• Peter

    Yes!!!! I believe Dr. Paul Should run. We need a HUGE change in this country.

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  • http://endtheecb.ning.com Jake

    Tonight Mike is going to talk about how we the people are killing ourselves… what the effects of division are. He´s going to dispel all the plagiarism and contending theories — disprove all of them. Then in the third show, he´s going to round all this out into a firm understanding of solution. So, there will be three programs, the set of which are the whole picture — a complete prescription for how to do the revolution.

    http://www.tnsradio.ning.com at 3 PM to 6 PM Pacific Time

    Warm regards,

    Friends of MPE

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  • Kate

    After 8 years of Bush and nearly 2 years of Obama, I believe the American People are ready to return to TRUTH, FREEDOM, LIBERTY and MORALITY.

    It has become obvious, if we do not return to morality we will be delivered into full-blown FASCISM or SOCIALISM, either way POVERTY is guaranteed for We the People.

    I would like to see a ticket with RON PAUL and ANDREW NAPOLITANO, in any order.

    It’s all up to us to see that it happens, this time we’ve got to make regular contributions for the cause to reclaim freedom and liberty for our children and grandchildren. Even if you can only spare $10 contribute regularly. If you can’t afford to give money please give a few hours of your time.

    Lastly, keep 2012 about honor, dignity, truth and compassion, it works much better than being the bully or the crazy person that the media was focused on in 2008. Let’s keep our actions respectable to our cause to order to win over hearts and minds for a fresh start in 2012.

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  • Dwayne

    Dr.Paul has my vote…PPPLLLLEEAASSSSEEE RUN IN 2012….


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  • http://www.perfecteconomy.com Jake

    Hello to all,

    I hope you didn’t miss Saturday’s first broadcast on ¨Mathematically Perfected Economy¨ by Mike Montagne. We were still taking calls to the wee hours of the morning after the show. I’ve arranged at least for now, for show archives to be hosted at ZShare. The link to listen to the first broadcast is:


    If you really want to succeed in getting ALL banks out, it’s time to start going viral. I leave it to you to spread this as you see fit.

    Warm regards,

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  • Michael Rael

    The good Congressman Paul is getting a bit old. He looks too tired to me to go through the rigor of running for President. I fear he actually might die from that race.

    I suggest instead that he run a very different race:Speaker of the House. He’d be elected by a majority of the representatives. He’d have a tremendous amount of work to do, but I have no doubt he is physically up to it. As Speaker, he’d have tremendous power in government. He’d be the 3rd most powerful man in America. He has been in the House for many years, so he already has the respect of all representatives due to an Elder Statesman of that body.

    He could do it and he could survive it. It would be a wonderful way for him to exert influence in the US.

    Why not?

    Mike Rael, MS
    Sherman Oaks, California

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    • http://www.fija.org Jake Witmer

      Have you not noticed that Paul is the only libertarian in congress? …He would not win speaker –neither major party would vote for him.

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  • clay

    i support ron paul running for 2012, he has my vote!!!!!

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  • clay

    i support ron paul running for 2012, he has my vote

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  • J. Jay Schmalenberg

    I would probably vote for Ron Paul if he runs. And if he chose Nader as his VP. I would do everything in my power to get him elected. I would travel and volunteer in battleground states. I would donate time and money. And this is not coming from some Obama hater. If we’re not mindfull and if we fail to excercise our voice we will lose it forever and we will end up with someone who will march us into another depression, another war under false pretenses, desperation, despotism, possibly WW3 and a Fascist oppresive One World Gov’t in the hands of a privileged few instead of a New World Order of peace, tolerance and reason in the hands of the people. All the worlds people.

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  • http://www.bookskindle.net/ Joe Kindle

    Interesting! This is my favorite post about Ron Paul 2012 | Ron Paul .com.

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  • Justin Christman

    Ron Paul
    Jesse Ventura

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    • Patrick

      Ron Paul, Yes. Ventura, Not worthy. Number one it’s Ventura’s right to question Bush. Yet, on the other hand he has been a sissy when it comes to questioning Obama. Jesse is two faced and too arrogant and brash to hold a high office such as VP.

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  • Justin Christman

    This country needs Ron Paul.

