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Date: 4/24/2009


Alex Jones: Okay ladies and gentlemen, we are now simulcasting at, the syndicated radio program at For the next 30 minutes or so we are joined by Congressman Ron Paul, joining us from Texas. Congressman Ron Paul needs no introduction. Congressman, I have a ton of important questions to ask you, a bunch of listener emails that I promised to read on air and to bring up to you. But out of the gates, what is most important right now on your plate that you think the American people should be made aware of?

Ron Paul: Oh boy, there’s so many. I guess overall my biggest worry and concern is the attitude of this administration and the aggressiveness that they’re expressing against Pakistan, and I think it looks like they’re more willing to expand the war into Pakistan and less likely into Iran, but if Israel goes into Iran we’re going to be obligated. Which might be the precipitating event that will cause a collapse of the dollar because how are we going to be able to afford this? So that to me is strategically the big issue.

In a more casual way I guess the project I’m working on is trying to get as many people as possible to support this audit bill, you know, 1207, which I think last time I looked we’re up to 86 on this, we got a bunch of new co-sponsors after they heard from their constituents back at home in this two week break. So what you do on the radio and what others do elsewhere must be alerting a lot of people because some members came up to me and they said, “Boy, I had a couple of town hall meetings, and low and behold, every time I had them they were 3 or 4 or 5 people saying, ‘Are you going to support the audit bill?'”. So these two issues would be the things that I have been thinking about mostly.

Alex Jones: Congressman, I’ve really been studying this, as I know you have, for as long as I’ve been alive, but I’ve been studying the quickest way to bring down this corrupt system without them starting World War III or bringing in a police state or bankrupting us. And as you said a month ago here on the show, have grand juries investigate the bankers, they have certainly committed crimes, audit the Fed and you called for auditing the Fed and they arrogantly go on TV and say, “We’re outside the government, above the government”. I think you’ve hit on the issue, not just going for abolishing the Fed as you also have a bill and co-sponsors, but auditing them. Is it the Congress, is it some agency of government, aren’t the American people through our agents, you the elected servants, having the power to audit this? I mean can you speak to that fundamental and is this the Excalibur that can kill the dragon?

Ron Paul: Yeah, we do have the authorities and the moral responsibility. Of course, we had no authority to create the Fed, it’s unconstitutional. But it isn’t private in the sense that somebody set up a private corporation all of a sudden and it became successful. It has become secret but the authority comes from the Congress and the responsibility for the Congress is to monitor everything that the Fed is supposed to do.

Prior to 1978 there was talk of this. You know the old populace of Texas, Wright Patman and people like Henry Gonzales have always called for more openness and transparency of the Fed. But every time that came up the people would say, “Well, the GAO has no explicit authority to audit the Fed”, so they wouldn’t do it and that was the way they handled it. But finally on insistence that the GAO have the authority, in 1978 they wrote a law that said “Now the GAO has the authority to audit the Fed, except for four big issues”. And that was essentially everything. The important issues were excluded. So in legalizing an audit of the Fed they actually put it in the law that we couldn’t find out any information.

So what we have to do and what my bill does is it repeals those prohibitions against finding any information from the Fed. If we get the books open and find out what they’re doing, where these trillions of dollars are going, who their friends are, what kind of corrupt governments they support, what central bank activity there is and how much all this economic planning, not only domestically but internationally, I think then it’s going to make it much easier to have monetary reform and do something to get rid of the Fed.

Alex Jones: So that’s the bottom line, we have to audit the bankers that have designed this implosion, who are openly announcing G20, Bank of The World with a global regulatory authority. Can you speak to the fact that all these years you’ve written books, you’ve spoken we’ve talked about how they believe in globalism and one world government and now Congressmen they are openly coming out after they’ve engineered the crisis and they’re saying the solution is giving us unlimited power?

Ron Paul: That’s what they do. We’re doing it domestically and we’re doing it internationally. I think the IMF made the proposals that they wanted 50 million dollars and Obama says, “Well, let’s give them a 100 million dollars”. He doubled the amount they requested. That’s more power into these international organizations. At the same time look at all the power that’s gravitating to Washington. Real estate prices are not going down in Washington because they’re so many people moving in. They have been doing this for years. Every time they create a problem they say, “Well there is not enough power”. Their explanation now… and I think the key speech was an economic speech that Obama gave. He said, “Well, we do it problems and there’s an emergency and we have to do this, we don’t have enough regulations, so we need more government regulation and international regulation”. That means they’re going to be in this international government.

