Ron Paul 2012

Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012? Post your comments in support of Ron Paul 2012 at this link!

Ron Paul hasn’t decided yet whether to run for President in 2012. It is expected that he will make a decision later this year.

This poll is now closed. It ran from February 13 to 23, 2009 and received 6,337 votes.

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Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012? Post your comments in support of Ron Paul 2012 at this link!

  • Nick

    Could there be a way to keep this site free of foolish comments?
    At least a list of what sort of manners are expected while posting.

    It is harmful for the reputation of Ron Paul and the Campaign for Liberty to have such non-constructive exchanges.


    • Bing

      The price that you pay for free speech is having to listen to free speech that may also irritate you, disagree with your beliefs and pi$$ you off every once in awhile.
      But that’s the American way.
      Just Like the Constitution, it’s here to stay.

  • Scott

    The original constitution required certain criteria be met before a person can vote. This was an effort to ensure that the voters would at least be semi-educated and able to make intelligent decisions as to who should be in office. We still do it to an extent by not allowing those under 18 years old to vote, but the problem is that most voting adults now can barely tell you how many stars are on the flag or balance a checkbook let alone decide the fate of our country.

    Until we eliminate the tens of millions of uneducated voters who pick our leaders by the color of their skin or by how much free stuff the person is promising to hand out our hands will be tied. My educated vote is diluted by the 50 retards who couldn’t pass high school that have just as much right to vote as I do now.

    So, let’s start with some small things that most people should be able to stomach:

    Can’t vote without a high school DIPLOMA
    Can’t vote without passing a basic, standardized government test
    Can’t vote if you don’t pay taxes. You gotta pay to have a say in how it’s spent.

    Changing this alone would straighen out most of the problems.

    • Just one of those (retards)

      Wow Scott how does passing classes in a public school, over scene by the fedral gov. make you smarter? Just wondering? I have to admit, I don’t have alot of book smarts… No I did not graduate high school. I was raised by a single mother and went to work full time at a young age. I HAVE NEVER ASKED FOR A HAND OUT! I am a productive American. I read about our founding fathers and past presidents as often as posible. I’m pretty sure I could pass a basic standardized government test.
      Yet you don’t think I should be able to vote. Public education is a joke. Take a closer look at the leaders of our past and see who was educated in school,and who educated themselves. Our current Pres. is the perfect example. A Harvard dagree and he is still clueless as to the people of our great nation, or even better. How about any number of the people who don’t just work with me ,but for me who have BA or AS dagrees.
      Yeah that’s smart. put yourself if thousands of dollars of debt so you can make less money than a retard like me.

      • Lindsey

        Retard: You have good points. However, public education is what you make it. There is a lot to be learned in our public schools. (Harvard is not a public school) Also, don’t make yourself look stupid by not spelling correctly or thinking that you are smarter than someone who doesn’t make as much money as you.

    • Freedom is not for sale.

      Well Scott, why don’t we just elect you to be our dictator and you can single handedly decide who is smart enough to vote and who is not. Then maybe (YOU) can decide on which way these people should vote according to your beliefs. I’m just not sure that anyone in this nation could possibly meet your standards. You seem to think that you can set the standard for the rest of the stupid ones, I am surprised that you haven’t decided to run for president. (Oops, I mean dictator). You would make a great socialist dictator.

    • Lindsey

      Scott: I would agree with you that the voter should have to file his 1040 every year but won”t agree on an education requirement or a test. The only test that needs to be passed is “Are you an American citizen?” Yes- vote No- No Vote!

    • Forest

      “most voting adults now can barely tell you how many stars are on the flag or balance a checkbook”

      Do you have any link to back up this statement?

      “Until we eliminate the tens of millions of uneducated voters who pick our leaders by the color of their skin”

      How did you figure this one out?

      For someone who proclaims to be ‘educated’, you sure somehow managed to fill yourself with a lot of baseless, racist, drivel.

    • Voodoo

      The only problem Scott is that whatever you do, you are not really electing anyone. All you are doing is saying “I like that person for Prez”. The Electoral College is the one who elects anyone, despite the popular vote.

  • Duane Crumbacher

    I would really like to know if Ron Paul will run for President in 2012. I’m thinking, it would be so much easier to raise a lot of campaign contributions over a longer period of time rather than manking an announcement a year from now (loosing a year while waiting for a decision). If we are going to wait many more months or a year for a decision, what are the rules regarding raising money for a presidential campaign when someone hasn’t officially announced or filed that they are going to run for president in 2012. I think that fundraising should begin ASAP if not immediately.

  • Jack

    If Ron Paul runs I can guarantee him at least 14 votes from me and family members. Small potatoes on the large scale but we can do it.

  • Ninabeth Goins

    There are several “Ron Paul” election signs on FM 2351 between I45 and Blackhawk Blvd. We don’t need these signs in this area because we are not in Ron Paul’s district. Can someone one take these down? If not, I will take them down.

    • Joe McMahon

      I guess Ninabeth Goins Is a communist and doesn’t believe in freedom! probably thinks we have too much already!! I hope people like that will see the truth before its too late…
      Good luck Ninabeth!!!

