Ron Paul’s Speech at CPAC 2009

Event: CPAC 2009
Channel: C-SPAN
Speaker: Ron Paul
Date: 2/27/2009


John Tate: Thank you. My family’s not even here so… Well I’m glad to be here back at CPAC, celebration of conservatism, freedom and yes, liberty. But more importantly I am proud to be here to introduce a good friend of mine, Congressman Ron Paul.

For those of you that don’t know, Congressman Paul served proudly in the US Air Force as a flight surgeon. He’s a country doctor, an OB-GYN who’s delivered over 4,000 babies; more importantly he’s been married to his wife Carol for 52 years; they have 5 children, 18 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild.

He’s a true man of principle, arguably the most principled man in Washington, a good friend of mine, the American taxpayer and the Constitution, Dr. Ron Paul.

Ron Paul: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Crowd (chanting): Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul!

Ron Paul: Good. If you keep that up I won’t have to talk very long. Very good. Thank you very much for that very nice welcome. It’s good to be among friends.

I give a lot of speeches over on the hill, I give a lot of speeches on the floor, lo and behold, I don’t get that kind of applause, because I don’t think they’re on the same wavelength as you and I are on. I think there’s a disconnect, and of course that’s what this struggle is all about. I think in many ways the Conservative movement has had a struggle defining a Conservative.

We finally got the Conservatives in charge. We have been struggling ever since Barry Goldwater, and Ronald Reagan, the Revolution in 1994, and the continuation in the year 2000; we finally get the House and the Senate and the Presidency. And what did we do? We doubled the size of the Department of Education. I thought we were supposed to get rid of the Department of Education.

So I have a few suggestions on how you can identify a Conservative. First of all, they have to be devoted to and willing to stand by and defend the Constitution. And of course there’s another position they ought to take; many have, many in this room will take that position, but it is absolutely necessary, a good Conservative will start talking about and preaching on why we have to get rid of the Federal Reserve System.

Crowd (chanting): End the Fed! End the Fed! End the Fed! End the Fed! End the Fed!

Ron Paul: And then we could, we’re devoted to the Constitution, rule of law is very, very important; you can’t ignore the Constitution when you don’t like something, what you have to do is if you don’t like it you have to amend it. And I would like to make some amendments; I would like to remove two of them, the 16th and the 17th Amendment.

Though we’ve certainly gotten ourselves into a mess because the Conservative movement that was designed to bring us back to our roots, like limited government, smaller government, more individual liberty; it hasn’t happened. And now, since we did not do the job we were supposed to do, the opposition has taken over and guess what, they’re criticizing the Republicans and the Conservatives for not having balanced the budget. But does that mean they’re going to do that? No! They’re going to make us look like pikers, they’re going to double and triple and quadruple the spending. I mean it is endless. Believe me, we’re in serious trouble.

That is why I talk a lot to young people. The young people are very interested in what I talk about, and the young in sprit are also interested in what I talk about. But the young people especially are interested because they know what they’re getting. They know they’re getting a bad deal; they’re getting nothing but debt.

In the past 12 months our national debt went up 1.5 trillion dollars, and next year it’s going to be more. They’re hoping it will be 1.7 this year total, but then it could be 2 or it could be 3; the numbers are irrelevant. And we’re in an atmosphere now where if we can accept the idea that the taxpayers can pay that bailout, everybody on Wall Street, bailout the banks and big business, there is nothing that can’t be funded, nothing that can’t be appropriated, everything will be appropriated. There will be no cuts; there will only be one limitation on what we have going on today and that limitation will be the value of the dollar.

Today we are still privileged to print dollars, and the world is still unbelievably taking those dollars, but that is going to end, and when that ends the party is over. Most people think the party’s already over but it’s only half over. The financial system that we have built and have lived with started in 1971; it was the dollar standard, the fiat dollar standard. The financial system has been totally built on that system and it was doomed to fail. As a matter of fact, it was that very day in August of 1971 in August 15th when the Bretton Woods agreement finally came undone and the last link to gold was removed.

