Fooled By Obama?

In this powerful interview with Alex Jones (Part 1, Part 2), Ron Paul expresses his concerns about Obama’s plans for the future, warning that they might well lead to a collapse of the dollar.

Show: Alex Jones Show
Channel: Genesis Communication Network
Date: 1/20/2009


Alex Jones: Now without further ado, Congressman Ron Paul, for the next 20 minutes, joins us. Congressman, the 44th president with messianic media coverage, I mean is this good in history? We’ve never seen this in American history to have someone being worshipped and the media saying, “get behind him, do whatever he says”, and then Obama says another banker bailout, a new bank of the U.S. that’s private, just a youth brigade, he’s formed, at private army for himself to go out and ensure his policies, literally out of Mao’s playbook. Congressman?

Ron Paul: Well no, I don’t think it’s a good idea at all, and he can fool a lot of people. But you know, I was watching the speech he gave on business station, it was interesting he wasn’t reassuring the market. I mean the gold is up sharply and the Dow Jones is down sharply, so if he really was reassuring us that he was going to take care of us. I think the markets would have acted differently. But a lot of people are fooled and a lot of people are expecting a whole lot and think that he is going to be a savior, but I think it will be short lived.

Alex Jones: Congressman, as you know they introduced a new bill to give dictatorial power to the attorney general to where he can ban any semi-automatic or any “rifles” that could have a military use, most rifles and shotguns and handguns, that has been introduced. They are introducing a bill to nationally register all firearms. I mean, out of the gate, he’s saying he’s going to call for a carbon tax and declare CO2 a toxic waste. We thought Bush crippling the size of government was bad. What are we facing, Sir? What are the biggest threats right now from the new Obama administration that just launched?

Ron Paul: Well, he’ll make it grow much faster if the whole system hangs together for that long, but the big question is whether there’s going to be a collapse of the dollar, and all bets are off on what will transpire then. But no, if we go along with the system held together relatively so, I mean, he’s going to massively increase the government. I think there’ll be national youth service and also the possibility of a military draft, I think there’ll be an expansion of operations overseas. And the only way they know how to pay for any of this is putting more money. That’s why it’s a contest. How long can this go on by massively expanding the size of government and undermining the value of the dollar before people give up on the dollar. So, it’ll be interesting to see what happens. I find it fascinating, tragically though it’s so dangerous, you can’t really sit back and relax about it. We all have to prepare for what’s going on.

Alex Jones: We’re talking to Congressman Ron Paul from Texas and he joins us for the balance of the hour. Congressman, specifically, let’s talk about solutions, then get into more of the threats. Obama, Biden, the pundits, they all admit that he’ll have about 150, 200 days. He’s saying he’s gonna have a blitzkrieg of gun control legislation, illegal alien amnesty, carbon taxes, new federal agencies, new wars, record defense budgets and they’re saying that they know that things are going to be so bad in the economy. They’re saying this in speeches, saying it’s going to be painful, it’s going to be austerity, get ready we got to give trillions away to the bankers. How important is it now to resist this agenda and point it out and organize the huge Ron Paul liberty movement that Obama mimics successfully with a false organic movement. How important is it and how do we mobilize and what are the key things to fight in the first 200 days if we’re gonna save this republic because he always talk about that coming crisis when the world government imploded the economy by design so they could rebuild it with even greater control that we could use that key window to reverse it and bring in the culture of liberty?

