Ron Paul Introduces Free Choice in Health Care Bill

Statement of Congressman Ron Paul
United States House of Representatives

Statement Introducing the
Coercion is Not Health Care Act (HR 2629)
May 21, 2009

Madam Speaker, today I am introducing the Coercion is Not Health Care Act. This legislation forbids the federal government from forcing any American to purchase health insurance, and from conditioning participation in any federal program, or receipt of any federal benefit, on the purchase of health insurance.

While often marketed as a “moderate” compromise between nationalized health care and a free market solution, forcing every American to purchase a government-approved health insurance plan is a back door approach to creating a government-controlled health care system.

If Congress requires individuals to purchase insurance, Congress must define what insurance policies satisfy the government mandate. Thus, Congress will decide what is and is not covered in the mandatory insurance policy. Does anyone seriously doubt that what conditions and treatments are covered will be determined by who has the most effective lobby. Or that Congress will be incapable of writing a mandatory insurance policy that will fit the unique needs of every individual in the United States?

The experience of states that allow their legislatures to mandate what benefits health insurance plans must cover has shown that politicizing health insurance inevitably makes health insurance more expensive. As the cost of government-mandated health insurance rises, Congress will likely create yet another fiscally unsustainable entitlement program to help cover the cost of insurance.

When the cost of government–mandated insurance proves to be an unsustainable burden on individuals and small employers, and the government, Congress will likely impose price controls on medical treatments, and even go so far as to limit what procedures and treatments will be reimbursed by the mandatory insurance. The result will be an increasing number of providers turning to “cash only” practices, thus making it difficult for those relying on the government-mandated insurance to find health care. Anyone who doubts that result should consider the increasing number of physicians who are withdrawing from the Medicare program because of the low reimbursement and constant bureaucratic harassment from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Madam Speaker, the key to effective health care reform lies not in increasing government control, but in increasing the American people’s ability to make their own health care decisions. Thus, instead of forcing Americans to purchase government-approved health insurance, Congress should put the American people back in charge of health care by expanding health care tax credits and deductions, as well as increasing access to Health Savings Accounts. Therefore, I have introduced legislation, the Comprehensive Health Care Reform Act (HR1495), which provides a series of health care tax credits and deductions designed to empower patients. I urge my colleagues to reject the big government-knows-best approach to health care by cosponsoring my Coercion is Not Health Care Act and Comprehensive Health Care Reform Act.

Coercion is Not Health Care Act (Introduced in House)

HR 2629 IH

111th CONGRESS 1st Session H. R. 2629

To protect the American people’s ability to make their own health care decisions by ensuring the Federal Government shall not force any American to purchase health insurance.


May 21, 2009

Mr. PAUL introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce


To protect the American people’s ability to make their own health care decisions by ensuring the Federal Government shall not force any American to purchase health insurance.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


    This Act may be cited as the `Coercion is Not Health Care Act’.


    Participation in, or access to, any program of the Federal Government or eligibility to receive any benefit under Federal law shall not be conditioned on the purchase or maintenance of health insurance coverage.


    No individual or agency of the Federal Government shall ever require any individual to purchase health insurance coverage.

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  • Lou

    Health care costs will continue to escalate as long as it is paid for by Other Peoples Money. In this environment, patients have absolutely no incentive to shop or even question charges that accrue for services. Of course, health care providers love this scenario as it provides for unlimited charges and profits. Who wouldn’t ?

    This health care package is a disaster on the runway awaiting permission for takeoff. Unfortunately, it looks like we’re stuck with it.

  • Dianne

    As far as I can see this is just one more reason to get back to natural herbal remedies and leave the modern primitive methods of cut and paste to the butchers.

  • christine

    Republican Healthcare Rally at the House — WooHoo!!


  • The reason the prices keep going up is that the government; through Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran’s Administration GUARANTEES (to a certain extent) payments to the one’s who administer health care (politically connected insurances companies, drug companies, equipment manufacturers). There are also direct subsidies to some corporations. Since it’s “government money” on the line, and not YOUR MONEY, there’s a greatly lowered incentive to reduce costs, and increase quality. These two benefits would be seen in a truly privatized, free-market system. 50% of the money traded in the health-care industry is GOVERNMENT MONEY; yet the word “private” is used to characterize our system.