    • Free speech

      Ninabeth goins…….Yer a horses a$$$$$. No, better yet, yer a skunks a$$$. Who the hell do you think you are? You ever heard of free speech you communist wench. Leave the signs alone ya stupid old bag of $kunk dung.

    • To Ninabeth Goins — why don’t you go take them down and save your pretty (progressive) little eyes from the pain of looking at a representitive of true freedom. I am sure you will feel quite better, afterward; as though you have saved the country from its own impressionable, brainless course that would have been (without your intervention).

      I have already more than compensated for the tiny, individual actions of, ideological (and petty) persons like yourself, by blasting both parties and raising the Libertarian voice to the forefront, on the high-traffic site, which I manage. Go see for yourself, what millions of web-surfers see, on this online gothic novel site: It may show you just how small your actions would be, in the greater scheme of things. The tiny road signs that irratate you, are more than offset by the actions of Libertarians like us. Have a nice day dear, and try to look away, lest you get your pretty little head in a quandry. ;;winks;;

    • Brandon Hall

      Good thinking Ninabeth !!!!!

  • Tommy Jefferson

    1. My US govmt. is in DEBT for trillions to a private bank misleading called the FED.

    2. My state of Wisconsin is in DEBT for billions to private banks.

    3. My County is in DEBT for millions to private banks.

    4. My City (Madison) is in DEBT for millions to guess who.

    5. Most citizens are in DEBT to…you got it.

    Huh I see a pattern here. Ron is right we have a DEBT based economy based on FEDERAL RESERVE BANK CREDITS we call dollars and we are becoming aware of whos profiting, and at whose cost.

    I believe the goal of the Iraq war was to force it to create a central bank that played well with the international banking cartel.

    • Free to walk away.

      The only way to fix the problems facing this nation is to have several states begin the process of secession. We have too many liberals who want to live under socialism and no single leader can represent such a diverse nation as we have in this country. It’s time for secession.

      • Forest

        Yeah, what he also wanted to say was ‘I have been saying there will be civil unrest for the past 40 years and haven’t been right, so god I hope I am right this time – else I be exposed for the histrionic fraud that I am.’

        • longshotlouie

          Ya gotta luv a dufuss that flies his dufuss flag proudly.
          WTG Forest!!

          Paul stated that the civil unrest will come with the collapse of the dollar. The current system is in it’s 40th year. 40 years is the average lifespan of a fiat currency. Now you will have a front row seat to view it’s passing. The civil unrest has already begun.

          Good Luck

  • DeMolay

    Did anyone watch Ron talkin about civil unrest lastnigh? Was it just me or did he look and talk as if he wanted to say more but was afraid?

  • Mike

    Wow…I thought this website was about Ron Paul but it appears many of you are using it as your personal forum to wage war against each other…This should be the place where we wake up and come together as one to defend our great nation from the people who are trying to steal it and our way of life from us…The world won’t get no better, if we just let it be…Ron Paul is willing to fight for us, but are we ready to stand up and help him in this battle or does everyone just accept the way things are today…I hope not or I truly weep for our future…Peace & Love to all…
    Mike in Seattle

  • Just a person

    You can talk about your Idea of faith until you are blue in the face..Its simple,some have seen mircles and little signs-if it was so simple to figure out what would be the point..Some have the faith,or gut feeling whatever ya call it-Maybe we are what we are – some here to help others and some to make life difficult..
    But in regards to evolution—
    The ironical fact is that all such have been given the freewill to embrace a lie over the truth, and to deny the existence of the very God who granted them that freedom. Since that is the case I certainly do not wish to deny them the freedom to express the belief that they are the issue of lovesick amoeba that oozed from a primordial stink pool and morphed into a reptile, then into a bird, and after a shedding of wings was magically changed by the passage of time into an ape, whom they believe in their hearts of hearts to be descended from and the image in which they were created. Whew! And these label the Biblical message of intelligent creation as a fairy tale;-)

    • You are uneducated, for if you were, you would properly understand evolution. What you described is your ignorant mind’s warped interpretation of it.

      Just search youtube for “Richard Dawkins” and save my fingers the work.

    • Bonnie

      hahahahahhaha Love how you turned the tables on Darwinian theory. Yep, the lines are being drawn, as predicted. And all of the latent revolutionaries like myself are waking up…

      • That’s not turning the tables. That’s a completely incorrect understanding of evolution, which stems from a lack of education about the concept. Intelligent design is indeed a ‘fairy tale’, as you cannot provide any evidence in support of it.

        If you are just basing your belief on ‘faith’ (lack of evidence), how can any free thinking human believe with a deep inner conviction that intelligent design is true? They cannot.

        Belief in a concept for which their is no evidence can only stem from a being brainwashed, for lack of a better term, from a young age- by being conditioned to dogmatically accept religious fable as truth.

        • SS

          We should believe in your choice of theory instead of our own?
          Is this one of those ‘The Science is Settled’ arguments?

        • Voodoo

          David, “The THEORY of Evolution”. Still a THEORY brotha, therefore UNPROVEN. You can use your FAITH to call it what you want but a THEORY is a THEORY is a THEORY. Frequently terms are confused which makes for a lack of clarity in discussions on this subject. There is in fact at this time no such thing as Newton’s theory of gravitation. It is a well established Law of Science and not a theory. Gravity is a proven and established fact.