Ron Paul: We have to continue to do exactly what we are doing to win people over to our side, to spread the message, to get the attention of Washington as best we can. And the one way we can look at this in a positive way is those Republicans who went along and did everything George Bush told to do are now resisters. So we have more resistance there, we’re gonna hear more noise in Washington against Obama than we ever heard against George Bush because the Democrats love George Bush and the Republicans wouldn’t say boo. At least we’ll have a little bit of that but the problem is in a hundred days or 200 days, I mean we do our best but we can’t really expect to reverse this tide because he’s assuming that he has this mandate and he’s going to march forward. And how we act when an acute monetary crisis hits is something that has to be determined then. But in the mean time, people have acted in their own best interest. It didn’t take individuals very long to figure out that it would be controlled on guns, all of a sudden gun sales soared, and prices of guns soared, ammunition, they’re afraid that ammunitions will be taken away or registered. And those prices have soared; people are learning how to make their own ammunitions. All kinds of things automatically happen. I don’t think you have to have one group or one person to tell everybody what they have to do. My goal has always been to get information out there and try to counteract the socialistic totalitarian ideas with ideas of freedom.

Alex Jones: Sir, specifically you are on the House banking committee. Bloomberg and AP reported 5 weeks ago, the last time we saw numbers that it was 1 trillion 300 million a week in the federal reserve, will not tell congress or anyone else where the money has gone. Now they are saying they need a trillion more to “unfreeze” these toxic derivatives, these instruments. Can you specifically speak because now Newsweek has the headline “a world government run by a world bank”… the very people that engineered the crisis are now openly proposing a world government run by the very private central banks that have hijacked our economy and deluding us in a financial coup. I mean, this is so huge it’s just hard to even analyze something this brazen, with this much chutzpa. My question is, you’re on the banking committee, we have this giant heist going on, they are openly announcing the world government saying we have to pay carbon taxes to this new central bank. This is outrageous, this is totally unpopular on all the polls. 98% are against it. How is, I mean, is the elite pinning everything on Obama, hoping to do with his messianic fervor and hype that somehow he can bring this through and get it done?

Ron Paul: I think so and maybe they also are in deep planning right now for the crisis that we expect with the dollar collapse. They want to be in the position worldwide to device the next system, so I’m sure, you know, they are making their plans for that as well. Last week we had a vote on the amendment on the bill that did not get passed, Barney Frank’s bill on the TARP funds. And the amendment had to do with demanding that the Federal Reserve turn over the information about where all these credits are going. And I didn’t pass over one, I think it passed unanimously. So the sentiment is changing. And we are, specifically at my request going to have hearings in a couple of weeks that Barney Frank has agreed to, and that is to get Bernanke in front of the committee and give us more information about what they are doing. I don’t think much will come of it, I don’t think because we’re having these hearings and he’s coming and all of a sudden they are going to do it. But, the sentiment is growing. The people want the information. The people are tired of it and they’re getting frightened and members of Congress evidently know about it. But in the meantime though, when you hear speeches like we just heard and the plans being laid and the internationalism that goes on, I think there’s a lot of plans going on right now with what they are going to replace the dollar system with.

Alex Jones: Well the good news, Sir, as you know, everything you’ve been talking about for 30 years has now come true. It’s sad that you are right but we have now hit the iceberg and our credibility is the liberty movement, the freedom movement, the libertarian movement, true conservative moment, is exploding right now. So, I mean, I guess that is the opportunity in all of this, now Henry Kissinger two weeks ago on MSNBC, I don’t know if you saw it, said “Obama is worshipped worldwide. We can use his personality as a plus with this global crisis to bring in the New World Order.”

Ron Paul: Yeah, you know the first president that ever said that in open discussion was George Bush Sr., when he talked about the new world order. Before many talked about it and we had read about it and if you believed in it then you know, you’re some nut. But George Bush talked about it openly so it is more likely to be mentioned and I did hear Kissinger’s comments, [part 2 begins here] and I think that’s what they’re really working on because they are not going to move back to the original order of individual freedom and limited government and very small federal government. And of course that’s what we want and yet they want to move in the opposite direction but you know chaos as it comes may offer some opportunity as well because it’s very difficult to manage a hundreds of millions of people.

