Healthcare & Big Government: A Marriage Made In Hell

In his latest column, Ron Paul criticizes the government’s unscrupulous intrusion into the doctor/patient relationship and exposes the privacy implication of establishing mandatory electronic medical records collections. He also presents two bills he recently introduced in Congress. One of them allows patients and physicians to opt out of any federal electronic medical records systems, while the other stops the federal government from forcing any American to purchase health insurance.

Fight Government Encroachment into Healthcare!

by Ron Paul

With a faltering economy, and skyrocketing costs, healthcare continues to be a critical issue for all Americans. Unfortunately government encroachment into the doctor/patient relationship is poised to exacerbate our problems with healthcare.

As an OB/GYN with over 30 years of experience in private practice, I understand that one of the foundations of quality healthcare is the patient’s confidence that all information shared with his or her healthcare provider will remain private. And yet, the Federal Government plans to undermine this trust with establishment of mandatory electronic medical records collections and “unique health identifier” numbers assigned to all Americans. Funding for this program was among the numerous provisions jammed into the stimulus bill rushed through Congress earlier this year.

Electronic medical records that are part of the federal system will only receive the protection granted by the federal “medical privacy rule.” This misnamed rule actually protects the ability of government officials and state-favored special interests to view private medical records without patient consent.

Aside from those concerns, the government’s ability to protect medical records is highly questionable. After all, we are all familiar with cases where third parties obtained access to electronic veteran, tax, and other records because of errors made by federal bureaucrats. We should also consider the abuse of IRS records by administrations of both parties. What would happen if unscrupulous politicians gained the power to access their political enemies’ electronic medical records?

For these reasons I have introduced the Protect Patients’ and Physicians’ Privacy Act, HR 2630, which allows patients and physicians to opt out of any federally mandated, created, or funded electronic medical records system. The bill also repeals sections of federal law establishing a “unique health identifier” and requires patient consent before any electronic medical records can be released to a 3rd party.

I have also introduced the Coercion is Not Health Care Act, HR 2629. This legislation forbids the federal government from forcing any American to purchase health insurance, or conditioning participation in any federal program on the purchase of health insurance. Forcing Americans to purchase government-approved health insurance is a back door approach to creating a government-controlled healthcare system. Congress would define what policies and coverage requirements satisfy their mandate. Does anyone then doubt that what conditions and treatments are covered would be determined by who has the most effective lobby? Or that Congress would be capable of writing a mandatory insurance policy that fits the unique needs of every individual in the United States?

With these conditions in place, I foresee the eventual imposition of price controls and limitations on what procedures and treatments that are covered. This will result in an increasing number of providers turning to “cash only” practices, making it difficult for those relying on the government-mandated insurance to find healthcare – the exact opposite of the desired result! Consider the increasing number of physicians who are already withdrawing from the Medicare program because of the low reimbursement and constant bureaucratic harassment from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Congress should put the American people back in charge of healthcare by expanding healthcare tax credits and deductions, increasing access to Health Savings Accounts, respecting privacy and the doctor/patient relationship. Further politicizing and bureaucratizing of healthcare will only increase costs and reduce quality, as demonstrated by most other countries with socialized medicine.

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  • Christine

    What would really reduce our health care costs?
    What would really improve the lives of all Americans?

    What we need is the FDA to do its job!
    Keep our food safe for consumption.
    Farmers, keep the harmful chemicals out of our food distribution.

    Clean up our water and our air. It’s ridiculous that we have to buy water, on top of paying for a water bill!
    Politicians: Take care of our problems at home. We have plenty enough waiting your attention!

