Ron Paul: I Should Have Punched Bruno

Ron Paul was expecting an interview on Austrian economics…

Show: Curtis Sliwa Show
Date: 4/15/2009

Curtis Sliwa: Now, the other day, we were talking to a reporter in Hollywood and it came out that she said that you’ll be making an appearance in Sacha Baron Cohen’s upcoming Bruno about a gay fashion reporter.

Apparently, and this is the way she stated it, so maybe you could correct me or lead me in the right direction that without you realizing who he was, Bruno tried and failed to seduce you in a Washington hotel room, even pulling down his pants in front of you. Now, is that true or untrue?

Ron Paul: Well, it is, but the way it is said, it sounds a little bit different. We were in a studio situation, which wasn’t… I wasn’t invited to a hotel room. In a studio situation where they had a lot of lights burned and blazed and all kinds of commotion. They said better get into this backroom here and all of a sudden, I was in this room which they had it all fixed up as a bedroom.

So getting me there was sort of, you know, just dishonesty, getting me into the interview. I was expecting an interview on Austrian economics.

So, but that didn’t turn out that way, but by the time he started pulling his pants down, I said, “What in thunder is going on here?” I ran out of the room.

“So this interview has ended.” So when that happened, I think, though when this all gets out, I’m going to have to apologize to my supporters because I think most of them are going to figure, why in the world I didn’t sock this guy in the nose.

Curtis Sliwa: Well, okay, so ran out. But did you actually see the original Borat film where he pulls these kinds of stunts on others.

Ron Paul: No, no. The last movies I used to see is the Sound of Music, and tonight I was sitting here watching Gone with the Wind. So I don’t watch that kind of stuff. And I understand he makes a lot of money, but if he makes a lot of money, which is, you know, I have to permit the market to do this, I don’t like the idea that he lies his way in interviews. That to me is fraud, but the fact that he has raunchy material and people buy into it, it’s sort of sad that that is a reflection of our culture. To me, it’s a real shame that people are going to reward him with millions and millions of dollars from being so crass.

Curtis Sliwa: And you know, he might actually end up using that piece to promote his upcoming film —

Ron Paul: So that means I’m helping him to make money.

Curtis Sliwa: Right, and pay taxes because as you know there’s a lot of taxes on this.

Ron Paul: But I don’t want people to pay taxes because they’re going to… well, you see, I have to be consistent. Once the government gets the money, they’ll spend it on regulating you and me. Maybe they’re going to close your radio station down or something.

Curtis Sliwa: Well…

Ron Paul: You don’t want them to have the money, even from people like this.

Should Ron Paul have punched Bruno?

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  • Tommy long

    That shit was funny as hell Ron should’ve jerked Bruno off a Lil that would’ve been reall funny

  • gabesnake

    First off, I love ron paul and hope he is president in 2012. Secondly, sacha cohen is very smart and some people need to look at his work through a different lense to realize that. Before he went into comedy, he was pursuing a phd in either psychology or history. He is a social genius that knows exactly when, and how far to push the limits.

    • Doc

      You are right. Sasha is a social comedic genius and it does take a very special lens to really see his humor for what it really is.

  • Yvonne

    You changed your name to MACHINE right after too many thumbs down gave your abortion posts a ”hidden”.
    You are the 53 year old hate monger who tries to spread hatred against , Africans, Christians and babies because you believe they gave you esophogus cancer.
    What happened in the real world? People know to avoid you? So you troll un-monitored sites trying to spread the hatred.
    Your hate is yours to keep. It’s not spreading on the board. It’s spreading in you.
    You are just getting worse.
    Bolimia, smoking and stds give you throat cancer….not babies and Christians.
    You need proffesional help.

    • Machine

      No I am not Joan…but thank you.
      I am wondering why you keep avoiding the question poised??? It does not seem all that complicated…Unless you are hiding something. Sure I do admit our posts on the Abortion string came to blows…all to common…people start off just sharing their thoughts and very quickly it gets personal and hostle. I must say I don’t have a problem with you or anyone that apposes abortion as a means of birth control, but I also don’t think it is right for you or anyone – including myself – to condem someone for their beliefs or choices they have made in their life that don’t affect you or I.


      • Yvonne

        Machine have you read any of my posts on the war sites? Of course I am against the war. Avidly. I post against it constantly.
        To call someone a hypocrit you have to know them very intimately. By definition a hypocrit acts…they act. They perform. They present themselves as something which they on not. Most hypocrits go undiscovered because they perform for even their closest friends.
        To point your finger at a stranger and yell ”hypocrit” is silly.
        The topic of the abortion thread is abortion.
        It shouldn’t matter if I am anti-war.
        But fyi..yes…I am avidly opposed to the war.

