Ron Paul on Russia Today: Crisis could last for a decade

Ron Paul was interviewed by Russia Today about Obama’s foreign policy and his desperate attempts to stimulate the economy.

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Channel: Russia Today
Date: 2/24/2009

Partial Transcript:

Reporter: Barack Obama has said that this economic situation is the worst crisis since the Great Depression. Do you agree with that?

Ron Paul: I think it’s bad, I think he’s probably right on that. But I don’t think he has the full understanding of why it’s that bad.

Reporter: Do you think a Wallstreet meltdown is now imminent?

Ron Paul: I think it’s melted down pretty well already. The melting down will continue and it’s going to be endless unless we change our ways. You can expect this problem to last not for a year or two, but for a decade or two.

Reporter: Barack Obama says that he plans to deploy 17,000 more troops into Afghanistan. Do you agree with this?

Ron Paul: I think it’s an outrage. Right now we have suffered the most because we’re paying for our foreign intervention overseas. But foreign policies don’t change, it doesn’t change with Democrats or Republicans. They’re all interventionists, they all believe in a world empire.

Barack Obama: Economists from across the spectrum have warned that if we don’t act immediately, millions of more jobs will be lost.

Ron Paul: No, this is the wrong kind of stimulus. He gets the most foolish trend that we have ever been involved in our whole history.


  • Carol

    The most important and effective tools for all conquerors: divisiveness and distraction. Are you being distracted by political rhetoric, Democratic or Republican? Are you being divided based on class, color, gender, age? If so, what is the goal of those who are seeking to distract you? Actions ALWAYS speak louder than words. Question the message and the messenger, then you will see the truth.