    Stress and fear cause illnesses!
    We need the government to alleviate the stress upon American households:
    End the wars, bring the soldiers home, end the many military bases around the world, and stop using America to police the world. Bring peace by being peaceful and friendly with the rest of the world.
    When we say we are pro-life, we mean it, even after they turn 18! Value life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    End the FED/IRS, the great robbery of American’s hard earned paychecks so we can be self-sufficient and take care of ourselves and our families (a lot less governmental turmoil and involvement in our lives). Stop manipulating and interfering in our lives so we can live the good life, the American Dream.
    Stop trying to do away with the middle class….make all class meaningless. We are all humans (around the world).
    Go back in time to when home loans were performed with a friendly relationship with our honest neighborhood banks/lenders.
    Go back to the financial standards to qualify for home loans. It worked.
    Stop printing money and running up the American deficit! Stop devaluing our hard earned dollars!
    Go back to operating our government by the guidelines in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights!
    Quit scaring us with the threat of mandatory vaccines that cause more harm to our bodies and treating us like human guinea pigs!
    Stop creating fear in the minds of ordinary Americans!
    Punish those who do harm to Americans via illegal and immoral monetary and business practices!
    Punish past presidents who have led us down the wrong path, clue (oil mongers and fascists). Put them on trial and expose them for who they really are.
    Punish those who have operated the FED/IRS that has led to the downfall of America!
    Allow the free market to return so our economy will once again work for all Americans.
    Get rid of NAFTA. Have friendly trade with other countries, but we don’t need NAFTA.
    Stop the distribution of so many harmful prescription drugs!
    Be big on natural health care information and cover payments/treatments provided by natural health care providers!

    Here’s a big one…
    All those self-serving politicians need to immediately leave public service and be replaced by honest citizens who are not in it for self interests and who listen and are in touch with what Americans really want!!

    Oh, and stop taxes us and future generations to death with bailouts, etc.!! The government is suppose to work for us and so are politicians! Do your work honestly! Be the public servant you are suppose to be! We don’t need you as much as you need us!


  • longshotlouie

    June 12 (Bloomberg) — Health-care overhaul legislation being drafted by House Democrats will include $600 billion in tax increases.

    As Mr. Perot was so fond of saying, ‘Can you hear that giant sucking sound’?

  • Christine

    I’m definitely not interested in having everyone’s health care records maintained in an electronic system. Too many major problems associated with that idea. Privacy is a must! My permission is a must. I control (not the government), a must.

    Dentists and doctors and assistants can use computers in their offices to avoid errors made due to bad handwriting. These records are only kept within our doctor’s office or hospital, wherever the service is provided.

    The government needs to stop trying to pass laws that take American’s civil liberties and our freedoms away… because someone in government feels they need to devise a plan where they have the ultimate control over everyone and everything!

  • Christine

    Health care should not be connected to your job! Since many Americans change jobs and lose jobs, more frequently than in our grandparents era, it should be just like our car or life insurance… we choose which company and the policy coverage we desire.

    There should be an outside agency with a 1-800 number that oversees all insurance companies so they are not allowed to charge more than an “affordable” amount and ensure that they abide by US law and set standards. The only difference between companies then would the the quality of their customer service and plans! Bring down the price and increase the quality of the service.

    The medical practitioners need to bring down their prices to “affordable” as determined by an overseeing outside agency. The only difference among them should be the quality of the service and the quality of the care they provide.

    The goal for everything should be (1) to make it easy (instead of harder) for each of us to take care of ourselves (2) to have a healthy society that is able to afford all of their basic needs with jobs that pay us enough to do so.

    Eat healthy foods, cook healthy recipes, exercise, drink water, enjoy relaxation, practice a deep breathing exercise or meditation, yoga, do a body cleans, be positive, be balanced and happy, utilize naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncture, herbs, alternative healing methods when appropriate, practice preventative self-care. It will reduce your need for medical care.

  • Jeff Hensiek

    I never needed or wanted free health care. I don’t really want anything for free. I had a pretty good benifits package that I was paying out te yazoo for myself. If they want to fix health care in this country the insurance companies should be held accountable and the customers/patients should get what they pay for. Health care! Without all the strings and bullshit and ins. company’s trying to squirm out of paying for things and leaving the customer/patient or the medical facility stuck out. If my insurance premium was $100.00 a month and I only tried to pay them $78.00 they would drop me! How come the insurance company can name their own price or not “cover that”. I say make them do what they get paid to do. Maybe if an insurance carrier only pays a percentage of something instead of 100% the doctor should tell them to piss off and not accept the insurance carriers business. What the ins. company doesn’t cover or pay for in full is put off on the customer/patient who is ALREADY paying for medical coverage and they might pay it or they might not. Most likely they are having medical problems and simply can’t pay. Then the doctor loses money. If ins. carrierers that didn’t pay their bills were blackballed they would start to lose their customers and would either go out of business or start doing what they get paid to do. We are talking about medical ins., but these rules should apply to all fields of the insurance business.