          It is totally incorrect to downgrade something which is so well established scientifically and is repeatable, and then to put it on the same level as the theory of evolution which, since it deals with the past is not repeatable with the same methodology. This is acknowledged by evolutionists themselves. The theory of evolution is in no way on the same level as Newton’s Law of Gravitation, although it is frequently expressed as such by those who believe in it and wish to promote it. Scientists who deal with the evidence (evolutionists themselves) should know better.

          • Forest

            By the same token is is wholly incorrect to downgrade something that has so much evidence supporting it…

            “The honest scientist, like the philosopher, will tell you that nothing whatever can be or has been proved with fully 100% certainty, not even that you or I exist, nor anyone except himself, since he might be dreaming the whole thing. Thus there is no sharp line between speculation, hypothesis, theory, principle, and fact, but only a difference along a sliding scale, in the degree of probability of the idea. When we say a thing is a fact, then, we only mean that its probability is an extremely high one: so high that we are not bothered by doubt about it and are ready to act accordingly. Now in this use of the term fact, the only proper one, evolution is a fact. For the evidence in favor of it is as voluminous, diverse, and convincing as in the case of any other well established fact of science concerning the existence of things that cannot be directly seen, such as atoms, neutrons, or solar gravitation ….

            So enormous, ramifying, and consistent has the evidence for evolution become that if anyone could now disprove it, I should have my conception of the orderliness of the universe so shaken as to lead me to doubt even my own existence. If you like, then, I will grant you that in an absolute sense evolution is not a fact, or rather, that it is no more a fact than that you are hearing or reading these words.”

            – H. J. Muller

  • DeMolay

    Help restore the Christian morals and values to America! Not big Government. Ron Paul 2012!!!

    Ahh! the old tiger by the tail bit huh? I never said the story was new just that it reminded me of it. As for the whole child molesting bishops priest…ect thing….Yes we are all human and just being in a certain position does not make you a good man. “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.” I will pray and pray for us all my friend.


    • Christian Morals and Values are great, and would be fine, just minus the fact that christianity tells us fairy tales as to why we exist.

      As any logical thinker can deduce, postulating anything supernatural is useless, illogical, and closed-minded. Any faith should require factual evidence. Also, the concept of “soul” is essentially a human-created concept that stems from our self-awareness. We are animals – a product of evolution. An enlightened man will not flock to blind faith to give meaning to his life – he will understand life based on what we have as factual evidence.

      Religion is a good source for morality, however it can be argued that humans have inherent morals and values, and can work to construct their own just fine – without having to be conditioned from when they’re young as to what their life means, and the fiery hell that awaits them if they act immorally.

      The problem with religion is that it will continue to exist as long as there are people who do not seek knowledge, wisdom, and truth on their own. Once society as a majority embraces truth rather than pipe-dream fairy tales (religion), then we will be moving in the right direction. This shift has already begun as the ‘information age’ provides fast, accurate, and accessible information to our generation and those to come.

    • DeMolay

      What I mean to say is that religion is great but from time to time our priests and bishops use it to get close to them kiddies in a personal way and ruin their lives for ever and ever , and even though that may look bad, it can also be good cause we teach em that god is good, even though we have never seen or met or have ever had a two way conversation with the big guy and are not really sure that he even exists, but hey, hey ,hey, heyyyyy, it has been written that he doesssss exist, so hey, hey ,heyyyyy………..What da ya think of dat?

  • Jay Giallombardo

    Starting a new thread and getting back on track with the headline of the column…

    Ron Paul would be an excellent President…Who would be his running mate?

    Joseph G.

    • Mike

      I would like to see either Jessie Ventura or Barney Frank as a running mate…Ventura is my ideal choice because he is just like Ron Paul in that he pulls no punches and challenges the government and it’s laws to be accountable to the people…No more lies…

      Mike in Seattle

    • Freedom for all

      I would like to see Sheriff Richard Mack, (the former sheriff of Graham County Arizona), run as Ron Paul’s running mate. The man protects and upholds the United States Constitution. If anyone would like to hear him speak…Here he is. See for yourself why I would want to see him run as Ron Paul’s running mate.

    • If Ron Paul runs for President, he should pick someone that is completely outside of the establishment. Otherwise they will kill him right away. It’s sort of like how a King needs a son to secure the line of succession, else other claimants will arise. (Just an example, Kings are bad) If Ron Paul were to ever be President, he would need to secure his line of seccession, at least down to the Sec. of State.

  • Robert
  • Members of the US Armed Forces and Military Establishment are finally waking up left and right, some right here at this blog that the source behind our wars, our civil wars & conflicts is the fraudulent treason system of fake monopoly money that has rotted out the inside of our republic.

    That is of course, the Federal Reserve Express system is a completely illegal counterfeiting operating that is turning out downright fascist dictatorial decrees on law enforcement and on the American public.

    It is especially vital, that members of the US military be wide awake to this threat and join our side to be rid of it.

    However, despite this illegitimate Federal Reserve Monopoly being the source of most of the evils in the world…The Military commanders are still proclaiming in public that we should bomb Iran!

    They say not only should we be rid of the Federal Reserve, but lets “bomb Iran back to the stone age” when there is no reason to be wasting our time policing the world anymore.