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  • http://www.dailypolitical.com Politics

    Hello Ron Paul, we encourage and hope you will run for president in 2012. Our Country needs a “REAL CHANGE” and not the change Obama has brought to this great Nation of Ours. God bless you “Future President”

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  • http://www.perfecteconomy.com Jack

    Hi to all,

    There’s been much going on behind the scenes. This email is to notify all of us that Saturday will be the first broadcast live of my new radio show, “mike montagne on mathematically perfected economy and absolute consensual representation.” The 3-hour broadcast will be available live from http://www.tnsradio.ning.com at 3 PM to 6 PM Pacific Time. Please notify your friends, who can listen in from a live link at the top left-hand corner of the TNS Radio home page. You can also tune in directly from any iTunes installation by clicking the Advanced menu… Open audio stream… and tuning in to the URL:

    Warm regards,
    mike montagne

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    • Bob

      Don’t spam.

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      • http://www.perfecteconomy.com Jack

        How can you possibly tell this is spam. I think everyone should just listen first before drawing a conclusion. You might learn a thing or two about monetary solution instead of sloganizing the issues with purported solutions on the cheap, for the sheep.

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        • Bob

          Spam is when you go to a website and link to your website without contributing to the conversation.

          For example, this is spam:

          Go to my website: http://blah.com

          This is not spam:

          I personally think that the solution to X is Y and the only thing blocking it is Z. This is me elaborating a little bit.

          My website talks about it more, take a look: http://blah.com

          However, I see you added a comment below which was quite good. I just think your original comment here was in poor taste.

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  • http://www.googleadvertising.net Mike Advertising

    I thought about Ron Paul 2012 | Ron Paul .com and found this post. Thanks for sharing!

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  • fred bynum

    We need Ron Paul as President and Jesse Ventura as Vice President Now that would be a GREAT Party I would Support.
    The Dem and the Gop are the same thing. And Americans are getting the shaft from both. they are like kids that can not get along with each other. They tell you want you want to hear but after they get into Office they do the will of the highest bidder. And that is Big Business, Oil Company’s, Wall Street, Bankers,
    Let me make a donation to your re election campaign.

    They are used as puppets by the people who own and run the Federal Reserve Bank along with the European Banking System. They Control the World / The New World Order.

    It makes sense that you control information and you control both parties you make them the same offer and they vote the way you want them to. MONEY speaks louder than words.
    And the American People have been taking it up the wazoo for too long.

    We need less Government. We need less Spending, We need less Wars.
    We need to put an end to the Federal Reserve Banking System. and put us on the Gold or Silver Standard once again.
    If you look at a 1900 Silver Dollar and compare it with a Silver Dollar today Copper sandwich. The crooks are no longer in Chicago now they wear Business Suites and head for Washington DC. And look at what they have done to America.
    Please Mr. Ron Paul We need you in the Office To clean up this Mess.
    Revoke the Patroit Act and restore our U.S. Constitution. And our Bill of Rights as our four Fathers did.
    Thank You
    And God Bless
    Fred Bynum Redford Mi

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  • hi

    if you dont run for president in 2012 america will collapse.. obama is leading america to its fall and if you ran in 2012 you can catch it b4 and build it back up.. if we have another dumbass like obama or bush we doomed 4 sure!! i went get my voters license a few weeks ago just 2 vote 4 you if you run or another libritarian like jesse ventura if you dont run and he does but i think you should.. and take jesse with you as VP

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    • http://www.perfecteconomy.com Jack

      Sloganizing the issues — Purported solution on the cheap for the sheep.
      Good for you, you memorized that senseless crap

      Mr. Paul is wrong on every count when it comes to (monetary) solution.

      Effectively, what Mr. Paul want is to remove the embossed letters which now say “Federal Reserve Bank,” and replace them with “Ron Paul’s ‘COMPETING’ Bank(s)” — a principle which he refuses to debate, further define, or justify. Of course, any ostensible “competition” would ostensibly, on the contrary, drive interest rates down. But Mr. Paul tells us that we wouldn’t have borrowed ourselves into this debt mess if higher rates of interest had discouraged excessive/reckless borrowing.

      Mr. Paul has never done the math: he tells you that all of you are going to benefit somehow therefore — oh and we so willingly believe this preposterous notion, don’t we? — he tells us we will benefit paying perhaps 17% interest on our homes than 5%. Sounds really like a good idea, doesn’t it? Especially since the rate of interest is the rate of multiplication of artificial indebtedness — higher rates of which instead necessitate greater rates of borrowing to maintain a vital circulation.

