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  • B T

    The main fallacy you’re buying into is that the government is capable of doing anything “faster, cheaper and more efficient” than the private sector or free markets can.

    The truth is that the government only weighs the process down and raises the costs due to the bureaucratic overhead that its interventions create.

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  • Jack

    Hmm, I might be a little off on this one…

    But As i recall seeing the movie Sicko, A good portion of the money that you pay for medical treatment is actually spent on people that act like “Detectives” and find out if youve had a pre-existing condition so they can retro-actively cancel your insurance, making you pay the full amount for the treatment you recieved.

    I recall during the interview of the retired “medical detective” that he had to go through tons of paper-work while doing his job.

    Seems to me this just might be a way to save some money when they cheat you out of medical insurance? I Mean like Ron Paul said, thier will be less privacy, making it easier for them to access your records, and it will be faster, cheaper, and more efficient.

    More then half of congress works for Hospitals and Insurance Companies who’s main goals are to keep us sick and make money. They dont seem to give a rats ass about how 95% of a school cafeteria is junk food, selling of products with aspartame (a neuro-toxic carcinogen), advertising junk food aimed at chilren via television (which is actually out-lawed in other countries), and countless other things that are obviously detrimental to mental and psyhical health. So I think its safe to say that thier main goals are NOT our health.

    Obama’s reason for this “New” system was him saying, “When you walk into a hospital, You have to sit their, wait and fill out tons of paperwork… Before you can get any treatment. I mean i think thats just insane, So this electronic healthcare system, will speed things up for everyone.”

    Honestly i thought the 1 good thing about American healthcare was people NOT having to wait since its so damn expensive! Seems like a bunch of BS to me.


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