    Military officials need to pay careful attention as to whom might be suggesting we destroy Iran.

    In the end we need only look at our history to see these misadventures overseas never work out as planned, they are only designed to enrich who Thomas Jefferson warned us about….the Military Industrial Complex….which together with the Bankers, is banking on everybody believing a certain conclusion.

    Think about it: The MEDIA has repeated to us, and made the military believe, that Iran has made physical threats of terror against the United States.

    Only when you research these reports that are showcased out there, you discover that no such alleged threat exists – such a threat was not made!!!

    So something is awfully wrong here, and something smells to high heaven…..

    If America was under direct threat by Iran, would there not be clear cut evidence and terrorism by the nation of Iran that would confirm an outside legitimate threat?

    But but….this intelligence does not EXIST!!!! Something is therefore very wrong here, Iran is not a threat to the USA or else we would have reason to blow it up.

    Iran is a threat to Israel’s hegemony, however. Iran is a threat to the central bankers and their New World Order, therefore this statement by the media was not a mistake. It was a direct lie!

    It was a bold faced lie by ISRAEL and her treasonous banker buddies, including Zionist Harrimon, Bush Senior and Merkluv of Germany!!! They came out of a place known for manufactured evidence according to the London Times.

    These lies were deliberate, they were not mistaken accidents! These lies were virulently MALICIOUS, and orchestrated through the Military Complex of Israel because that is who benefits from turning the USA and Iran into enemies.

    After all we have no bone to pick with Iran unless they decide to attack us after of which all bets are off, but “OUR COUNTRY” is under no Iranian threat….it is under severely treasonous Banker/Israeli blackmail!

    Which brings me to my final point: There is only one way to end this facade and get the evil out of Washington D.C:

    1……………….Complete a full-fledged Audit of the Federal Reserve and look at the books that Interpol is already looking at. Sign the audit into Law by making the Senate bend to the people’s will.
    2……………….Begin dismantling the enemy within which a great man George Washington warned us about, that is Fraudulent Finance Enterprise Incorporated the Global Federal Reserve by re-instating the Glass-Steagall act. The Glass-Steagall act once finally forced through our Imperial Senate; will reign in the monstrosity of counterfeit money. It will separate the extremely fascist banks from the public, by barring them from trading with commercial lenders. It will put corrupt politicians behind bars & clean the books of fraud.
    3……………….Pass the “Freedom of Currency Act” by getting EVERYBODY nationwide to start sponsoring Ron Paul’s bill. The Freedom of Currency act will allow states to get the debt off the books at an accelerated rate, by trading what they always loved and earned to begin with. Gold and silver. By repealing legal tender law, people will naturally trade more and more with REAL money and the Federal Reserve’s monopoly will slowly break.
    4……………….If the global Federal Reserve is not yet bankrupt, abolish the entire enterprise and send the bankers to their execution including Bush/Harrimon/Netanyahu and the whole gaggle. Abolish and phase out the remains of the Federal Reserve using HR 833 passed with a new congress, and new financial “New Deal” to keep the bankers out.
    5……………….Get Obama freed up so he can do his job, he is great as long as he’s not blackmailed by these criminal fiends. The “monopoly” money we have that has appeared since 1800 is fake fiat money worth less than 5 cents. Its paying off corrupt judges & ruining the world through the “Patriot Acts”. The only real terrorism everyone needs to be aware of is FINANCIAL TERRORISM. That’s done by Herr Kissinger and his Military Industrial Complex trading worthless fiat money everywhere to corrupt people, and turn good men into martyrs and criminals!
    6……………….Have Obama freed up to cut off any/all excess military aid to Israel through a sanction, and when Zionist Inc. realizes their main source of food i.e: the Zionist Federal Reserve is horizontal…..they will GLADLY accept the Palestinian people and finally give up the hideous dreams of New World Order domination. Read Revelations 8:12 sometime, these bankers are fascist vipers of the worst kind imaginable!

    Now perhaps of course, not all central bankers are so conniving as the terrorists mentioned above. However, Fiat Money is treason by its very nature. This is a totally evil system of credit that brings virtually everyone into endless debt. It makes good men turn bad, due to the immensely seductive nature of never having to work. Of being able to make endless monopoly money out of thin air, with no responsibility, no remorse, and no concern for who it harms. The only concern you have is how much fake money you can make to buy whatever you want, including world empire. So goes with all fiat money. And when Fiat money goes away, hard earned silver/gold can help the impoverished people to be wealthy again. The poor would become the rich and working class, creating jobs. The maniacal bankers left over, would be poor for the first time. They would have to see through the eyes of someone with little or nothing who could not make up endless financial monopoly money. The “little eaters” as that witch barbara bush called them. Yes, they would have to live as a common man….which more than any other punishment, would reform all their wicked ways.

    United States/UN has gotten hooked on a destructive, ultimately fatal heroine. That heroine must be surgically removed further. That heroine is Federal Reserve Inc. which is an illegal monopoly operating under color of law to perpetrate a nasty world government. It is all a lie. The federal reserve note you hold, is, worth less than a few pieces of mined copper. The sooner it goes the better for all.

    • kelley

      your so right

      We must use debt free money and put fractional reserve banking in check. Most americans of all living generations believe the federal reserve system (FRS)is part of the US government…that shows a remarkable sucess at propoganda.