    • Jeff,
      For profit insurance companies are a scam. Think about it. They spend 30 per cent off the top of their customers premiums for lobbying the government,financing campaigns,paying the execs,advertising and billing. This is an expense. On top of that is their profit. All they are is a middle man. They do not do one thing considered to be health care. Then, they treat you like that. It is legal stealing.
      I have my own health story dealing with them. That is why I support HR676,a bill in congress that the ranking democrats will not even allow into the discussion (doctors have been arrested for simply trying). Both the democrats and republicans are beholding to insurance industry. I agree with Christine. The insurance should not be attached to anyone’s job. The fact that it is is a direct result of government policy. This came about directly through government policy to help large business run through a loophole during wage and price controls after ww2 and in Nixon’s years of the 70s.
      I guess, since this is a libertarian I would like someone to give me a thought out opinion of what I am about to say.
      I am against big government in so many areas and I wish the government would uphold the constitution., That being said, I want universal health insurance, or medicare for everyone, or whatever one would call it.I do not mean government controlled medicine. I am talking about a holding pool of funds that everyone puts into through taxes, that allows everyone access to health care but does not get between you and your doctor. I actually think it is constitutional. Congress has the right to tax for what is considered general welfare of the United States. I think it would be good for the general welfare of the United States if the system wasn’t set up (due to government policy) which stops some people from having access to health care). Therefore a national health insurance seems to me to be within the powers of Congress constitutionally. Sure beats illegal wire tapping or undeclared wars anyway, which are unconstitutional.

      • I forgot to mention, every economist who has looked at HR676 acknowledges it would lower health care costs. Obama’s plan of course would not.

  • john

    I see a lot of good points from both sides.

    But come on, you know for a fact that universal healthcare is “better” then what America has right now. Even you guys mustve seen Michael Moore’s Sicko? Most canadians love thier healthcare system according to polls and most americans HATE theirs, so whats that tell you?

    I also believe that a working person shouldnt be paying for someone else’s expensive healthcare, but our system right now in American is BROKEN!!!!!!!!!

    Getting rid of the corrupt HMO’s, medications that cost 800x their value, and basic money mongers/lobbyists in healthcare… WILL JUST NOT HAPPEN.

    The lesser of 2 evils is definetly Universal healthcare in the USA, not this bullshit Obama government healthcare which is the same god damn thing as what we have now but also makes you more dependent on the government and NOT what we have now.

    Obama and his corrupt cronies know for a fact that he isnt going to pass “Universal Healthcare” in the USA. I mean afterall, he wouldnt want to piss off the healthcare money monsters. So basically what were going to have is more of the same in a differently wrapped box.

    But seriously, getting sick and being cheated out of medical care can happen to any 1 of you. Supporting Universal healthcare will be much better in the long-term for everyone definetly. I really suggest watching “Sicko” so you can see for yourself how bad American Healthcare is compared to Universal healthcare systems like in France and Canada.

    Just remember free healthcare wont be perfect, but it would be 10x better then what we have now.

  • 1. Don’t use Canada as an example of a “good” health care system. The cost is lower, yes, but so is the quality of service. They restrict what and why they will pay for something. They have a certain order in which you have to go through the system. If you miss one small, tiny procedure, you have to go all the way back to the end of the line, so to speak. They are backed up to eternity. If you need an MRI badly, good luck. You may not get the MRI for up to 6 months. You could be dead by then. If their system is so good, why do you think so many Canadians come to the US to have their medical problems fixed? The socialized medicine model is a failure, folks. You say the surveys tell you that America has poor delivery of service? Maybe it’s because they are overwhelmed, not because the services themselves are poor.
    2. I live in Texas and the illegals here almost outnumber the legal Mexican citizens and the illegals don’t have any problem at all getting high dollar, serious surgery done. I work on a surgical floor and I see it every day. If the American medical services are so bad, why are these people having their procedures and surgeries done here? Why not go to Canada or France or Germany or Mexico where it’s so cheap? I’ll tell you why. Because they can’t get the same quality of medical services that they can get in the USA. Say what you want or come down on American Health Care but you are simply NOT going to find better health care services anywhere. And people who should not be able to afford those services don’t seem to have any problems receiving them because the American taxpayer is paying out the nose for them. They are sucking the nation dry, including health care and our Govt does nothing about it. NOTHING! It actually encourages them to suck the life out of the system. Why? So, they can implement their social medicine and own it. Then, my friends, the trouble truly begins.

