Ron Paul 2012

Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012? Post your comments in support of Ron Paul 2012 at this link!

Ron Paul hasn’t decided yet whether to run for President in 2012. It is expected that he will make a decision later this year.

This poll is now closed. It ran from February 13 to 23, 2009 and received 6,337 votes.

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Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012? Post your comments in support of Ron Paul 2012 at this link!

  • Mike

    I voted for Obama and I feel like a dumb ass…I am now a 100% supporter of Ron Paul and I sincerely hope that he runs in 2012 and I will do all I can in my area to get others to vote for him also…He is a true leader and human being…We should all get on our Myspace and Facebook accounts and get the word out so we can get more supporters for him…United we stand and divided we fall…Let’s stop these crooked politicians from ruining our way of life…I’m off to do what I can…Peace & Love to all…

    Mike in Seattle


    • Polly in Texas

      I agree with Mike. We must spread the word to as many people as possible about Ron Pau. I support him 100% also.

    • min

      can not agree more

    • Wm.

      Thanks for waking up Mike. Socialism will always engulf those who lay in sleep. Now, talk to your friends, families and co workers and explain to them the how and why you just became a Constitutional Conservative. It’s a tough fight to go from being a devout Liberal who voted for an Obama, to being a Constitutional Conservative. Must have been worse than quitting smoking or getting help to beat a drug addiction. You da man Mike.

      • “Constitutional Conservative.”

        Oh goodie, you are going to call unconstitutional ALL coporations and corporate rights. YEAH, let’s hear it for the “Constitutional Conservatives.” They are going to save the country.


        RON PAUL SUCK$ A$$

        • Ray

          WM says: Hey eatme, I will bet yer the kind of fool who believes that America has a free market system, aren’t you?
          Ron Paul is a Constitutional Conservative who belives in, and practices constitution law, but he stands alone. If yer interested in hearing my views on the republican party, just ask, but don’t think for a moment that you have me figured out smart a$$$$, cause you don’t have a clue. It’s going to take people like Ron Paul and maybe a boat load of Libertarians to fix this nations problems. It might even take secession by several states and maybe something far worse to take back our country. So hey eat me……..Eat $hit

    • Robert

      dont feel dumb millions voted for him

      he was a liar now that you know that

      vote for RON PAUL or huckabee

      or someone that has the balls to END THE FED

      buy crossbows and bolts buy silver

      and grow your own food

      store potatoes and squash they last for months

      • wow

        Oh really robert? Did you vote for obama too? Did you grow a garden robert? A crossbow and bolts to fight em with robert? Ya gonna give out some of that there religion to someone with yer crossbow robert? Ya gonna throw squash at em robert?

        (Wooooooooooo) That’ll learn em robert.

    • Ray

      Well Mike, now yer a reformed dumb ass. You have acknowledged your sins and corrected them. So go vote for Ron Paul when he runs for president.

  • Afi K. James

    I Hope ron paul runs in 2012, because we need to take this country back from the globalists.

    • Hey dork, if you don;t beleive in GLOBALISATION, you do not beleive in the future. What you HAVE to beleive in is the CONSTITUTION and how the framers created a document that truly included space for and allowed its natural extension to the whole world.
      So if there was one government, then the corporations could no longer play hide and seek as to which country they supposedly operated from within, and they could be taxed UP THE WAZOO as they should be for being allowed to make a profit on the crap that they make and sell.

      Do not fear the future, embrace the future with that which is readily at your finger tips. The CONSTITUTION. It mentions CITIZENS only twice, and yet PERSONS are mentioned many times, and that was ALL ON PURPOSE. The framers saw this coming back in 1760’s.

      • Bite me

        Hey eat me………You can not be serious. Yer joking right?
        I mean, if you were actually stupid enough to believe in the BS that you wrote, it would be a total waste of time trying to educate you. But just in case you are that stupid, I will say this………..Bite me


  • cory dupont

    I’m a conservative, but more of a Burkean type rather than a Jeffersonian. Jefferson was a pawn of Rousseau, and Rousseau is the primary intellectual progenitor of the West’s current social and political malaise. I am naturally skeptical of any rhetoric that would wantonly desire “revolution” simply for the sake of revolution. Nonetheless, our nation and our culture is in trouble. Ron Paul gets my vote in 2012, whether he runs or not. I wrote him in for 2008; I’ll do it again if need be.