Then he said, “but we have to pump more money in education, we have to pump more money in nationalized medical care, and then we also have to take over all this energy problem that we have”. But then the fifth part of his speech was, “you know, we have to act responsibly, we have to now devise a system of government where we act within our means and get this budget under control, but we don’t have to do that for a while, let’s do that in 10 years from now”. I don’t know how they can do that with a straight face and how the American people can swallow that. At the same time they just see this financial crisis getting worse, our liberty is being diminished and world government is growing. So, we have a desperate struggle to wake up the American people. But, on the more positive side there are more now who are becoming aware of what is happening and the worse the crisis gets maybe more people will wake up and that’s why I think the auditing the Fed bill is important because they’ll say… because most people don’t even know yet that we’re not allowed to have this information.

Yesterday I got a co-sponsor for that bill with somebody on the House floor and he wasn’t aware about any of this stuff. He said, “You mean we can’t audit the Federal Reserve”. No, we never could and there is no authority and they’re excluded. He said, “sign me up” and he immediately did. So there are a lot of people who just don’t understand this and that means that once American people realize this they will get their Congressmen to do something about it.

Alex Jones: Well, Congressman I know you won’t say this because you’re a gentlemen and very humble. We all need to be praying for you because you are really leading the charge on something that could bring down this world government that’s in its embryonic phases. I mean if we audit the US governorship of the private world banking dictatorship, if you’re able to audit them and all of their crimes come out and they start going to prison, then their New World Order is dead on arrival. So what you’re doing is so historical and also I would imagine you are a smart guy and know very, very dangerous.

Ron Paul: Well, I guess getting in the car is dangerous too so I try not to dwell too much on that.

Alex Jones: But I mean certainly on record you know the globalists are dangerous folks.

Ron Paul: Oh yeah, I mean when they think you’re achieving something because we come to achieving I think probably the danger does increase.

Alex Jones: Our prayers are with you Sir. Global warming, total fraud. I’ve seen the studies, the majority of scientist say it’s a total fraud. Carbon dioxide is part of the life cycle, they admit that they want to shut down all the coal plants, restrict industry, put federal bureaucracy over every facet of life, tracker boxes on all the cars. The New York Times reports that Obama wants to tax us by the mile. They say this is their answer to fund all the increased government spending. I mean, this sounds like a Soviet takeover.

Ron Paul: Yeah, it’s their excuse for even further expansion of the government. About a month ago they had this meeting planned in Washington and this was not in the middle of winter, this was spring time. Maybe you did see this in the news. This was a major meeting on global warming and we had a very severe cold front come through and it had to be canceled because there was ice and snow in Washington DC. So it was sort of a thing that we chuckled about. But, I think some of the emissions are a contributing factor, but I also think there is tremendous science to show that the earth gets warm and the earth gets cold and goes through cycles and like you said I think there is pretty strong scientific evidence that these past 10 years have not necessarily been all that bad. Just from our personal experience here in in Texas, my last couple of winters here have been pretty darn chilly. I worried about my tomatoes freezing this year. So, I just don’t think that this is, you know, a done deal. I don’t think they can continue to use this, although sometimes you look at the news and what’s going on on the House floor and they want you to accept it and if you don’t then you’re some type of a monster.

Alex Jones: That’s right, they say it’s a foregone conclusion. Congressman, I’ve seen the numbers, I know you’ve studied the numbers. The UN’s own reports claim that humankind is contributing to the increase in temperature by 3%. The rest is volcanoes and the ocean and other creatures that exhale carbon dioxide. The plants breathe. And then it turns out the UN’s own buoys and weather stations falsified the data to show there was an increase while actually there was a decrease because the sun just went through a cooling cycle.

Ron Paul: Yeah, it’s pretty amazing. Just look at how much attention and credibility was given to Al Gore. The money he made over all that and he gained a lot of supporters through that. But, hopefully truth will win out in the end.

Alex Jones: Well, he trades the carbon credits. I mean, he owns the big company that does it.

