Ron Paul Introduces Affordable Gas Price Act

Statement of Congressman Ron Paul
United States House of Representatives

Statement Introducing the
Affordable Gas Price Act (HR 2631)
May 21, 2009

Madam Speaker, I rise to introduce the Affordable Gas Price Act. This legislation reduces gas prices by reforming government policies that artificially inflate the price of gas. While the price of gas has not yet reached the record levels of last year, over the last two months the average price of gas has risen approximately 16%. In some areas, the price of gas is approaching $3.00 per gallon. There is thus a real possibility that the American people while soon by once again hard hit by skyrocketing gas prices.

High gas prices threaten our fragile economy and diminishes the quality of life for all Americans. One industry that is particularly hard hit is the trucking industry. The effects of high gas prices on the trucking industry will be reflected in increased costs for numerous consumer goods, thus further harming American consumers.

Unfortunately, many proposals to address the problem of higher energy prices involve increasing government interference in the market through policies such as price controls. These big government solutions will, at best, prove ineffective and, at worst, bring back the fuel shortages and gas lines of the seventies.

Instead of expanding government, Congress should repeal federal laws and policies that raise the price of gas, either directly through taxes or indirectly though regulations that discourage the development of new fuel sources. This is why my legislation repeals the federal moratorium on offshore drilling and allows oil exploration in the ANWR reserve in Alaska. My bill also ensures that the National Environmental Policy Act’s environmental impact statement requirement will no longer be used as a tool to force refiners to waste valuable time and capital on nuisance litigation. The Affordable Gas Price Act also provides tax incentives to encourage investment in new refineries.

Federal fuel taxes are a major part of gasoline’s cost. The Affordable Gas Price Act suspends the federal gasoline tax any time the average gas prices exceeds $3.00 per gallon. During the suspension, the federal government will have a legal responsibility to ensure the federal highway trust fund remains funded. My bill also raises the amount of mileage reimbursement not subject to taxes, and, during times of high oil prices, provides the same mileage reimbursement benefit to charity and medical organizations as provided to businesses.

Misguided and outdated trade policies are also artificially raising the price of gas. For instance, even though Russia and Kazakhstan allow their citizens the right and opportunity to emigrate, they are still subject to Jackson-Vanik sanctions, even though Jackson-Vanik was a reaction to the Soviet Union’s highly restrictive emigration policy. Eliminating Jackson-Vankik’s threat of trade-restricting sanctions would increase the United States’ access to oil supplies from non-Arab countries. Thus, my bill terminates the application of title IV of the Trade Act of 1974 to Russia and Khazaskin, allowing Americans to enjoy the benefits of free trade with these oil-producing nations.

Finally, the Affordable Gas Price Act creates a federal study on how the abandonment of the gold standard and the adoption of freely floating currencies are affecting the price of oil. It is no coincidence that oil prices first became an issue shortly after President Nixon unilaterally severed the dollar’s last connection to gold. The system of fiat money makes consumers vulnerable to inflation and to constant fluctuations in the prices of essential goods such as oil.

In conclusion, Madam Speaker, I urge my colleagues to support the Affordable Gas Price Act and end government policies that increase the cost of gasoline.

(text of bill available soon)

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  • I wonder the effect this bill will have on home heating oil. In over 8 million US homes heating oil is the main source of heat. As oil prices rise, so does the price of home heating oil, a necessity for families.

  • Personally I think something like this needs to be done. Our economy is so reliant on oil and gas, that there is a real possibility the skyrocketing costs will have a real impact on businesses (bankruptcy) and the way Americans live their lives as we know it.

    Artificially increasing these prices more, just doesn’t make sense.

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  • Grandma Maria

    We need a lot more go getters like Ron Paul. Msy God bless him and strengthen him, give him wisdom and discernment to keep on keepin’ on.


  • Jack Rogers

    Why does all the corporations, that have lost money and had to close the door and lay-off people, why are they the only ones? When does GOVERMENT START reducing their costs? We all know that from City Hall to you know who, the ole buddy systems is going strong. Shut half of goverment down and maybe they will realize what we, the little man, has been supporting them, is tired of it.
    Does Obama, ever say anything about Nationalizing the Gas Industry?
    Has Obama ever said anything about reducing goverment employees?
    How may goverment employees are drawing unemploymnet?
    How may goverment employees have lost their house by foreclosure?
    Obama has keep only one promise, He would change America
    That he has and is doing
    We are in trouble