Then I knew that we have embarked on the course that we are on today, but that system has built this monstrosity of a financial system worldwide like it never been in the history of the world; we are the biggest debtor nation in the world, and it’s not just United States that’s in trouble, it’s the whole world. But that financial system has come unglued, but the next shoe to drop will be the disintegration of the dollar. So we as Conservatives and believers in limited government and believers in the Constitution, we have a tough race to restrain the big spenders before that happens, because when that happens what is threatened is our liberty. The main purpose of a government in a free society should be the preservation of liberty.

Fortunately we live in a country that knew something about that and emphasized that in our early years, but we have forgotten it, we have lost our confidence. We are not determined to present the case for liberty, we have chopped liberty up into pieces: we have economic liberty, we have social liberty, we have a foreign policy that’s built on just total fallacies. So we have to put this all back together again, and fortunately we have something that can pull it back together, and that is the understanding of the founding fathers that put it into our Constitution. This means that if we follow the rules and did the job right we wouldn’t have a welfare state.

The job that we have, we as believers and those that spread this message, the job we have is to present this case and still prove that we are the humanitarians. The liberal do-gooders, the big spenders who say that we’re going to give you a free house to everybody, free medical care to everybody, free education; that’s preposterous, but they still win the last election, had something to do with that. Everything is going to be for free, and yet the proof is, if you care about your fellowmen there is only one way you can maximize prosperity and maximize freedom and that is through the rule of law and making sure that everybody understands that liberty is an individual thing and not a collective right.

If we want to get our House in order we have to address the subject of foreign policy. There was a time when Conservatives had a completely different foreign policy. Back in the older days, back when we had a Robert Taft and others; they had a different understanding about what our foreign policy ought to be. They were so old-fashioned they believed we had to follow the Constitution and it was designed to defend this country; nothing more than that. Not the giving away of our sovereignty, not to listen to the UN and the World Bank and the IMF and the WTO; we don’t need any of those.

Today in the midst of the turmoil that we have there is a strong behind the scenes movement toward even a greater presence of world government. They want to solve this problem by internationalizing the financial system; the last 20, 30 years it’s been internationalized but we had a privilege, we got to print the gold so we had an advantage, we lived off others, but that’s coming to an end. We’re the biggest debtor and soon that debt will be called. But, they’re trying now to put this together and they’re going to internationalize it, it is going to be more of the same internationalism, WTO and regulations and banking system.

The only thing that we have going for us, it is impossible for that system to last and to work, because you cannot have a fiat system whether it’s a single country or an international government, to make paper money work. That is why the money issue is so important, that in a free society you have to have honest money; honest money is what the founders described as and that says that only gold and silver should be legal tender.

But we ought to address the subject of foreign policy. Part of the reasons why we lost this last election was the foreign policy issue. Generally speaking, the presidential candidate who argues the case for less war mongering will win the election and of course Obama took the advantage of it; he said “I’m going to end the war in Iraq and I’m going to bring those troops home and solve all the problems,” and he won the election. So this generally is the case, but the truth is, foreign policy hasn’t changed.

We should be looking more to what George Bush said in the year 2000; he was strongly critical of the Clinton years, of nation building and being the policeman of the world, what we were doing in Bosnia and Somalia; and he won the election. He said some very, very good things but after that he again joined the internationalists. Joined this idea that the American taxpayers, you, have an obligation to take care of everybody and police the world and put our military out there and be exposed to all this danger. It doesn’t make any sense; this is literally what bankrupts the country. You see, international expenditures, it cost us a trillion dollars a year to take care of our foreign policy and that cannot last. It is coming to an end.

As a matter of fact, the person most pleased with our foreign policy is Osama Bin Laden, because he has written about this and he said, “I am going to get you to come over here and we’ll fight you on our sand and we will do what we did to the Soviets.” Of course we helped him do what he did to the Soviets because we subsidized and supported him to drain the Soviets, and he said he will do the same thing. He will eventually bankrupt this country, and lo and behold we are weaker for it, our military personnel are fatigued. I was very proud of what happened last year in the campaign, because I talked about the old Conservative Republican non-interventionist Constitutional foreign policy and we and our campaign, got the most money than any candidate from the military.