  • Robert

    OBAMA THE LIAR change you cant believe in

    HEY BUSH how about that NEW WORLD DISORDER

    wake up

    wake up against the new world DISORDER

    • wow

      Yes robert, we are awake. Praise the lord robert.
      Let’s yell together robert. Ya ready?
      Ok here goes.

      HEY BUSH how about that NEW WORLD DISORDER? wake up—wake up.

      Ok robert, I feel better now.


      • DeMolay

        Ron Pauls Got my Vote.

        To wow, eatme and all other think alikes…..

        The United States of America was one nation under God. I believe this was where our morals,values,virtues,and all great traits of a good “American” can be traced back to…. When men become self righteous and deny God, there is truly no help for them. I am truly saddened to see how many have turned their back to God and quickly bash another for his/her beliefs. This is a nation for the people by the people. If you don’t agree with someone…. Fine but do not attempt to belittle or stupidify their beliefs…. Ever heard of “The Golden Rule”…? Christians are fine people and you could only be so lucky to have one as a friend. But beware…even though God preaches for peace and forgiveness,,,,We are human, we sin, grow very tiresome of ignorance,and are prone to violence when pushed into a corner! God bless you all!
        “GOD WILLS IT!”

        • DeMolay

          The united states is a faggot place for bible thumpers and self righteous poopy heads. To hate America the socialist place is good. Hate, Hate, hate. New world order is the happening thing and it’s great. That’s my motto. That’s my story and I’m sticking too it.

          • DeMolay

            You my friend…. Posting the idiocy you just posted, really needs no rebuttal. How ignorant and childish a mind you have; you have blindly exposed this all by yourself! If you do not like America I will be glad to show you the door. America is one nation under God if you don’t like it…..PLEASE!! Don’t let the door hit you in the rump on the way out!

            I pray when you start growing hair in funny new places you will come to your senses 😀

          • DeMolay

            But, the USA is a communist country which I hate cause it has Gay people running all over and marrying each other. I’m sorry but I just can’t stand USA, The big socialist sewer that I want to leave.I must not let the door smack my booty….I must not get a booty rash when I leave USA.

          • DeMolay

            LOL!!!! ROTF!!!! Yes my brother, let’s not get a bootie rash!!!

          • DeMolay

            I’m starting to get the picture about the tiger at the other end of that tail. Whew, he’s a mean one……..LOL….LOL…..Not to mention cunning. Gotta go get some ointment for my rash..BRB……..LOL

  • Robert

    for twenty years I have said that the federal reserve and

    illegal income tax was the destruction by the rich

    for the middle class and poor

    then ron comes out with the book END THE FED

    and everything he says in it is totally true

    YOU want america back? END THE FED

    get rid of stupid illegal income tax

    get rid of bailouts for everyone
    HELP YOUR NEIGHBOUR and the poor

    but dont pay RICH FARMERS two hundred grand in america
    which the government has been doing for years

    wake up by american dr day

    wake up END THE FED read the book

    • Don’t look too fast or you will strain your neck doing the REICHTWING doubletake of hypocrisy.
      Michelle Bachman (Socialist extrodinaire) has gotten over $250K in farm subsidies.

      “…the Bachmann family farm, managed by her father-in-law until his recent death, received $251,000 in farm payments between 1995 and 2006.”

      • Lindsey

        Eatme: Probably 99% of farmers receive government payments to either not farm land, no-till land or use it for run-off drainage. Considering that the one thing that we still do better than any country in the world is produce food, what is your argument here, Eatme?

        • Robert

          Canada alone can produce enough food for the whole dam world

    • wow

      You are an amazing guy robert. Now shut up robert

  • Sam Sayger

    I admire Ron Paul for his principles and for many other reasons and I definitely share his concerns for America. Having said that, please let me say that if his goal is to run for President of the USA in 2013 he will most certainly damn the US to four more years of BHO! It is all too obvious that all sensible men (Republicans and Connservatives alikke) want very badly to see Obama REMOVED from office — but no one Conservative is going to have the drawing power to do so! As sensible people, we all have to realize that we MUST unite in order to do so — and if Ron Paul runs as an Independent (or Conservative) he alone will be responsible for insureing that BHO will have four more years to continue his destruction of the incredible USA!! The principle of “Divide and Conquer!” will most certainly prevail with his candidacy. I encourage all of you folks to encourage him to run as a Republican and know this, that if he does not, save this email and read it five years from now and then you will comprehend – if you do not now.
    Respectively, Sam Sayger, Hernando,MS

    • Wm.