    • Sean

      Actually, America has some of the worst ratings in health care quality. The reason why people come here is because of the wait time, which is really only about 4 weeks in other countries..

      The government isn’t picking up the bills on hospital care for people who don’t pay. The hospital makes up its losses by charging more from paying customers, this in return makes medicare and social medicine for the elderly more expensive and does increase the governments budget.

      The problem comes from the lack of will to buy health insurance, or the non-availability of health insurance for people with preconditions. That is what drove up the cost of health care making it the most expsensive in the world. You would think that our technology would be more advanced so our health care would be cheaper, but a broken system has prevented that from happening.

      The reason why the government hasn’t done anything in the past is bc they don’t want to take that extra step to intervene in the market.. We’re never going to get rid of medicare/medicade because the majority of voters are elderly and enjoy the benifits from being able to live longer.

  • Jeff Hensiek

    I was in an automobile accident and ended up with 5 ruptured disks in my back. 3 of which are pressing against my spinal cord. I live in terrible pain. I classify myself as a “functoning cripple”. The doctors I have seen are afraid to prescribe the the proper medicines in doses that would help due to government interference. They say they could lose their medical licence. So I am forced to live in agony.I was still working two jobs though. I had health and life benefits thru work and was still able to do my job but then the government forced my doctor to perform a random drug screen on me without my consent or knowledge and it came back positive for something, they won’t even tell me what or let me retake the test. The only drugs I was taking were what they were prescribing me! I was on four different strong medications that may have interacted for a false positive or they could have made a mistake. They never even told me it was a drug screen! Said they were doing a urinalisys to check my liver and kidneys due to the medicines they were prescribing. I don’t understand why I have to take a drug screen at my doctors office! Hell, they had me on morphine. What could be worse than that! So the doctor was forced to cut me off of four different medications cold turkey or lose her licence to practice medicine. Two of the medicines which she had told me never to stop taking as it could make me have a heart attack, stroke or go into convulsions. As a result I was unable to work and lost both my jobs, benifits and nearly my sanity. I think the patient/doctor confidentiality is sacred and the government has NO business in my medical problems. I am now unemployed, uninsured and broke. I am a single dad and I have two small children I need to take care of, but I can barely do it. Just giving them a bath is a challenge for me. Since when does the government have the right to tell my doctor how to treat my medical problems?! My insurance carrier must have been informed and then told my employer because I have worked there about 10 years and drug screens were never mentioned, but now all of a sudden I can’t return to work (even if I could get out of bed without vomiting from pain) until I take a drug screen. Not a problem, there are no drugs whatever in me now since I have not been able to get medical treatment due to lack of funds. Without my health benifits I am now a cash only patient. Kind of hard when you are unable to walk, much less work. I hate having to take medicine just to be a halfway normal person. I am not addicted to the drugs, I am also not a masicist addicted to excruciating pain. If it wasn’t for the government forcing my doctor to treat me THEIR way I would still hold two jobs, live in a reasonable amount of pain and have health benefits to pay for my treatments. I went from being a functioning cripple to a bedridden cripple about to have to apply for government assistance just to survive. To top it all off, the doctor did an epidural cortizone injection which did NOTHING to help my condition. I had more pain relief from a quackapractor(Chiropractor)and they only charge $40.00! AFTER the procedure I was told my insurance carrier may or may not cover it. Well, they won’t. I just got a bill for $3000.00 and I have/had Health ins. at the time. What a joke. It would be funny, but every word is true and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. If the govenment wants to get in the business of peoples private medical problems this deeply I think I am going to look into moving to Canada or something. I am a victim of government intrusion on a patients/doctors rights. It will only get worse if they have their way. I think it’s very sad when a government will destroy the life of a functioning cripple but then turn around and give heroin addicts needles to do their thing instead of trying to help them get off the stuff. I am a victim of government interference. You could be next. All it took for me was for someone to run a stop sign. Then I was screwed.

