CPAC Straw Poll 2009: Ron Paul is 3rd

Ron Paul came in third in the CPAC Straw Poll 2009.

The following question was asked: “Thinking ahead to the 2012 Presidential election, who would you vote for as the next Republican nominee for President?”

1,757 CPAC attendants answered as follows:

  1. Mitt Romney (20%)
  2. Bobby Jindal (14%)
  3. Ron Paul (13%)
  4. Sarah Palin (13%)
  5. Newt Gingrich (10%)
  6. Mike Huckabee (7%)
  7. Mark Sanford (4%)
  8. Rudy Giuliani (3%)
  9. Tim Pawlenty (2%)
  10. Charlie Crist (1%)

9% were undecided.

Several other questions were asked during the poll. Click on the presentation below to see all the slides.

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  • You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation however I to find this matter to be actually something that I feel I might by no means understand. It seems too complicated and extremely broad for me. I am looking forward to your next put up, I will try to get the hold of it!

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  • What makes me mad is that Fox news had a poll asking who was a 2012 canidate for President and they did not even include Ron Paul. That is ticks me off! I think Fox was just scared that Ron Paul would out do their “country club republican princess” Sarah Palin.

  • Todd G

    I don’t believe this poll at all.

    It was already demonstrated that past polls was blatantly fixed and even that Ron Paul came in way ahead of Mitt Romney.

    now we’re back to poll fixing? Common

  • This is from my blog this AM at, The Gulf of…

    Congratulations Dr. Paul. I’m with you to 100%! No Second Obama Term.
    Best Regards,
    Ed Tonkin

    Happy Monday!

    It was reassuring to see the Southern States and Philadelphia covered in an unusual late winter blanket of snow. Somehow having my father in Virginia call and ask me if it’s snowing and have to reply, “Why no, it is sunny and bright,” was very good for my soul. Being (mostly) snow free in Erie, Pennsylvania in March is wonderful. The month came in like a lamb. Granted a frozen lamb (no mint sauce) with temperatures in the teens, but we are snow free none the less. After semi-Siberian conditions for much of January and February, this break and the opening of the Zoo are appreciated by the inner man. Signs of spring are approaching.

    Speaking of signs of a blast of cold being thwarted, the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) had its annual meeting this past week. And while not a conservative anymore-stopped being one in ’91 and became a libertarian-I was heartened to hear the loyal opposition to this pleasant faced-megalomaniac in the White House finally getting themselves organized. I watched a bit on various channels, but what made me happiest was the 2012 straw poll.

    The CPAC asked attendants to vote for who they wanted to run against President Obama in 2012. Mitt Romney received 20%. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal received 17%. And what made me happiest was that Congressman Dr. Ron Paul tied Governor Sarah Palin at 13%. Not only was Dr. Paul tied with Mrs. Palin in third, but that the press had to announce it and his name. It was also reported that he was received very well by the convention.

    I have been following Dr. Paul’s political career since 1988 when he ran against Bush, the Elder. He got my vote that year. A former Congressman, he’d left the GOP and become a Libertarian candidate for President. He, obviously, lost, but a few years later returned to Congress as a Republican and has battled big government, unconstitutional legislation, Democrats and Republicans, his own party trying to redistrict him out of a seat, for many years now. This past year he ran for President as a Republican, and hung in there quit nicely. The press treated him very badly, especially the Fair and Balanced Network, Fox News.

    Britt Hume, the Managing Editor, believes Paul to be a nut and crackpot, and has treated him with distain for years. Why, because he is not an establishment conservative Republican. He is a constitutionalist, a libertarian, and defender of liberty, not power. Hume and most of the staff at Fox don’t like him or his views. Couple of exceptions are Neil Cavuto and Glenn Beck. Even thought he raised the third greatest amount of GOP campaign cash and had a vibrant internet cash cow, the press virtually ignored him. Even Joy on The View, treated him better.

    That’s the shame of it.

    For he has hit all the issues squarely on the nose and was predictive of a number of the crisis’s we are now in. For Paul it all goes back to the money and the Federal Reserves manipulation of the money supply, distorting the economy and picking winners and losers. This ability to manipulate the money supply and the income tax has allowed the Federal government to become an overseas empire, and an overextended one at that. (He was/is the only GOP Presidential candidate to vote against the Iraq War.)When powerful nations overextend (Rome, France, Great Britain, USSR) they either become lesser states or crash and burn and harm they very citizens they were trying to help, and or aggrandize. Paul has gone after inflationary policies, the income tax, deficit spending, empire building, over regulation, the welfare state, Fannie, Freddie, and all the other unconstitutional policies the Federal government is now doing. He is a defender of liberty. Liberty is an adult occupation and requires folks to work out their own problems without the nanny state.