      Sam Sayger. If not Ron paul, then who would you have run against Obama? A liberal Republican? People need to vote their conscience. Voting for the best of two evils will continue to rip our country to shreds. If you vote republican and you elect another george bush then you have actually just elected another Obama because both parties are cut from the same cloth, with the exception of Ron Paul. Vote for a constitutional conservative, regardless of the party he chooses to run under. The choice is easy in today’s political arena as only one true Constitutional Conservative actually exists and his name is Congressman Ron Paul.

  • Peter

    Dr. Paul,

    Please run in 2012, America was a great nation and still can be. I believe in you.


    • Yes please run, we need someone to siphon more Rethugnikkkan votes from the stooges.

      GO RON PAUL!!!

  • Dr. Paul,
    I am a political science student and I hope to one day be a Supreme Court Justice. I am proud to say that I voted for you in 2008, and I will proudly vote for you in 2012. Please run again! It seems like the Republicans do not really want you on their ticket, which is just fine, because the Republican party is part of the problem with America today. I would gladly throw all of my support behind an Independent campaign for the presidency in 2012. America is becoming a police state as the hand of government extends even further into our lives.

    Your words give me hope that politics in America can change, and once again I urge you to try again in 2012!


  • Clay

    Ron! Please run in 2012! I have never cared about the government or economy or had any trust in our government or its ability to do its job until I discovered you a few months ago on youtube. America really is waking up and it is time for a REAL change. We all know Obama is a lame duck president and the democrats will lose the office. My only fear is that the powers that be will put Palin in office by playing the sheeple to vote for her because she is a woman, and it would be the “cool” thing to do, just as voting for a black man was the “cool” thing to do in the last election when most of the people didn’t know about the candidates views.

  • Thomas

    Please run in 2012 and end wars and bank bailouts.

  • Kendra

    Dear Dr. Paul,

    Please give it another go in 2012. We are geared up and ready to support you. Never in my life had I experienced such drive and passion for a candidate!! And now, our countries situation is only getting worse. We believe in you! Run, Ron, Run!

  • MikeL

    This country needs Ron Paul’s Principles!

  • Ben

    My Dad as a youngster would tell me about his childhood and the country that he grew up in. He told me about a country with values, morals, responsibilities a country whose citizens respected themselves and even more so others a country who worked for the people by the people. I’m sad to say I have never seen that country he always talked about and it saddens me more so to realize I probably never will. Ron Paul you should be the president of the United States of America and restore this country to what it once was. This country does need you, save it.

    • bittrend

      They are trying to destroy those days-And with that they are going to destroy this great country..We are done,unless ppl realize only US can help ourselves-the gubberment cant do a dam things-they want to destroy everthing that is good and tax us until we cant survive..We need to buck up and teach these corrupt sellout polticians that we will no longer tolerate their anti-American ways..It is time.

    • This country can NEVER GO BACK BUNKY.

      Get over it. It has changed FUNDAMENTALLY, and you allowed all the nut job FUNDA-MENTAL-ISTS to hijack the right wing, and they have blood lust for a multi-millenia feud they having going over the bearded guy in the sky vs. the other asshole’s mountain man, and who is bettererer.



    • Robert

      youtube the speech that got JFK killed

      he tried to warn everyone

      but no one was Listening

  • Malcolm

    This country needs you.

    • Gramps ain’t gonna be enough to save you.

  • John

    This man is the future of the United States. RON PAUL PLEASE RUN IN 2012.

  • Bill

    Run. Now. The People will wake up again as soon as they hear the news. Get at er…

  • J

    I would LOVE to see Ron run for 2012. My wife and I were shocked to see McCain get the Republican nomination. Now, we watch the news every day and realize this country is not what we like anymore and are actually considering moving to some other country. As a military brat and someone that is married to a Vet, I don’t take that decision lightly, but the US has got to change before things get worse. Please run in 2012 – after 4 years of the current situation, most people will get that this was the wrong decision.

  • Help this nation

    Letter I thought was interesting..