    • Sean

      I’m sorry to hear about your condition, but the government doesn’t tell doctors what to do. Your doctor was lying and taking advantage of you.

      They are here to serve you. If you are in pain, you have the ability to go to any doctor to get treatment… The government is going to open a new health insurance policy where you can get cheap affordable insurance with preconditions. I suggest you look into it because they will really help you out.

      • Sean

        Canada actually has univeral health care, where the government is in control of health care paid with taxes. We are pretty much the only country where the government is not involved in health care and we have the highest costs available..
        Canada also has restrictions and regulations on privately funded health care which we do not have..

        • Sean

          “Libertarians and conservatives can favor universal health care, because in countries with universal health care, the government spends less tax money per person on health care than the U.S. For example, in France, the government spends $569 less per person on health care than in the United States. This would allow the U.S. to adopt universal health care, while simultaneously cutting government spending and cutting taxes.” – Wikipedia

          “America spends a far higher percentage of GDP on health care than any other country but has worse ratings on such criteria as quality of care, efficiency of care, access to care, safe care, equity, and wait times, according to the Commonwealth Fund”- wikipedia

      • Jeff Hensiek

        Might I add, I live in an area still trying to recover from Hurricane Katrina. I don’t know where you are from but if you don’t have insurance you can’t go to the emergency room without $100.00 cash up front. For real!! They are not allowed to turn you away if its life threatining, but they will only try to keep you alive until you are transported. If it’s not life threatining and you don’t have cash you WILL be turned away. Most doctors here are not taking any new patients, especially cash or medicaid. I had a pretty good benifits plan. If it isn’t the goverment then its somebody telling them NO YOU CAN”T DO THAT! My doctorssss (6 in all) were not lying or taking advantage of me. Someone is tying their hands and imposing regulations and prescription audits on them and they are afraid to give a patient something that they know would actually help them because its a NONO. If it isn’t the government, then who?

        • Sean

          The problem is that most insurance places don’t take patients with preconditions..

          You can go to the emergency room with no money and they will take you in and bill you. Because the prices are outstanding, most people don’t even pay. An ambulance ride cost a thousand dollars alone.

        • Sean

          what medicine were you taking? were you taking pregabalin? Members in my family are doctors and don’t have the government tell them how to treat their patients… They have to follow FDA rules for the patients safety, but the government doesn’t call them up on the phone and ask them to do specific duties for them.

          • Jeff Hensiek

            That’s a little personal, but then again its all on a omputer somewhere so any decent hacker can breach my right to patient/doctor confedentiality. So, what the hell. I was taking Lorcet for pain 2 a day; Valium 5 mg 2 a day for muscle spasm because they are not allowed to prescribe Soma which actually helps; Then they tried a different kind of “new” constantly more expensive muscle relaxer every other month or so because Valium is not a very good muscle relaxer and I have spasms that make me jerk and twinge like a puppet on a string. None of them helped. Then they tried epidural cortizone shots ($1500.00 apeice) and they didn’t do anything to relieve my pain. Then they put me on fentanyl patches. I lasted a month and a half on those and took myself off them. I did a little research and didn’t like what I found. More importanly they didn’t help. I have tried everything they wanted me to but I won’t take anything that doesn’t provide noticeable relief. I have enough problems without being strung out on some drug that doesn’t even help or that makes me to loopy to work. Because that’s what this is all supposed to be about. Getting me out of pain enough to go to work and live a normal life. I had one doctor try to give me xanax. I have no idea what that has to do with my back. I told him no thanks I am stupid enough on my own and didn’t need help making it worse. I think that last doctor got mad when I told her the injections didn’t work worth a damn. She just kind of shuffled me to the side and dropped me. No warning, she just let me come off off lorcet,valium,some muscle relaxer she said never to stop taking because I could have seizures and fentanyl cold turkey. Then I got a bill from the hospital for the injections because my insurance won’t cover the procedure. $3000.00! Insurance probly won’t cover it because it’s a bullshit procedure and the doctor knew it but let me do it anyways. Oh well. Patient/doctor confidentiality. HMMM. From everything I have seen you can trust a doctor to do one thing. Get as much money out of you as they can!