Alex Jones: I’ve got on screen for the viewers for radio listeners I’m gonna play a 30 second clip. Here is Henry Kissinger saying “use Obama and his incredible world support and the image of him to ram through the New World Order”, using the crisis they’ve engineered to bring us even deeper under their control. Here it is…

Henry Kissinger: So he can’t really say there is one problem, that it’s the most important one. But he can give new impetus to American foreign policy, partly because the reception of him is so extraordinary around the world. I think his task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when, really, a new world order can be created. It’s a great opportunity, it isn’t just a crisis.

Alex Jones: OK. Congressman, specifically the Trilateral Commission in ’74 said that within three decades they would engineer a world banking collapse, knowing their fiat system had to implode, and they would then offer a global bank that sets currency rates for the major 10 nations or major 10 regions. Club of Rome said it as well, again, how do we stop this?

Ron Paul: Well I think the market will eventually stop it, because what they’re trying to impose on us is not workable. But we don’t know the timing. We knew the Soviet system wouldn’t work because socialism doesn’t work, but just look at the pain and the suffering that occurred for many many decades. But it was predicted by Austrian economics that the Soviet system would collapse, and it did. And what they’re proposing can’t work either. The big thing is politically, how much pain and suffering are we going to go through? People should be ready to deal in the market, the real marketplace. They may have to use gold and silver coins, but internationally they’re going to play games with us, they are not going to give up easily. But what we do know, it always fails. They couldn’t maintain the Bretton Woods system and they can’t maintain the system that came out of Bretton Woods, that’s not been maintained, it’s collapsing at this very moment. And the one they’re talking about won’t work either. The big question is how far along can they get, and will our movement grow fast enough to counteract them.

Alex Jones: [administrative comments skipped] I’ve been asking a lot of questions, I’ve been bringing out a lot of points, what are the points you’d like to make, Sir, today to the viewers and listeners?

Ron Paul: The optimistic side is that we’re very pleased with our organization around the country, especially on the college campuses. The more I think about it, the more excited I get about reaching out to a generation that most people believe are all with Obama. I don’t happen to believe that. Even the statistics show that they didn’t necessarily come out and vote the way the people thought. So that we should have some optimism that we can reach the next generation. But, we have a lot of activity going on, but we do live in a very, very dangerous times, and hopefully we can work within the system before it breaks down completely, which means people should be involved and drive influence to their members, and get involved in the campaigns and try to get me some help in Washington.

Alex Jones: Sir, we know that governments love to stage events or use events to get more power and control. Are you worried about Gulf of Tonkin events continuing, Obama has said he wants to deal with Iran and swiftly in the next year. Are you concerned about staged events?

Ron Paul: Yes, you know, years ago, I think because so many times we had expressed concerns about this, they actually backed off when we were worried about a staged event for an excuse to go into Iran. And, Bush backed off, I think, because of some of the publicity we gave to that. But now I think all big events like that in foreign policy have to have a staged event or use an event that taken claim is the main reason for going in. But policies have not changed on foreign policy. If you listen to his speech, he said nothing that would be different. He is still, you know, going to follow the same foreign policy.

Alex Jones: Well, that’s the good news. Not that he’s following the policy. But the good news is, I am talking to Obama supporters. We just talked to them on the ground at DC and they were admitting, yeah he is continuing the wars, yeah he is continuing the wireless wiretapping, yeah he is saying he’s going to keep troops in Iraq basically forever just in smaller groups, yeah he is going back on everything he said. So I see them kind of getting apprehensive, so the mainstream corporate media, the establishment, comes in and says “look he’s a good guy, he’ll save you, just do whatever he says”, knowing he’s carrying the ball for the elite agenda to get through what they want, so, can you speak to that?

