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Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012? Post your comments in support of Ron Paul 2012 at this link!

Ron Paul hasn’t decided yet whether to run for President in 2012. It is expected that he will make a decision later this year.

This poll is now closed. It ran from February 13 to 23, 2009 and received 6,337 votes.

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Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012? Post your comments in support of Ron Paul 2012 at this link!

  • Trish

    I campaigned for Ron Paul and do believe that this country would be better off if everyone actually voted for a candidate on his issues, not his suave personality or charisma, charm isnt going to pay China back . Ron Paul beleives that Americans should help Americans. Our founding fathers didn’t build this country for us to become “backyard bullies”. Personally I don’t give a shit what other countries are up to, What about the battle this country is fighting and losing???? Americans need to wake up and start caring before its too late!

    • Stephanie

      I want that on a T-shirt!

      Ron Paul: Because charm isnt going to pay China back”


      • DeMolay

        No your racist! I absolutely despise people who always have one hand in their back pocket ready to throw a race card. In all honesty your the one who should look deep inside to c if your racist. The smellers the feller IMO.

        • FuturamaFry

          It’s funny how you can say so certainly that I’m a racist when you don’t know me. I was just asking, not “ready to throw a race card”.

          • Forest

            Welcome to the Ron Paul message boards – ‘where everyone jumps at their own shadow all of the time’.

          • [email protected]

            nice jump, MattForest

          • longshotlouie

            Hey bartender. That’s my line.


    • Bill

      I second that…

      and would love that on a shirt— vote Ron Paul 2012 because charm isn’t going to pay China back…


  • Mike Rael

    About getting jobs now: we have to get them ourselves. I’ve been submitting resumes each day to craig’s list and other places. I’m getting many nibbles now, but no job for sure yet.

    Importantly, if all else fails, you got to go, physically, to the offices of every regular and temp employment agency near you. Show them your resume. Ask them how to update it to meet their needs. Learn any new softwares they suggest. Most of them have the desired softwares on their computers. When you get a temp job, do the old stuff of coming a little early, leaving a little late, absolutely no BS on the job, using every minute on the clock to do your work or help others or learn something to help the company.

    If you follow these simple ideas, simple to understand but not always easy to follow, you should find a permanent job eventually.

  • Nick A.

    Hey DeMolay,

    If god wills something, wouldn’t it already have come to pass? I mean if he’s all powerful and all… Or do you believe that he is so weak that he requires the assistance of people such as yourself?

    Blind faith in religion is excellent for helping people sleep at night. Other than that it doesn’t seem to serve much of a purpose anymore.

    You seem to think of yourself as a Libertarian. Do you believe in the faith-based spending initiative? Churches not having to pay taxes?

    We are all free to practice our own form of religion in this country or practice no religion at all. That is just one of the wonderful rights that our founding fathers ensured we would be granted. But just because something, i.e. Christianity, works for you it doesn’t mean that it is a perfect fit for all. It also has a funny way of making people blurt out lines like “GOD WILLS IT, GOD WILLS IT!” over and over like some type of mantra. Are you trying to convince everyone else here that it is true or just yourself?

    P.S. Also, you write like a crazy person. I imagine it would be quite scary to have a conversation with you in real life. Please don’t track me down and attempt to lay down some old testament style vengeance on my ass for my personal opinions.

    Seriously though, we would all be much better served if we focused on the real issues and kept our own personal brands of bedtime stories to ourselves.

    Lower Taxes.
    Fiscal Responsibility.
    More Personal Freedoms.

    Ron Paul 2012
    … or if that doesn’t work out, please vote Libertarian.

    “Is uniformity attainable? Millions of innocent men, women and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burnt, tortured, fined, imprisoned; yet we have not advanced an inch towards uniformity. What has been the effect of coercion? To make one half the world fools, and the other half hypocrites. To support roguery and error all over the earth.” — Thomas Jefferson, from “Notes on Virginia”

    • Bill

      im jumping into a discussion here but I don’t quite get why you obviously have a problem with someones religious beliefs… thats not very libertarian of you… however you feel personally about it… why would you Bash on someone like that??

      Churches shouldn’t pay taxes as long as they don’t get into the politics business… its fine to say what politician has the values they agree with but it shouldn’t go any further.

      and Shame shame shame on Jefferson for slinging mud at Christanity because another quote from the same notes to Virginia ——

      “But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.

      -Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia, 1782

      that seems pretty hypocritical to me…..