        • Joan

          Everyone is a hypocrite from time to time it’s hard not to be

  • Machine


  • Diane

    Why do you feel you should have punched Cohen? Are you afraid people will think you are gay? Lighten up.

  • rt4e6t

    I got a laugh out of it. I find his movies funny not because he is so clever and talented or anything but the responses that real people in the movie have to it. It shows a true reflection of how pig minded and foolish people really are.

    Fo example the sitting on a mexican man chair and then talking about how much you care about humanitarian efforts. (only to be offended when the naked man buffett enters)

    Or the could your baby lose 10lbs in a week? You would be willing to consider liosuction? He will be playing a nazi baby pushing a jew baby into another. I mean there is some dark lame humor in the scenario but the sad humor I love is found in the fact that the people would truly whore and endanger a baby for a promise of a few bucks.

    So his movies make me smile because he stirs the pot and reminds the world that people are so full of shit it oozes with little provocation

    As for the ron paul thing – you try to make yourself a big name and you put yourself in many many more sights. Comes with the terrority.

    About the whole queer thing -about any straight man would be startled by something so unexpected and unusal and in FLEE mode so it is just brain farts coming out as he hightails it out of there (the proper sensible course of action)

    He deserves his profits as much as any celebrity/reality people do because they simply play to what is deemed popular. He offends the easily offended (delicate little flowers that they are 🙁 and in turn you get a nice glimpse.

    It is entertainment…for the most disscerning amongst us.

  • mrbateman

    Sasha Baron Cohen is really not funny. He has no talent but he find a way to be successfull without talent. What Sasha Cohen does is the same brand of cheap worthless entertainment as reality shows.

    If you actually listen to Ron Paul interview, you will understand that Ron Paul is not ‘too serious’ and he is laughing about the situation (reading transcript can give you wrong impression).

    But still Cohen is just such a bad comedian, it is sad everybody should try to be diplomatic about his idiotic (strictly in a bad sense) pranks today.

    • @mrbateman:

      First I will say I’m a supporter of Ron Paul and when I watched Bruno last night I kept thinking “OMG I feel so sorry for Ron Paul” and at the same time thinking Wow. he really does look like Ian McKellen.

      but anyway. I have to disagree with you because Sacha Baron Cohen does have talent. I mean, first of all, he’s British. Second.. Most actors jobs are simply to act well enough to convince the audience that he is really the character. An audience who is far away.

      In Borat and Bruno Cohen is in their faces, and successfully convincing them he is for real. He successfully convinced people that he is a gay fashion commenter and a Khazak news reporter, even through his insanities they still believe he is for real, though somewhat extremely odd, to the point where Khazakstan had a major problem with him misrepresenting the country.

      Love him or hate him he has talent, a LOT more talent than a bunch of fools on TV just being themselves while being incited to bring out the full blown drama queen in themselves.

      Personally I don’t think Bruno was as funny as Borat at all. It had its moments but was no Borat, but I knew this even back then. When I heard Cohen was making Bruno I watched some clips of Bruno (because all these characters existed before the movies) and I thought “Bruno is no where near as funny as Borat.”

      The movie was too-filled with blatant gay sex scenery and not enough funny moments like the people furniture scene which I thought was brilliant and almost split my side when they brought out the food.

      Anyhow, I am indeed soo sorry Ron Paul! That must have been horrifying ! haha. I honestly can’t believe that Ron Paul stayed in there for as long as he did. I would’ve been out of there long before.

      • by the way that is not to say that British actors don’t have talent, I meant that in a way that he has a British accent, so if he’s being another nationality it’s a little different, well. perhaps not. only it’s easy for an American to be american. I dunno. That particular comment was a mistake really.

  • Don

    I love Ron Paul, I think he’s a politician with integrity and I am proud that he would say “I have to permit the market to do this” even though he thinks its repugnant.

    I can understand him being irate at the time and expecially angry about being led into a closed room under false pretenses.

    However, by now he and his supporters should realize that this movie is all about introducing a “Queer” into the most akward situations possible to see what would happen. His age and his conservative mindedness make him a target to produce such akwardness. He clearley is more uncomfortable than the average person about being seduced. Someone like Bill Clinton, mentioned in an earlier post, would be no good for this role because he runs of risk of laughing the whole incident off. If hositility and nerviousness towards homosexuals didn’t exist, neither would this movie.

    Paul’s, although understandable, outbursts play right into Cohen’s hands. Paul saying he should’ve “Punched him in the nose” is completely rediculous though and a person who wants to speak on a national stage should not say such things, for many reasons.

    • Herewe Goagain


      A man leads me into a room, under false pretenses, and then does what this yahoo did deserves a punch in the nose.