    The press ignored an interesting candidate with fresh ideas. Now those ideas are getting a receptive hearing. The GOP has ransomed themselves to the Bush Dynasty for 20 years. When Reagan gave up on Reaganism the GOP ran to the Bushes’ and soft statism. Hopefully they will see in this man, and more importantly, the ideas and support it in 2012. I can get behind a Paul/Jindal ticket. Because that ticket would be full of constitutional, practical, American ideas on liberty. We don’t need more warmed over European style, “democratic” socialism, it doesn’t work and it’s wrong.

    How does this effect Erie you ask? Well has more and bigger government helped us to grow locally? You look at the last 40 years and tell me.

    Make it a great day!

  • Patty Ryan

    Well, now we will get that other 9% undeceided and that will not be hard! We thank you so much for putting yourself and your ideals out there for all of us. I am certain that there is a Great majority ready to have you lead us! And those that are not will be there emotionally by 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Be safe and stay strong!
    Patty In Alaska

  • John B

    I listened to Romney’s speech last year at CPAC, and I was very moved by it. He referred to the entitlement/welfare system as a poison in our country. Basically, he won me over there. But I still prefer Ron Paul over Romney and plan to support one of those guys in 2012 (if they decide to run).

  • Chris Sarappo

    How is Romney still around?? Ron Paul will be the best thing for our country. The problem is, there are too many Fox news puppets and Limbuagh diddo heads who still support the trillions for the Pentagon and war. Over seas policies bankrupt us, and these people don’t care, as long as we can bomb countries at will. Sadly for the war lovers, we are broke and will no longer be able to have the empire they salvate over. The problem then will blow back from decades of gangsterism we inflicked on the world.

    • Colleen C.

      So very true! What so many “conservatives” dont realize is that everything they rail against such as big government, taxes, etc… are the very things they supported for 8 yrs. And now that we have a democrat in charge, the conservatives are back to screaming again! I have never voted for a republican, but Ron Paul has my support 100%

  • Dear Americans, Ron Paul is the man for 12/21.12, Get on board with, Mr Paul is the 1 with common sence wake up and smell the tea. Staywell

    • chris sarappo

      I agree. The FAIRTAX would solve many of the problems (tax code, lobbyist etc) and bring millions of jobs back to our shores.
      The curruption holds it back. There is no reason to oppose it unless you benifit from the current tax code!!
      We tried everything else, why not the FAIRTAX.ORG
      Let people decide!! They don’t even know there is a rebate every month. A family of 4, like myself, would recieve all of pay check and a rebate of about 500 bucks!
      People just don’t know about it. They are waiting for thier “leaders” to tell that it is good. That ain’t gonna happen!

  • Harry Rubin

    Jindal just has some color in his face and that’s why the Republicans want him. Ron Paul all the way in 2012. If he doesn’t get the nomination, then the Libertarian Party if they can come up with someone more pure than Bob Barr.

  • Geoff

    Bobby Jindal is the governor of Louisiana. He gave the republican response after Obama’s speech the other night. Some see him as a rising star in the party. I have to say that if he is, he’s got a long way to go to pose any threat to Obama.

    From what I have seen in the republican party, Ron Paul is the only candidate that could seriously threaten Obama and that would only be if Obama’s tactics failed.

  • Aaron

    I know who Mitt Zombie is, and of course I know who Dr. Paul is…but who is Bobby Jindal? I’ve never heard his name once so I don’t get how he comes out above Dr. Paul.

    So glad Ghouliani came out so low, bBut surprised Palin came out so high.

  • Geoff

    It sure shows the sad state of the republican party when someone like Sarah Palin gets the same percentage of votes as Ron Paul.

  • FG

    13% because even so-called conservatives have been steeped in Keynesian economics. It’s going to take some time to get people free of the brainwashing they’ve received in college.

  • Don B

    Ron Paul does have some valuable insights. I listened to Romney during cpac on cable tv and really liked some of the things he said.

  • BT

    If I had to guess why any of those people went for Romney, it would be because they remember during the campaigns that the media kept on identifying Romney as the candidate with the best economic experience…


  • BT

    So that means 78% of the people polled would go for someone other than Ron Paul? Then 78% of those people are ignorant to the real issues and who we need in office to put America back on track.

    Do I think Ron Paul has all the answers? Of course not, but he’s a consistent, principled man who isn’t afraid to admit when he’s wrong. He has said before “An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it” and that is something most people don’t seem to understand.

  • Sigh

    I’ll be honest, I love RP’s message and I’ll support him as far as he can make it, but if he’s not selected as the republican for 2012, then I’ll vote for whoever is running on a platform to change America BACK to what she was meant to be, as per the Constitution. Whether it’s 3rd party, or a republican who feels compelled to run the way they should.

  • John

    Why Mitt Romney at 20%?

    • Jeff M.

      Mitt Romney is well known for gaming straw polls… he did it in 2007 and 2008 and probably again this year.

  • Congratulations of bagging 13% from the attendees.. Mitt Romney won again..