Ron Paul’s Speech at CPAC 2009

Event: CPAC 2009
Channel: C-SPAN
Speaker: Ron Paul
Date: 2/27/2009


John Tate: Thank you. My family’s not even here so… Well I’m glad to be here back at CPAC, celebration of conservatism, freedom and yes, liberty. But more importantly I am proud to be here to introduce a good friend of mine, Congressman Ron Paul.

For those of you that don’t know, Congressman Paul served proudly in the US Air Force as a flight surgeon. He’s a country doctor, an OB-GYN who’s delivered over 4,000 babies; more importantly he’s been married to his wife Carol for 52 years; they have 5 children, 18 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild.

He’s a true man of principle, arguably the most principled man in Washington, a good friend of mine, the American taxpayer and the Constitution, Dr. Ron Paul.

Ron Paul: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Crowd (chanting): Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul!

Ron Paul: Good. If you keep that up I won’t have to talk very long. Very good. Thank you very much for that very nice welcome. It’s good to be among friends.

I give a lot of speeches over on the hill, I give a lot of speeches on the floor, lo and behold, I don’t get that kind of applause, because I don’t think they’re on the same wavelength as you and I are on. I think there’s a disconnect, and of course that’s what this struggle is all about. I think in many ways the Conservative movement has had a struggle defining a Conservative.

We finally got the Conservatives in charge. We have been struggling ever since Barry Goldwater, and Ronald Reagan, the Revolution in 1994, and the continuation in the year 2000; we finally get the House and the Senate and the Presidency. And what did we do? We doubled the size of the Department of Education. I thought we were supposed to get rid of the Department of Education.

So I have a few suggestions on how you can identify a Conservative. First of all, they have to be devoted to and willing to stand by and defend the Constitution. And of course there’s another position they ought to take; many have, many in this room will take that position, but it is absolutely necessary, a good Conservative will start talking about and preaching on why we have to get rid of the Federal Reserve System.

Crowd (chanting): End the Fed! End the Fed! End the Fed! End the Fed! End the Fed!

Ron Paul: And then we could, we’re devoted to the Constitution, rule of law is very, very important; you can’t ignore the Constitution when you don’t like something, what you have to do is if you don’t like it you have to amend it. And I would like to make some amendments; I would like to remove two of them, the 16th and the 17th Amendment.

Though we’ve certainly gotten ourselves into a mess because the Conservative movement that was designed to bring us back to our roots, like limited government, smaller government, more individual liberty; it hasn’t happened. And now, since we did not do the job we were supposed to do, the opposition has taken over and guess what, they’re criticizing the Republicans and the Conservatives for not having balanced the budget. But does that mean they’re going to do that? No! They’re going to make us look like pikers, they’re going to double and triple and quadruple the spending. I mean it is endless. Believe me, we’re in serious trouble.

That is why I talk a lot to young people. The young people are very interested in what I talk about, and the young in sprit are also interested in what I talk about. But the young people especially are interested because they know what they’re getting. They know they’re getting a bad deal; they’re getting nothing but debt.

In the past 12 months our national debt went up 1.5 trillion dollars, and next year it’s going to be more. They’re hoping it will be 1.7 this year total, but then it could be 2 or it could be 3; the numbers are irrelevant. And we’re in an atmosphere now where if we can accept the idea that the taxpayers can pay that bailout, everybody on Wall Street, bailout the banks and big business, there is nothing that can’t be funded, nothing that can’t be appropriated, everything will be appropriated. There will be no cuts; there will only be one limitation on what we have going on today and that limitation will be the value of the dollar.

Today we are still privileged to print dollars, and the world is still unbelievably taking those dollars, but that is going to end, and when that ends the party is over. Most people think the party’s already over but it’s only half over. The financial system that we have built and have lived with started in 1971; it was the dollar standard, the fiat dollar standard. The financial system has been totally built on that system and it was doomed to fail. As a matter of fact, it was that very day in August of 1971 in August 15th when the Bretton Woods agreement finally came undone and the last link to gold was removed.

Then I knew that we have embarked on the course that we are on today, but that system has built this monstrosity of a financial system worldwide like it never been in the history of the world; we are the biggest debtor nation in the world, and it’s not just United States that’s in trouble, it’s the whole world. But that financial system has come unglued, but the next shoe to drop will be the disintegration of the dollar. So we as Conservatives and believers in limited government and believers in the Constitution, we have a tough race to restrain the big spenders before that happens, because when that happens what is threatened is our liberty. The main purpose of a government in a free society should be the preservation of liberty.

Fortunately we live in a country that knew something about that and emphasized that in our early years, but we have forgotten it, we have lost our confidence. We are not determined to present the case for liberty, we have chopped liberty up into pieces: we have economic liberty, we have social liberty, we have a foreign policy that’s built on just total fallacies. So we have to put this all back together again, and fortunately we have something that can pull it back together, and that is the understanding of the founding fathers that put it into our Constitution. This means that if we follow the rules and did the job right we wouldn’t have a welfare state.

The job that we have, we as believers and those that spread this message, the job we have is to present this case and still prove that we are the humanitarians. The liberal do-gooders, the big spenders who say that we’re going to give you a free house to everybody, free medical care to everybody, free education; that’s preposterous, but they still win the last election, had something to do with that. Everything is going to be for free, and yet the proof is, if you care about your fellowmen there is only one way you can maximize prosperity and maximize freedom and that is through the rule of law and making sure that everybody understands that liberty is an individual thing and not a collective right.