But historically, great nations end when they overextend themselves overseas whether it’s back to the Roman days, or the Soviets or whatever. The country feels so involved that they go and that they think of themselves as being overly wonderful, that we are going to spread our message. It actually started in World War I; the truth is there was no need for us to be involved in World War I, but who wasn’t? But there it was; it was Woodrow Wilson said we have to do it because we have to make the word safe for democracy, which led to this millions, hundreds of millions of people killed in the 20th century.

So we’re back at the same thing, we have to go and spread our goodness in the Middle East. So yeah we want to get rid of a bad guy in Iraq, we did; but it cost, it took, another 1 million Iraqis got killed, believe me. They weren’t all terrorists; some people didn’t particularly like that but nevertheless it pleased Osama Bin Laden because we were there, we were bankrupting our country and right now, today, we get a new President that says he didn’t like the war that was going on. So what are we going to do? We’re going to drag another 17,000 Americans and pop them into Afghanistan.

Don’t we know anything about history? It is bankrupting our country. It will end, whether the people agree with me or not, it will end because we can’t afford it. That’s where it’s always ended throughout history, that’s what the financial crisis is telling us. The welfare state will end because the money will quit working and we will no longer be able to afford to promote what we’re doing around the world, and the sooner we realize that the better. But today it’s only financed because we have this monetary system because we can’t possibly tax the people, we can’t borrow much more, so we’re still relying on the Federal Reserve. So what has the Federal Reserve done in this last year or so?

Congress has spent hundreds of billions trying to bailout the system. Republicans are now voting against this, which is good, I’m delighted with that but it’s a little bit late, but they’re voting against it. But what about…

What is the Federal Reserve doing? We talk about 800 billion dollars and it’s a big deal; the Federal Reserve does it in trillions. We’re up to a commitment of 9 trillion dollars. We in Congress and you as citizens have no idea what’s going on, and it’s government totally out of control and it’s to take care of their buddies. They pumped this money into the industries and what happens? They get out, they get huge, billions and billions of dollars worth of bonuses, and then they go and buy Treasury Bills to keep the dollar from crashing because they will leave the Treasury Bills eventually, so they bail out their friends and the bonuses are paid and the American people suffer, because in the age of inflation the middle class gets wiped out. The characteristic of inflation is the wiping out of the middle class and enhancing the wealthy. So it’s an economic and political system that is here to destroy us, and here to destroy our freedom unless we understand what freedom is all about.

Freedom comes to us in a natural way; it’s in a God given way. It is not given to us because we belong to a group; there’s no such thing as Women’s Rights and Minority Rights and Gay Rights and all these things. There’s only one type of right and that is an individual right that has come to us from God.

To defend that right, it’s like defending Freedom of the Press. Freedom of the Press gives people the right to write controversial things and engage in controversial discussions. Otherwise you would have prior restraint and the government would come in and tell newspapers and radio what they could say and do. Nobody wants that.

But every single day we have prior restraint on everything we do in the marketplace. Every market transaction, every labor transaction, every dollar transaction, every property transaction is done only with the permission of the government.

So we now have moved a major step in the direction of socialism, and they talk about nationalism and nationalizing the banks, well the name isn’t as important as the control. We’re closer to a fascist system where the government has total control of our lives and our economy, and that is what has to be stopped.

But if we understand what freedom means for Freedom of the Press and no prior restraint, we also cannot ask Conservatives to say that we have to have prior restraint on individuals on their social behavior, that we can regulate social behavior.

