Ron Paul: Don’t Panic Over The Swine Flu

Date: 4/27/2009


Ron Paul: Looks like our government is getting us pretty upset and concerned about the swine flu. This is interesting to me not only for political reasons but also as a physician. It makes me think back to 1976 which was the first year I served in the Congress, when we had a vote on the swine flu. Back then there was a panic and they said it was going to sweep the nation and they rapidly came out with some flu shots and the government was going to inoculate everybody and save the world from this disaster.

I remember there were two votes against it: myself and Larry McDonald, another physician. It turned out, though, that our instincts were correct. Not only did we object to it because we didn’t think the government should be in the medical business and making these medical decisions, but it turned out that the instincts were absolutely right because the flu came and the flu went, and one person died, except for those individuals who died from getting the flu vaccine and over 25 people died just from getting the vaccine and many got ill from it, until finally they had to suspend the whole program.

But here we are once again. The swine flu is coming up and everybody is panicking. And this is not to downplay the seriousness. Some people have died, some people might die yet. We have had no deaths in this country, but there are 7 or 8 cases up in New York and none have even been hospitalized and yet it’s practically like we’ve been attacked by nuclear weapons. I mean, the press conference over the weekend, a prime item for the Department of Homeland Security – how did the Department of Homeland Security get into the medical business? You know, it’s just totally out of control on what they think we should do.

But trying to put this in a perspective I checked to find out how many cases of tuberculosis we had last year. We had about 13,000 cases of tuberculosis. Now that’s a serious disease. Also, the last time they recorded the number of deaths in this country was in 2006 and there were 644 deaths from tuberculosis. Now I hate to even bring that subject up to try to put this in a proper perspective, because maybe tomorrow they’re going to quarantine everybody in the world coming in to this country to watch out for tuberculosis.

All these things are very serious, and the big question is, does a bigger government always solve these problems? They usually make things much worse. So all I’m asking people to do is step back and think for a minute rather than rushing and panicking and taking advantage of opportunities like this. This is what happens, whether there are economic problems or medical problems, the people who love big government take advantage of this. And in the Department of Homeland Security [Janet Napolitano] really isn’t acting outside the prerogatives of that department. And one of the reasons I voted against it is that it’s an open door invitation to deal with medical problems. And of course, the way I see it, medical care in this country is deteriorating and the costs are sky rocketing mainly because we’ve had central economic planning in medicine now for 37 years.

It hasn’t worked very well, so now we’re about to embark on socialized medicine but I just don’t think that we need the government in this manner dealing with this problem in a hysterical manner. We ought to just sit back and think about it for a minute and maybe we’ll come to our senses. But certainly it isn’t the responsibility of the Department of Homeland Security even though technically they might have the authority. To me, the medical care of this country is not something that should be turned over to that department.

More: Hysterical Swine Flu Propaganda from 1976

  • LeavingThaCountry

    There is no liability to ANYONE who is involved with creating or giving a vaccination. That is Federal law. It is also Federal law that physicians (or those giving an immunization) TELL YOU about the risk, because there IS risk. You SIGN papers to get an immunization saying you understand the risk. THIS puts the “risk” on you and OFF everyone else. No matter that people were killed by the 1976 swine flu scare vaccines and many more were injured for life by neurological issues, they assumed the risk, took the shot and tough luck for them that it was unproved and people never truly are given all the risk potentials to weigh with the ability to just say no.

    BTW – if the Feds yell out national emergency – there is no exemption waiver for vaccination, even on religious beliefs, which is supposed to be supported by our constitution.

    All this has been carefully placed, law by law, starting with the horrifying edicts included in the Homeland Security Act, which grants the Feds huge powers when they see fit to scream “National Security” or “National Emergency”… state rights are stripped.

    If you won’t consent to a vaccination, word is they are creating FEMA camps right now to quarantine you. Read the homeland security act…. there is SCARY SCARY stuff there they can perform on ANY USA citizen who resists….

    but being held in quarantine (haha they don’t even have a specified TIME for quarantine, it’s up to *them*) is better than being subjected to a vaccine that is largely untested, is being made from LIVE attenuated virus, the most dangerous kind…. and guess what? Instead of using egg albumen or aborted fetus material (as they do for diphtheria vaccine)they are using MONKEYS to create the new swine/bird flu vaccine. The fact that a ‘bug’ that crosses over 3 species even exists should make us shiver.

    BUT THE FACT that Baxter, which has tainted heparin and KILLED citizens and was let off the hook by FDA for responsibility in those deaths……. THEN sent 100,000’s of seasonal flu to EUROPE last year which was ALSO tainted with live swine flu (czech republic found it before it caused it’s own pandemic) and AGAIN was not forced out of business or brought to the rug by the FDA — honestly HOW DO THEY TAINT SO MUCH STUFF AND MAKE IT SO DEADLY?? WHy are they still in business…. OH well…

    well OH WELL – THEY are the ones principally producing the seasonal flu AND the swine/bird flu emergency vaccine.