If we want to get our House in order we have to address the subject of foreign policy. There was a time when Conservatives had a completely different foreign policy. Back in the older days, back when we had a Robert Taft and others; they had a different understanding about what our foreign policy ought to be. They were so old-fashioned they believed we had to follow the Constitution and it was designed to defend this country; nothing more than that. Not the giving away of our sovereignty, not to listen to the UN and the World Bank and the IMF and the WTO; we don’t need any of those.

Today in the midst of the turmoil that we have there is a strong behind the scenes movement toward even a greater presence of world government. They want to solve this problem by internationalizing the financial system; the last 20, 30 years it’s been internationalized but we had a privilege, we got to print the gold so we had an advantage, we lived off others, but that’s coming to an end. We’re the biggest debtor and soon that debt will be called. But, they’re trying now to put this together and they’re going to internationalize it, it is going to be more of the same internationalism, WTO and regulations and banking system.

The only thing that we have going for us, it is impossible for that system to last and to work, because you cannot have a fiat system whether it’s a single country or an international government, to make paper money work. That is why the money issue is so important, that in a free society you have to have honest money; honest money is what the founders described as and that says that only gold and silver should be legal tender.

But we ought to address the subject of foreign policy. Part of the reasons why we lost this last election was the foreign policy issue. Generally speaking, the presidential candidate who argues the case for less war mongering will win the election and of course Obama took the advantage of it; he said “I’m going to end the war in Iraq and I’m going to bring those troops home and solve all the problems,” and he won the election. So this generally is the case, but the truth is, foreign policy hasn’t changed.

We should be looking more to what George Bush said in the year 2000; he was strongly critical of the Clinton years, of nation building and being the policeman of the world, what we were doing in Bosnia and Somalia; and he won the election. He said some very, very good things but after that he again joined the internationalists. Joined this idea that the American taxpayers, you, have an obligation to take care of everybody and police the world and put our military out there and be exposed to all this danger. It doesn’t make any sense; this is literally what bankrupts the country. You see, international expenditures, it cost us a trillion dollars a year to take care of our foreign policy and that cannot last. It is coming to an end.

As a matter of fact, the person most pleased with our foreign policy is Osama Bin Laden, because he has written about this and he said, “I am going to get you to come over here and we’ll fight you on our sand and we will do what we did to the Soviets.” Of course we helped him do what he did to the Soviets because we subsidized and supported him to drain the Soviets, and he said he will do the same thing. He will eventually bankrupt this country, and lo and behold we are weaker for it, our military personnel are fatigued. I was very proud of what happened last year in the campaign, because I talked about the old Conservative Republican non-interventionist Constitutional foreign policy and we and our campaign, got the most money than any candidate from the military.

But historically, great nations end when they overextend themselves overseas whether it’s back to the Roman days, or the Soviets or whatever. The country feels so involved that they go and that they think of themselves as being overly wonderful, that we are going to spread our message. It actually started in World War I; the truth is there was no need for us to be involved in World War I, but who wasn’t? But there it was; it was Woodrow Wilson said we have to do it because we have to make the word safe for democracy, which led to this millions, hundreds of millions of people killed in the 20th century.

So we’re back at the same thing, we have to go and spread our goodness in the Middle East. So yeah we want to get rid of a bad guy in Iraq, we did; but it cost, it took, another 1 million Iraqis got killed, believe me. They weren’t all terrorists; some people didn’t particularly like that but nevertheless it pleased Osama Bin Laden because we were there, we were bankrupting our country and right now, today, we get a new President that says he didn’t like the war that was going on. So what are we going to do? We’re going to drag another 17,000 Americans and pop them into Afghanistan.

Don’t we know anything about history? It is bankrupting our country. It will end, whether the people agree with me or not, it will end because we can’t afford it. That’s where it’s always ended throughout history, that’s what the financial crisis is telling us. The welfare state will end because the money will quit working and we will no longer be able to afford to promote what we’re doing around the world, and the sooner we realize that the better. But today it’s only financed because we have this monetary system because we can’t possibly tax the people, we can’t borrow much more, so we’re still relying on the Federal Reserve. So what has the Federal Reserve done in this last year or so?

Congress has spent hundreds of billions trying to bailout the system. Republicans are now voting against this, which is good, I’m delighted with that but it’s a little bit late, but they’re voting against it. But what about…

What is the Federal Reserve doing? We talk about 800 billion dollars and it’s a big deal; the Federal Reserve does it in trillions. We’re up to a commitment of 9 trillion dollars. We in Congress and you as citizens have no idea what’s going on, and it’s government totally out of control and it’s to take care of their buddies. They pumped this money into the industries and what happens? They get out, they get huge, billions and billions of dollars worth of bonuses, and then they go and buy Treasury Bills to keep the dollar from crashing because they will leave the Treasury Bills eventually, so they bail out their friends and the bonuses are paid and the American people suffer, because in the age of inflation the middle class gets wiped out. The characteristic of inflation is the wiping out of the middle class and enhancing the wealthy. So it’s an economic and political system that is here to destroy us, and here to destroy our freedom unless we understand what freedom is all about.

