Ron Paul on Glenn Beck

Channel: Fox News
Show: Glenn Beck Program
Host: Glenn Beck
Date: 2/24/2009


Glenn Beck: We have a special guest, Ron Paul joining us here in just a second. First, I want to play a piece. In fact, hello Congressman, how are you sir?

Ron Paul: Good. How are you?

Glenn Beck: Very good. I want to play a piece for the American people, something that was said at Columbia University at a dinner on Friday; finally got a hold of the audio and the video of this. This is George Soros and what he said on Friday on how bad things are at Columbia University.

George Soros: The seriousness of the crisis cannot be exaggerated. The closest comparison that I can think of is actually the collapse of the Soviet system.

Glenn Beck: Okay. So George Soros is now and I’ve got something on this tomorrow America that you just don’t want to miss. “The collapse of the Soviet system is how serious this is.” What scares me about this Congressman is I know there are people all around the world that are licking their chops at, “well wait a minute if things collapse on capitalism we’re going to have to restart it”. Can you tell me what is the G-20 doing? What is happening around the world with Gordon Brown who will be in Congress next week that says “Hey, I think we need a new New Deal but a global New Deal.”

Ron Paul: Yeah they’re frantic and they’re panicking and you have the Central Banks from the G-7 I’m sure are meeting constantly to plan the next monetary structure. We had a major structure formed with Bretton Woods in ’44, it collapsed in ’71. We’ve had the Dollar Reserve Standard from ’71 up until last year; that’s collapsed, it’s gone, it’s done, and they have to have a new monetary standard. And they’re planning behind the scenes; we’re not entitled to know anything about it. Under the law they don’t have to tell us a thing, but believe me, they’re planning, they’re panicky because they don’t have an easy answer, but there are major changes going on. I’ve argued this case for years. That we were working on destroying our whole system the way we were operating.

Glenn Beck: Okay. So Congressman, I mean no offense because I think you are the one guy who has had this right from the very beginning, but the problem is, if you say stuff like this it sounds like a conspiracy theory. There’s nobody in the media that is reporting this, there’s nobody that’s talking about this stuff but it only makes common sense. If people know that the end is coming of the system that we have, and I’m not saying that cats and dogs are going to be sleeping with each other etc, etc; what I’m saying is there’s going to be a change coming. Rupert Murdoch said that nations will be redefined in this period. You know that people at the global level are looking at it and saying “Okay, what’s it going to look like?” Where can we find out? Where do we start to look?

Ron Paul: Well, you should look to the Congress but they don’t pay much attention either.

Glenn Beck: No they’re not.

Ron Paul: And there will be a realignment and there’s a struggle going on with us who believe that we should have national sovereignty, we should be out of the UN, out of the World Bank, out of the IMF and no world government. But that is the movement that we’re going in, that is the direction that we’re going in but others are planning to go one step further. They weren’t satisfied with Bretton Woods, they weren’t satisfied with the Dollar Standard; now they want to probably modify the special drawing rights for the IMF which they tried and then failed. But they want to control capital and they want to control the natural resources of the world. They’re not nationalistic at all, they believe in world government and they’re more out in the open now than they were 25 years ago.

Glenn Beck: Now see, here’s the problem I mean everybody will say “Oh that Glenn Beck, he’s a Conservative. He just loved the Bush administration.” No I didn’t. Well I am a businessman myself and I like big business, I don’t have a problem with Wal-Mart. I do have a problem with people that look at our country as a market, and that’s what’s happening. These global corporations are just looking at people as consumers at a market, so they don’t give a flying crap about our Constitution or anything else. What’s good for business? How do you stop that?

Ron Paul: I think there’s a lot of truth to that, but I concentrate on making sure nobody is big because they get a special benefit. Either the bankers or the corporation and the international corporations because inevitably they get benefits; they get tax subsidies of all sorts, they get contracts and they are protected and they get all kinds of benefits from government. When you’re big for that reason, it’s argued that Wal-Mart got big because they satisfied the consumer. We don’t want to come down hard on bigness per se; bigness in capitalism is good as long as they got there by the consumer voting confidence in that particular business.