    HELL NO.

  • Missah
  • Katrina

    Run Sean Run, quick like a bunny to the pharmacy, and dude, keep us posted!

  • Katrina

    step right up folks, free vaccines available, ask your local pharmacy, they told me how bizarre this scenario is…..WTF?


    some passive aggressive Mexican control to boot!

  • chillax

    Sean replies:
    May 1st, 2009 at 2:57 pm

    haha whatever. this is the king crowd of fear-mongering. I’m speaking of science and history which equals=truth.

    Your replies are becoming more childish.

    Both science and history are everchanging.

    If you believe this crowd to be fear-mongering, why do you show up every day (all day) to hang out?

    • Sean

      Science and history are our two best sources for information. Its the closest to truth we can get, and plus this is old science. Its nothing new so your comment doesn’t even relate… I enjoy to read ron paul’s stuff and I tend to read what some of you have to say about it.. Maybe if it was a conspiracy, than you would believe me.


    • longshotlouie

      His job is to monitor the blog for any anti-government (anti-MSM) comments and to post a counter argument. This is going on everywhere. AOL had to completely change their blog format because the paid posters could not keep up with the Americans that are waking up to these scams.

      • Sean

        whatever, i think we go into all wars because of oil, and I hate income taxes wiht a passion. How is that pro-government?

        • longshotlouie

          Good Cover

  • NotRocketScience

    What’s up? Face masks are sold out in most major cities, but how many people do you see walking around wearing one?

  • longshotlouie

    Between 3 and 5 million people experience severe illness due to regular, seasonal flu around the world each year, and between 250,000 and 500,000 die as a result.

    • Sean

      its not flu season. it will last till later on this year when flu season starts. Thats when 500,000 usually die from the flu. The only difference is that most of those 500,000 people have been vaccinated for the flu. This is a flu twice as strong and because we are not vaccinated, and we are a hundred times susceptible.

      • chillax

        It’s always flu season, somewhere.

        • Sean

          wow i’m glad you know how the seasons work in the northern and southern hemisphere. Thats probably why its spreading in new zealand faster than anywhere else.

      • chillax

        Using your logic, we will have 500,000,000 infected and 50,000,000 dead within a year.

        If anyone really believed this, the borders would be closed and all travel would be temporarily outlawed. We would be confined to our homes after stocking up on all available essentials. Why is this not happening?

        • Sean

          i dont know where your comming up figures and who said the virus was going to die after a year. Most countries are not allowing any to travel to mexico.. People are panicking here, you said it yourself. We are telling people not to travel unless it is an emergency.. The only reason that we are not going into total lockdown is because we’re going to have a vaccine in a month or two and give it to people before the flu season starts.. I wont be first in line, but i’ll get mine. They’ve already closed down like 50 schools in my area, what else do you want them to do?

          • longshotlouie

            The figures were extrapolated from your own, and noone said the virus would ‘die’ in a year.

            The people are not panicking, only the government/MSM are panicking.

            Who told you not to travel unless it was an emergency? I have not heard this, and I am a news junkie.

            Who says there will be a vaccine in a month or two? How could a vaccine even be tested and come online in that period of time?

            I do know of schools that have closed down, and the people are pissed off about that. They will become more so, as this is shown to be over-hyped like every other time.

            And back to your 1918 comments, in case you have not noticed …… this is not 1918. The comparisons are invalid for all of the logical reasons.

          • chillax

            Thanks louie, but I got this

          • Sean

            i’m sure all that is covered in this article


          • Sean

            and whenever people die, they will be put into a plastic coffin. FEMA has millions of these for this very reason.


          • Dr. M.R. Salinger

            As a medical researcher, I want to make a gentle but sincere plea to the blogosphere to calm down this flu hysteria just a bit. The main way that flu kills is by predisposing its victims to “superinfection” by bacterial illnesses – in 1918, we had no antibiotics for these superimposed infections, but now we have plenty. Such superinfections, and the transmittal of flu itself, were aided tremendously by the crowded conditions and poor sanitation of the early 20th century – these are currently vastly improved as well. Flu hits the elderly the hardest, but the “elderly” today are healthier, stronger, and better nourished than ever before. Our medical infrastructure is vastly better off, ranging from simple things like oxygen and sterile i.v. fluids, not readily available in 1918, to complex technologies such as respirators and dialysis. Should we be concerned? Sure, better safe than sorry, and concerns about publishing the sequence are worth discussing. Should we panic? No – my apologies to the fearmongers, but we will never see another 1918.

          • Sean

            As a medical researcher, wouldn’t you say that the cytokine storm is what caused most deaths? what is the percentage of people who die after receiving the swine? People today even get the swine. But how many times has the swine spread into an epidemic or pandemic?

