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  1. Mike

    Its a wonderful interview. Thanks so much.

    There is an issue that I've not seen addessed during all of this debating about the economic crises, foriegn policy, Muslim nations, education, healthcare, global warming, starvation, incureable diseases, and the Fed. Res., and that issue or matter of contention is scriptural prophecy. This subject is so supersensitive and causes such divisions today that it makes me nervous to even mention it. However I am certain that the time is coming when we will find our selves completly lost in our quandary with out considering prophecy. The answers for our nations conundrums will not be understood with out referencing the predictions that have been discovered through the study of prophecy. There are reasons that scriptural prophecy is such a difficult subject to assciate with world affairs, which in and of its self causes perplexity, because prophecy its self is for world affairs, but the world is divided at every instant because of deception. Nevertheless we find our selves today, the human race, in a terrible situation that is not getting better. So as an American, and a male homo sapien, I find my self at an impasse. At a cross road, knowing that soon I must choose my direction. If there were a simple way for prophecy to be received and understood, we would have already. Yet the time was not right. Still today, the human race is not capable, even with all the advancements in technology and in all fields of education. We find our selves still engaged in the arts of war, pharmacology, greed, and lust. For thousands of years the history has not changed, think of the millions upon millions of humans that have perished in the name of religion alone. This is not an acomplishment or success, it is shameful, disgusting, and degrading to us. Lowering us a race of people not fostering a greater future for our selves or our offspring. How many decades more will humans slaughter humans for reasons that make no logical sense, on the last planet that can sustain life? The future looks terrible there is no doubt, will we destroy our planet? Will Earth look like the other planets that revolve around our star. Do we call Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, Mercury, Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto beautiful? Really in comparison to home, are they really beautiful? With out the referencing to scriptural prophecy and finding the way out of this mess we will soon destroy our planet and we will have the same beauty as the distant planets. Earth bleeds, crys, and humans die at the hands, and weapons made by humans and there is no end in sight. There is one place on Earth at this time where we can seek this prophecy and IT IS NOT IN ROME people.


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