      Unfortunately, most people who exalt Austrian “economics” hardly know the first thing about it. They reject math — most of which is little more than counting — as if you could understand otherwise; and they could have possibly determined solution otherwise. In no legitimate discipline or walk of life does such reckless abandonment of principle hold.

      But Mr. Hayek, God of the Austrians tells us why they advocate interest and the current banking model — which are our very problem. See Hayek’s article at Mises org: “A Free Market Monetary System,” I think it’s called. Anyway, he thus justifies interest, that it makes banking “an extremely profitable business.”

      That’s right. There IS no justification, just an outright confession of the motive.

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      • Joe

        Could you tell me how the federal (Private Bankers) reserve who exist in America Unconstitutionally is a good thing??

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        • http://www.perfecteconomy.com Jack

          Joe, did you read my post?! There´s your answer to what RP is up to.

          His goal is to try and take away the top of the pyramid (the fed), and leave the remainder of the pyramid intact with competing banks and currencies ffs. Will that destroy the pyramid?? NO

          Mathematically Perfected Economy (our mandate) will take away the whole pyramid from top to base.

          The interest on OUR Medium of Exchange being issued (at whatever rate) is the whole damn problem.

          So if it is in his sincere interest to offer solution why is it then that he is not offering any? Even worse, he is just offering more of the same to keep the current terminal system running.

          Because any purported economy subject to interest will terminate itself under insoluble debt. As interest multiplies debt in proportion to a circulation, ever more of every existing dollar is dedicated to servicing multiplying debt, and ever less of every existing dollar can be dedicated to sustaining the commerce which is obligated to service the multiplying debt. Everything around you can be understood from the obvious consequences.

          There is only one viable solution:

          As this is the very set of principles — and the only set of principles which ensure the immutable value of money across its lifespan — a perpetual 1:1:1 relationship between remaining value, remaining *obligation*, and currency in circulation —.

          Just do the math. Think outside the box you were conditioned in. It will be an eye opener.


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  • http://www.perfecteconomy.com Jack

    Reply from an Ex Ron Paul follower after learning about Mathematically Perfected Economy via Youtube:


    Haha, I’m so glad Ron Paul didn’t get into office now… I was so naive!!

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  • Kevin MacDougal

    Dr. Paul,
    I think that God has placed you in the right place at the right time to steer this country back on track. I respectfully PLEAD with you to run for President. Our great nation is in grave danger as you have pointed out; we need a leader with the mind set of our founding fathers, to save this nation from ruin. In my opinion you could rally the masses, Disgruntled Republi-cats, Independents, the Green Party, and Libertarians – through the TEA PARTY all together under one Banner, “WE THE PEOPLE”, the Banner of the United States of America.
    You have seen and expressed encouragement by the Tea Party Movement. I see that the Tea Party needs a true leader.. Please step into that role publically soon, or I am afraid the movement may be hijacked by the Republican Party, which we all know is full of “posing” conservatives. I think it is the two party system that got us in this mess to begin with. The Tea Party is needed to provide checks and balances against the right and left and keep our head and eyes moving straight ahead.. and its ears focused on the VOICE of the People.
    Grass Root Americans, those that believe in the Constitution of the United States, The TRUE PATRIOTS of our nation, need YOUR political voice, we need a REAL leader, It is not just “my” opinion Dr Paul- YOU are that leader. My prayers are with you and the future of this nation.

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  • http://www.perfecteconomy.com Jack

    If I were President, I assert that by exercising the following prescription, I could arrest the present monetary failure in less than a day; and I could establish a perpetual, sustainable solution, or absolute economy, in perhaps less than a month.

    You may of course never elect me. But still the purpose of this page is to explain how to do so — how to immediately transform unsustainable systems of usury into mathematically perfected economy™. We have already sufficiently explained why.

    This program of course could be implemented by any nation, collection of nations, continent, and so forth. While world leaders can and have stood in the way of mathematically perfected economy™, nonetheless I further assert that mathematically perfected economy™ is inevitable not only for the reasons given already, but those to follow as well.