      The FRS front man Bernanke came from the GOLD-MAN-Sachs.
      Timmy boy came from the FRS.

  • Mike

    Happy Holiday to everyone and a wish and a prayer that Ron Paul runs again in 2012…I know that this is America and we are all entitled to out opinions, but please let’s not loose sight of our common hopes and goals…United we stand and divided we fall, so let’s all put our differences aside and focus all of our energy on getting the word out to others about Ron Paul…We can spend our time arguing with and hating each other for our differences but it’s what makes us all individuals, and I’ll defend anyone’s right to free speech to the death…My point is that we need to find a common ground to work together to get a better government in place and then we can all live the way we choose to and then there won’t be a reason to hate each other because we can be content with having the freedom to live free as our constitution says…Please don’t allow our corrupt government to divide us…We are the people…I the words of the late, great John Lennon, “Imagine”
    Peace & Love to all and I hope that 2010 finds you and yours healthy and happy…Take care…
    Mike in Seattle – Ron Paul supporter

  • Robert

    I love how all the bible nay sayers bitch and whine

    well remember this HITLER THOUGHT HE WAS GOING TO WIN

    so with the atheists

    they will kill all the worlds real christians

    bible blievers that know that JESUS IS GOD

    and when we are all dead and the mark of the beast has run its course

    and the world is worshipping the beast and his image

    and the world is saying peace and safety

    then sudden destruction will come upon them

    and the antichrist JESUS WILL DESTROY with the breath of his mouth and the brightness of his coming

    so have fun in the lake of fire antichrist

    and all his stupid followers FOR GOD HAS TOLD

    HIS STORY HISTORY and if you wont believe it

    your to blame and without excuse the world proclaims
    the glory of god and the heavens proclaim his wonders

    • shut up.

      Are you finished with the religion?
      If so, then pipe down.

      • longshotlouie

        Wishing everyone at a very Merry Christmas,

        even the Godless whiners.

        • shut up.

          Wishing the bible thumping , brainwashed, bull $hit believers a happy new year. Now, go suck on yer bibles.

          • longshotlouie

            Barry O, is that you?

        • shut up.

          Two things I hate in this world. Online Bible thumper’s and Liberal’s.

          • SS

            You should probably get your own internet.

      • SS

        Poor mongrel. He heard one thing so much as a kid that he thought it was his name.

      • Robert

        take the mark

        good name for you shut up

        cause when your marked and worshiping the beast

        it will be great to see assholes like you

        get a huge wake up call

        but your to stupid to see whats coming

        • wow

          Tell us turd boy robert…..Whats coming and when? You religious jerks are always telling us to (wooooooooo) look out, be ware, repent. You will be destroyed by god.(Wooooooooooooo)……And then nothing happens until we die from natural causes……(Boo robert) (Wooooooooooooo) Yer scaring us robert. (Woooooooooo)

      • wow

        Hey dirt bag robert, go wash yer butthole mouth out with soap. You have a nasty mouth turd face.

    • shut up.

      yeah, Go get yer own internet bible thumper. That’ll learn ya.

    • shut up.

      Hey there stupid. The lake of fire exists only in the minds of brainwashed bible thumpers. When the body is dead it begins to rot. If you burn the body it turns to ashes. Either way, nobody feels any pain. If the sole lives on which is very unlikely, you can not burn it because there is nothing physical to burn. Why is that bible thumpers continue to preach such garbage?

      • Lindsey

        Shut Up: Your sole will not burn shut up unless you put your shoe in a fire! (Richard Reid?) Your soul will though unless you repent! GLORY TO THE NEWBORN KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • shut up.

          Thats right. Ya gotta jump in the fire while yer still alive if yer gonna burn but these dumb a$$$ bible thumpers are too stupid to figure that out.

          • Lindsey

            Shut up: Obviously, you didn’t understand the point of what I wrote. It was over your head I guess. Sorry! P.S. Go burn your shoe soles! Does this hint help?

          • shut up.

            Lindsey. I sure did understand but I didn’t want to acknowledge the fact that we have two ignorant bible thumpers in the same thread. But , since you are entitled to show the world how brainwashed and stupid you are, Who am I to try to save you from your own ignorance. So, to you I say, go suck on your bible stupid.

        • wow

          (Wooooooooooo) Robert, yer scaring people. Knock it off robert. (Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo) So scary robert. You must repent robert. Get on yer knees robert and pray to your god robert. (Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo).
          Pray robert and save yerself before it’s to late ya little bible thumper. The (lying beast) is out to get you robert.He’s everywhere robert. He knows when you benn naughty or nice robert. He wants yer sole robert, and he is gonna get you robert.

        • longshotlouie

          Sweet, now we get illiterate God haters posting schoolyard rhetoric.

        • Mitch

          Hey Longshotlouie. If we want to hear from your butthole we will ask you to speak. Until we do, shut up.

        • Robert

          That’s right longshotlouie. Who asked for your opinion? Shut up boy.

        • longshotlouie

          You will rarely find me waiting for a couple of pissants to ask my opinion.