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  • VR

    Whistleblower Magazine
    Why Obamacare could result in the early deaths of millions of baby boomers

    • Scott

      This article is replete with factitious information. Or, on the basic level…”full of lies”

  • VR

    The Global Redistributionist at Obama’s Left Hand

    “Redistribution of wealth both within and among nations is absolutely essential, if a decent life is to be provided to every human being.”
    – John P. Holdren
    White House Office of
    Science and Technology Policy.

  • Christine

    We don’t need health insurance and it won’t bring the cost of the actual health care and services down. Insurance is an additional expense. Insurance is what allows the cost of services and care to rise and become more and more expensive.

    What we need is the actual costs of the medical services and care we receive to be affordable. Just like any other industry, the medical industry needs to bring down it’s costs to compete. They’ve priced themselves out of a natural free market.

    Yes to no government-run, government forced health care!
    If they government gets their way, taxpayers will be on the hook to pay for a huge health care beaurocratic organization + 31 new government agencies. Just think of it…all those government employee paychecks! That’s additional taxes + forced premiums.

    • Jill

      I totally agree with this…we need the actual cost of the services to be affordable…it is because of insurance the cost has gone up so much. When I tell a mechanic I don’t have insurance he quotes me a lower price to fix my car then when I tell them I have insurance oh, the price goes up!….I think it is like that in health care

      • Scott

        Not exactly true… In health care, the cash cost of a given service is drastically higher than that paid for the same service paid by a large insurer.

        The reason for this is that the insurer brings a large number of customers to the provider, and in in excahnge gets a lower price per unit of service. An individual, paying out of pocket has no bargaining power and this pays a much higher price for the same service. An individual might pay $ 2000 for an MRI, while the insurance company might only pay $ 800 or so for the same service.

        • Scott

          All this being said, Insurance does overall increase the costs of health care to individual policy holders and the uninsured by their practices.

          The problem with health care reform is the insurance lobby and the public’s misunderstanding of the insurnace comapny’s goals. They are in business to maximize their income, not to to pay for health care service as we believe. Once an individual policyholder gets a potentially costly illness, the Insurance company will work diligently to get that individual off their roll. The only real affordable way to keep good coverage is to have a group policy…but less and less employers are offering this benefit.

    • Irwin Tyler

      Your desired end of affordable health care needs a mechanism to accomplish it. We agree that government is not the answer. Medicare, a government-only system of coercion, has proven to be a failure at controlling boths costs and quality. So, too, the current patchwork of insurance plans. My proposal combines the financial incentives inherent in the profit motive and competitive bidding (insurance companies) with the quality incentive of public accountability (government oversight and publication of review results). And with everyone covered, price manipulation is no longer an issue.

      • Scott

        Actually, the best answer to contain costs and cover all americans is a single-payer system. It’s a proven method and delivers better health outcomes that the US system (which ranks #39 in the world…yes #39, not #1).

    • Christine

      Perhaps the real underlying issue is that the majority of people have been trained, all their lives, to live and operate by and through an addition and maniuplation to money and no longer operate from their hearts. This is the real source of corruption.

      The masses worldwide have come to believe that we need money to do what we do, so much so that we would choose to do nothing if we were not paid to do it, even if our lives and the lives of others depended upon it. Check your immediate response to my thought and tell me it isn’t so.

      The world is so maniuplated by the idea of money, so much so, that corruption is rampant. Stand back from the situation and take a look. To make this even sound more obsurd, we even know that the money we use is created out of thin air, we know that. It’s a supposed debt created by others eons ago, otherwise meaningless pieces of paper, excepting for what someone tells us it is worth. It’s paper. They print it whenever they need a supply of it to keep maniuplating the masses, to perpetuate their game.

      To survive the coming global depression, we will need to find, rediscover and operate with the power in our hearts, not by the phoney value placed in monopoly money. We need to advance towards this level of thinking and challenge what has always been towards something new. A new world, quite the opposite from the moneychanges, from what the elitists have in mind! Surprise!

      Just thinkaboutit and imagine how it could be.

    • Scott

      The idea that some in congress (mostly GOP) would want to REQUIRE all americans to buy health insurance is ridiculous. Of course the insurance industry would love it…a law forcing more people to buy health insurance. I would love to have of of the few donut shops in a town when the town passed a law requiring all citizens of that town to buy donuts.