      I am happy with Congressman Paul’s response.

    • Yvonne

      Dr. Paul didn’t say ”I should have punched him in the nose”
      He said his supporters will wonder why he didn’t.
      The title of this thread is mis-leading.

  • Arnold

    what I think happened is that someone INside the walls of washington thought this would be a scandal or at minimum funny. The fact that he chose to pick on mr Paul is odd to me. He is one of the leaders of the constitutionalist group who are holding onto the threads of the hempfiber woven document that is attached to our very freedom document that is quickly being burned without much protest because 9/10ths of usa are IDIOTS who would rather watch some other idiot flaunt around making a fool out of himself.

    There are plenty of others in washington dc who are more popular in every aspect. Lets say this happened Bill Clinton… now THAT would have been entertainment.

    So, the way I see it, it was a set up. 100% to make some ppl look bad in the public eye.

    Contrary to popular belief as the post by Sean Maher who thinks we have no sense of humor and being a pervert is funny… homosexuality still is not WIDELY accepted by the generations above 25 years old. That age and younger have been full on tilt slammed, bombarded with it in their face to accept it from very early years of pubic school systems in USA. I think thats wrong. why not let their PARENTS decide to teach them what is and what isnt acceptable? After all, those children DO have parents who hopefully have the right to teach what they see fit to teach them right from wrong and WHEN to teach WHAT subject. it is NOT anyone elses responsibility to teach any morality issues to anyone besides the parents. If the parents dont care, then thats them. If they do, then teaching anything moral in tax paid funded schools goes against the parents and students. teach them how to read, write, grammar, math, etc. leave religion and morality to the parents. everyone seems to fight for the separation of Chruch and state (when that whole thought is a perversion of the letter Jefferson wrote to the Church in itself). So do what everyone fought for, keep it to yourself. dont try indoctrinate my kids with something im against.

    Why the need to make impressionable children (i mean under 8,9,10 years old) learn a THING about sex at all? thats too young. hetero or homo. that is something they should not need to worry about until they are a little older at least. Life is too short. let them be children! then let them make up their OWN minds about things from their backgrounds. dont brainwash them with things they cant possibly understand yet. its not fair to them. yet this happens daily. only gets the kids in trouble later in life, just not much later after theyve learned something they shouldnt. you cant UNsee certain things. Then curiocity sets in and devours them. its not fair to them.

    Before you call me a liar about homosexuality not being widely acceptable in the majority of America’s public, rememeber that the marriage amendment tries were DEFEATED by MAJORITY vote against same sex marriages. sadly im positive that wont always be. especialy when its FORCED into our minds.

    And just for the record all you who will call me a ‘homophobe’ just because i disagree with that lifestyle, doesnt mean im a phoba anything. if i dont like boiled peanuts, does that make me boildpeanutaphobic? nope. just means that its my preference to not like it.


    I agree with Ron Pauls statement that if this is what is funny now with younger culture and a man is getting paid millions for being popular with dressing like a sissy and acting like a woman, lying to get someone else there to shoot a ‘skit’ that is sexually explicit in nature, then that IS a sad reflection of where our culture is headed whether its homo or hetro.

    im sure some of it is funny, but i never heard of him until yesterday when i saw about 10 promos on cable.

    They will promote the death out of it until it becomes popular by curiocity before it actually IS popular in mainstream. THAT has happened many times in the past and doesnt always turn out the way sponsors wouldve hoped. and you can see this by TV sitcom, other show’s pilots that had 1 airing or 4 episodes and then died with EXTREME promoting. Same for certain products that were heavily promoted as the newest RAGE that everyone LOVED when no one had ever heard of it before. Then you dont see that again. LOL. marketing is not reality. some poeple are living in a matrix of Unreality tho and not knowingly. thats the saddest part.

    NONE are more hopelesly enslaved than those who are bound by chains and think they are free. A madman who wanted to exterminate 80% of the world said that. yet he is correct about that statement. most people think they are free when they are fully enslaved.

    • Matt

      Wow, well i’ll let you get back to your silent movies… Stop romanticizing history at the expense of denigrating current taste in entertainment.

      “I agree with Ron Pauls statement that if this is what is funny now with younger culture and a man is getting paid millions for being popular with dressing like a sissy and acting like a woman,”

      Ummm, funny now? What the hell? When did the ‘youth of today’ (which I am not) start accepting cross-dressing? You remember a movie called Tootsie with some chump actor in it? How about a TV show called Bosom Buddies with some other chump actor in it? Some Like it Hot? Priscilla Queen of the Desert?

