3 responses to “How The National Media Ignored Ron Paul”

  1. Josh Davis

    Watch Jon Stewarts piece on how they have been ignoring him.

    Ron Paul supports the legalization of Industrial Hemp and stopping the wars abroad. Enough said. He is a rational thinker and he thinks for himself – not one of these plastic talking heads.

    The media doesn’t know what to do with him because he has original thoughts and could actually get something done and is not in the pocket of corporations.

    This Democrat supports Ron Paul 100%. I think I might change my allegiance just to vote for him in the Republican primary.

    Good Luck Mr. Paul I support you.

    Josh Davis

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  2. Rick G.

    Does it bother anyone else how Fox News is “muscling” in on this movement and derailing legitimate, non-partisan concerns; especially given the fact that they were pretty hostile to Dr. Paul back during the debates…

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  3. Rick G.

    You know, it really does appear that the media is “asleep” on this. The “CNN” crowd has not caught on that there is this HUGE throng of disenfranchised, disillusioned, angry populace out there who are ready to take action. It makes me wonder if the Republican party itself has a clue. I also think guys like Shawn Hannity and Newt Gingrich believe they are part of this crowd when in reality they are viewed as “old school” and held at arms length. This revolution is truly taking the nation by surprise… BTW I just put up a new site: shaysites.com… Google the term “shaysites”, you’ll be glad you did…

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