    • Paul Rever

      I will try to open your Eyes to the WHYS
      No 1- When they all whent along with the Anti God Anti, Constitution and became Corporations not be liable for their Bad dealing,and to limit their Liability, They demanded standing in the Courts,so they pay for that privalege And went the Way of the Anti American,Anti God Zionist Jew who has the Love of other peoples money,not Just the love of money, then when the 16 amendment was passed they allowed the tax that was on Corporations profits was then passed onto the Labors under Frankin Roosevelt so he could fight the second world war for the same Bankers that passed the 16 amendment and got us into war again ,on to workers pay check ,the Labor was then deducted for the corporste profits and the worker paid a higher share and the government profited,and you Lost you 4 th. and 5 th. Amendment Rights,as well as your Right to Life ,for Now you Pay them for the pricledge of life
      Then After geting you in the last 15 wars They Changed your laws and brought in Exports and put the Corporations out of Busness Philco,Crosly Zienith,Studebaker Hudson,Willys overland Pakcard Desoto,and many of the Chrislers lines,Oldsmobil,Westinghouse and all the Corner Gas stations Drug and groceries Stores etc.that were forced to compete with Corporate take over, cheap forghin labor and low if no impot tax on forghn products by Gate, Nafta, World Trade Agreements ,in the so caled free trade,that stole all Your Jobs and Plantsthat whent overseas
      Oboma is Big Government A Lackey and will not Do what is Right for America or he will be replaced and Government is Force,And HE is just Finishing Off where George H Bush and Bill Clinton,George W Bush back to Abraham Lincoln when it All Started. and their goal to eliminate the middle class and Freedom in the U.S.of A.
      they Pay 30 to 40 % on their pay to have their Government Jobs that goes to the IMF,the World Bank, And The None Federal Resercve Banks as interest and you pay to keep them their
      Yes we are in Big Trouble, But they will all Die,as Hoover, Roosevelt, Trueman,Johnson,and Take none what they steal with them,But Leave this Valley of Tears in Worst Shape then it was befor they were Born
      Excuse the Spelling and Grammer

  • Paul Rever

    Nixion,Controled By Communit Zionist AntiAmerican,Anti Constitution, AntGod Bankers and Their Mirade of Lobbyist and their Congresses (Not U.S.Congrtesses) Were Drainig all our Gold reserves because on Each of the Bill that said they were redemable in gold were taking it out of the CountryBecause we were still abligedt to redem the Gold and Silver notes to bankers only
    The reason We only have gold and Silver money is That it represents Life Forfiture,You must givr Up Life and energy to Acuire it(Gold or Silver) and will always hold it value to the Miner and the Consimuer that receives it never diminishes. But Anti AntiGod Anti American Zionist Jew Banker Who only LOANED his Crdit And out not Gold or Silver coins as a loan to Our Niggardly Government as they are required By Law to Borrow only on it’s good credit but never put into circulation the Gold Money,that people Borow frome them,nor will never put into Circulation the Interest to repay the Lone,you must Go Backk to them as there slaves and reborow because you can never pay it Off.ALL These Migardly Bastards that isue These Toilet paper notes with green ink on them need to do is Change the Corners of their Puke notes, and the Word Amount on the Note,and Make you an additional Federal labor Slave to pay it back either for one Hour,one week,oneYear and all they do is turn on the printing press and create them out of thin Air. Worst of all the Bastards Steal all the interest Gain the Money in savings acounts,it diminsihes throug planned Inflation and in most cases you could have Purchased More value with the money at the time you Deposited it plus their interest 5 time or 10 times less when you take it out Just compare the 5cent Phone Call and the 3 cent postage Stamp and a 17cent Loaf of bread
    YOU have never been taken of Gold Standard,Because we never were on a Gold Standard Our Money IS Only Gold and Silver NotZionist Jew Toilet Paper
    Every American and the States are All Tort Fisers (Wrong Doers) (crimanals)Wenever you Call a federal reserve Note a Dollar, When it is ONLY a Debit instrument A None Federal Reserve Enslavement Note earnes interest ans Long and that Unlawful Note is in Circulation.
    The U.S.Contitution has never been Amended and No State is to make any thing but Gold a silver Coin a tender in payment of a Debit…. as the Constitution has never been Amended And Niggard Wodrow Wilso,and every Banker Lacky President up to Niggards Hoover,Roosevelts Stole all the American Gold,None of the Gold Belonged To the Government except 6% for Minting it,

    • Darin

      Please remember when you post, to bring your very best foot forward. Ron Paul is a representative for us and our ideals. We too are representatives of him. The other side will use things we say here in these forums to discredit him. Please remember that.

      I know that we are angry, furious even. However, if we are to win we must bridle that fury and channel it into action.