Freedom comes to us in a natural way; it’s in a God given way. It is not given to us because we belong to a group; there’s no such thing as Women’s Rights and Minority Rights and Gay Rights and all these things. There’s only one type of right and that is an individual right that has come to us from God.

To defend that right, it’s like defending Freedom of the Press. Freedom of the Press gives people the right to write controversial things and engage in controversial discussions. Otherwise you would have prior restraint and the government would come in and tell newspapers and radio what they could say and do. Nobody wants that.

But every single day we have prior restraint on everything we do in the marketplace. Every market transaction, every labor transaction, every dollar transaction, every property transaction is done only with the permission of the government.

So we now have moved a major step in the direction of socialism, and they talk about nationalism and nationalizing the banks, well the name isn’t as important as the control. We’re closer to a fascist system where the government has total control of our lives and our economy, and that is what has to be stopped.

But if we understand what freedom means for Freedom of the Press and no prior restraint, we also cannot ask Conservatives to say that we have to have prior restraint on individuals on their social behavior, that we can regulate social behavior.

We have some people defending economic liberty rather well, and others defending social liberty, and yet it’s all one and the same; the founders understood that. And if we could only put that together, people would have freedom of choice in their economic and social endeavors. The only thing is, under that system you have to be responsible for yourself; if you do harm to yourself or don’t take care of yourself economically, you can’t go crawling to the government and begging and pleading and demanding. We get involved too much in social legislation because some of the states want to do the right thing, whether it has to do with marriage and other social issues, and the states under the Constitution have a right to do this. But they’ve been denied this right because it goes to a Federal Court, the Supreme Court and they rule and throw out these laws; they should not even hear these cases.

That is why my approach to dealing with the marriage issue, the abortion issue, any social issue is that the jurisdiction is removed. It’s taken out of the Federal Courts and we could do a lot more in what we want to do whether it’s right to life rather than waiting until we have control of the Supreme Court rule or waiting until you amend the Constitution. This bill can be passed and it should have been passed when we had the majority. Unfortunately there was very little interest in it but the We The People Act that I have is one bill that could pass and it could have saved millions and millions of lives by preventing abortion by state law.

I’ve introduced a few pieces of legislation dealing with the Federal Reserve. One is to get rid of the Federal Reserve by all practicalities. All practicalities, we cannot do that; it would be chaotic. My real position is that you legalize competition, legalize the Constitution; that would be a bold step. In allowing competition that would take care of it but there is one piece of legislation that’s getting a lot of attention and support on both sides of the aisle, something that would be great if you get behind, and it was just introduced yesterday and the number is 1207, and what it is going to do and can do is to audit the Federal Reserve. At least we can find out what they’re doing.

The law says that the GAO has the right to audit the Federal Reserve except for A, B, C, D and E, and that’s everything that they do. So by law they are prohibited, we’re prohibited from auditing or getting any answers from the Fed, yet they have more money and more control over our lives and your dollars and your future. They have control over the foreign policy and the domestic policy, and you don’t have any right to know anything about it because I can’t even get the information. It has to come about by the passage of legislation like this, that demands that they are not independent and totally secret and that they can rule this country through the power of creating money. It’s a monstrous fraud; it is something that has existed throughout history where the king gets control of the money and they inflate the currency and dilute the metals and print the money and whatever, but it has to stop and if we don’t, believe me, this thing will get much worse. So this to me is a major step in the right direction.

I want to go ahead and close and say that I am strongly encouraged especially by the young people I’ve talked to in the last year. They’re enthusiastic about liberty, defending it consistently, defending the Constitution and realizing that the situation we have today is unworkable; the Social Security System is unworkable. And that we can defend all this by defending our Constitution, defend the rule of law, understanding where our rights come from and say “Yes, we want our freedom back and we will assume the responsibility for ourselves.” Thank you very much.

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  • Kendall Andrews

    Anyone who says “Well I supported Ron Paul in the primaries, but now I support Obama, blah, blah, blah,” is either uneducated or just someone who buys into hype. Doctor Ron Paul is not only a completely different person than Obama, but comes to the table with a completely different philosophy. One that truly represents freedom, and one that truly can get this country out of debt and improve the economy. Obama is even less fiscally conservative than Bush, and is the biggest proponent of big government we have ever had in the White House. If the 8 years of Bush wasn’t enough to wake up this nation to elect Doctor Paul, than I guess the upcoming 4 years of even more government, of even more socialism probably will. It is scary to think of where this country has arrived too, and even more scary to think of where we are currently going. However the nation will wake up eventually, right?

  • Daniel

    did someone say Obamanation of Desolation? You certainly won’t hear if from mainstream news and Ron certainly knows that if he wants to continue doing the good that he does then he will guard his words, but it would have been nice if he’d spent a little more time naming the thiefs so that justice could be served. We are not talking about Democrats or Republicans, those who play that game are either ignorant and/or pawns of the global elite. You ever wondering why the media never mentions certain names or groups like Rockerfellar or Bilderberg, they know who pays the checks. Wake up people, its only by a collective stand against tyrany that we have a chance at regaining our freedom.