          • Sean

            i guess there is no proof either way if it was “superbacteria” or the cytokine storm, but most medical professionals agree that it was probably an overreaction in peoples immune systems that caused organs to fail.. Thats why it kills people in their 20’s with the best immune systems

  • chillax

    Despite the fact that swine flu has claimed just one victim all week, a kill rate multiple times lower than the common flu, governments of the world are acting as if armageddon is right around the corner.

    The World Health Organization calls a virus that has killed a confirmed 12 people in over a week a “threat to humanity” while talk of martial law, mandatory vaccinations and forced quarantines runs rampant.

    Much of the hysteria is being fueled by people inundating hospitals and doctor’s offices who have mundane illnesses like the common cold, but who just want to “make sure” they don’t have swine flu. Such cases are immediately treated as “suspected swine flu cases” by the media and the panic spreads faster than the actual virus, which according to Mexican health officials is now clearly slowing down.

    • Sean

      the virus goes thru cycles and mutates trillions of times. the second wave of the virus is supposed to be the bad one. The swine that killed 50 million in 1918 started out mild.

      • chillax

        If you want to reply to my comment, maybe your reply should speak to the point of my comment.

        But, I’ve read your stuff, so any other replies to my posts are unnecessary and unwelcome.

        Get Back To Class, Karl Misses You

        • longshotlouie

          R O T F L M A O

        • Sean

          ok. the point is, your comment is wrong. You know nothing about influenza

          • Sean

            “New influenza viruses are constantly being produced by mutation or by reassortment.[30] Mutations can cause small changes in the hemagglutinin and neuraminidase antigens on the surface of the virus. This is called antigenic drift, which creates an increasing variety of strains over time until one of the variants eventually achieves higher fitness, becomes dominant, and rapidly sweeps through the human population—often causing an epidemic.[98] In contrast, when influenza viruses reassort, they may acquire new antigens—for example by reassortment between avian strains and human strains; this is called antigenic shift. If a human influenza virus is produced with entirely novel antigens, everybody will be susceptible, and the novel influenza will spread uncontrollably, causing a pandemic.” – wikipedia

          • chillax

            So, because you can cut&paste something you are now a microbioligist. Seems to me, after reading your perpetual blather on this site, that you are an expert in virtually everything. How is this possible at your young age?

            Thanks for the amusing wiki-snippet.

          • Sean

            So what? because i actually read I can correct people like you when your wrong. A thousand new people everyday have caught the virus for the past 3 days. I don’t see how thats improving.

          • chillax

            Other than a few derisive comments, you have yet to speak to the point of my original post.

            I am guessing that you learned to read with the look/see method, which would explain your inability to extract the point made in my post.

            Do you believe that because you read something at Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia that ANYONE can edit) that it is completely accurate and inarguable?

            Go Back To Class, kid

          • Sean

            Ok, well i would say this could cause close to an armageddon if we don’t do something about it. Thats the reason why everyones panicking.. I would think that wikipedia would be more accurate than your blabber.. The point is, your lack knowledge about the disease that killed 50-100 million people in 1918 doesn’t debunk wikipedia. It seems like the WHO are trying to save your life, and your just a punk kid who’s going to ignore everything. i wish you the best if you don’t end up taking the vaccine.. REBEL! haha, you probably didn’t mind it too much when you had to take the flu shot throughout school.

          • chillax

            Have never taken a flu shot, nor has anyone in my family.

            Continue with your fear-mongering.

          • Sean

            haha whatever. this is the king crowd of fear-mongering. I’m speaking of science and history which equals=truth. Most children are required by their school to take flu shots because children and old people are the ones who usually catch the flu. But that brings up a good point, this flu is killing people in their prime ages because peoples immunes systems are overeacting. People who have never had the flu or with great immune systems are going to catch the flu, and have a higher chance of dying.

  • longshotlouie

    Avian Flu was traced back to huge chicken factory farms in Thailand and other parts of Asia whose products were shipped across the world. Instead of a serious investigation into the sanitary conditions of those chicken factory farms, the Bush Administration and WHO blamed ‘free-roaming chickens’ on small family farms, a move that had devastating economic consequences to the farmers whose chickens were being raised in the most sanitary natural conditions. Tyson Foods of Arkansas and CG Group of Thailand reportedly smiled all the way to the bank.

  • Wake Up USA

    The swine flu outbreak raises a lot of fears.

    Here’s one you might not have thought of yet: The Pentagon may be taking over more and more of our civil society in this crisis.

    Back in 2002, President Bush created NorthCom, the Pentagon’s Northern Command, which has jurisdiction over the United States.

    And NorthCom has been running preparedness drills in the event of a flu pandemic for at least the past three years.