    Ron Paul’s Principles Should Hijack Both Parties
    I used to consider myself a Republican. That was long ago and far away. It began with the presidential candidacy of a man named Ronald Reagan. He said some pretty profound things like “Government isn’t the solution to the problem, government is the problem” and “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’” Unfortunately, only a few months into his presidency he was shot in an assassination attempt. I don’t know what went on in the time he was in the hospital recovering nor what was going through his mind, but when he reasserted his control of the federal government he grew it rather than shrinking and limiting it as his rhetoric suggested would happen. He, like our current president, talked a good game but when it came down to brass tacks did not deliver. He did not stick to his principles nor the principles of liberty upon which our nation was founded. As a result, I felt the Republican party had left me.
    In the years following, I explored many different avenues in an attempt to find political sanity in an insane system of big government worship. I felt like so many Americans that neither political party reflected my world view or espoused the principles I grew up believing in. I felt that the Democrats and Republicans liked to bicker over little, insignificant issues, but they were in agreement on the truly important, larger issues of growing federal government control. The only difference seemed to be the pace at which to grow government. Third parties seemed too small to be effective and the laws regulating and restricting their growth and access to the public too draconian and entrenched to overcome. They had effectively isolated me, shut me down, shut me up and shut me out of the political process. In the country famous for its freedom I felt I had no voice. I felt impotent and resigned to insignificance. So I, like so many others, became apathetic and simply watched as the ship of state drifted in a sea of socialism under the guidance of collectivist captains and crews.

    Ron Paul’s presidential campaign changed all that. After years of voting for third party candidates with excellent ideas relegated to the back pages of newspapers and shut out like myself by the political and media establishment, there came to the fore someone who spoke the truth, understood the principles of liberty and was in one of the two parties controlling the nation’s political duopoly. Despite the fact that the mainstream media and the establishment politicos tried to minimize his significance by labeling him and his followers kooky, unelectable, quaint, out of touch, etc., he developed quite a following. Thanks to modern developments a core of passionate, vocal, active, ordinary people were able to disseminate his message to the masses. Finally the message of freedom was being exposed to large numbers of people. I was pleasantly surprised that it was so well received by so many.

    Now one Senator Lindsey Graham wants to complain about Ron Paul supporters? Now he wants to make the claim that the Republican party is being hijacked? Now he claims that the Republicans are not going to be the Ron Paul party? Now he’s worried because he has to answer to constituents in his own party who understand the principles honored by free society and wish for him to adhere to such principles? Now he insinuates that only angry white men want a free society? Maybe he should more closely examine the message he so readily rails against.

    Is Mr. Graham against peace? Is he so in love with perpetual war that he will continue to sacrifice the principles we supposedly hold so dear? Ron Paul does not support interventionist policies. While some would claim that his is an isolationist position, he has often cited the wisdom of Washington and Jefferson when advocating commerce with all nations and alliances with none. It is not an isolationist policy to want to trade instead of fight with other nations. It is more a policy of minding our own business and not putting our nose into the internal affairs of other nations. There’s nothing wrong with that. It certainly would mean we would no longer be spilling the blood of innocents. It certainly would mean we would no longer be spending our treasure and the lives of our children for the sake of the international bankers and multi-national corporations.

    Is Mr. Graham against following the Constitution? Dr. Paul supports the constitution. He is practically the only congress person that follows it. While other lawmakers treat our founding documents as if they don’t exist, Dr. Paul continuously points out the unconstitutional nature of most laws as a reason to vote against them. While many power grabbing control freaks try to convince everyone that the Constitution is an antiquated, “living” document open to interpretation and not applicable in the modern world, Dr. Paul is quick to point out that there are prescribed methods and remedies provided in that very document for cases when some point of contention may arise. Most lawmakers like Mr. Graham seem to prefer to try to circumvent the Constitution in order to achieve more control rather than go about the arduous task of changing it as should be done so that they remain within the bounds of what is supposed to be the supreme law of the land. If one is not willing to abide by such a document, one should not swear an oath to uphold it.

    Is Mr. Graham opposed to freedom and liberty for individuals trying to apply their own solutions and assume personal responsibility for their own lives? Such concepts are at least partially what the individualist philosophy is about and what some of the founding fathers were expressing in their writings as they struggled with the notions of what a freedom loving society should be. By enshrining these concepts in the first ten amendments of the Constitution, also known as the Bill of Rights, our founding fathers thought they had guaranteed that powerful individuals in government would be unable to trample the rights of the not so powerfully connected common man working hard and doing his best to improve his lot in life. It is Dr. Paul who supports the principles which would allow individuals to once again determine what is best for their selves and how to best control their destinies without government interference or taxation. Looking at Mr. Graham’s voting record makes one wonder just how much he feels government should be involved in the individual’s life.