  • JenTex

    Go Ron Paul! We support you 100% and we know what you stand for. Now we are ready for you to lead us in a movement for change. Show us the way! Better make it quick, we don’t have much time!


  • CarolinCanada

    Ron Paul. Man on a mission. He is loved and respected world wide! The world is watching and listening, because what you guys do in the “good ole U.S.A.” affects all of us in the world. God Bless Ron Paul and all of you for standing firm against this tyranny that is threatening to take over the entire Earth in a return to the old feudal system of power/control and slavery to the super wealthy. We stand with you in your fight.

  • I’m taxed to death, too. I wonder if I can apply for a bail out of my tax bill? LOL

    I worked hard on my government contract and bought a 4000 sf home on 13 acres.

    I was asked to meet a government person in an empty house. This is how our government negotiates contracts. In this meeting, I was told if I didn’t turn over my project to an 8(a) company (using H1B visa numbers) then the government would award my contract through back doors, to the corporation they hired to represent the government.

    I refused to turn over my trade secrets. The government carried out their threats. I ended up losing my home and my business.

    I moved out of Georgia because no one will hire me because Robins AFB is afraid of BRAC and negative stories. I’m not living in Tennessee, in a little camper. There is absolutely NO WAY I can pay my tax bill, which was a result of losing my contract. I couldn’t pay the tax bill without the contract. Now, it has accumulated interest since 2oo2, and I’m in court fighting as best as I can against Robins AFB.

    I’m furious that H1B visa and illegal aliens have replaced Americans in the job market. How on earth can H1B visa foreigners get security clearance for military contracts and given access to secret information about our military? And, worse yet, involved in bribery? Like they’re going to keep secrets when they violate our laws?

    I’m fed up with litigation when the courts have a commercial interest in the defense contractor. And they have recently bought out shares of Lehman Bro. Does this make them part owner of the Federal Reserve?


    I wish Congress would resign.

  • Matt

    Anyone still defending the current President or the other choices we had aside from Ron Paul do not understand Ron Paul’s message. It is a total departure from what we have been taught to believe in this country. If you research the founding fathers and the development of the US, you will find that Ron Paul’s philosophy falls directly in line with that of the founding fathers and their intent for this country.

    Our government is out of control, the only reason we have accepted it, is because it is all we have ever known. Forget about Republican or Democrat as these parties currently exist, neither one operates completely under the direction of the Constitution. You can’t choose which parts of the Constitution apply, it is some or all. Ron Paul chooses ALL of it and more importantly, the original version without some of the most adulterating amendments, such as the 16th amendment.

    The party politics in Washington must be shaken up. Think Whigs and Federalists, they are no longer on the ballot. Ron Paul is serious about the ‘Revolution’ as the US requires “a sudden, complete or marked change in something”; or the more literal definition, “an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed”. Ironically, however, this revolution is not intended to start a new form of government, but rather return to the original government and economic system that made this country a world leader in just 100 yrs.

  • Disclaimer: I’ll admit, I hated Government class in high school. With that said, you can imagine I only ask these questions out of ignorance and I regret listening in school.

    Okay, why is it that only the Republicans and Democrats are in control? Why do we have to write in third parties on our ballots? Why is there so much money required before a candidate can run for president, and last of all, why does the media only support the two major parties?

    If the media would report equally about the other candidates, you would think people would break out of the two-party system for REAL change.

    Is there a law that prevents third party candidates from getting equal access to ballots and media attention?

    • Gary

      We The People…allowed this to happen. …..Now they pick us off one at a time!

  • First off, Jack”ass”, you’re not a neocon — you voted for the Bamboozler — action is character.

    “O” was elected not for his ‘promises to the people’ but because too many dumbasses wanted a ‘change’, had too much white guilt and are too stupid to make an informed and rational decision based on the facts and more importantly what the the US Constitution warrants.

    I could go on and on but it would be wasted breath — on a ding dong no less. Hope it all works out for you as you stand amid the ruins of your socialist utopia. I’ll die first with a fight before I let this country go the way of the cowards.

  • LOL @ freedomvoice. I’ve wondered the same thing. Since Congress is filled with corruption (and so are the courts who fail to act on complaints) I would say we need to start over and set up an entirely new government that acts for “we the people”.

    If I was in charge, I would go through all the laws and overturn any law that gave rights to lobbyists and corporations to donate to politicians and judges. I don’t believe any member of the government should be allowed to receive funding from corporations..period!

    If individuals within a corporation want to donate…fine. However, the influence corporations have over legislation is not in the best interest of the people, but rather, for the corporations. When the government uses taxes to bail out failed corporations, you have to question why. It makes me wonder if members of Congress have stocks or other personal interests in the corporations who get stimulus funding or bail out funding.

    Not to mention, I don’t think any member of Congress should receive funding from foreigners. Didn’t Obama get a lot of money for his campaign from the Middle East? (Some of those supporters despise America and Israel)

    I don’t think we have a government by and for the people. I think every member of Congress is either 1 or both of these:

    1. Bought and controlled by corporate/lobbyists/activists
    2. If not bought, then too afraid to stand up against those who are bought…which makes them just as guilty and unworthy of their office.

    The only thing that scares me is that Americans are going to get so fed up with the outlaw government that they are going to start a civil war. When people have gone through all the administrative procedures available to them, and there is corruption in the courts and government, what is left?

