Ron Paul on Freedom Watch: “Some people are begging for socialism”

This Wednesday afternoon, Ron Paul joined Daniel Hannan, Lew Rockwell, Jason Sorens, Peter Schiff, Cody Willard and Shelly Roche on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s online show “Freedom Watch” in an insightful discussion about the latest economic and political developments.

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Channel: Fox News Strategy Room (online only)
Show: Freedom Watch
Host: Judge Andrew Napolitano
Date: 4/29/2009

Transcript of Ron Paul’s appearance: (starting here)

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Congressman Ron Paul joins us from the halls of Congress, from the Capitol building itself. And Mr. Daniel Hannan, a conservative member of the European parliament, is live with us from Brussels. Gentlemen, welcome to Freedom Watch.

Ron Paul: Thank you.

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Congressman Paul, let’s start with you. Since we last met the economic news, as it always does, seems to get worse and worse. This week we have the prospect of General Motors asking the government to own 50% of it and Chrysler asking the government to own 50% of it. And since we met last week we learnt that the president of Bank of America was forced to buy Merryl Lynch at 17 billion dollars less than he knew what it was worth, because the government said we’ll fire you if we don’t come across with this deal.

What can we do to slow what appears to be an inevitable march towards the nationalization of banks and businesses in America by the federal government?

Ron Paul: I don’t anticipate in the next day or two or week or two that we’re going to be able to slow it up in anyway whatsoever. It’s just marching on and it’s very difficult because this is what the people seem to want. On the House floor I described this as socialism without a whimper. I mean people are just begging for it. I’m having a lot of feedback by the way.

Judge Andrew Napolitano: We can hear you loud and clear, Congressman Paul.

Ron Paul: I can hear myself too.

Judge Andrew Napolitano: We’re going to fix that for you in just a moment and I apologize to you. And I think your description is a great one. We start out with a form of fascism, simply private ownership, government control. You own your own bank, but we’re going to tell you what to do and if you don’t do this we’ll find a way to dislodge you or to remove your salary consistently. Now we find what you call socialism without a whimper. Here is the question: Why is it without a whimper?

Ron Paul: Well, I think big business and banks have learnt to live with the government. The banking industry is sort of a branch of government and businesses now have learnt to live with it too. And it is so discouraging and it is so discouraging to see these champions of capitalism – so called – come begging on their knees to be bailed out. And not only did they get bailed out, now they want to be owned. So they lost their way totally and completely, they don’t understand what free markets are all about and they’ve lived too long with government and this thing is going to come to an end. They’re not going to be able to keep it together without total ownership and total socialization.

Hopefully, the American people will wake up. You can’t sit back and say, “Oh, the people in Congressman are going to wake up”. They’re not going to wake up until the people wake up and say, “No more!” When it collapses, when the dollar collapse people are going to have an option: Whether or not we’re going to pursue this and just keep adding on more debt, more spending and more inflation, or people are going to just get rid of it and say, “Look, let’s look to our traditions, let’s look to our Constitution, let’s look to our history” and maybe we were on the right track a couple of hundred years ago.

So far in the last hundred years at least we’ve been on the wrong track, we’ve been going downhill and this is the climax of that slipping into a fascist sate and hopefully we’ll wake up enough people to do something about it.

Judge Andrew Napolitano: You in Brussels, thank you for joining us. I’m going to take a little pride in saying that maybe this is the first time you two champions of liberty have been together on the same program at the same time, if it’s not I’m glad you’re doing it again. And if it is, I’m so thrilled to be part of this. You, of course, burst onto the scene not too long ago when you lectured Prime Minister Gordon Brown with what we in America call just very basic Economics 101, and he tried to laugh at you and history of course will prove you right.

Your problems, I think, maybe worse than ours. There may be a lot more fascism and socialism already occurring on your side of the Atlantic. If I’m not mistaken, Mr. Brown proposed this week that your marginal tax rates go up to 50%. Is there any effort that can be strong enough resist that kind of theft and confiscation of property by the government?

Mr. Hannan? Alright, I guess we’re having a couple of technical difficulties which we’ll work on and we will eventually get the two of you together.

Congressman Paul, back to you while we work on the technical issue with Daniel Hannan. Were you surprised at the ease with which Wall Street held out its hand and asked for welfare? Were those of us, who were raised thinking that the captains of industry would defend the free market, raised to believe in a myth rather than reality?

Ron Paul: I wasn’t that much surprised, I found it disgusting. But the one thing that I have found, especially over the last couple of years, is that if this country survives, if individual liberty exists and if we have a market economy, it won’t come from the large industrialists. Although there are some that defend the market, free markets are much better defended by the small businessman and individuals. The individuals who come and they’re concerned about their personal liberties and they’d like to have their own income and they’d like just to get the government out of their lives. It won’t be big business that will save us.

