979 energy crises. The effect the price of oil has on an economy is known as a price shock.” -wiki

    “The widespread use of fossil fuels has been one of the most important stimuli of economic growth and prosperity since the industrial revolution, allowing humans to participate in takedown, or the consumption of energy at a greater rate than it is being replaced. Some believe that when oil production decreases, human culture and modern technological society will be forced to change drastically. The impact of Peak oil will depend heavily on the rate of decline and the development and adoption of effective alternatives. If alternatives are not forthcoming, the products produced with oil (including fertilizers, detergents, solvents, adhesives, and most plastics) would become scarce and expensive. At the very least this could lower living standards in developed and developing countries alike, and in the worst case lead to worldwide economic collapse. With increased tension between countries over dwindling oil supplies, political situations may change dramatically and inequalities between countries and regions may become exacerbated.”

  • Ron is straight to the point. Fox news can’t silence him. Keep up the good work Ron.

  • revolutionary

    keep up the hard work ron! excellent discussion.