      Things do change, but not as much as you have pigeonholed yourself and acclaimed our generations’ moral high ground. We laid the groundwork, as did the generations before us.

      If you want to talk about brainwashing by marketing, there are exponentially more media outlets and information sources now than there was say 50 years ago. How many channels did they have then? How many newspapers? How do you watch a movie? And you still bemoan about enslavement? I would argue our prior generations were FAR more enslaved to your ‘big media’ machine than kids are today. One iPod has probably 10 times more songs than all the records i have EVER owned.

      • Yvonne

        Matt I agree with you about the media but Arnold is mentioning schools.
        He’s right.
        Many of the districts are promoting lessons about homosexuality. He’s right. It has nothing to do with reading or writing and arithmetic and they did not do this when I was in grammar school.
        And yes…I said grammar school.
        Children who have a few more years of innocence left and who haven’t yet though about sex are being introduced to it by some teacher who is also promoting homosexuality????
        This is all new.
        It may have been in the media two decades ago but no way was it prevalent the way it is in some schools.

        • Machine

          Whats “your opinion” on Capital Punishment? Where do you stand on War, and Torture, enhanced interragation as they now like to call it, which often times is fatal.

    • Sean

      Bruno is so funny. I guess they have never watched the ali g show. He rips on politicians all the time, but usually they don’t ever find out its a hoax and you get the best reactions from all of these crony political figures. One of my favorites is when he Bruno goes to the gun show down south. Funnny stuff.

      LOL! check out the movie trailer. he drops his pants right in front of ron paul!!

      • Sean

        good stuff

    • tony

      Hi, I am Gay and I agree with you… This film is both disgusting and dishonest. I would not waste my money or time seeing this trash. The government has no right to social engineer society, period. As Ron Paul said ” The message of freedom and liberty unites ALL.”

  • Sacha Baron Cohen is indeed a genius. You people take your lives too seriously and need to lighten up. Ron Paul should punch you all in the face for being the type of people that support him. The only disgusting thing here is your inability to have a sense of humor.

    • Herewe Goagain

      Thanks for making it obvious how you see humanity.
      We shouldn’t take our lives too seriously?
      How about, we just don’t take your ridiculous post too seriously.

      Scum breeds scum.

  • Buzz

    God I love Ron Paul!

  • longshotlouie

    Pop Culture Moron.

    These days, the sheeple would rather entertain themselves with this disgusting crap than to spend any time trying to figure out why their country is falling apart.

    So Sad

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  • jahn johansen

    But why does no one of Pauls advisors warn him against this sort of crap?? Does he not have friends and advisors to confer with?? He needs people below the age of 40 around him to tell him whats going on in the world of younger people. Ask him to go on simpsons instead!

    • Herewe Goagain

      His son-in-law (staffer) set up this ‘interview’.

  • S B COHEN IS A SICK no-talent ambush interview bastard. I wish you had punched him in the nose, but the majority of your supporters are probably glad you just laughed it off. Way to go RP.

  • Lawrence Ekdahl

    We live in sodam & gomorrah. I pray the Lord will come soon and remove us from this place and then bring judgment on this Christ rejecting world.

    • Ed

      by the looks of this world, we wont have to wait much longer. its the waiting in this myre that is the most difficult part.

    • Ben

      I “rejected Christ” a long time ago, but it’d be nice if he did come down and bring judgment. At least then we could put an end to the countless arguments over religion.

  • William V.

    While i agree that this guy was pretty deceptive when it came to luring Dr. Paul in an interview…
    we should look at the bright side, this can only bring more attention to Dr. Paul and hopefully get his name out there.
    at this point any airtime is good

    • i totally agree, theres many people who have never heard of ron paul, this will hopefully get people asking themself who is ron paul, google search, voula!

  • Matt J.

    What do you call someone who lures a person into a room under false pretenses and then sexually assaults them? Sascha Baron Cohen is a sex offender, pure and simple. He committed a crime and with that much evidence, anyone else would be in jail by now, with or without release forms.

    He was a sex offender the moment he and one of his costars exposed themselves in a hotel (and in front of an entire hotel convention group) and showed pornographic photos to unsuspecting guests at a dinner party in his last movie. That’s just the stuff we know about.

    This guy is not a genius – he’s a bully who is allowed to hide behind comedy and celebrity while he openly commits crimes against unwilling victims in public. Who knows what he does in private? Why would anyone assume that he only does this for his movies? What kind of person thinks of those things to put in the movies in the first place?

    • jahn johansen

      Well said! the district attorney should prosecute Cohen on behalf of Ron Paul if it didnt just get Cohen a lot more publicity and money.

    • Franny

      I agree.

  • Rafael

    Paul’s right. He can’t waste time with stupid things like that.