Judge Andrew Napolitano: What can people in the Congress do? I mean, with Senator Specter moving over to the Democratic Party which probably won’t change his voting record very much, and with the likely arrival of Al Franken from Minnesota, the Democrats will have the type of majority in the Senate that they already have in the House. Now we know what they doing the house. They stifle debate, they resist amendments, they barely even allow those of you and us who believe in the free market to present free market alternatives to their socialist and fascist approaches. Should we expect the same thing in the upper house?

Ron Paul: Yeah, I think so. I mean, with Specter switching over it just solidifies their support. But really, does it make a whole lot of difference? He was voting that way anyway. It has a parliamentary support that they get because they can kill the filibuster. But this is a philosophic struggle and unfortunately what dominates here is Keynesianism and big government, so that’s what we have to repeal.

I would suggest that if anybody ever asked me about what the Republican Party ought to do to not lose individuals, is they probably ought to redefine themselves. Maybe they could be more constitutional, maybe they could become more libertarian, maybe they could care about civil liberties, maybe they could have an old-right position on foreign policy.

I find in my small experience that it’s a very popular issue, it’s very popular with young people, that’s what I think has to happen for the whole country is to translate these beliefs in liberty to the young people because they’re now moving in to the responsible positions of either government or journalism or whatever. So I see more hope there, but I don’t have much hope for the people that we have here in Washington today.

And Judge I’m sorry but I’m going to have to call it right now.

Judge Andrew Napolitano: We’re going to let you go and I’m happy to end with your little message about hope. Congressman Ron Paul, until next week on Freedom Watch, thanks very much for joining us. We appreciate your time.


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  • Bill

    Freedom Watch is such a great show. In our current political and economic environment, the shows message could not be more pertinent. Judge Napolitnao is being drafted to public office. Check out his site to show support for a man that would shrink govt. and increase personal responsibility in our society!

    • Joe March

      Your correct. I’m tired of Republicans trying to dilute true Conservatism!

  • I Warrior

    Coming To Your Town, Soon

    Decrees of political correctness and the doctrines of illiberal mind control, which fronts as being liberally progressive when it is in fact fascistic, have swamped Europe to the point where Christian ministers are being arrested for reading Bible passages. It is also an illegal offence in Britain to criticize homosexuality. Television presenter Robin Page was arrested by police after he said in a speech that farmers should enjoy the same rights as Muslims and gays. Police traveled from 200 miles away to question Page, before detaining him in a prison cell with dried feces on the wall and later charging him with incitement to racial hatred.

    • Joe March

      Isn’t it a joke? Homosexuals (all inclusive) are 2% of the population.

  • I Warrior

    You Tube has once again proven itself to be a corporate gatekeeper working to destroy free speech and the alternative media after it suspended the popular ‘Alex Jones Channel’ – primarily because Alex Jones showed a print out of a news article during a live show.

    The Alex Jones Channel, started by a fan but since embraced as the “official” Alex Jones micro-site on You Tube, has routinely featured in the website’s most popular ranking charts and has collectively attracted millions of views for videos painstakingly catalogued and uploaded over the past two years.

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    To claim that showing a print out of an article is a violation of copyright is of course completely insane – not a day goes by without TV news anchors showing newspaper stories on live television. Indeed, C-Span’s popular Washington Journal program almost entirely consists of the host showing clippings of newspaper stories every morning.

    The real reason for the deletion in undoubtedly the fact that Alex Jones has been on the forefront of exposing stories that have later become major national scandals, such as the MIAC report. Our coverage of the swine flu hoax has again propelled us to the top of the video ranking charts and this no doubt had You Tube’s corporate owners Google running scared. As we have previously documented – Google has intimate ties with the CIA and the military-industrial complex.

    To counter such egregious censorship, we are encouraging everyone to subscribe to and bookmark the new Infowarrior channel and alert people to the fact that this will be the new home for Alex Jones on You Tube (at least until they invent a reason to pull that one too).

    Visit the channel via this link.

    • Joe March

      Since when are newspaper articles private. People quote newspaper articles all the time. Let me know if I’m wrong. Or like my Sergeant used to say, “There you go thinking logically again.”

  • templetonpeck

    “This Wednesday afternoon, Ron Paul joined Daniel Hannan, Lew Rockwell, Jason Sorens, Peter Schiff, Cody Willard and Shelly Roche on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s online show “Freedom Watch” in an insightful discussion about the latest economic and political developments.”

    You forgot to mention RJ Harris… he was also on the show.