      What about all the people who already can’t afford health insurnance and then can’t comply with the law. Those in congress would then want them to pay a fine. Not only can’t you not afford insurance, noe you have to pay a penalty too.

    • christine

      We are coming to know and realize that the government passes laws to protect itself, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, a federal corporation, not the American people. Britain’s government is also a corporpation. So no wonder the corporations and government are making out like bandits! Literally.

      So when Mr. Obama says “God Bless THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, he is referring to the federal corporation he works for, the elite, not America our Republic, our country and all of us citizens.

      We need the cost of medical services and care to be affordable at the point of service. We DO NOT need a health insurance plan. This would guarantee that the price of healthcare will be affordable for all. AND the govt along with the FED cannot put us in a financial depression and then expect us to pay? Are we to pull the money out of our arsses? Mr. O’s corporation has become delusional and irrational, psychopathic!

      Check out the YouTube video series (15 videos) titled “Corporations, Psychopathic, Inc.”

      The healthcare corporations who are charging outrageous premiums, denying coverage, using pre-existing conditions, and the govt are playing off each other to maniuplate the population as a whole into socialized medicine and unaffordable, govt-controlled health care system (that we would otherwise not choose). This is their tactic of advancing the NWO. Don’t fall into the trap. We need to make a stand against not only the Govt, but also the large insurance corporations. That is an option they have not discussed, why? Because this is the real issue. they act like they are enemies, just like the republicans act like they are enemies of the democrats, then buddy up later after the show is over. Very few in govt are dedicated to serving the people and upholding the constituion like Ron Paul. The govt and corpos act in collusion together to make is seem like we have to choose between these 2 as options to control the population, our minds. But it is not true!! We have a 3rd choice!! We need our intimate healthcare between our doctors and us to be private, to be simply between our doctor and us at affordable prices.

      Problem – Reaction – Solution

    • Irwin Tyler

      In re: “Insurance is an additional expense. Insurance is what allows the cost of services and care to rise and become more and more expensive.”

      Yes, insurance involves a cost, as does everything in life. In return, insurance WHEN it is based on large-group rates, allows the ‘law of large numbers’ to work, thereby equalizing costs over that group. This is a form of cost/income distribution that is market-based, not fiat-government-bureaucrat-based. What needs to be done is to make the administration of that insurance more effective and efficient. (See my post outlining such a plan)

      • christine

        What we need simply is the cost of healthcare services to come down. Those who are well and practice wellness should not be financially penalized by those who do not, forced to pay for the care of others while they invest in wellness for their own selves (which is not supported by ths government) — see agenda 21, codex alimentarious, chemtrail spraying, etc.

        With insurance…their deal will give you
        a government with more spendable money directly from your pocket to whatever they wish to do in the world with it, generally not good things, making you more dependent upon them with low quality, financially insolvent programs. Watch the flow of money to see who really benefits.

        1. Cost increases with an additional cost of premiums

        2. Premiums always increase as time goes
        Coverage adjusts, lowers, however the insurance company chooses to

        3. When insurance is involved, doctors interpret your insurance card to equate to more money available, so they adjust your treatment accordingly, more treatments, more expensive!

        4. Govt uses the money to increase the number of toxic vaccines and medications to destroy health, not improve it. They have a depopulation and a NWO agenda.

        5. Medical records will be used for other than honest measures, privacy gone, used for tracking people, could be used by govt/big pharma to develop drugs that are more successful in causing disease (which is their whole idea, rather than honoring our natural immune system by using natural supportive aids and foods to cure).

        6. Medical records are linked to the implementation of the RFID chip. NWO operates by incrementalism, not too big of steps so we object, but campaigns for little steps at a time until they have taken over. The consumer must be alert and aware enough to see when this is occuring and say NO before it progresses. Push Back!

        7. With codex alimentarious, the govt would be taking over our entire food supply with GMO foods, non-nutritious foods leading to malnurishment, disease. This is slated to begin December 31, 2009. Soon! Did they ask the American people if we wanted this as our diet and way of eating?

