Ron Paul Visits Elementary School in Victoria

Congressman Ron Paul delivers a constitutional lesson to Dudley Magnet School students.

Source: Victoria Advocate
Date: 4/8/2009

Ron Paul: Hello, kids. How are you doing there. […]

This is what established our government and this is what we in the Congress, anybody who works for the government and when you get to go in the military, you swear to uphold the Constitution. But my concern is that a lot of people don’t take that seriously. Otherwise, the size of government would be this big.

But today, when we have a piece of legislation, you know, a law that comes up that we have to vote on in the House, the law, the book might be that big. Thousands and thousands of pages, we don’t have time to read it and when you read it, it’s very complicated. Sometimes it comes up and you have to vote on it within an hour or two. […]

You, as you get older and become voters, you’re going to find out that our government doesn’t follow the rules very well and I’m sure you have some rules in this school, and you have to follow the rules.

This is a rule book and the people in Washington don’t follow those rules very well.

  • And here I thought it was pretty cool that my dad brought his 8 foot red tail boa constrictor into my son’s preschool class…okay, so it was really cool, it was awesome, but it would be pretty neat to see Dr. Paul in a setting like that.

  • Damian

    Lucky kids!

  • T Reamonn

    Somehow I doubt most of these children are going to grow up to become intelligent voters. But on the other hand when the world becomes one global totalitarian state, voting will no longer be an issue.