    Obviously, present world conditions call for this resolution loudly; and so, unless mathematically perfected economy™ can indeed be invalidated, those who will neither hear nor heed immediately, therefore condemn the rest of us to the calamity before us.
    This proposition is no casual or recent matter of relatively little development or survival of test cases. Its initial form was developed seriously since early 1979, before I provided computer models to the Reagan Administration just a few years later. Those models of course readily tested for interest free cases. Primarily however, they projected not only the otherwise unforeseen federal debt which President Reagan’s two terms eventually accumulated. They further anticipated in 1983 that for expected interest rates and growth, that public and private debt would multiply at rates which would develop terminal sums of U.S. debt, and potential world wide monetary failure. Our projections determined this would occur at approximately 2010 AD.
    Essentially then, the designed power of those elementary but potentially exceedingly accurate models, was to calculate the maximum possible lifespan of any purported economy subject to interest. You can still download the models from our pages.


    All subjects of contemporary, pretended economies have critical interests in veritable solution; and rightly, only by prevailing understanding can a publicly approved solution ever have emerged.
    That we can say there are legitimate representative governments, true representation always seeks and finds not only the ideal, but the due, certifiable approval of their apprised people. Given the critical circumstances, just such a process is to be expected now more than ever.

    Because the problems and consequences before us are universal, a model for real solution must solve for the innate, sustainable interests of all. That is, it must solve for the world — not just a country, not just a generation, not just a time, not just a class, not just a disposition.
    Effectively then, we can only seek to prosper so much as our contribution to the pool of wealth; and we must seek to prosper only so much, in whatever way cannot and will not deprive others of the opportunity to prosper likewise.

    No matter the issues necessarily addressed then, this is the primary object and final test not only of this proposition, but of any prospective/purported solution.


    As we have said, the critical breaking point of the pretended financial systems of the world is predicated by irreversible, perpetual escalation of artificial sums of debt, which ultimately exceed a finite capacity to service debt. Vast, persistent housing foreclosures, marginalization of industry, and destruction of credit-worthiness are obvious, inevitable consequences of the final stages of this artificial, escalated multiplication.

    In the terminal stages of its practical lifespan, such a system requires paying the vastest costs of servicing debt out of circulation. Yet these very same terminal sums of debt finally destroy the last remaining possibility of sufficient credit worthiness to assume further debt. So much as the vital circulation can only be replenished by further borrowing then, the very multiplied indebtedness of the final state makes it impossible to justify “credit” as would maintain a vital circulation. It is at this juncture then that “the economy” suddenly collapses.

    To prevent this final, potentially sudden collapse, it is necessary therefore to prevent a final/terminal cycle of deflation.


    1. To avert a terminal cycle of deflation, and to arrest further development of the failure by further multiplication of indebtedness, we must immediately suspend all payments against debts subject to interest to “banks” (or “credit”/”lending” institutions), and from all intermediate “banks” to the “central bank.”

    2. To sustain other incidental lenders across a brief period of transition to mathematically perfected economy™, the accounts of small, private creditors (home owners carrying the paper on a sale of their home for instance) would be credited (artificially) with so much as the payments they are accustomed to receiving, without taking these payments from the debtor.

    3. Any other possible conduits of deflation are sealed, including taxation. Federal taxes are suspended and the states are asked or required to suspend state and local taxations.

    4. Accounts of retired persons are credited with advance sustenance as will be completed in later stages of what yet amounts to a more or less immediate recovery (4.g.), not just to pre-collapse conditions, but to a level of prosperity several times that.

    5. Necessary government programs are funded temporarily by new circulation, with the tolerance for this brief measure to sustain necessary government activities being the tremendous present deflation of the circulation.

    Effective immediately then, not only would critically marginalized home owners be able to stay in their homes, *all* home owners and all surviving industry would immediately have the entire former costs of servicing debt available instead to sustain necessary commerce. Immediately, industry would not only avoid and survive the imminent failure, but prosper across the transition period to substantial further extents which have otherwise been impossible.

    A capacity to sustain unlimited further prosperity is eventually provided by converting the present system to mathematically perfected economy™ — effectively concluding a transition period existing only so long as necessary to set up accounting infrastructures, and to refinance debt under mathematically perfected economy™.
    Meanwhile, there is no deflation; no need to borrow further to maintain a vital circulation; and we immediately prosper to whatever further degree we are relieved of servicing the existent sums of artificially multiplied debt.


