Rand Paul’s Tea Party Speech – Bowling Green, KY

Event: Tax Day Tea Party
Location: Bowling Green, KY
Date: 4/15/2009


Host: There are a lot of speakers that we’re going to have today, but we’re going to start right off with Dr. Rand Paul. He’s going to be speaking first, so let’s welcome Dr. Paul.

Demonstrators: Yehey!

Lady Demonstrator: Yeah.

Rand Paul: You’ll have to forgive me. I’m kind of in a bad mood. You know, I had to pay my taxes today and I’ve been pretty ornery(0:35) and upset the whole time.

About two hundred years ago, Sam Adams and a bunch of rabble-rousers, kind of like this crew here, got together and brewed some tea in Boston Harbor. They were quite mad about a few things and Sam Adams famously said, “It doesn’t take a majority to prevail, but it takes an irate, tireless minority keen to set brushfires in the minds of men.”

And I think we’ve got a real brushfire going on. I never expected to see this big a crowd. This is awesome. This is going on across the country, hundreds of these.

If you watch Keith Olbermann, he says, “Oh, just a bunch of stooges for Fox News.” Or they said, “Oh, just a bunch of shills for the Republican Party.”

But I’m not out here representing Fox News. I’m not out here representing the Republican Party. I’m out here because I’m unhappy because our government is spending us into oblivion.

Demonstrators: Yes. Yes.

Rand Paul: We need to acknowledge that there’s enough blame and it’s bipartisan blame. If you’re going to be out here and just say it’s all Obama, that’s not true. For eight years, we have Republicans in the White House and for six of those eight years, the Republicans controlled all three branches of government, and the deficit went from 5 trillion to 10 trillion.

In the last few months, in the waning months of the Bush administration, Obama and McCain rushed back to Washington to vote the same way, to add another trillion dollars to the deficit. Everybody asked the question, “Was it the right thing or the wrong thing?” We don’t have the money.

We are a bankrupt society and we’re becoming a bankrupt country. Both parties raced back to Washington, spending up another trillion dollars. Now, we’ve had an intervening election and people seemed to be more motivated, which is good, and now the Republicans are voting unified against another trillion dollars that was the stimulus package that Obama presented.

But there’s enough blame to go all around. Obama recognizes this because Obama looks to Republicans and he says, “Who are you to criticize me for spending money when you doubled the deficit?” We need a clean wash. We need new people in Washington.

Demonstrators: Amen. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Rand Paul: We need people who have believability. Many of the people who have gone up there have lost their way. They’ve lost the connection with the people. They’ve lost connection with the tax structure. Well, we’re out here. We’re talking a lot about taxes because it’s April 15th. We should acknowledge that we are paying more in taxes now than we do for food, clothing, and housing combined.

The number one item in your family budget is not your food or your housing or your rent; it’s your taxes. That’s a mistake. That is something we must change and we must do something soon or there will be dire consequences. I used to think, “oh, well, this is just something we could be for against.”

We are literally spending ourselves into oblivion and the way they pay for the deficit is they either tax you or they borrow it or they print it, and they are printing money by the billions and billions and billions —

Lady Demonstrator: Yup.

Rand Paul: — and what it will mean for you is within a year, you may be going to the grocery store and your milk will be maybe $8 a gallon or $10 a gallon, or heaven forbid, that it’s like what happened in the Weimar Republic in Germany when workers got paid twice a day and they took their money in wheelbarrows and it was worthless by the end of the day. We are in danger of becoming a banana republic if we don’t do something about runaway spending.

And so some people say, “Well, it is just about taxes, we are not talking about spending.” They are two sides of the same coin. We only have taxes because we have too much spending. Now, some liberal pundits say, “What are you complaining about? The colonialists complained because they h­ad taxation without representation.”

Well, I’m here today will tell you that we are taxing the future without representation. We have a deficit that is going to be —

Demonstrators: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Rand Paul: We have a deficit that is so large that we will not pay for it in our generation, not our kids’ generation, it will be our kids’ kid’s generation still paying for the profligate ways of our current society. My father has always been a fan of saying or a proponent of saying that those who live beyond their means will live beneath their means.

I think that is coming. For 40 years, we’ve lost our manufacturing base in this country. We are losing the strength that we once had as a country because we want the easy way. We want $20,000 on our credit card personally we can’t pay. We want a trillion dollars on our deficit that we can’t pay.

The deficit this year will be $1.75 trillion in one year and people will say, “Oh, well, Obama is going to cut it in half in four years.” Well, if he cuts it in half, if he cuts it in half, it will still almost be twice what the last Bush deficit was, so how could we be all be glad about cutting in half what has been a tripling of the deficit?

We have to wake up and do something about it. I personally think you can’t convince those who are there. I think you need new people there and that’s the only way.

Demonstrators: Yes. Yes. Yes.

Rand Paul: I do think that as long as you have your hands out though, you can’t ask for a tax break. So if you want to cut taxes, we can’t have our hands out looking for more handouts. The city of Bowling Green is looking for handouts. Everybody’s got their handout. Million dollars here, a million dollars there, they think the money is free and has no consequences. The money is driving the deficit. The deficit now is bigger than it has ever been as a percentage of the Gross National Product, bigger even than it was during World War II.

We have to do something. I personally say instead of asking them to bring home the bacon, let’s bring home the politicians.

Demonstrators: Yeah. That’s right. That’s right.

Rand Paul: Some people have said, “Well, this is just non-focus.” Great. You got a lot of people who show up. What are you going to do? You can do something. There are elections. There are candidates. Go out and find a good candidate. Find someone you want to come home and bring home to your neighborhood from Washington and send some new people. Make something constructive come out of this. Get on someone’s e-mail list. Get connected with the tea party. Get connected with somebody in Kentucky. The people here in this group, if you got together and work, could easily elect a candidate, a local candidate.

You got a state senate race that will come up in the next year. You can elect somebody with that. You’ve got state rep seat you can win. You’ve got US Congress. You’ve got US Senate. You can do something.

Male Demonstrator: President.

Rand Paul: Get connected and go out there and do something.

Male Demonstrator: That’s right.

Rand Paul: Let’s change what we’ve got before it’s too late.

Demonstrators: Right. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you very much.

  • fred the protectionist

    The Boston Tea Party was an act of PROTECTing jobs from a big foreign corporation.

    A real Tea Party would be as if a bunch of Union guys dressed up as Muslims, hijacked a Chinese container ship, then spent a week dumping the containers into the ocean with a big crane. The Greens would cry “Ocean Poisoned.” The Libertarians would cry, “Free Markets are ruined.” The Republicans would cry, “Union Thugs.” The Democrats would cry, “Racism!” even though Islam isn’t a race.

    You Libertarians hijacked the Republican Party the same way you hijacked the name “Tea Party”.

    All primary and secondary political parties are corrupt and anti-American: Republican, Democrat, Green, Libertarian…

  • Rand Paul is an exemplary example of tea party sentiment – goes after the bipartisan tax-spending, deficit-building establishement. There is room in the tea house for liberals as well!