      • Paul Rever

        I am not Angry,Nor Furious but if I was it would be because I can’t believe that any man or women voted for Oboma and did not check him out,and Ron did not get more Media Exposer as did Their Lackey Oboma and Hillery,
        You can not keep the truth hidden will come out, the truth is that we have been taken over and they never fired a Shoot ,But had us do a lot of shooting for them ,the Last War Americans foought and Died for America Was the Not so Civil War We Killed and diedand mamed for Was the put up Job to have the South Fight the North for a deceptive Reason,A wrong reason and Both North and South Lost All their liberty in the out come.
        Check who brought the Blacks to America ,Who made money off of it,and what right did a man think he had a right to Buy a human being,If you analize the 14th Amendment you will see that the Black man was never freed but became Subjects of tha Federal Government. And it has been the Downfall of all the freedom and Liberty this Nation was established under.Their is NO Freedom in American anymore,it is all privaleges You have no rights read the 14 amendment.
        But even with all the Trumped up lies and distortions, The Negro Should Kiss the Ground The Jewish Slave trader Walks on ,Because none of them wold be Alive to day in Ameerica. They all would have been Killed in their own Country by their own People as is still going on to day,And Would not be living off the Working Class,as most are on welfare and we would NOT be paying for Most, Not All out of wedlock Mothers and their Children Through Aid to dependent ChildrenWelfareAnd
        I will never say anthing that I do not believe to be the Truth. BUT they will discrdit you any way,Bcause they lack the ability to be honest.
        Also the Auto industry is the only one That should have been Given Back all the Witholdind and income tax they Stole frome the workers and croporate taxes that was taken to washington and then sent to Israil
        The Banker should have all been Investigated under RICO and a 1929 Pecora Commitee investigation,Forced into Bankrupsy as only the LAW Requires,NOT A BAIL OUT,Then if posible reoganization,and the crimanals Brougt to tril Like Madok,Their Pensions ,property,Bank accounts Siezed and sent to prison when foud Guilty,The same as they will do to you If you are Acused of Racketeering or Selling Drugs

        • Darin

          How can you not believe that people voted for him without checking him out? Because, you wouldn’t have voted for any candidate without thoroughly checking them out. The media is biased and they will spoon feed Americans the point of view they want.

          Also, I know for a fact that there are Jewish and Black supporters of Ron Paul and the ideologies he supports.

          Don’t make this about race, and instead of fuming let’s work together to take our freedoms back!

          • Paul Rever

            You Totaly Missed the Facts,and one issue instead of the many.This not About RACE,It’s About an Agenda.
            First of All You Are lost to Think A Jew or A Black Supports Ron Paul,and you never Understood to preamble to the U.S.and Some State Constitutions,This Nation was not Set up for Blacks or Jews.
            The only Americans who should Support a man who is Trying to Restore the Origianal intent this Nation was Established under Should Tell you “I Am an AMERICAN”,a united States Citezen “(if he is Born it a union Republic State),or a citezen(Sublect) of the United States (If he is Born in Washington)..Reade the 14TH Amendment,pay attention to the words Citezen ,citezen,Person,person,(There is a Differasnce) If that Man Says he is A Jew,or African American Black I would not Want his Vote,But if he Told me he was an American (As Above)And Practiced the Hebrew,Judisam OR Athiest Faith,I Wolud accept his Vote and that he knew who he realy was,and may be able to Save this Nation from the last Stage of Destruction Planed By APAIC,Southern Law and Poverty,ACLU, ADL,World Jewish Congress,American Jewish Congress,plus at least 40 pages full of outher Front organizations they operate ,to destroy this Nation as well as other nations in the middle east,and around the World
            Why don’t you read Oboma Speech He Mad June 4 2008 to APAIC With Rhmm Emanual and his Ties To Daid Axelrod and Bill Aries.and many more befor the primaries.
            One other point about Gas prices.They have eliminated ALL Independetnt Service Stations and refineries Througt the U.S.and Had passed Restrictive Laws on refieries,and exploration of neww wells and caped many prducing wellsthey lobbies against Alaska and when it was over we do not even get any of the Oil from Alaska and is all exported. their enviomental Lobbys stop the U.S Citizens frome Drilling new wells to force UP the price of oil and our dependency on their Opec Controlled price fixed Oil.
            And when Each and EYERY TIME the High Arcky in London and New York tell the Corporate Retailers to raise or Lower the Gas All the Lackys Follow Suet, Even when there are Billions of gallons are still in their Tank storage Yards and Gas Station underground tanks. A real Honest American should not raise,or lower the Price untill it is used up,and replaced with the Higher or lower Cost Fuel
            This is called Free trade the other is Monoply
            Also Re read what Isaid above,I tried to open Your Eyes to