    I pray Americans will maintain their composure and do everything they can to get control of things under the Constitution and not resort to violence. How much more can people take when their jobs are handed to illegal aliens?

    I wrote in another forum, like this, that I am in debt to the IRS in excess of $20,000 and they wont’ even take $100/month in payment terms. They said the interest is more than that. MY IRS bill has increased by thousands of dollars in interest alone.

    Yet, illegal aliens tap into our system and live free of taxes. Their medical bills are paid. I have over $3000 in unpaid medical bills that are ruining my credit.

    My mother has to pay back her social security she received, yet illegal aliens get it when they didn’t pay into it.

    My Defense contract was given over to people from India, who were involved in bribery.

    How much more can we take? And where is justice for America? Do we even have a Constitution any more?

    • Gary

      Annie get your guns! Yes I wholeheartedly agree this system is shot. I had the same problem with my representatives. They just wear you out with letter writing over and over that go’s nowhere and accomplishes nothing, besides you getting red-flagged. We will never change this system peacefully. Our founding fathers tried that with England. History repeats itself. A day of reconning is approaching. The next civil unrest will make the civil war look like childs play. It is not what I want but what I think is about to happen. People are fed up. It will only take a spark to ignite it. Just wait until people realize everything they ever worked for is gone and they will die in debt! This spending is out of control. I remember just before my father passed, he said to me that they will not be happy until they have it all and you are left begging. He was a strong man or at least he portrayed that image to his children. But the day he spoke of this, the fear in his eyes.I never saw that fear until this moment in time. He fought WW2 and he questioned what did he fight for if his children have been betrayed by the very same country that sends us to wars. Is this the American dream? Why am I a 2nd class citizen in my own country?

    • Freedomvoice

      Start now
      Find out if you can oust them out in your state.
      I looked and we cannot do it in NC
      But if you can all it will take is signatures and the signatures get the ballot wrote up. Contact the one that ran against the House or Senate person and see if they want to run or let the public know and get a new person on the ballot like they did Aarnold in CA.

      I would have the signatures ready if I could do it in NC. Kaye Hagen voted for the mess and she is in the baking sector.

      This is a tax and spend like I’ve never seen in my life. I doubt it would amount to the Carter, Clinton, and the two Bushes spending packages all rolled into one.

      Not only the taxing but the controlling of American’s that is in the bill is down right freightening.

      We got to move and move now.

  • Janet

    We have been blindsided by Barak Obama, and the mainstream media, who covered up his extreme left wing principles.
    The spending bill that Obama wrote into law, is out of control. What??? we are going to pay for everyone who are not willing to go to work, we need to take care of ourselves, it is not the governments responsiblity. I am very worried, I am praying for this nation that we will open their eyes to the truth, wake up people!!!.
    Thankyou RonPaul.

  • Freedomvoice

    I would just like to know. Can we march on Washing and throw them out. Is there anything out there such as the likes of a petition that we could get a new election and throw them all out? With the elected people in Washington American citizens don’t need enemies.

    We cannot wait two years. I know if CA can throw out a Governor then there are states out there that can do the same and if we start throwing out Senators and Congressmen who are helping to get this mess passed then maybe we could throw enough House and Senate people out to slow down the madiness.

    Who has a state where we can beging to petition and get them out of office?

    Lets get to work.

    • Gary

      It’s not that easy and they made it so. They are entrenched. And most American’s aren’t that smart, this last election proved that. Consider yourself one of the lucky one’s to have a brain to think and be aware of what’s happening around you…you are at this site. Join any Liberty organization, any watchdog group, join or at least become familar with the Libertarian or Constitutional Party. Support these organizations wholehaertedly. Educate anyone who is willing to open their eyes & ears!

    • WhirlwindInTheHouse

      Great Idea. Throw all the bums out and have true conservatives ready to replace them. Even better.. gear up to vote in the right people on the next election. If you are not registered to vote get on it and get ready. We need everyone on this.

  • Gary Kiesel

    I am very liberal and agree with the majority of what paul said. I suported him in the republican primaries and gravel and kucinch in the democratic primaries, ultimatly I voting for Nader.
    Now i want to say i strongly disagree with obama on so many issues and hope that people don’t look at him and decide that thats what librals are all about.
    While he talks like martin luther king jr., he has a voting record like G.W. Bush.

    I want to say i am a liberal, i strongy appose the bailouts, and beleive no buisness should be too big to fail. I strongly opose this stimulus package. I strongly appose the war in afganistan. I strongly appose nuclear energy. I strongly appose increased millitary spending and more burocracy. I strongly appose his health care plan and strongly support H.R. 676. I strongly beleive the bush administration should be held accountable for the they’re high crimes. I strongly beleive Ombama should be in prison for his hand in the passage of the patriot act! I am a true liberal and he he embarrases me.

    I coin a new term neo-liberal Obama is to me as Bush(neo-con) is to paul(conservative)

    Don’t blame me i voted for Nader.. on a paper ballot.
    ya feel me?

    • Gary

      Hi Gary…sounds to me that you are not a liberal at all…if those are your beliefs. Sounds like you fall somewhere between a Libertarian or a constitutionalist.