    • God my a$$$

      Every time I hear on the news that another child has been murdered, a young woman has been raped, a war has been waged against innocent people, I look to the heavens and I say God, when are ya gonna get off yer a$$$ and start helping the people who believe in you?
      I have yet to receive an answer from the big guy.
      And he has yet to get off his a$$$ and help any one who truly needs it.

      And just for the record, george bush gave millions of dollars to the churches shortly after he first took office.
      That sort of damaged the separation between church and state.

      • longshotlouie

        Are you asking God to rid the world of evil?

        • God my a$$$

          That would be pointless since this so called god has never talked to a single human being yet. Sure, the bible claims he has and the bible claims that he exists. The bible claims that there were miracles and other such BS, but the bible is nothing more than a poorly written, poorly interpreted book that has no proof of any kind to back it up. There are 1800 religions world wide and everyone of them claim to be the true religion, many of them read from the same bible, yet they very rarely ever agree on anything. Sort of reminds you of our politicians.

          • Fred the Protectionist

            ^^^A big “L” Libertarian.^^^

            A true believer.

      • Edward

        Must see…6+ million folks have watched this George Carlin anti-religion masterpiece

        • God my a$$$

          Yes sir Edward, George Carlin had religion pegged right.
          It’s all about the money. It’s also about the control of the minds of society. I would be much more inclined to believe in UFO’s. At least there are hundreds of photographs of them as well as thousands of personal sightings by cops, military personnel, presidents , congressmen, military pilots, news reporters, farmers and many others. If we are to believe in something, lets at least believe in something that has an inkling of proof that it actually exists. God just doesn’t measure up.

  • jerri

    He will be 78 in 2012 it is to old for Presidendt .

    • longshotlouie

      You can be too young to be president, but how the hell can you be too old to be president?

    • Ray

      If Ron Paul were 100 years old he would make a better president than any president we have had in the last four decades. Don’t count the man out as long as he is willing to serve the people, unlike our current and past administrations who served only their special interest buddies and their own greedy needs at the peril of society in general.
      We have not had one president lessen the size of government in my lifetime and without Ron Paul or a Libertarian in office, we never will.


    People! of america, listen to what i have to say, we need ron pauls ideas in a young leaders MIND!!…..I know many things that need to be done to bring america back to its true meaning. We must be strong and strive to allow ourselves to maintain leadership, all in ourselves. I know we can all work together, but what we need to do is bring all the troops home and beef up our security in the states, I SAY WE FIGHT THE ENEMY HERE!!!! WE MUST NOT COWER AND HIDE BEHIND THE CURTAIN OF AMERICA!!! WE SHALL RAISE THE CURTAIN AND SHOW THEM A PLAY SUCH AS THOUGH THEY HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE!!!!!second we need to lower taxes, to take the preassure off ourselves, i speak for everyone, i speak the truth. Who will lead…..I WILL!!!!

    • Forest

      Great use of the caps lock key, you have all the hallmarks of a leader.

      One question though, are you also going to be hypocritical? That isn’t what I want from my leaders:

      “Rep. Ron Paul vehemently denounced the $410 billion catch-all spending bill approved last week by the House of Representatives.

      But although the libertarian-leaning Republican from Lake Jackson cast a vote against the massive spending measure, his fingerprints were on some of the earmarks that helped inflate its cost.

      Paul played a role in obtaining 22 earmarks worth $96.1 million, which led the Houston congressional delegation, according to a Houston Chronicle analysis of more than 8,500 congressionally mandated projects inserted into the bill. ”

      • longshotlouie

        It has become apparent why MattForest is stiil stuck at our tiny site.

        You really are going to have to do better if you want a bigger gig, Matt.

        • Forest

          Hey just doing what I get paid to do, right?

          Wait, or if I was getting paid, would I be able to admit it? Do TPTB allow that?

          No comments on the actual content or did you miss that?

          “Rep. Ron Paul vehemently denounced the $410 billion catch-all spending bill approved last week by the House of Representatives.

          But although the libertarian-leaning Republican from Lake Jackson cast a vote against the massive spending measure, his fingerprints were on some of the earmarks that helped inflate its cost.

          Paul played a role in obtaining 22 earmarks worth $96.1 million, which led the Houston congressional delegation, according to a Houston Chronicle analysis of more than 8,500 congressionally mandated projects inserted into the bill. ”

          • Van Wilder

            You forgot to mention who wrote it…

            Texas lawmakers rip budget, but seek millions
            Copyright 2009 Houston Chronicle Washington Bureau

            have you ever heard of yellow journalism? Or perhaps you take everything you read at face value? Ron Paul voted AGAINST IT, maybe he feels he is going to do a greater good with those earmarks if it was passed. Who knows what the ear marks are for you are just assuming its for nonsense. Which of course it could be, but again your lack of an open mind might hinder this.