    To avoid theft of the liquidity which would suddenly be realized:
    Prices would be frozen. Commodities traders would be eliminated from the chain of purchase. Products would be directly delivered to markets by natural processes of distribution, without unearned taking. Commodities traders would be paid for their existing assets with a separate currency, temporarily at least dedicated to unearned taking. Just settlement of their unearned wealth would be settled later.
    Having relieved not only the pressures of escalation, but the whole weight of servicing existent debt, no reason persists for bona fide industry to raise prices; and, granted such substantial further liquidity under existing price states, industry would immediately be free to sustain and generate further employment, while sustaining profit margins substantially beyond what was previously possible — if and only if truly free markets are liberated from predation.

    To resolve all debt to the unassented and unlawful central bank(s), I would scribble onto a piece of paper, “Will pay to the bearer upon demand, infinity.”

    This like irredeemable promise to pay would be offered with a cordial invitation to challenge this resolution of all debt in a fitting court of law (manned of course and accountable to the people), where on behalf of the people we would argue:

    1. that inherently no private entity has any right deprivable from any other private entity or person to issue irredeemable promises to pay (“Federal Reserve Notes”);

    2. that therefore on the one hand, the paper I have submitted satisfies the purported obligations;

    3. or on the other hand, there is no legal basis whatever for the purported debts;

    4. and most of all, that as the implementation of interest inherently multiplies debt in proportion to an obligated circulation, the imposed currency cannot constitute lawful obligations to “repay” debts which ultimately are purposely made insoluble by the very artificial conditions imposed upon the arrangement.

    This of course would not resolve whatever assets have been acquired by equally/potentially illegitimate, unlawful means.
    For now, like the resolution of assets acquired by commodities traders, I leave it to the people ultimately to determine whether they want to go after these assets, or whether we shall just call termination of all this good enough.

    But should these banks or any advocate of the currency they have imposed upon us make any substantial effort from this time forth to obstruct or even discourage us from solution, I recommend instead not only to recover the assets/profits which have been dispossessed from us, but to try all persisting advocates for crimes against humanity — these being explicitly, whatever perpetuation of damages is suffered since these systems were imposed.


    These measures, necessarily carried out before the onset of fatal deflation, arrest further failure within a day, with the additional liquidity immediately established being capable of sustaining multiples of present industry.

    Those who delay implementation of this proposition therefore are responsible for the consequences this measure would avoid — 10,000 homes daily going into foreclosure, vast further dispossession, inevitable further failures of industry, and so forth. As the present arguments sufficiently demonstrate, all of said detrimental consequences can be arrested in less than a day.


    2. As soon as possible, to restore and sustain the industry we are capable of, an initial implementation of mathematically perfected economy™ is established under emergency conditions. Once electronic infrastructures are established to maintain the people’s accounts, that initial implementation comprises:

    3. refinancing of all private debt without interest, with schedules of payment being the rate of consumption or depreciation (which are to be understood to be equivalent);

    4. a general, de-escalated formula for depreciation shall be used for the initial implementation. Specialized formulas may be implemented thereafter;

    5. the remaining value of the related property shall be the refinanced sum, as determined by the general formula for depreciation;

    6. any payments so far made beyond the depreciation so far incurred and up to the full remaining value of the property shall be considered accumulated equity, counted against the balance of the remaining debt;

    7. equity in all property as determined by the general formula for depreciation can be financed likewise;

    8. thus the whole effective circulation is equal to the whole value of related wealth; and the remaining circulation is always equal to and redeemable in the very remaining value of the represented wealth, with this itself eliminating any cause or need for ostensible alternate monetary standards;

    9. debts which have been paid, in principal and interest both, to the extent of the remaining value of the property, shall be considered fulfilled;

    10. further financing for further production shall be made available under the same terms;

    11. private savings are converted into the new currency;

    12. otherwise, MPE™ currency is not interchangeable with the former Federal Reserve Note;

    13. mathematically perfected economy™ divorces itself from the previous, imposed system;

    14. to restore sustainable conditions with regard to retirement, the accounts of all working-age people are eventually to be credited with a facsimile of what they would have saved and could therefore have lived on should they have benefitted from mathematically perfected economy™ their whole working lives;

    To replace social programs which are unsustainable as a consequence of unfunded near term federal liabilities, a mandatory savings program is implemented in which the private individual takes an interest in preservation of the value of the currency (which is sustained by MPE™), and by which the individual is compelled to save some portion of their income over working years, which they may spend in retirement.