Ron Paul: Yeah, but the people don’t want to listen to that. Some people just buy into that and believe he’s the only one concerned about human kind and he’s going to save us from it.

Alex Jones: Okay, I got a lot of bullet point questions for you, Congressman. Real quick: “End the Fed”. Tell us about that book coming out in September. People are really excited about that.

Ron Paul: Well, it is coming along. Probably with around 95% it should be out in September. They keep sending things back and saying, “What about this, clarify this” kind of things. So it’s coming along real well. I was surprised how quickly they started promoting it. So there have been some real promotions and I guess Amazon takes orders and things like that. I would have been a little more comfortable to see the final thing in my hand but that’s the way they do things. But for every reason that I can see it will be out in September and hopefully a little bit earlier because I was arguing that I have a little bit more time in August than I do in September to go around and talk about it. I think it’s pretty exciting what’s happening and the attention it’s getting.

Alex Jones: Yeah, well this is a manifesto against the criminal elite that run our country, the private bankers. So folks who want people to have solutions and take action, Ron Paul is doing. I don’t know how you do it. I’m writing a book right now, I’m making films right now, I do the radio show and I do the interviews. But I know you’re on the House floor, you’ve studied the bills, you’re always informed on the news when I talk to you and I know you do interviews every day. I got to tell you folks, Ron Paul probably works more than me. I think he’s the only person I know who is more engaged against the New World Order and with family and everything else. I just don’t know how you do it, so we salute and love you.

Okay, a bunch of quick questions now in the 14 minutes we’ve got left. Everybody keeps emailing me and calling and rabidly wanting to know: Are you going to run for president in 2012?

Ron Paul: Well I don’t know that answer, so I would say that if I had to answer now, probably not. And it seems like it’s a long time off, I don’t know what the conditions are going to be like. So, I’m not making plans for that, but you know, to say that you know exactly what the future will bring is pretty difficult, but right now I have no plans to do it.

Alex Jones: Okay, but things change. You were saying that before and people were saying, you’d be how old? You’d be 76, 77?

Ron Paul: Something like that. I don’t usually think about that too much. I think about how I feel.

Alex Jones: I think you’re going to be young enough to run. I mean, you’re in great shape. We need you Congressman; we need you to run for president again.

Ron Paul: So long as I can outwalk my staff up and down the stairs, I feel good.

Alex Jones: Well, that brings me to the next point. You’re the new darling of the media and I believe this is happening because they know we are that giant third rail. The liberty movement is becoming the mainstream. And you look at all the polls, you’re views, my views, other’s view and the patriotic liberty movement are aligned with what the people want. And so the establishment is trying to kind of use you as camouflage or at least have you on the show some to go “look we get it”. Because they risk being made completely absolete if they don’t have you and Peter Schiff and others on.

Ron Paul: Well, I think something is going on. We’re not a 51% majority, we don’t run the Republican Party, we don’t run the country and all that. But I noticed that both Republicans and Democrats who get into any kind of political trouble where they’re going to have tough race, they’re very interested in finding out where our support is. So, Democrats that might hold a traditionally Republican seat are very interested in talking to me and getting me in legislation, joining my bills and doing things together. So that means that they recognize that our numbers are significant and that our people are very serious and if they get behind somebody they will support them. So, no I think it’s a very positive sign, and I think when you truly believe in something and you’re very principled, one individual like that is probably worth 100 others who are just followers and go along with… you know, they put their finger up to the wind and they go and they always vote one way or the other. So, our supporters are much, much more valuable.

Alex Jones: But Congressman, it’s more than just a wild card. I mean they also see the exponential growth of the liberty movement with you as one of the main not-figurehead, but intellectual leaders of that. I mean, I would like to get your take on that. Do you not see the exponential growth because I’m seeing it and I’m tracking it and if it continues we are going to be the most dominant force in this country within 5 years, probably sooner, because everything that you and I and others talked about is now coming true. We’re being validated.

Ron Paul: Yeah, I think that’s true. Let’s hope that that is true. But I also worked on the theory that you never know who is out there, who will join us and who is in the remnant. The people who are the true believers and haven’t had any voice for a long time. We’re just starting to recognize that those numbers are great and the growth that you’re talking about is something that has fascinated me too. I had some young people in the other day, they were teenagers and I asked, “What? Did you get interested in the [2008 presidential] campaign?” and they replied, “Oh no, no. I never even looked at the campaign”. So we’re already a year off from the campaign, the momentum is there and young people are joining us for the momentum that was built, which is really very encouraging.