          • longshotlouie

            [Hey just doing what I get paid to do, right?]


            [Wait, or if I was getting paid, would I be able to admit it? Do TPTB allow that?]

            Why Not?

            [No comments on the actual content or did you miss that?]

            It has been commented on ad-nausem. When you get slammed on one tired argument you move to the next tired argument. As you run out, you simply start at the top of your short list and start again. Maybe you thought we would jump through hoops for you?

            Do you have a problem with earmarks, or do just think that all of the taxpayers money should be controlled by the executive branch? Should Ron Paul’s constituency not recieve anything back for the millions that they sent to Washington?
            Again, until you actually understand what you are posting, you will be delegated to this small site.

            As you dance around your maypole you will either dig yourself a rut, or you will strangle yourself with the ribbon. You’ll excuse me if I don’t join you?

      • Forest

        I am a Liberal who can’t help bashing good people who stand by their ethics and principles. I just don’t want to see a good person like Mr Paul be elected leader of our socialist country. We liberals worked very hard to make it the failure that it is. Go home Ron, you could ruin everything.
        Go home I say.

  • golda girl

    33 months until Nov. 2012. What are we to do until then? What can Ron Paul and others in an elected office do NOW to get us the relief we need NOW? It’s wrong that people run for office, get elected and then begin to run for re-election immediately. They were elected to govern and make necessary HARD decisions! Not just look to the future to be re-elected. We need relief now! JOBS!!

    BUT, yes, Mr. Paul should be on the ballot in 2012!! I like him more & more!

  • Tom

    Does anyone here know what Ron Paul’s stance is on 9/11?

    • Just my opinion.

      I suspect that Ron feels that 9/11 would never have happened if the United States would stay out of the internal affairs of foreign governments. He has a non interventionist belief and I agree with him.

  • Alex

    Thank to you ron paul , it people like you CAN change the world we are destroying everything so comon Guy wake up vote for this on he will free us finally believe in 2012 1 for new president not a god dam nigger who pretend make CHANG and 2 for Mayan prediction a brave new world !!!! Peace and love to all please people change

    • Guess who?

      Wow Alex, why don’t you just let the world know that you are a prejudice guy who hates people of color? Are you extending that peace and love to people of color as well, or is that reserved for people of your race only?
      One more thing. Who taught you how to write?

    • Bill

      wow… Alex, do you know what this country doesn’t need? Its one more ignorant person like you who thinks and speaks with hate. There has been enough of that in our history already—and its one of the main seeds that grew many of the problems we have in this country right now. If we keep fighting amongst ourselves we fail to see where/who the real problems are.

      I don’t agree with everything the man ever said but take some wisdom from MLK Jr – to wish to see a day when a man will be judged on the content of his character instead of the color of his skin…

      If content of character would’ve been the central factor in the last election we would be saying president Ron Paul.
      (and by now we’d be digging out of this hole instead of making it deeper)

    • Van Wilder

      We will never be free until people bigots like yourself become extinct. Whats right and wrong in this world doesn’t have color. You discredit the Ron Paul cause with that nonsense.

  • DeMoley

    Yes, I am guilty of not doing the research to support the claim earlier posted. Although, I still feel as this could be used as a justification to label all constitutionalist and libertarians as dangerous, home grown terrorist. As I said before, there’s a new star on the wall at the C.I.A building.

    We will continue to be demonised and ridiculed by both sides of the media. They see a movement that jeopardizes their corrupt, plushy, and monarchy like lifestyles. Before long I’m afraid that many sheep here in america will be convinced people who support the constitution of all things are “terrorist”!

    • Andy

      Don’t sweat, DeMoley. We’re all getting knowledge as we grow and go.
      What happening is that great cause of “tea party” is under attack, silence yet. In order to influence, bury in stupid debates and rhetorics, and switch movement’s MAJOR targets.
      Little by little we all getting united at least under “FRS – out” and “No Income Tax” banners. My personal opinion is: these are the most important issues. Forget that idiotic bla-blage about “torture” and shit like that for now. Once our country straightened his Constitution – there will be no “torture” bc there will be no war.
      A lot of things will start rolling out and heal itself naturally just by cleaning out of these 2 major things.

  • Ron Paul for 2012!!!!!