    For example, if for the purposes of calculation, working years are taken as the years 20 through 60, and savings are taken to necessarily account for 20 years thereafter, compulsive savings of 1/3 of income may be enforced across the 40 years to render the same standard of living across the latter 20. The ultimate terms of such a program are to be determined in the final implementation of MPE™ as agreed by the public.

    All people beyond the age of 20 then are to be credited so much, to establish a sustainable condition akin to what would have existed in mathematically perfected economy™ all this while. These savings of course are to serve in lieu of inherently unsustainable “social security.”
    Sustainable conditions are thus immediately established; illimitable further prosperity is readily funded; and all this costs us nothing.
    Under mathematically perfected economy™ then, a $100,000 home with a hundred year lifespan for instance would be financed at the overall rate of $1,000 per year or $83.33 per month, with the initial/general formula for depreciation dictating higher rates of payment in the initial phases of the debt, and substantially lower payments in the latter phases.

    The emergency implementation of mathematically perfected economy™ serves as a proving or trial period, after which the subject populace may determine to retain or reject the proposition, optionally returning to the conditions formerly imposed by the previous system, or electing to adopt any other potential solution.

    The time required to implement this trial depends upon development or adaptation of existing hardware and software technology to maintain the necessary accounts. Roughly a month of operation under emergency deflation prevention measures might be required before the necessary infrastructure can be developed/adapted, so that this perpetually sustainable trial phase of mathematically perfected economy™ can begin, for whatever duration the people elect to preserve it.


    Should the public elect to retain mathematically perfected economy™ after the emergency trial, its ultimate implementation is determined in regard to specialized rates of depreciation, scope of financed wealth, and potential relationships with other programs.
    It can be said that no risk is involved, because in all respects, emergency or otherwise, by eliminating the vast costs and destructive consequences of “interest,” these provisions generally engender as much as a dozen times the liquidity possible under the conditions of interest-bearing systems — particularly of course, prior to the present and ensuing phases of failure.

    Ostensible “foreign” debt of the people shall be collected from the sellers of the debt in the currency of which the debts were issued.

    No one will ever stand for your liberation from usury so long as you, the people, fail to master the problem and its solution. When, and only when you will settle for nothing but the latter, none of the foes of justifiable economy can afford to stand against you.
    It is your obligation then to broadcast this proposition of solution if you so see fit. We have no candidate to serve us. None apparently dare respond; and yet we have a critical election just weeks away. But if each of us immediately sent this proposition of solution to our entire address books, the entire country could be prepared to vote for solution in only days.

    Shame on us then, if we can do no better.
    This page can be copied and pasted into an email; or the permalink to its online instance may be sent; and/or its zip (compressed) file can be distributed freely; or the link to download the compressed distributable may be sent. The recommended procedure is to send this page copied into a text email, complete with the following permalink to the page. Please see the distribution instructions below for further information. Many articles at the PFMPE™ web site (perfecteconomy.com) answer virtually any further conceivable question or issue.

    This of course is a serious appeal. Usury is not only terminal; its perpetuation requires usurpation, and that usurpation largely explains the undesirable world as it is. You will have no representation so long as there is apathy toward privatized currencies, which obviously have been imposed upon us for the very purpose of the multiplication of unearned profit which is responsible for the specter of world wide monetary failure before us.

    In the introductory quotes with which I began this page, Ayn Rand tells us that “Whenever destroyers appear among men, they start by destroying money.” I translate this and the rest to mean, “they start by imposing interest to multiply debt upon the circulation, for money free from that multiplication is mankind’s only protection from those men, and so, it is the only possible harbor of unsubverted moral existence.”

    At present, while 10,000 homes a day are going into foreclosure, the media those men own suppresses the truth, saying such remarkable, ongoing events — and all the related evidence not just of depression, but of utter world-wide failure — are only fueling “fears” of a severe recession. On the contrary, no distortion could be more conducive itself to engendering failure, because it asks us to remain ignorant of all the things we can no longer afford apathy.