We have some people defending economic liberty rather well, and others defending social liberty, and yet it’s all one and the same; the founders understood that. And if we could only put that together, people would have freedom of choice in their economic and social endeavors. The only thing is, under that system you have to be responsible for yourself; if you do harm to yourself or don’t take care of yourself economically, you can’t go crawling to the government and begging and pleading and demanding. We get involved too much in social legislation because some of the states want to do the right thing, whether it has to do with marriage and other social issues, and the states under the Constitution have a right to do this. But they’ve been denied this right because it goes to a Federal Court, the Supreme Court and they rule and throw out these laws; they should not even hear these cases.

That is why my approach to dealing with the marriage issue, the abortion issue, any social issue is that the jurisdiction is removed. It’s taken out of the Federal Courts and we could do a lot more in what we want to do whether it’s right to life rather than waiting until we have control of the Supreme Court rule or waiting until you amend the Constitution. This bill can be passed and it should have been passed when we had the majority. Unfortunately there was very little interest in it but the We The People Act that I have is one bill that could pass and it could have saved millions and millions of lives by preventing abortion by state law.

I’ve introduced a few pieces of legislation dealing with the Federal Reserve. One is to get rid of the Federal Reserve by all practicalities. All practicalities, we cannot do that; it would be chaotic. My real position is that you legalize competition, legalize the Constitution; that would be a bold step. In allowing competition that would take care of it but there is one piece of legislation that’s getting a lot of attention and support on both sides of the aisle, something that would be great if you get behind, and it was just introduced yesterday and the number is 1207, and what it is going to do and can do is to audit the Federal Reserve. At least we can find out what they’re doing.

The law says that the GAO has the right to audit the Federal Reserve except for A, B, C, D and E, and that’s everything that they do. So by law they are prohibited, we’re prohibited from auditing or getting any answers from the Fed, yet they have more money and more control over our lives and your dollars and your future. They have control over the foreign policy and the domestic policy, and you don’t have any right to know anything about it because I can’t even get the information. It has to come about by the passage of legislation like this, that demands that they are not independent and totally secret and that they can rule this country through the power of creating money. It’s a monstrous fraud; it is something that has existed throughout history where the king gets control of the money and they inflate the currency and dilute the metals and print the money and whatever, but it has to stop and if we don’t, believe me, this thing will get much worse. So this to me is a major step in the right direction.

I want to go ahead and close and say that I am strongly encouraged especially by the young people I’ve talked to in the last year. They’re enthusiastic about liberty, defending it consistently, defending the Constitution and realizing that the situation we have today is unworkable; the Social Security System is unworkable. And that we can defend all this by defending our Constitution, defend the rule of law, understanding where our rights come from and say “Yes, we want our freedom back and we will assume the responsibility for ourselves.” Thank you very much.

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  • Luis

    This man is the only one telling the truth.

  • Gary

    Linda, below is a forum where like-minded people discuss alternative ways to live and offer support for 3rd party candidates.

    Seek and you shall find! This is not going to be an easy battle. Have you noticed that obama is following in bush’s footsteps. Bailing out the banksters and big corporations. Let them fail, that is the price for doing bad business, and these people that got it wrong are rewarded with bailout money to continue on their path. Billions yearly to israel and now $9,000,000 to hammas. This is just insane. We have never been told the truth about events in the middle-east. This isn’t about right or wrong. If you slaughtered my family I would have a deep seated hatered too. A good video to watch is this one.
    It will help put things into perspective. The President who told the truth.The speech that got JFK killed. Than we are told Oswald killed him. ‘Til this day the papers are still sealed on JFK. WHY? Some of those involved still alive!Why would we seal anything? Tell the American people the truth. Within a matter of hours they arrest Oswald and show the American people the villian, while they are emotional and can be swayed. Sounds like 911 again. They got the game down pat. Ah them bankster hard at work killing anyone who threatens them. Today we are systematically being evicted from the American way of life. I was young when JFK was killed but as time passes and I noticed others who tried to pick up his tourch and carry on his fight meet the same fate, it is evident we as a people have been led to the poor house. Anytime you care to discuss anything…I am around…Peace & Goodwill!


    • Linda

      Thanks again, Gary… Great sites!