        So as you can see, this healthcare bill is tied to many other avenues the govt is using to accomplish control over us and our lives, to limit our choices, but get the most bang for their buck as our overall health deteriorates. Insurance!

        There is absolutely no guarantee that any insurance will lower costs. Immediately, you have the insurance company in between you and your doctor, electronic medical records to spy on your doctor and you for whatever dishonest uses they wish, control of the kind of care you will receive.

        NO insurance.
        Lower health care costs, period. Make them affordable. Keep our right to choose. We’ve lost enough freedoms as it is.

  • Irwin Tyler

    Private insurer plans have groups that vary in size from a few dozen to thousands, each with different coverages, different deductibles, different
    premium structures, different exclusions, fragmented by state, by region within state, by group membership which crosses geographic boundaries, etc.
    They must each interface with Medicare, Medicaid, VA. This makes it inefficient and difficult to identify problems and it can’t pinpoint
    significant high-cost health care providers and services. Medical providers spend thousands of wasted hours and millions of wasted dollars filing forms and then correcting them when this chaotic “system” produces so many filing errors.

    My approach covers everyone while doing what each sector does best:
    competition in the private sector to drive down costs, maintain and/or improve quality and bring more efficiency to the system; and government to
    assure compliance, effectiveness, and fairness. It is a nationwide solution easy to adapt to individual states until such time as the problem is taken
    up in Washington.

    (1) EVERYONE IS COVERED by a single private group plan where they live, in one of about 10 geographic health districts based on the U.S. census.
    Having only large groups allows compiling more valid statistics on mortality, morbidity, medical services used, and medical service costs.

    (2) ALL INSURANCE IS PRIVATE and all premiums are group premiums, privately paid, whether by employers, organizations or by individuals, with but one exception. Premiums for those certified as earning below the poverty line will be paid for by the government.

    Government defined coverage packages, separately for adults and children, will be offered as consumer-chosen options:

    a.. High deductible – no well-care, no prescription drugs
    b.. Low deductible – no well-care, no prescription drugs
    c.. Well care Plus high Deductible, no prescription drugs
    d.. Well care Plus medium deductible, no prescription drugs
    e.. Catastrophic Only (separate or add-on coverage)
    f.. Prescription Drugs (add-on coverage)

    An HMO may be selected as one’s service provider, with premiums matching the winning bid in its health district for “Well care plus medium deductible
    with no prescription drugs”

    Individuals can change their plans in the 3rd and 6th year of the contract period and are free to add private supplemental coverage.

    (2) COMPETITION IS RETAINED because insurance companies will bid every 10 years to provide the group coverage separately in each health district.
    Government will be the bidder of last resort only where there is no private bid.


    Government will approve members of a bid list and publicly disclose their reasons for rejecting any application. Basic cost, quality and performance
    statistics will be made public toward the end of each contract period for each category in each district


    The goal of fair, efficient, simple universal health insurance coverage without intrusive government interference and control is achieved.

    Through the bidding process covering large groups government will have no need to mandate or “suggest” treatment plans and will not need to legislate
    unreasonable reimbursement levels.

    There is more to this plan than can fit in this posting. And certainly there are details to be worked out, such as how to keep losing bidders in
    business so that they are able to be bidders in a later bid period.

    In summary: the current system is broken and can’t be fixed. Medicare, Medicaid and conventional private health insurance no longer meet today’s
    needs. Any replacement must be truly comprehensive and address ALL of the public concerns while keeping administration relatively simple.

    My plan does this. Everyone is covered. Private enterprise is kept in the loop where it functions best. Government stays in the loop where its resources are most efficiently utilized.

    • Scott

      (1) EVERYONE IS COVERED by a single private group plan where they live, in one of about 10 geographic health districts based on the U.S. census.
      Having only large groups allows compiling more valid statistics on mortality, morbidity, medical services used, and medical service costs.

      (2) ALL INSURANCE IS PRIVATE and all premiums are group premiums, privately paid, whether by employers, organizations or by individuals, with but one exception. Premiums for those certified as earning below the poverty line will be paid for by the government.

      My comment…this would actually work, though it could be done on state districts as every state regulates their own insurance industry to some degree. All insurers would have to be require to use uniform data/billing services (one-form method). Then insurers would basically compete based on service vs. price…and then let the market force decide.