Glenn Beck: Yeah. Congressman, thank you very much. By the way America, I mean I hope I’m nuts. I mean really, you’ve never met anybody who hopes he’s wrong more than I am or I do. The solutions are going to be presented as gigantic and global, and the answer is going to be local. The answer is going to come from you and your local community and your state, not the globe. That’s where a nightmare is coming.

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  • Jed Martin

    Ron Paul is a Patriot. I believe in him so much that I actually use my full name. And no, I’m not afraid.


  • Nate Y

    Wow. There’s now 3 “Nate”s who post here. I’ll have to start posting with my last initial to avoid confusion.

    Nate Y formerly Nate

  • Greg

    I was told of this 30yrs ago–one world government-one world monetary system-one world military-one world religion (a global ethic).

  • Nate

    I think it is sad how uninformed soooo many people are when it comes to politics and economics….Ron Paul has opened my eyes to the true American dream. J. Doe, I really feel bad for you….really…..sheep will always be followers. I saw the CNN interview that you are referring to about the Nazi money….so you think then that a Christian shouldn’t accept any donations from an Athiest, or a Muslim, or any person that doesn’t agree with them……hmmm kinda sounds like prejudice…Everybody has a right to support whoever they want regardless of race, religion, sex or creed….but sadly for you, the Nazi political and economic system bares a very strong resemblence to the current and last few administrations. You probably think that you pay taxes for your protection too…..Open your eyes….we are all free people but we keep handing over our freedoms for temporary security….the government has ALWAYS historically tried to take away their peoples freedoms…..every single govt in history…..Absolute power corrupts absolutely…. Read Ron Paul’s “The Revolution: a Manifesto” and it will open your eyes. If you think I am full of it, then read Karl Marx’s “The Communist Manifesto” and compare the 10 planks of communism to the policies and structure or our government and political structure, then talk to me about Nazis…..

  • FG

    J Doe: typical childish name-calling from the guys who can’t the handle the truth. It’s OK, go back to your mama. She’ll whisper sweet nothing to you while fawning over the Obama speech full of empty promises of hope and change. You deserve the Obamanation that’s coming your way, if we let it.

    David, appreciate your supporting comments for Ron Paul, but he’s not bucking the steer alone. This is way bigger than Ron Paul. With God, all things are possible.

  • J. Doe

    Ron Paul is a Nazi pig. He took campaign funds from Nazis and kept the money when he was made aware where it came from. He is a Nazi pig. And all who support him are pigs as well.

    • David

      Nazi?Ron Paul? Are you on meds?
      Hitler was a Fascist who took over all the major German companies
      which were collapsing. The rich owners still stayed rich.
      Sound familiar? nationalization? Prop up? Bailout? Take a portion of the debt? Ron Paul spoke AGAINST all of that.
      The Republican party had their Bush/Boehner/McCain/McConell backed bailout
      The Democrats had there Obama/Pelosi/Reid /Frank backed bailout.
      Both parties are the same fascist God Head.

      The US government paid the Shah of Iran to exist then he killed his people.
      The US Government paid Saddam Hussein to exist then they paid to kill him.

      Ron Paul took campaign contributions from anyone just like I would take money from someone if I needed it. Ron Paul promised no favors to anyone for the money he received.
      The US Government gives alot of favors to corrupt people who pay them.

      Ron Paul is a good man who tries hard
      Ill give him that.
      I think hes bucking a steer to big for him though.
      This world is to corrupt.

    • T Reamonn

      Read a book.

  • T Reamonn

    Ok everybody it’s now our moral obligation to show the film Brazil (1985) to everybody we know so they can at least be prepared for what’s in store for our future…