        • Lindsey

          Robert: Longshot is on your side, trust me. I believe your post but I don’t think we are going to gain converts by preaching with profanity. ( Maybe it WILL work on shut-up though) Anyway, I hope you have a Happy New Year and God Bless You for speaking the truth! (Even if you were a bit rough!)

      • Robert

        you absolutely right


        but not bible thumpers are preaching that shit

        only relgious lost assholes

        THE WORD OF GOD never says that people go to hell



        to the asshole that said people dont have anything physical to burn
        HEY DICKHEAD JESUS SAID touch my hands
        thrust your hand into my side and stop thou thy unbelieve

        and MY GOD JESUS IS GOD dickhead

        and HE DIED FOR YOU

        • The bible is BS.

          Robert says: MY GOD JESUS IS GOD dickhead

          and HE DIED FOR YOU.

          Finally, someone has acknowledged that Jesus is Gods Dick head.
          So, gods dick head died for you?
          So, that should make us all feel special.
          Praise the lord for being gods dick head.
          Sorry bout his luck.

          • Robert


            HE IS THE BIBLE

            and if you were not so arrogant

            you would read it and know the truth

            but to bad all the christian patriots
            that bled and died against british rule and taxation

            didnt do a better job of cleaning up the trash and garbage that was bred through america

            now all that seems to matter

            is can guys who suck each others dicks get married

            wonderful world we live in

            yeah and dont forget to get your woman

            to get those great abortions cause those are not babies

            right assholes

          • me

            Robert wrote:but to bad all the christian patriots
            that bled and died against british rule and taxation
            didnt do a better job of cleaning up the trash and garbage that was bred through america.

            Wow robert dickhead. Are you saying that Americans should have murdered Americans. You should learn to love thy brothers robert. Even the trash and garbage ones. Where is your forgiveness ya little hypocrite? Such anger from a bible thumping sniveling little girly man. You have just proven my point that the bible is B S. Way to go robert dickhead.

          • The bible is BS

            No robert, I became a F#@$ing A$$$$$$$$$$$hole last since it requires much more intense study than becoming a simple dickhead like yerself and yer jesus god, but thanks for the compliment anyway bible thumper.

          • DeMolay

            All I can say is have fun with the bashing and blasphemy. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But…. When you insult someone intentionally be wise to duck when doing this in person. I would love to have a shot! Reminds me of a joke…. An atheist comes into a Church and claims he will prove their is no God. He stands at the podium and says if there is a God. I’ll give him 1 min to knock me off of this podium. 45 seconds later he says you had better hurry up god you have only 15 seconds left. At this time a marine stands up walks calmly to the atheist and punches him dead in the face! When the atheist comes to he ask why he was struck. The Marine says God was busy, so he sent me instead! Be warned! God is very busy these days, and may just send someone your way instead :). “GOD WILLS IT!”

          • Robert

            Be careful what you wish for Demolay. You might not be ready to handle the tiger at the other end of the tail.
            But thats a nice story you told. One that has been told on the internet a thousand times tough guy. Besides, your god is always so busy he allows little boys to be molested by (Gay) church officials and he allows christians to butcher christians throughout the world on a daily basis and he does nothing to stop it. So go pray to your god stupid.

        • me

          Hey Robert, you do realize that every war that has ever been fought has been fought by self righteous religious bastards who are also murderers, do you not? When yer fictitous jesus died, did he resurect himself a$$$$$ hole, or did your god reserrect him? In your view, Is jesus also god and if he is then why would he allow mortal men to put him to death stupid? How does a dead man ressurect himself stupid? Why don’t you take that bible and use it to wipe your sinful Ahole with. Then, take yer bible thumpin a$$$$ out somewhere and throw yourself under a moving bus. The bible is B S and so are you. PS, Why is your jesus god a dick head?
          Seems to me that a religious freak such as yourself would have more respect for your jesus god dickhead.
          You better learn to be more respectful of your jesus god dick head.

          • Robert

            your absolutely right and if you would read the word of god

            you would know that JESUS HATED THE SELF RIGHTEOUS religious bastards of his day

            and called them children of the devil
            he sat with whores and tax collectors who knew they needed a saviour and yes asshole

            JESUS SAID that he would raise himself up on the third day

            and yES asshole he was able to do that because
            HE was GOD IN THE FLESH and your to stupid to study and find out the truth

            I wipe my soul with the word of god
            and Unlike you asshole I have read it cover to cover more than three hundred times
            so to bad you dont have the brains to read the whole thing cover to cover and study it all out for youself

            but frankly I dont care cowards like you
            will take the mark of the beast cause you only care about money and success

            the word of god is true and all your stupidity will not change that

            religious lying assholes that think their traditions can save them are full of shit

            we are FREE FROM THE LAW we are free from sin

            we are IN god and have peace with him
            because GOD DIED FOR ALL OF US

            every single human being on the planet
            if you would read the word you would know that

            the churches of the world are the lying whore
            that rides the beast

            for four thousand years Gods people did not go to church THEY WERE THE CHURCH

            JESUS IS GOD



          • The bible is BS

            Robert, you are assuming that your bible is the truth. There are some 1800 religions worldwide who read from that bible. Every one of those religions interpret it differently and everyone of those religions profess to have it right. How can that be robert?