      • Gary

        You are welcome Linda, Please do yourself a justice and read “The Law” by Fredrick Bastiat. You can find it at Jon’s website, It is a must read to understand the vile creatures that wish to rule and enslave us. I believe it was written in 1850 and hold so true ’til this day!

  • Mike78

    I live in WA. state, are there any true constitution/Conservative meetings I can attend? My opinion is the only way we can make a difference, is to organize. Nationally would be best, little pockets of resistance (use your imagination) will most likely be neutralized and forced in to compliance. I hope the truth will be realized before America as we know is transformed from a free, Republic society, to a heap of earth united with the new world order.

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  • Terry
  • Patty Ryan

    It won’t be long before the rest of the people back you! Thank you for putting yourself and your ideals out there for all of us!
    Be safe and strong and we will be honored to have you lead is in 2012!
    Patty in Alaska

  • Linda

    Indeed, there has been an elitist spending spree. Both Republicans (to the bankers) and Dem (to the Government agencies) have tee-teed away sooo many trillions that its difficult to keep up.

    The only way I can see to end this generational theft of the American people, is to stop paying income taxes. The only way to do that is to repeal the fraudulent Internal Revenue Service Act and the Federal Reserve Act (both from 1913.)

    Tax rebellion is difficult to organize, requiring hundreds of thousands of participants to be recognized. And it is dangerous to those participants as many would be marked for investigation by the IRS.

    Already, we American Patriots live in fear of losing eveything we have. We have families, children and elderly parents, to responsibly support. We live in fear of losing our jobs, our homes, our health. Each month that goes by we are squeezed harder and harder by Government taxes(Fed, State, County, City) and major corporations of which we have become dependent (fuels, electricity, communications, credit). We are “between the rock and hard place.”

    I am that American Patriot living fear being noticed for being dissident. Are you?

    How do we organize tax rebellions outside our Representatives and Senators offices (the best venue), yet not fear the very possible investigations?

    • Gary

      Hi Linda, if you are honest you can forget it. They will pounce on you in a heartbeat. These are ruthless people playing the game 7/24 and you are not a part of their program. You are the program that they steal from. They are elistest and we don’t belong. A revolution is coming and it won’t be on TV or in the papers. You can be 100% right but they will convolute the law to their liking. A good start to understand just how far we have gotten off track is to read “The Law” by Fredrick Bastiat. You can google it. This will open your eyes and what you do afterwards, well that’s up to you. When the milita in this country started to get strong the government created the Oklahoma bombing, remember Wacko, very few people were alarmed that this government attacked it’s own people. Ruby Ridge, not a peep. 911, another inside job. Their story has so many unanswered questions. They have been desensitizing us for some time now. They know we have apathy. This is what happens when we do not care about our neighbors anymore, our fellow Americans. In Austrialia they lost the right to bear arms and their violent crime has gone through the roof. Once we are dis-armed it is all over and that is on the agenda as I write this! I fear for what is to come because if you resist you will become a political prisoner. Ah they’ll just label you a domestic terrorist and then can detain you indefinately without trial, nor will you be able to have any defense on your behalf. You can thank the patriot act for that! The illegals have more benefits and rights in this country than American citizens…make no mistake about that!

      • Linda

        Thank you, Gary, for responding. But now I’m confused. How do we end this nightmare? if we continue to “feed” this corrupted government with our tax money, how can it end?