  • Marie

    waiting for two years to pass judgement? What drugs are you taking. News Flash, wall street is PLUNGING EVERYDAY he’s speaking. He’s destorying all of us and you’re singing Kumbaya.

  • Peter

    Give Obama two years? Two years to prove how dishonest he is? He signed a Bill to Prevent Lobbyists from working in the Whitehouse. But then turned around and handed out 4 waivers. He promised transparency in Goverment then cheered for a Stimulus Package that was written behind locked doors. He promised not to hire “Typical Washington Insiders” and yet has appointed for office nothing but Washington Insiders.

    Obama is pure politician. Complete with all the right attributes to play the political game.We need people like Ron Paul.Not another typical politician.

  • I agree with you Arnold, about the telling the truth, but I have lost hope for all the parties. No matter who is running for president, senate or house, they will say what the people want to hear, then do what best suits the interests of those who fund their campaigns.

    When I say “fund their campaigns”, I certainly don’t mean “we the people”. I mean “we the corporations of the United States of America”.

    I’m in five courts right now trying to get ANYONE in Congress to help, but Senator Chambliss’ staff refused to help me. The key defendant is one of his supporters and I was told he was dependent on the defendant to raise funding for him.

    Same thing happened with Senator Isakson, Congressman Kingston, Congressman Marshall and Governor Perdue. Each one receives funding from the defendants, their lawyers and their lobbyists. In fact, the defendant and their lobbyists are two of Kingston’s top donors.

    The members of Congress could care less about us. They only care about the sweetheart deals corporations give to the politicians, their friends and their families.

    I wish there were a way to get rid of the corporate handouts to politicians. What’s even more madening is how these corporations bypass the legal limit in campaign donations.

    Let’s say Ron Paul needs money for his campaign. Let’s say Coca Cola wants to get a law passed. They need to have Paul in their pockets to influence legislation. They can only give a certain amount in donation, which won’t be enough to buy Paul.

    The way to buy a politician? “Hire” them to do a speech or something. “Pay” them an huge sum of money for their service.

    Walla. You get to “buy” the politician of your choice.

    Sickening isn’t it? Then, all “we the people” get is promises made during campaigns, but broken promises when elected. It was the corporate interests they were after.

    Don’t you wonder who bought Congress and Obama to get the stimulus bill passed? “Change.” “Yes we can”

    Read: “Suckers” “Yes you did” Now here’s the bill you’ll pay for the corporate buddies.

    • Austin

      Politicians are people too. Although most must be greedy – judging from the record – some are trying to do good. Ron Paul is! Look at his record. He’s not full of hot air!

  • Ron Paul Follower

    I have to agree with Austin. We need to be stopping the hemorrhage first. This can be done by canceling out all the foreign policy, securing our borders and removing those who are criminals and here illegally, enforcing our laws and our borders, and getting rid of the lobbyists in DC who are giving the motivation to a bunch of crooked lawyers to run for office. Quit spending, and start rebuilding our country rather than all the other countries of the world. If others want democracy, then they’re welcome to come her but they should LEARN THE LANGUAGE and become Americans. Fit into our society, maybe even get a job and pay taxes, and for heaven’s sake even get valid identification and maybe even a social security number? Then they’re welcome to have all the freedoms their hearts can stand.

  • Peter sisca


    • Al Cashion

      Revolution is exactly what it’s going to take. TAx revolts. Marches. Non- violent civil disobedience. We’re all gonna have to reach down and grab a pair if we love or children and grandchildren.

  • “Barack Obama was elected based on the promises he has made, and we really can’t make a judgment about his performance until at least a couple of years after he has been elected.”

    You’re joking, right?

    I’ll make a judgment right now about his performance and I’m not waiting until a couple of years later. He’s broke promises and it isn’t even his first quarter finished yet!!

    Fiscal responsibility? Surely you can’t say those words in the same sentence that contains Obama in it. Apparently, you haven’t looked at the stimulus bill.

    Your support of him wreaks of blind support without knowing what you’re saying. That’s most likely how he won the election…that and all the dead people that voted.

    True loan? Oh gracious! It’s a handout for crying out loud. What are you, his appointed spokes person spewing out propaganda? The only Americans that will buy into your comment are Obama supporters, no doubt.

  • Jack

    I supported Ron Paul during the Republican Primary. When he did not win, I switched my support to Barack Obama. I think Ron Paul is making some great points but he must keep in mind that just like himself, Barack Obama was elected based on the promises he has made, and we really can’t make a judgment about his performance until at least a couple of years after he has been elected. The reason I switched my support to Obama was because he is much more fiscally conservative than most Republicans, as he originally based his very candidacy for president on his opposition to the Iraq War. As far as the Marijuana issue goes, he supports legalizing it for medical uses which is a BIG step forward. As far as the “corporations” go, Obama has already taken steps to return the taxpayers the money that went to AIG and Freddie-Mac under President Bush. The type of lending that Obama is advocating for companies ( to stimulate the economy) is a TRUE LOAN meaning that the money will be returned to taxpayers with a year. In my opinion this is a vast improvement from the direct corporate welfare that Republicans other than Ron Paul have been forcing us to fund. As far as Ron Paul himself goes (and again these are the reasons I supported him), he openly supported using military force in Afghanistan to defeat Al-Qaeda (wait what did Ron Paul say about a 9/11 investigation?), and his platform included funding state programs by cutting the amount of tax dollars going to politicians. After he lost the Republican primary, he said that if he had to choose between Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain, he would pick Obama because he has the best foreign policy (Here is a link of Ron Paul saying this: So now Ron Paul, I ask you one thing, are you really fighting for our liberty, or are you trying to please every possible voter for your own personal power just like a lot of the politicians already out there? I know a lot of you who read this are ready to rant by now, so if you think I’m a brainwashed neo-con, I dare you to find another brain-washed neo-con that thinks this critically!