  • Rozanna

    I love you Ron Paul! I love the constitution and the bible. I hate the nazi politicians who are destroying our country.

  • DeMoley

    Well isn’t this funny? Everyone is speaking of cospiracy theorys, and looky here. Both the left and right are portraying this guy who flew his plane into the irs building as a right wing teaparty/constitutionalist. I found this in the……. The Washington Post quotes him as writing: “Well, Mr. Big Brother IRS man, let’s try something different; take my pound of flesh and sleep well,” and stops there. It never mentions the next two lines the Marxist wrote, the closing of his statement, oddly enough: “The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed.” How’s that for a conspiracy? Sounds to me like the C.I.A. Just put another star on their wall.

    • Forest

      Why don’t you actually read the whole letter? Marxist? What the hell are you talking about? My god, if you actually had to think for yourself and not let other websites make decisions for you, you might be dangerous.

      Are ANY of these other passages compatible with a Marxist philosophy? Or are they more compatible with the anger associated with tea party followers:

      “I choose not to keep looking over my shoulder at `big brother’ while he strips my carcass.”

      “We are further brainwashed to believe that there is freedom in this place, and that we should be ready to lay our lives down for the noble principals represented by its founding fathers. Remember? One of these was “no taxation without representation”.”

      “that there has never been a politician cast a vote on any matter with the likes of me or my interests in mind. Nor, for that matter, are they the least bit interested in me or anything I have to say.”

      “as usual they left me to rot and die while they bailed out their rich, incompetent cronies WITH MY MONEY!”

    • Andy

      ““The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed.” How’s that for a conspiracy?”
      First of all, Dear opponent.
      The statement is exactly right. Motivation of capitalist is EXACTLY in the second part of the sentence. What drives our markets? Greed and fear. Greed to make more money and fear that someone will get to the foodline quicker then you. Nobody gives a shit about ur personal or family abilities to sustain in such rat race. Learn on the run! If you cannot – someone will take your place with no remorse. And let me ask you: what do you do with someone who’s naturally unable to compete. How many people around swims like Michael Felps or jump like Shaun White? So capitalism IS required to waste certain amount of folks as “loosers”.
      And socialists are those who used to try to equalize” this issue and were use different approaches to motivate people to contribute honestly. Unfortunately their Government at some point got corrupted with the same shit: greed.
      What the current administration is doing is FAR from socialist platform. In socialist platform ALL people gains and losses are equally dispersed on principle of ability and need.
      Now, we, the low and middle class, will carry this crap for the rich ones. This is corporatism, or corporate fascism. And has NOTHING to do with socialism or communism even remotely.
      Same for the rest of us, whether we are employees or employers.

  • DeMoley

    Damn, we just lost another vote for Ron. Down with the Fed down with our opressive big government!

    God Wills It!!!

  • Voodoo

    Thank you Forest for proving my point.

  • DeMolay

    Whaaaa!! Look everybody!!!!! obama is on tv! Who woulda thought he would be on tv….. Again….again and….again every day!! Blaa blaa blaaa. Well please excuse me it time for me to loose my breakfast….again.

  • Michael Rael

    Scott, if we allow only educated folks to vote, what would have happened to the Negroes who were uneducated but still had an idea that some folks wanted to keep them in powerless positions, as with poll taxes or, as the ancient Greeks, as having to own property? I suspect that even uneducated Americans have often cores of common sense that help them when they’re at the voting booths. Look at the all the Dems who have been educated to believe that Government is the answer to the problems of man. They are gradually turning away from Obama, despite the fact that he is Black, and they have White Man’s Guilt, and they’d love more and more government freebies. Those folks are not turning away from him in droves, but enough to ensure that he doesn’t get re-elected.

  • Mike Rael

    Hi friends:)
    About the joys of conspiracy: Recently I have taken to predicting what Obama was going to do. For example, there was one bank that regularly made loans to small businesses. It was the one bank that I felt, if the government saved it from bankruptcy, it would actually be good for the country. I predicted Obama would not want to give it money. Lo! so it was.
    Up till now, I found I could predict what Obama was going to do by asking myself which choice would be worst for the country. My predictions thus far have been eerily accurate.
    I’d like it if others here tried that pleasant activity.

  • longshotlouie

    If you have been a regular reader here and are wondering about the influx of negative remarks recently:

    Yes Matt, I know, ‘No such thing as a conspiracy’

    • Forest

      Well, look who is playing judge, jury, and executioner! Ahh, tough to see you all the way up there on your high moral ground!

