“Change” We Can Do Without…

This commentary was written by Jad Hage. You too can write for RonPaul.com by joining us here.

Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

On November 4th, 2008, 8,538,559 more people voted for Barack Obama than did for John McCain, giving Obama a landslide victory in the Electoral College. Mr. Obama won this election by doing what most other campaigns try to do: run against the establishment on a message of ‘change’, not just in the superficial and artificial sense, but in a meaningful and profound way. Among other commitments, Obama promised to restore the rule of law and our cherished Constitutional principles. Touting his career as a Constitutional lawyer and law professor, Obama gave some hope to civil libertarians by denouncing torture, domestic spying, and Guantanamo Bay. He danced around these issues all the while voting for the FISA amendment and perpetuating his double-talk; saying one thing, and doing another.

Now that he’s been President for several weeks, Obama has begun to deal with an issue that is very dear to my heart: civil liberties. Throughout every one of his executive orders President Obama gave the appearance of reversing the policies of George Bush. However, he has left, and continues to leave, loopholes that allow for torture and extraordinary rendition. He is even open to “modified military commissions.” He will take over a year to close Guantanamo and he will allow the CIA to operate our empire overseas despite the predictable blowback that would result from this. He will continue to allow our troops to be stationed in over 135 countries across the globe. He will continue giving money to dictatorships. Essentially, the product was not as advertised. Barack Obama will not significantly change US policy. The deception continues.

The use and abuse of executive branch powers under Barack Obama will apparently be used no less than they were under his predecessor, George W. Bush. The office of the President of the United States of America, over the past 60 years, has grown increasingly and progressively more powerful and aggressive. This power has been taken forcefully by presidents over the years, each adding his own contribution and helping to set unfortunate precedent. Each president has used a ‘crisis’ to usurp more power from the Congress and the Legislature; Bush used the 9/11 attacks and Obama will use the economic crisis. The use of executive orders with almost no oversight from Congress or the courts will continue with Obama.

All of these culminate into one large disappointment for civil libertarians who believe in civil liberty, non-interventionism, and sound Constitutional principles. More and more it is becoming apparent that the vast majority of politicians in Washington are two sides of the same coin. More important and more worrisome, is the complete media blackout about important issues such as the Federal Reserve, our national sovereignty, third party candidates, monetary policy, and our foreign policy blow back.

Many Obama supporters may become disillusioned with their leader and may turn to a third party. Many Republicans may tire of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and may do the same. Both Democrats and Republicans may become so disillusioned with their leadership in Congress that they may look to real alternatives, like Ron Paul. He represents more than himself; he represents a large swath of patriots in this country who reject the two self-serving corporate parties.

Now is the time to grow the Ron Paul movement. Spread the message! From 2009 and into the future, the Ron Paul Revolution lives on.

Jad Hage

I am a young, politically active defender of liberty and freedom. I oppose anybody, Republican, Democrat, or otherwise, who would seek to take away any of my civil liberties or freedoms that I enjoy. I maintain a political news blog at http://plunditry.com . Feel free to visit it and tell me what you think.

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  • Christine

    Daniel Hannan of the UK has the right spirit in standing up to injustices in our government! I love this guy!

    Do a search at http://www.youtube.com for more of Daniel Hannan’s videos. He’s an inspiration. You will also see that the UK is having the same difficulties with corrupt politicians and their economy. The UK is attempting to handle the economy in the same way as the US…and also greatly failing it people. Daniel is awake, aware and outspoken!

    Daniel Hannan MEP: The devalued Prime Minister of a devalued Government

  • Brian

    Well this pres of ours is freinds with all of the dictators of the globe

  • Christine

    Looks like England’s politician try the same tactics to get things signed …things complicated, lengthy and not given enough time to even read what they are voting on and signing into law!! Overwhelm them with paperwork and small print.

    We do not want our politicians voting on and agreeing to things they have never even read!

    The Prime Minister of England, Gordon Brown and Barack Obama are buddies. They must have shared secrets on how to get things done, their way, not the way of the people.


  • Christine

    The Declaration of Independence Hollywood Style (audio/video)

  • joe

    Obama is showing a major lack of leadership and definitely is the change we can do without! What a weak arrogant individual and a huge disappointment!

    • Christine

      Ditto, a huge disappointment. I like the line someone else posted..

      Wanted: 1 Teleprompter hacker

      I will say I have learned more about how politics REALLY works since his running for office. I haven’t seem much I like, but I know better is possible in Ron Paul and people like him, who are well founded in the documents that made this country free and prosperous.


  • It’s interesting to hear that your sister is very happy BUT
    how long do you think our good old USA would be the slightest
    bit free if most of us lived with such a “head in the sand”
    attitude? We are losing our grip daily and the more the people
    know about it the more TEA Parties will surface and MAYBE — JUST
    MAYBE — our sometimes representatives will take notice and actually DO WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT!