Alex Jones: Congressman, is the Obama juggernaut starting to slow? That’s what I see happening when he has these outrageous lies saying he won’t hire any lobbyist and that’s all the hires and “I’m giving rights to detainees” and then signs and order saying “no Geneva convention, no habeas corpus”. I mean, where do you see this going with the president?

Ron Paul: I think so far I wished I was as optimistic as you are about this. I still think he’s flying high. I think he’s still very popular and that it’s almost like they used to say about Reagan: He had Teflon on him, he was the Teflon president. This guy is Teflon too and he can do this and logical people maybe be questioning this. But no, I think I sense there are a few in the Congress who are the real principled progressive Democrats who are very strongly anti-war. They see through some of this.

But, even if the people were so upset, they’re upset with the Congress and the economy and everything else. So far he’s not getting much blame, but I think as time goes on, the more he does the more credibility he will lose. So, I guess the real test will come on this will be next year, you know, next year’s elections. That first congressional election after a president is elected is the big test.

Alex Jones: Well Congressman, look how he comes out and says, “I’m getting rid of the Real ID Act” and then I read what Napolitano said, it says we’re still going to have federalized state IDs, the Feds will just pay for it now. Same thing.

Ron Paul: You know, there is no doubt… he said he was closing down Guantanamo, but it’s not quite closed down yet but he hasn’t rejected rendition, sending them off and hiring some thugs in other countries to do the dirty work. And he is a strong believer in the state secrecy. He’s taken Bush’s position in all those court cases. They want to protect the state. And even if they did believe one way, or at least they say that in their campaign, once they’re in power it’s the protection and the enhancement of power of the executive branch that always seems to be the case.

But I put more blame on the Congress for this happening because we still have the responsibility and authority. We have the purse strings and we ought not to let them get away with this. We’ve been taught too long that we need a “strong president”.

Alex Jones: Absolutely, Congressman, last question here, this is key. I’ve got the Boston globe combat support battalion deployed to maintain order in the Boston marathon. I’ve got the Tennessee governor two weeks ago… if you’re not aware of this I’ll send it to you… saying, “You can’t run warrantless army check points on citizens”, they did it anyway. We’re the folks who broke the MIAC report and the federal report and all these reports. People couldn’t believe it when we first broke them where the patriots were terrorists and the people buying guns were terrorists and the veterans were terrorists. Can you speak to that now, sir, and these top off drills they’re doing where they do practice putting us in sports stadiums… just overall the reports, the troops, all of it?

Ron Paul: Well, I don’t know the details as well as you do, but I know it’s going on and I know they used these as excuses. It’s always to build up fear and when you get people fearful then they’re more likely to give up their liberties whether it’s following a 9/11 incident or the potential “Saddam Hussein might have a nuclear weapon” and all that stuff so they build up the fear and these events, you know, they’ll make use of them, and they’ll come in and say, “Look, there might be somebody there that’s going to blow this thing up” that just means that our job is that much harder to do and waking up the people, making them realize that you shouldn’t sacrifice your liberty, you’re never safer by sacrificing liberty.

Alex Jones: I agree. This morning I was watching FOX and they had the former CIA head of counter terrorism saying, they think the Taliban haven gotten a nuke out of Pakistan – with no evidence, Congressman. That sounds like war talk.

Ron Paul: That’s the place I think I started off the program, I said that’s where my biggest concern is right now.

Alex Jones: And that’s where we end it. God speed, God bless you sir.

Ron Paul: Thank you, good to be with you.


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    Ron Paul is the modern founding father.

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    —Dr. Ron Paul For President—
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      I hope he, or someone just like him, will run next time.

  • A second front needs to be opened up, in addition to the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, and that is “States Rights.” I know there has been some action there, but we need more. The states need to be able to say NO to the Federal Government. No, we will not allow the Federal Government to regulate guns in Texas. No, we will not let the Federal Government dictate what we can and cannot teach in our schools.
    State governments need to step up.