      The real prison is that of your own assumptions and false accusations 🙁 Let me help explain, since any attempt at appearing innocent will further cement your idiocy:

      “Because of this general structure, conspiracy theories have two general characteristics. First, they explain an unfortunate social process by uncovering the activities of a group of people. Second, by doing so, they blame this group of people for intentionally producing the social process in question. Thus first, they give an intentional explanation: something bad is happening because some people want it to happen; second, by doing so, they formulate a negative moral judgment: people who intentionally create something bad are evil people.

      Conspiracy theories are folk theories of power and social change. People who feel themselves powerless and isolated imagine a world in which some other people have unlimited power and work together to achieve their goals. People who feel themselves menaced by changes they can’t resist and which cause them painful losses imagine a world in which some other people intentionally provoke harmful changes and derive benefit from them. People who can’t control even their own lives imagine a world in which other people are masters of the universe.”

      “But the main problem with conspiracy theories is not that they are false explanations. There are many false explanations from astrology to vampirology we are not especially concerned about, because they are harmless: horoscopes and vampire movies are stupid, but they don’t kill. The trouble with conspiracy theories is that they blame innocent people and in some cases this can be very dangerous.”

      “To summarize: the real capitalist society is, from the very beginning, continually moving away from its ideals – without explicitly abandoning them. This is the growing tension between ideals and reality in modern capitalist society that makes the ultimate ground for malaise and anxiety that express itself in several interesting forms of unconscious protest, one of which is conspiracist thinking.”

      • DeMoley

        So mr gump…. I’m glad you have it all figured out! LOL, kinda like the pot calling the kettle black. I’m glad you have so much faith in other people with your money. That there are no “Bad/Evil” people who get together and decided how they can get over on people. I agree there are bad conspiracies….. But to condone them all as crap is naïve. WAKE UP!!! That’s all I can ask for the blind.

        • Forest

          Well, there is a slight problem…

          I know for a 100% FACT that I am not affiliated with some ‘insider dirty tricks machine orchestrated by the Republican party’. Believe it or not, but I KNOW for a fact that I AM NOT.

          So idiotic slander or snarky little comments is a symptom of the disease.

          • Who Cares

            Stop whining

      • longshotlouie

        Thx Matt, but I can read that kind of drivel any day in the MSM.

        Remember, ‘There’s No Such Thing As A Conspiracy’
        Repeat it three times and click your heels together.

        • Forest

          I am not saying there are NO conspiracies ‘slipperyslopelouie’ what I am saying is that far too often people go to far.

          Here, let me save you some time going forwards, just copy, paste, and fill in the blanks with the Conspiracy Du Jour:

          The Conspiracy Generator:

          Are you kidding me? (event) was a total sham! Think about it! Everyone knows that (appeal to precedent). And have you noticed that (ruling elite) has started to act very strangely? They obviously don’t want this story getting out. I mean what would happen if people began asking (disturbing question)? Well, they may be able to fool the sheeple, but the members of (dedicated group of truth-seekers) aren’t swallowing their story. Look, don’t take it from me; (expert endorsement) is convinced as well. But we have to act fast, because (suggestion of imminent threat). I just wanted you to be aware of this.

          • Conspiracy

            UMMMM,A conspiracy may begin to take shape?
            You better act fast and cut it off at the pass.
            Times a wastin.

          • Forest

            so… he set his house on fire, drove to the airport, took off and then crashed all within 16 minutes? Seriously, look at the facts, there is a coverup somewhere as this just doesn’t add up. In addition his suicide note pulled off the internet? This just REEKS of conspiracy.

            “Heavy fire reported in an office building at 9420 Research Boulevard in Austin, Texas after a small plane crashed at high speed into the office building at 9:46 a.m. local time in Texas”

            “The man’s daughter later told police that her dad started the house on fire at about 9:30 a.m.”


          • longshotlouie

            His family does not believe that the suicide note was written by him, as well.

  • bh

    Idont like Ron Paul beacause of all the druggies that suport him.

    • who cares

      Your comment is baseless but it’s certainly your right to make ignorant statements BH.
      A lot of really good people support Ron Paul as well. Widen your mind a little and you just might be able to see that.

  • Brandon Hall

    I dont like Ron Paul Beacause of the way people represent him and the methods used to campaign for him.

    • Who cares

      Some people like Brandon Hall just cant handle an honest politician. They get so used to being lied too that when an honest guy like Ron Paul comes along, they dont know how to react to him.