            If all of the scriptures that were actually found had been added to the bible, the bible would be 3 times larger than it currently is.
            Why were these other scriptures kept from the public robert? Why was the bible thumping public denied the right to see the other scriptures so that they could make a more informed decision before embracing your B S bible?
            Go do some research robert. Do some Research that’s not from the pages of your bible. There is actually a world that exists beyond the pages of your bible robert. Check it out stupid. It’s OK robert, put the bible down and do some actual research.

        • wow

          Robert, did you thrust yer hand into the side of jesus and stop thy unbelieve? Did you repent and save yerself ya little robert you? (Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo)

    • bob

      u do realize the entire book of revelation is symbolic for the persecution of the Christians during the oppressive reign of the Romans right? You’re an idiot

      • Robert

        the book of revelations is the revelation that JESUS IS GOD

        thats the whole point

        and its three parts things that were

        things that have come and things that are still going to come

    • This person ignorantly states: “bible believers KNOW that JESUS IS GOD”. This person has accepted religious dogma as truth – a sad intellectual mistake.

      This statement is logically identical to statements such as “native americans KNEW that the rain god would bring rain”, just as “Muslims know that Allah will save them”, just as “Ancient Greeks KNEW that Zeus would save them and Apollo would heal them, just as “The Vikings KNEW that Thor was watching and would save them” etc.

      As any logical thinker can deduce, postulating anything supernatural is useless, illogical, and closed-minded. Any faith should require factual evidence. Also, the concept of “soul” is essentially a human-created concept that stems from our self-awareness. We are animals – a product of evolution.

      Religion is a good source for morality, however it can be argued that humans have inherent morals and values, and can work to construct their own just fine – without having to be conditioned from when they’re young as to what their life means, and the fiery hell that awaits them if they act immorally.

      The problem with religion is that it will continue to exist as long as there are people who do not seek knowledge, wisdom, and truth on their own. Once society as a majority embraces truth rather than pipe-dream fairy tales (religion), then we will be moving in the right direction. This shift has already begun as the ‘information age’ provides fast, accurate, and accessible information to our generation and those to come.

      • DeMolay

        Tsk tsk… Logical people??? Factual evidence? Where’s that missing link buddy? Last I checked evolution was a theory! A theory! As far as factual evidence I have been blessed to be able to witness a miracle first hand. You are a pot calling a kettle black. That’s red neck for hypocrite if your not from the south 🙂 You calling a theory factual evidence shows how intellectual you are. So, let’s go to bed now…. You have school to go to in the morning 🙂

        I will pray God touches your heart as he has mine and many others.

        God wills it!!

        • This is a prime example of someone who does not actively seek wisdom.

          Evolution occurred, whether you’d like to accept it or not, as evidenced by scientific FACT, yes FACT. Your statement that “evolution is JUST a theory” shows your true ignorance.

          We share a common ancestry with primates, as evidenced by genetic research in the evolution of our genome over generations, as evidenced by fossil records of extinct species resembling humans with primate features, and as evidenced by EVERY aspect of research done on the subject. The theory of evolution is cross-referenced with every facet of science, including molecular biology, genetics, archaeology, evolutionary biology, etc. There has been ZERO evidence EVER in controdiction to the theory of evolution. If there had been, the theory would be dismissed. This is how the scientific method works. It seems you have trouble understanding that the only reason why it is coined a “theory” is because we cannot literally go back and time and prove that it occurred by witnessing it. The theory is unequivocally accepted amongst virtually the entire scientific community.

          Please, do educate yourself. Maybe school would be a good option for YOU. I have done my time in academia, as I am now a medical doctor. It is not surprising that there is a strong negative correlation between IQ and religious belief.

          You still do not understand that your religion is rooted in just as much fact as the greek gods, indian rain dances, buddah, the tooth fairy and pink unicorns – zero. Next time you’re on youtube searching for ride on lawn mower races, type “richard dawkins” into the search bar and enlighten yourself for a change.

          • DeMolay

            My my.. Well “Dr. Howser” 😉 I do not wish to battle you with who knows more multi syllable words lol! But, you being an educated man.. So you say. You of all people should know IQ has nothing to do with education… And to think so is foolishness. Have you ever heard of an over educated fool? I’m sorry I would never assume you were one….just asking. Evolution is a theory because it cannot be proven! There is no proof we evolved from monkeys… Except your narrow minded yet educated comments. God bless you! And I pray and know as a Dr? You sir will see many miracles that will convert you to your knees and accept Christ is Real and he is GOD!

            God wills it!

          • SS

            Evolution is the religion of Leftism.

          • DeMolay

            Well actually I do wish to do battle with you but maybe I don’t, or I do but I don’t when I did cause I didn’t. BUTTTT, i’m just not sure where to start……..or stop for that matter cause I’m just a simple Doodle Bug by heart………Any questions?
            Just call me Doodle bug and I will answer………..
            PS. You ever grab a tiger by his tail? If ya do, hang on tight.

      • DeMolay

        As far as being intellectual…. Ever heard of The law of conservation of energy? Its an empirical law of physics. It states that the total amount of energy in an isolated system remains constant over time. A consequence of this law is that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Its on Wikipedia if you want to look it up. So… Therefore I can argue there is a human soul. I’m not claiming factual evidence. Just my theory! 🙂 atheism is a theory and no more justified by factual evidence than my religion so… Take your know it all attitude and your cell phone, your momma pays for, and quit trying to bash other peoples religion!