    Before putting this matter to rest then, let us consider the opposite, positive case of Rand’s postulate:

    When we are ready to deliver ourselves from oppression, necessarily, we will so understand first and foremost that “interest” can only multiply debt upon the obligated circulation, that no just person will refrain for a moment from assimilating the opposing, vital principle.
    A succeeding republic of course must meet necessary minimal standards, first for deserving, and then for enforcing representation.
    A truly positive people are not deterred from unity and purpose by a handful of usurers and whatever panderers, generations, or classes tie themselves to purse strings at so much cost to all the rest; they are not discouraged by anything from the good and due things people can readily achieve. Especially, they do not settle for less than ideals, when the ideal can be handed to them.
    Here that ideal is. America used to be such a place; and no one in history has to look far to find that out.

    “To find the players in all the corruption of the world, ‘Follow the money.’ To find the captains of world corruption, follow the money all the way.”

    mike montagne — founder, PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy™, author/engineer of mathematically perfected economy™ (1979)

    © COPYRIGHT 2009, by mike montagne and PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy™.

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  • Zach Shaver

    What’s the matter with you? You’ve been campaigning all these years for president and now that you almost have it, you say you might drop out?
    This is probably a politics thing so that you can get hype. It’s kind of sad.

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  • Adolf

    If Dr. Ron Paul does not run for president in 2012, Republicans will not have a credible candidate.

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  • http://www.ronpaul.com/2009-02-13/ron-paul-2012/ Brenda tylor

    Ron is our only hope. He has stood up to everyone.

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  • steve

    DO IT!

    ill vote for you again!

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  • Kevin S. Price

    Do it! Do it! Do it! You can count on my vote in 2012… God Bless You & Yours!

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  • JOhn Paul

    Dr Paul,
    If you run for president in 2012… I will support your cause and the cause of everyone who is in support of you by donating $1,000,000.
    In Ron I Trust.

    Thanks for all that you do, I know you have it in you.
    John Paul

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  • Jake Finney

    Ron Paul Please Run For President In 2012 We Need Our Liberty Back We Need Freedom You Are Our Only Hope Save America

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  • Mike Rael

    I’d like to suggest that, instead of running for President, Dr. Paul consider the possibility of running to become the new SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE. He has been a representative long enough to have acquired the natural respect that House members accord their long-standing members. If enough tea-party folks come into the House, it would be a perfect position for him. As Speaker, he’d be one of the most powerful people in government, but he wouldn’t have to undergo a complete national election campaign.

    What do you folks think of this?
    best always,
    Mike Rael, MS

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  • barry

    We need you to run for president. Mr. Ron paul. Our country deserves an honest leader in office. And you deserve to be our next president.

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  • wes

    Even if Ron Paul did run for president, he would never get elected. He wants to free us from the jewish bankers, and sadly, they are the ones who run the poles. Unless around 80 percent of americans vote for him, and rise up when he doesn’t get elected, we have no future.

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  • Stefanie

    Ron Paul has to run for president! I voted for Obama but my first pick for president in 2008 was Ron Paul. I will vote for Ron Paul 2012 so please run!!!! You are our hope for the end of social injustices that are happening in this country on a daily basis; from the too big to fail businesses that our taxes went to bailout to the ever increasing amount of money being printed which is the hidden tax on the people! Help us stand up to greedy and tell them that the American people will not put up with this anymore!!!!!!!

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  • Lemuel Jones

    I am an unaffiliated 40-yr old voter in NC, that very rarely votes for Republican candidates, but I would have voted for him in 2008, and will vote for him in 2012 if I get the chance. I have never supported any campaign beyond buying some buttons, but I would likely join the local campaign for Dr. Paul 2012.

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  • Omer Meloche

    Ron Paul is full of real. Real is peace. Real is understanding. Real is “now not so common”, common sense. Real is unafraid. Real does not tolerate unreal for very long.

    America. Are you real?

    Then elect Ron Paul.

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  • Nate

    I voted for Obama in 2008 but will vote for Ron Paul in 2012 whether he is on the ballot or not.

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  • Billy Allen

    I believe Ron Paul is our last hope. I have more Respect for him than any person running for any office. I will vote for him weather he officially runs or I have to write him in. Please Ron…if your reading this….Give the public one more chance to do the right thing by making you the President of the United States of America. Your the only one that can restore of freedoms, and get us back to the principles of the Original Constitution. God Bless You and all that you do and have done for the citizens…(weather they realize it or not) Please Don’t let us down, you are a ” Real American Hero” in my eyes. Thanks for your true patriotism.

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