    • Sean

      Fiscally conservative?!?!? He is spending trillions!!

      • Arnold

        The Republicans have spent trillions. Have you been asleep. I supported Ron Paul but when I here him out right lie about free this and free that it make my blood boil.
        You people need to start speaking honestly and stop this propaganda campaign of disinformation.
        After all has been said and done the deficit through the Bush 2 years is supposed to come in around $8 to 10 trillion.
        If you truly want to grow your movement start being honest with people or they will never give you another chance.

      • TexasLady

        36 $$$ Billion $$$ a day since he was sworn in..Fiscally conservative! Yeah when pigs fly.

      • Christine

        It’s not so much the president or the party as it is the FED behind the president that runs and controls our government…and we never vote those folks in! End the FED.

        This is why the parties seem a lot alike…because the FED behind them is still running the same agenda and wants the president to co-operate in executing their plans. We can argue past presidents actions and the current one and get nowhere, because the real problem is the FED who controls our government in secrecy and its involvement in (not independence from) our government.

        the FED is the reason we don’t get

        …the plans on the campaign trail, presidents turn out to be liars
        …what the American people want

        HR 1207… gaining more co-sponsors by the week!
        Audit the FED, then abolish it.

        Obmama wants to give the FED the responsibility of regulating the banks (they have already been in control of the banks), but this is a display of how the President of USA is used and controlled by the Monster from Jekyll Island…the FED, the elite bankers. The FED is asserting itself through the president and wants their involvement in our banks to be law. They want power over the money and eventually the world, but we want our Freedoms and Liberties back. The two are diabolically opposed.

      • I have a few paragraphs for you to remember… Any president that’s going to get picked/supported/selected financially by the corporations and not the people, it is automatically going to be a corrupted president. (It is given) Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain and/or whoever!

        Ron Paul is gaining financial support by the people because the corporations would hate to have him as the president of this country because he would get rid of them (example,he’d get rid if the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK, National Banking system, UN Army all over the world, Policing the world, Bowing etc… so when Ron Paul takes office and he does what he preaches now, the out come would be very clear. It is going to be a sound n honest system controlled and created by the people for the people with constitutional rights and less government.

        P.S Obama SUCKS because he is a “selected president” by the major corporations to carry out/support their agendas/bailouts and not us the people.

        If America does not wake up to elect Ron Paul for 2012, it will be the end of this country for sure with out a doubt, world bankers and corporations will take over 100% by putting us in so much debt that it will be impossible to pay back.

        GO RON PAUL! President for 2012!

    • Bret

      Asking Ron Paul to pick between Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain is like asking someone to pick between Hitler, Mussolini or Stalin.

    • Kevin

      Wait two years? Are you insane?! After 8 years of Bush no President following him deserves any breathing room. He needs hounded day and night, especially in light that he’s carry on with much of Bush’s policies. Sorry there is no honeymoon and their is no time for wait and see. He was for going after Al-Qaeda, not occupying the country. As someone who supported him, you should know that. He chose Obama, because at the time Obama seemed very different from the other two foreign policy-wise. Now, like many, he’s realized differently. Obama even suckered the anti-war progressives, so there you go. Obama’s relentless spending, is the same crap Hoover and FDR (who criticized Hoover’s spending to get elected) did. You calling him fiscally conservative is the most laughable statement I have ever seen. Those “loans” will never be paid back and we will go into a much worse depression, because he will have to “loan” more and more money (that we don’t have) out. As for the 9/11 Commission goes, he called it what it was…a charade.

    • Austin

      I’m sorry – but if you’re still writing about McCain or Obama – you just don’t understand what Ron Paul is really talking about! This is night and day! McCain and Obama are a good match for President / Vice President. Thinking critically? Study our money system! You don’t understand how it works! If you did – we could argue – but how can you think critically when you’re still talking about where money should be spent? I’m guessing you have a mortgage and a loan on your car and you’re figuring out how you can afford the next best thing. That’s what the government is doing. LOANS… LOANS… LOANS. The more you have the more shit you can bye! We need to cut spending! CUT. There’s a difference between cutting spending and moving money around to different areas! And the war… How sad and pathetic are we Americans who don’t give a shit about killing someone else – as long as we don’t die. Support the troops!??? That’s a bullshit line started by the liberal left so that when they had to take over the war it wouldn’t seem so bad – because… well “I support the troops!” NO!!!! Supporting the troops would be voting on everything and everyone that would bring them back and stop these modern day crusades of spreading democracy!! Critical thinker!? Read a history book!

      I’d also like to add I’ve been a democrat all my life! Ron Paul’s not a Republican! Not that I can tell. He’s something else! He’s what we need before we all fall asleep! He’s our true savior – not Obama!