        • I am not bashing your religion exclusively, just the fact that you think that blind faith is an acceptable practice.

          Atheism is not a theory, it is a belief system which, for me, is rooted in science, evidence, and logic. Exercising proper deductive reasoning will lead to an overwhelming probability that human life is not governed by any deity, and that the concept of the human soul does not exist. In addition, one can easily dismiss any supernatural explanation for life, such as religion, because the logic behind religion is: “life cannot be explained, therefore we have a supernatural explanation”. The same is true with every religion ever created. It is a complete logical contradiction. They have been used for ages to lure unwise people seeking meaning to their lives.

          I ask you this – Would you be a christian if your parents were muslim? Why must you be conditioned since birth to believe what your parents believe? Should we not be allowed to grow, learn, and form our own opinions, rather than being taught religion as fact (brainwashed) since we are young?

          It would be arrogant of me to assume with complete certainty that my beliefs are true. You, on the other hand, ignorantly believe yours are. You are speaking in “certain” terms, as though you are sure that your religion is fact. This doesn’t bode well for your philosophical credibility. My beliefs are logical, as I require evidence to form my beliefs. To say the same about your non-evidence based beliefs would be a fallacy.

          I apologize if you require the use of a dictionary to comprehend some of my ‘multi-syllable words’.

          PS – Ron Paul ’12!

          • SS

            Blind faith in a theory?


          • DeMolay

            Oh please, when anyone responds to my comments, just call me Doodle Bug. I be da Doodle Bug man. Oh Sam I am Da DOODLE BUG man.


  • Reza Saiedi

    Please run…America held hostage by Israeal !!!911 Help, save this country

    • Robert

      there are jews that know jesus

      and there are religious assholes that will follow the beast system

      they refused him and jesus called them

      children of the devil

      • wow

        Children of the devil robert? (Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo) That’s so scary robert.(Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo)

  • Ray

    Congressman. I always watch your interviews with fox news and others and they always turn out the same. You try your best to educate people, including socialists, and the socialist anchors at fox always go at you with at least a 3 to one attack against your wisdom. They hit you with question after question. You are always out numbered, yet, The news anchors always end up looking foolish but they continue the argument because fox news is a socialist organization. My point is, fox news has a huge following, just as our nations elected leaders have a huge following. You can’t force stupid people to abandon ship when they are convinced that the ship is unsinkable………But, you can get your a$$$$ into a life raft and save yourself as well as A few conservatives who are smart enough to follow your lead. It’s time for secession Ron. The ship is going down and the socialists are too stupid to see that their policies are the cause of the sinking of our once great nation. Any states who begin to secede now will thank themselves in a decade or so. This is just my not so humble, personal opinion.

  • Ray

    Hey Ron, it seems as though most of the country is on board with this idea of big government and the harassment and trouble that they are intentionally determined to get our military and our citizens involved in. The proof is that America will continue to re elect these same socialists no matter how much damage they cause our nation.
    I am much more in favor of working towards a peaceful secession of at least a couple of states with yourself possibly being elected President of those Free states of America. I do not believe, given the incredible diversity of our nation, that our nation can be effectively held together and led by the two large socialist parties who are currently in control of our nation. I would also recommend that any states who wish to secede, would take the U S Constitution with them as it has become apparent the Constitution is a document that is of no use to the past and current socialist government of the united states of Amerika.
    This is just my personal opinion. But it is born out of that right that socialists hate more than anything……Freedom of speech.
    Our states, for the most part, joined the union of their own free will. Our states have a right to leave the union if the Constitution is not being followed. We free citizens should be able to pull away from this socialist government who is supported by a large sector of the population, and we should be able to secede without blood shed.

  • longshotlouie

    WND has launched an annual “Person of the Year” journalistic institution, recognizing individuals who make a positive impact on society against great odds.

    Let them know what you think.

    • Robert

      youtube chemtrails

      google chemtrails

      america is already dead

      and the beast system is in place

      the UNITED NATIONS IS GOING TO coin GOLD and silver bullion now

      its the beast for sure

      • wow

        America is already dead robert?
        The beast is coin in gold?

        That is scary news robert. Thanks for letting us know robert.
        We are forever in your debt robert. Thanks man. I mean it robert. No really……hey thanks.

        • longshotlouie

          Wow, what an impressive comeback.
          Is being a genius painful?

          • longshotlouie

            Does anybody have any ointment? I got road rash on my booty sores. I’m being serious here.

        • longshotlouie

          Using my name for your goofy posts?

          • longshotlouie

            Now where did I put that road rash booty ointment? It’s gotta be here somewhere. Where could it be?

  • Ben

    Rep. Paul,
    I chose to write in your name and proudly vote for you in 2008 because everything I was skeptical about, everything I have ever studied to be true about markets, government, and the social construction of the American people is, for once, clearly defined and perfectly logical- Not as a politician or economist, but as a human being. You truly understand the basic principles of incentive and the monetary system. For so long, I had assumed that I was either the only one in the world who understood the problems with the Fed, War, Dollar system etc., or that I was insane.

    Thank you for being the last reasonable chance at preventing the end to a power-drunken empire.