    These are just a few of the principles Dr. Paul espouses. They are the bulwarks upon which American society was designed and helped create perhaps the most prosperous society the world has ever seen. American politicians should not be shunning these principles, no matter their party. They shouldn’t be chastising those who are frustrated with watching them and their collectivist philosophies drag us into economic destruction. They should instead be listening to their concerns and ideas on how to best get out nation and everyone in it back on the road to prosperity. It is their big government intervention that has led us down the path we find ourselves on, not free market philosophies or constitutional obedience as they would have you believe. We have not had a true free market or seen the Constitution obeyed in well over a hundred years, and perhaps never.

    The Democrats and Republicans should not be arguing over which big government program to enact or what’s the best way to enact it, they should be arguing over the best way to make certain our individual freedoms are preserved so that we the people can best determine amongst ourselves how to best solve our problems rather than having a one size fits all solution being handed down from some elite group who in many cases may be thousands of miles away. The politicians in charge have had their chance. Most of them have been involved with government for far too long. They failed time and time again. In my opinion it is time to try something different. The principles espoused by Ron Paul and other freedom advocates have been shown to work in the past and deserve another chance.

    Ron Paul supporters may or may not outnumber Lindsey Graham supporters, but that should not matter. The principles that are supposed to guide this nation protect the rights of every individual, not just those in the majority. Everyone is supposed to have a voice. Dr. Paul helped me to find mine. I refuse to ever again be silent, sit back and watch while big government advocates, be they collectivist Democrats or collectivist Republicans, take our society down a path leading to an authoritarian police state, fiscal and moral bankruptcy, and perhaps an even darker and more nefarious agenda. It is time to once again let freedom ring across this great land. Mr. Graham should welcome those who espouse such American ideals into his party and be proud to be associated with such American values instead of denying their voices and embracing the same big government, collectivist ideals tried by systems that have failed. Unfortunately, Senator Graham is unlikely to change. He is unlikely to listen to me or anyone else speaking out about the virtues of freedom unless he feels it is necessary in order to get re-elected and that probably won’t happen until it’s too late for him.

    • Barbara

      I am replying to Help This Nation—-tears came to my eyes as
      I was reading your letter. From this came rays of HOPE. For all
      the people out there that believe in preserving this country, this
      is our only way. I agree with everything you said. I just pray
      that we have not waited too long. We need to turn off the mainstream media. I don’t listen to “lies” anymore. It is refreshing. All anyone has to do is find out who the ownership
      of these big mainstream medias are and there you have it. How
      long have they controlled the people? I despise their evil.
      What is the old saying? “The sun doesn’t shine on the same old
      dog’s tail everyday”. May their reign be coming to an end soon.

    • It was Saint RONNIE RAYGUN who was the first, of a long line, of traitors the RIGHT ushered into power. All along forgetting their true conservative roots of Eisenhower and Goldwater. These two statemen, would piss on Newt and the current batch of traitors and slit their throats one and all. Cause any TRUE AMERICAN can see that the RIGHTWING is ANTI-AMERICAN, and traitors, one and all.

      And if we look closely, we will see the silent, sinister hand of one person, acting within ALL of the last 3 Republican administrations from RONNIE RAYGUN to son of Booooosh .
      Namely, Darth Cheney. Dick has been in power within Republican Administrations since Raygun. Dick is the traitor extrordinaire. HANG DICK ON SIGHT.

  • Ryan

    This comment is directed towards joseph:

    1st of all i did not think ron paul thought that way towards the enviroment but you would not have to worry about him spending money we don’t have on so called “global warming

    2nd of all i also believe ron paul supports national decriminilization yet wants states to deciede on legalization

    i guess my comment is also a question
    where you read or heard him say global warming was man made and also about legalization of pot?

  • Joseph Duckworth

    Please run ron… I am a Conservative 16 year old, and I want my first vote to be for you. I might not agree with you on global warming ( I do not believe it is man made ), but you are the only chance to change our possibly change our laws ( make pot legal ). I have never had pot before, but it is an unjust law. Who does it hurt?

    • Ted

      Joe, Marijuana does hurt people, but so does Alcohol and Tabacco.

      • Sara

        Marijuana can help just as many people as it hurts, for us not to recognize it’s profound medicinal benefits is to deny science itself. It is an amazing drug that has given people hope and helped them continue on living their lives despite terminal cancer, galucoma, aids, and just about any disease that causes extreme discomfort. Hell, I’d give it to anorexics lets see them not eat when they’re stoned off their asses.