    Making things more alarming, NorthCom got assigned its own fighting unit six months ago—the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team, which had spent much of the last five years battling things out in Iraq.

    Testifying in March, General Victor Renuart, head of NorthCom, said it would provide “assistance in support of civil authorities” during an epidemic. And, he added, “when requested and approved by the Secretary of Defense or directed by the President, federal military forces will contribute to federal support.” But he boasted: “USNorthCom does not wait for that call to action.”

  • longshotlouie

    Military in Charge of Swine Flu Monitoring?

  • NotRocketScience

    A scandal dating from January 2008, that is continuing to unfold, raises more disturbing questions over the safety of U.S. pharmaceutical company Baxter International’s vaccines.

    Last year Baxter recalled almost all of its injections of the blood thinning heparin drug in the US after some patients experienced extreme – and in some cases fatal – allergic reactions, after being administered the products.

    There were similar recalls by other manufacturers of Chinese-sourced heparin in Denmark, Italy, France Germany and Japan, but initial investigations found that only Baxter’s heparin vaccines were tainted.

    The allegation is that the pharmaceutical giant purposefully altered an ingredient in heparin that flowed through heparin syringes to patients, resulting in pain and suffering, and sometimes death, to those affected, reported legal website Lawyers and Settlements

    Somewhat ironically, the natural ingredient in heparin that was substituted in order to cut costs was a substance extracted from cooked swine intestines.

  • katie

    Linda, I think that under Martial Law you would be arrested for not accepting a gov’t mandated vaccine. And, I think the biggest concern (realistically) is martial law. Again, people are sheep if you tell them it is for their own goods. Talks of closing borders, etc. it’s all a part of a bigger plan.

  • Sean
  • T Azer

    Don’t Inoculate Me, Bro !!

  • longshotlouie

    Just more fear-mongering

    We need to be inoculated against outbreaks of panic

    They tried to line us all up for a shot in ’76, but we stopped that. Of those that did take the shot, 26 died. Only one died of swine flu.

    Every year in the U.S. 35,000+ die of influenza, without panic, or military intervention, or marshal law, or closing school systems, or ………..

  • Linda

    Are we allowed to refuse the flu vaccine if we have had allergic reactions to vaccines or would we be imprisoned?

    • Sean

      no, but the virus might mutate and get much worse and will spread like a wild fire next flu season.. when the government ignored the swine flu in 1918, 50-100 million people died. 2.5% of the people who caught the flu died. As of yesterday, the swine that is going around now has killed 7% who have caught the flu.. The swine flu in 1918 also started out mild, and then spread fast and deadly.

      • Sean

        swine has not spread since 1918. people get it but it has not gotten bad.. the virus is also connected with the bird flu which kills like 500,000 people a year who are because it spreads. And these are people who are vaccinated, but usually the bird virus only kills those with weak immune systems (old,young)… So now we have a virus that has the potential to spread and is very deadly because its killing those with good immune systems.

      • Hannah

        The 1918 Spanish flu deaths were not from flu but an infection caused by tainted vaccines. Look it up for yourself at Learn the facts and forget the propaganda.

        How do you know this flu is killing “those with good immune systems” Do you know any of these Mexicans who are dying? Do you trust the media?

        Only 124 people worldwide have “died” from the so-called ‘Bird flu” hoax. Where do you get your misinformation?

        It’s all about control, scare tactics and drug profits.

        • Sean

          The Spanish flu was H1N1, the same virus that is going around today. In 2005 people dug up dead soldiers bodies from iceland and published the virus in scientific journals.

    • Hannah

      Yes, you are allowed to refuse to have poisons, metals, bacteria and live viruses injected into your body. This is America the last time I looked. You know, land of the free? Home of the misinformed.

  • Jack

    The similarities between the movie *V for Vandetta* and our own governments recent practices are becoming more and more alike at a frightening pace.

    Its starting everyone. Get ready !!!

  • longshotlouie

    Time Magazine’s coverage of the swine flu scare has a noticeable subplot – preparing Americans for draconian measures to combat a future pandemic as well as forcing them to accept the idea of mandatory vaccinations.

    In an article entitled How to Deal with Swine Flu: Heeding the Mistakes of 1976, the piece discusses how dozens died and hundreds were injured from vaccines as a result of the 1976 swine flu fiasco, when the Ford administration attempted to use the infection of soldiers at Fort Dix as a pretext for a mass vaccination of the entire country.

    Despite acknowledging that the 1976 farce was an example of “how not to handle a flu outbreak,” the article still introduces the notion that officials “may soon have to consider whether to institute draconian measures to combat the disease.”

    • Ginger

      Everyone, please go here to help fight against forced H1N1 vaccinations. An atty is fighting for us!!! Sign petition and send letters to you Congressmen, educate yourself about this vaccine, it is dangerous!!!

      Spread the word.

      In Love and Liberty.