        • Gary

          Well Linda, I took a giant step about 10 years ago! Seriously read The Law. Then go to Jon did a really nice job putting the site together to educate us. But that step I took. I found out that there is no law or staute that makes us liable for income tax. I was disgused that my money was being used to kill innocent people around the world . Once you learn the truth and continue to buy into the program you are guilt. I was until I made a decision. Most people would rather live the lie than know the truth. Americans are afraid of what they might find on the journey. But I have to answer to God one day and I don’t know how I can answer the Almighty with a lie. We are all force to be socialist. Do you have a socialist insecurity card. We were dupped Linda. We can not have security at the price of Liberty. A movement started several years ago when parents were telling hospitals that they will let their children decide if they wanted to be apart of the socialist insecurity system and were refusing to sign them up before they left the hospital. So the government stepped in and forced hospitals to register the newborn, unknowing to these parents. If you fought this you were not allowed to leave with your child because in LAW your child belongs to the state. And not a thing about this in the media! Once you marry and get a license you have entered into a contract with the state, so those kids are really not your property. Now my question is, if religion and government are seperate how did this happen? They convolute the law. Isn’t this vow between you, your mate and God. It is another way of trapping you into their system. There is so much to learn because our federally funded public school system left out anything about upholding your rights as Citizens. We were dummied down. You see it’s like the tax thing. Your parents paid, your Aunts, Uncles, neighboors, friends everyone was indoctrinated. Ask any of them if they ever read the code in it’s entirety. Most don’t understand it, they just go along for the ride. Even our politicians admit they don’t understand it. So how can the layman understand? This was do by design, intentional. JFK tried the free the people from the status quo and you know what happened to him! Notice how anyone who strays from the agenda lands up dead. These are powerful, vile people behind the scene. Our politicians are a front for their agenda. This is not a conspiricy it is happening befor you very eyes. Read about the foundations of our Republic and it becomes crystal clear. But I made a decision to lay it all on the line, that me though, most won’t. fear is a very real and capitavting thing. Fear can hold you a prisoner with the bars.

          • Linda

            Hi Gary,

            I have been a follower of Ron Paul for 2 years and I’ve read “The Creature From Jeckyl Island.” I also subscribe to Lew Rockwell’s site and understand the growth of the Dept of Defense during the same period.

            I remember, as a very young girl, being told that I “must get a Social Security Number” in order to get a job. I was told to get my “working papers (SS#).”

            I remember when my kids were born no SS# was required to deduct them from income taxes. Yet, some years later, we were required to get SS#’s for our kids in order to “use them” as a deduction. It is horrible that our government uses us to enslave our children, just as we are enslaved.

            My take home pay is barely adequate to care for myself and my elderly mother. My property taxes have skyrocketted, but at least that reduced the Federal/State income tax I pay. One of my kids just lost their job and they will be moving in. I have no health or life insurance. Fortunately, I enjoy good health. I drive a used, high mileage 2001 Toyota with the minimum insurance required. My meager savings has lost 55% of its value. I never remortgaged my home so the original mortgage will be paid off in 6 years, although it too has lost 30%+ of its value.

            I have no hope of a prosperous future. It is too late for me…

            My fear and anger is that now the Federal Government is taking all hopes of prosperity from our children and grandchildren. The corrupt foreign policy will keep our children in war forever….

            Thomas Jefferson wrote:

            “It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.”


            “To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”

            I support my children in every effort to become independent from the current system. They are strong and smart. I encourage them to vote 3rd party, as I do.

            Thank you, Gary, for giving me hope that others are attempting to do the same…

    • WhirlwindInTheHouse

      What good does it do to stop paying taxes?.. We need to Audit then End the Federal Reserve and most of our tax problems will be solved. The Federal Reserve can print/create whatever money it needs to have you silenced and even killed if you become a formidable threat to them. We are talking End Game here not penny anti protest. Audit then Abolish the Fed… Keep focused.
      “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks…will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”
      -Thomas Jefferson

      • Agreed, H.R. 1207 and S.604 are THE way to truly expose the Federal Reserve…and end them. The house now has a majority, yet Pelosi won;t bring it HR 1207 to the floor. Email, fax, call and write your senators to support S. 604, the Federal Reserve Sunshine Act of 2009.

  • chris

    Ron Paul is a threat to the major corrupt American politial system. I consider him my President and potential commanding general if and when America collapses. We all need to rally around him as our leader when we have to start rebuilding and defending the constitution as we rebuild america. As the founding fathers themselves warned us of internal and domestic enemies its very clear we have arrived at the crossroads of our next revolution.