      Jack, Get with the Revolution or stand on the other side! There’s no more arguing left to do! Your points are invalid at this point! They don’t even make sense to our ears! We want freedom – and if you don’t understand that – you’re just another brainwashed neo-con that thinks he thinks critical. We can make judgement on Obama now! Because of what he has promised! We don’t need to wait and see. His promises are horrible ideas and that’s suppose to be the best possible scenario – a politician keeping his promises.

    • Fawnzarelle

      and we really can’t make a judgment about his performance until at least a couple of years after he has been elected. WHAT? Obama has already spent more than Bush’s 8 years in his first 40 days in office!! WAKE UP! as for your comment about money the first 6 years under Bush this nation prospered it was finally when the bad deals the democrates pushed into law with their mentality that “EVERYONE is INTITLED to a house even if they can’t afford it” moreover even if it iss a greedy loan shark deal(gov’t Indy brothers)…welcome to national/socialism pal! WELFARE just got BIGGER buddy noone is getting paid off but the corporate swindlers. Enjoy your new way of life – hope you don’t choke on it.

    • Gary

      So Jack let me grasp your though process. 1st you were for RP but switched to OneBigAssMistakeAmerica. Two completely different mindsets here. I am lost with your train of thought & reasoning. omaba has lied, lied lied! He has done just the opposite of everything he promise. If you need a better understanding of what RP promotes check out the Libertarian Party or the Constitutional Party, very different than what the two party system offers us now,which is just more of the same,just a different face spewing the deception. obama said no more earmarks, 8500 earmarks in the stimulus bill(SCAMUS BILL). obama gives ‘great make me feel good and I now have hope speechs’, but they lack any clairity or substance. A man is only as good as the people he surrounds himself with. Look who obama surrounded himself with, old school politicians that were & are the cause of our problems. Same old, same old. Look beyond the man. mccain, hillary, obama, all the same. And now he supports the bankers, the federal resevere, and anyone else with their hand out. And in the end you will be left with the bill. Ron Paul was the only one who stood heads & tails above the other candidates. Wake Up Jake, get a grasp, read the constitution, reread it then look at everything he has ACCOMPLISHED in his 1st 40 days. I know one thing he has done and that is consolidating his power base for the 2012 election through some pretty crafty politicing sofar!

    • Freedomvoice

      I don’t think we have two years. This is not normal tax and spend. This is Poukulus big time bill. This is payback to the people, corporates, countries, PACK, etc. that has elected him. 75% plus only relay on the Media for news and the real truth about him never came out. Where does a little known man get this power? He is a puppet on a string. This is the worst kind of leader because you have the hidden chronies pushing his buttons.
      We need to begin to call back the votes of House and Senate members in states that allows us the option to slow the mess down. If CA and have a rerun of their election then we can use the same power in the other 49 states to get rid of the Puppets and low lifes in DC.
      This is the only peaceful means of letting them know we mean business and we are not taking it anymore.
      I’m driving a ten year old car. I am debt free becaues I live like a palper. I done without my tech toys and nice clothes and cars. NOW the Government wants me to pay the corporates and buy someone a home that over spent on the second mortage credit cards? There is something wrong with this picture.
      By the way the states that are doing all this spending. It will be cut off in two years and who will be taxed to keep it up? US.

      I’m taxed to death and I cannot see daylight in the next passed my retirement years. I tired of working for people who are lazy, roothless, and not accountable for their actions.


    • AreUkiddingME?

      I think you’re lying and a liberal. First – you don’t support the only Liberterian and when he doesn’t win you go to the most radical Marxist this country has ever seen? You’ve a very confused person.

    • AreUkiddingME?

      I think you’re lying and a liberal. First – you don’t support the only Liberterian and when he doesn’t win you go to the most radical Marxist this country has ever seen? You’ve a very confused person.

      If you’re truly taxed to death like the rest of us conservative believe – why would you vote for someone who will raise your taxes?

    • Marcus

      The only problem is he didn’t vote for either of those 3. I am 100% positive that Ron Paul voted for Constitional Party Candidate Chuck Baldwin..A real conservative, against the war, Against the fed, against raising taxes, for securing the borders.. Honestly if you had any kind of brain you would have voted 3rd party and done what Ron Paul told his supporters to do.

      Now to vote for obama, that is like throwing away all your principles and belief in American Liberty. Give me a break

    • Marcus

      The only problem is he didn’t vote for either of those 3. I am 100% positive that Ron Paul voted for Constitional Party Candidate Chuck Baldwin..A real conservative, against the war, Against the fed, against raising taxes, for securing the borders.. Honestly if you had any kind of brain you would have voted 3rd party and done what Ron Paul told his supporters to do.

      Now to vote for obama, that is like throwing away all your principles and your belief’s in American Liberty. Give me a break

    • Brian G.

      Fiscally conservative? What a joke. How was his campaign fiscally conservative when he was promising massive new government spending programs such as universal health care? How anyone could support both Ron Paul, who wants to dismantle the welfare state, and Barack Obama, who wants to expand it, is beyond me. You clearly have no sound principles.

    • Al Cashion

      What are you smokin’??

    • Joe

      I don’t need to have my arms cut off for two years to know it sucks…..I don’t need to have some terrible disease for two years to know it sucks…..I can tell he sucks right now.