Ron Paul: Well, I think this is good that some of the Obama supporters are starting to recognize this. And we shouldn’t ignore the fact that some of our allies may well come from the left. The principal liberal or the progressive who doesn’t fit the mould of an Obama supporter are very concerned about the same things we are, you know about the PATRIOT Act and personal liberty and the foreign policy. And, in time, I think that we can work with other groups because we’ll need everybody to point how that it’s civil liberty that we want protected, we want our personal liberty protected, at the same time we don’t need any more wars, which will help us economically. You know, the other arguments could be done but we do need a strong coalition. But you never know that we are very strong from the average news class everyday and what we saw today. But I think our numbers are growing and there’s a reason for us to continue this effort.

Alex Jones: Absolutely, Congressman, in the four minutes we have left with you, I wanted to get you to specific speak to this because I know you’re a student of history and an avid newshound, so I specifically wanted to get your take on this. Because I’ve studied Hitler, Stalin, Mao and literally even the Washington Post a week ago admitted that the symbolism, the things they’re doing, is classical fascism or communism, where these evil movements want a true grassroots army and now with it’s a separate group under Obama’s control, and they are getting hundreds of thousands, it launched a week ago. They’re running national ad council federally paid for ads promoting his private army, which I believe is illegal according to Congressional research that’s been done. I hope you’ll investigate that so specifically just on that one issue, there’s hundreds. This is classical, the dirtiest, most wicked type of pathogens to a free society and they are doing it out of the gates. So can you speak to that, I mean just the whole messianic thing?

Ron Paul: Well, the messianic thing is very obvious to most people and we should be very cautious about it. As far as the private army goes I don’t know enough to say that I have all the answers on that but it certainly deserves looking at. I think the big thing right now which is progressing as it has been for years and more so now, is not so much that Obama is going to present socialism in the Soviet style where government ownership is always going be this business arrangement between big business and big government.

Alex Jones: It’s more fascism. They socialize our wealth and then give it to the banks.

Ron Paul: That’s right, and he was emphatic today and said that yes, Sir, markets are good and the free enterprises they do produce, but, on occasion they spin out of control and they fail and therefore we have to step in. What he was saying there, which was what they said in the ’30s is, “capitalism, gold standard, freedom failed so therefore we need government”. And just look, do you think the businessman is resisting that? The businessman is begging to be part of it all.

Alex Jones: Exactly, but what really failed is the fascist/crony capitalism, false free market, but they are trying to blame the free market. In closing, let’s get a prediction from Ron Paul or a prime projection. Do you think he will be overall successful in becoming this messianic demi-god they’ve introduced a thing to appeal the 22nd amendment? Do you think in the future Obama will be successful or will liberty defeat him?

Ron Paul: I don’t think he will be successful. I think for a year or two or three, he’s going to get away with a lot and there’ll be a strong segment that will continue to support him. But I think ultimately, truth wins out in the end, and that’s why I remain optimistic.

Alex Jones: Congressman, liberty committee… tell folks about some of the websites they should visit.

Ron Paul: Okay, go to and join us and we are going to have meetings around the country, and we’re looking for new members and we continue to grow and we’re emphasizing a lot of organizations on college campuses.

Alex Jones: And I would add in the minute we have left. This is classic! They saw what you did the Obama campaign admitted they mimicked your true grassroots. They did that, the media attacked you, he launched ahead… he won. And so that shows how important a true grassroots movement under liberty individualism is to counter their collectivist movement, do you agree?

Ron Paul: Oh, absolutely and that’s the only way it should be. And I feel pleased about that but like I try to simplify that, I really believe freedom is a popular issue.

Alex Jones: I think the thing that is going to sink him now is going after the guns, do you agree?

Ron Paul: Oh yeah, the American people are not going to give up the guns. Can you imagine now the millions of people who bought gold coins and can’t even find them now realizing what’s going on? They’re not going to give up their guns and they’re not giving up their gold and…

Alex Jones: They say it’s an opportunity for the new world order, in reality it’s an opportunity for freedom isn’t it?

Ron Paul: Absolutely. We should work hard.

Alex Jones: Congressman God bless you. Godspeed. We’ll talk to you soon.

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