    Do you realize how many Americans all over the country came out?
    Talk about grassroots!

    • Christine

      America never would have been had it not been for folks who were aware and willing to push forward on ideas of freedom versus an oppressive government (England) to make it a reality. Now it seems our freedom is at risk again, so we are hearing the call to push back for our freedom’s sake. United we stand.

      There is so much steeling of American’s money going on right now that it’s hard to tell it is America, land of the free. The saying that we are a prosperous country is difficult to even repeat any longer….so much debt, pensions gone, businesses closing, job losses, homes foreclosed, high health care costs to unaffordable, overburdened with taxes to pay for the mistakes of the elite so they can steel from our grandchildren a well, while most American’s struggle to provide for themselves and their families. It is as if our government has turned against us.

      China, France, India and Russia are all questioning the use of the American Dollar as the currency of exchange. This will be a game changer and ill affect us all….even the yoga instructor!

      • Brian

        Now that you understand the truth and how our ecanomic situation was planned.You will find it hard to get people up to speed with you.

        • Christine

          It is each American’s responsibility to educate themselves, to become aware and work to maintain the freedom they hold dear. They make themselves less vulnerable to those who would like to steel it away.

          Some may find it simpler to hear the same tune being played from a distance, in Britain. An inspiring politician! He has lots of videos on http://www.youtube.com, all the same topics as American’s are dealing with …including their manipulative politicians and corrupt government, taking freedom and liberties away from the people along with their money. I say, let them (the FED) not control you and soothe you with a smooth and eloquent talker who tells lies and 1/2 truths (Obama). I think Daniel Hannan and Ron Paul have a lot in common!

          Recession and the taxpayer´s burden

  • I see where you’re coming from and I hope you are right, but I do think you are overly optimistic. I guess time will tell what Obama does but so far he is very reserved. Just look at how cool he was towards prosecuting Bush.

    • Sean

      Well actually he emphasized and closed on the subject that we should look forward instead of backwards regarding president bush.. but your right, its still early and anything can happen. Its hard not to be optimistic when there are much better things in life than the worst. Worrying about the government alone can demolish your freedom. It will make you feel caged and enslaved.. Its more important to live the moment. To do everything you can in your life instead of daydreaming about what others are doing. In fact, its bad to even daydream about your own future, because you are not your thoughts, you are your actions. The government is especially not your thoughts, so try not to involve them and provoke who you truely are.. You can read the news and what not, and you can believe in liberty, but don’t just believe in something without applying it in your own life.. Prove to yourself that you don’t need the government and its rules to live your life. Prove to yourself that you are free and then you feel something that surpasses liberty.. You should try to find enlightenment by turning off the tv and computer. Go outside and calm your mind so it can expand in healthy productive ways.

      • Sean

        My sister is a yoga teacher.. She came over yesterday and we talked about obama.. I told her that he just got the stimulus package passed to fix the recession. She said, “What recession?”… she doesn’t watch tv or listen to the radio. she’s the happiest person alive bc she avoids the things in life that will corrupt the soul. The more you show hate towards the government and federal reserve or anything in that matter, the worse off your gonna be.

        • MOTS


      • Christine

        Awareness is a good thing. Being in the dark is not.

        • Brian

          Awareness is a good thing you are right. I think that taking action will be better if you are aware.

  • Sean

    You know Barack Obama started the presidential debates wanting to end the war right then, but it didn’t gain support from all sides of the isle.. I think he is trying to finish what we started to please everyone. Barack is not trying to split up the country with ideologies like everyone else. He is trying to make everyone happy by eventually ending the war and successfully preventing anything to happen in the near future.. I think obama is doing a VERY good job by talking with Russia. This is the kind of man to fill our leadership spot. He has gained respect with pretty much everyone in the world. Respect goes farther than fear, or Bush’s approach. Obama can speak with probably any leader and acomplish positive feedback. He is a very good optimist that restores confidence in the name America. He is everything we need in a leader.

    I voted for Ron Paul but we can’t have every wish in our lives. We should be thankful for such an inspiring president.

    However, I do NOT think we need to be opperating out of 130 countries. That is OUTRAGOUS! I understand having embassy’s in countries that we trade with, but other than that, we should stay out of other people’s lives..

    Guantanamno Bay was the first thing talked about by the administration. I’m pretty sure we are going to have to send all the people to court and work out the future for all the prisoners lives. It takes 6 months just to get a court date for a speeding ticket. Give it some time, don’t think for one second that a liberal is going to change their ways of thought.

    • Brian

      This guy is the worse we have ever had. I would not tinkle on him to put him out if he was on fire. He lacks respect here!