          • Sean

            That sucks. You should try yoga or back streches, it will strengthen your back. Those cortizone shots sometimes take a few times to work because its hard to hit the exact nerve and doctors miss or do it incorrect all the time. You should ask your doctor about pregabalin, its for neuropathic pain.. Opiats usually cause more discomfort and lose their value after you become addicted.

    • Christine

      It’s interesting that you call the one who helped you a quackapractor. Chiropractors look at you structurally. If you are out of alignment, the nerves that run through your spine will be pinched and your electrical system within you body will not function correctly (a kind of short circuit). Your body organs and nervous system will not function correctly. It’s important to be aligned. It will also relieve the pain. I’m not a chiropractor or doctor, just someone who has gotten the best care from chiropractors. They are not drug oriented. They adjust you so that your body can do what it was designed to do, heal itself.

      • Jeff Hensiek

        After my accident I went to a lawyer who sent me to “his” doctor who turned out to be a quackapracter. He had a “real” doctor who came in once a week to his office and provided minimal medical treatment. These jokers took one X ray and started doing manipulations and physical therapy 3 times a week and the doctor which I saw once a month prescribed a couple of medications (painkiller and muscle relaxer)and “treated” me until the insurance money ran out. None of this helped much and some of it actually made it worse because come to find out later when I got an MRI I had all those ruptured disks which they didn’t see on the x ray. After the insuance ran out they dropped me. Yes, a chiropracter told me there was nothing else he could do for me! Guess I got caught up in a lawyer/doctor money making scam. Chiropractic procedures are supposed to be an ongoing lifelong process, right? Well, when the money ran out for them I was suddenly “cured”. They definately did NOT help me. Thats when I coined the phrase quackapractor. He could have paralyzed me by doing the adjustments he was doing. I asked for an MRI from them but I was told it would cost too much and use up all the insurance money which would cut into my medical treatmets. What they meant was they couldn’t make as much money off of me. I trusted them to look out for me but they were looking out for themselves first. I thought of filing a lawsuit but my opinion of lawyers and doctors is pretty low. I trusted my health and well being them and got screwed.

        • Christine

          With health care, as any other service we receive, we must be wise consumers. We are ultimately responsible for our health care with the choices we make.

          I also was in a car accident with the other guy being at fault. I received treatment from a chiropractor and a massage therapist. I did not take any drugs or involve an MD. I worked directly with the rep from the faulting party’s insurance company. I sent him copies of all of my bills and kept my appointments. I had each of my health care providers provide a futuristic estimation of what my care would cost and submitted it to the insurance company rep. I maintained a friendly relationship with the insurance rep. Just for my info, I consulted an attorney, free of charge, to see what he would be able to get for me and what his charges would be. He said he could get only $7,000 for soft tissue cases at that time (years ago now), and out of that he would take his cut, leaving me little for future care. He did tell me some useful information, that settlements usually end up being 3 times the cost of care to cover the pain and suffering, care and attorney’s fees. I used that in my calculation when totalling my costs and submitting it the insurance company so they knew what I was willing to settle for. I told the insurance rep that I had consulted an attorney and sensed that his demeanor changed to be more combative. I did not want that, and we had been doing just fine so I left the attorney out of it and in the end I received $14,000 in settlement, far more than if I had involved an attorney! Since I did not involve an attorney, the settlement was less than 3 times (minus what the attorney would have taken in fees.) I just provided the insurance company what they needed to settle the case, my attitude was cooperative, and I received the settlement I deserved plus the necessary treatment for recovery. In the end, the insurance rep said “Just when we were getting to know and like each other, your case is now closed.” And he wished me well.

  • kristy

    I agree w/ Dr.Paul. The reimbursement costs for Medicare/Medicaid are incredibly low. Being in the healthcare field, we have seen a huge drop in patients coming in for exams such as MRI, CT, Nuclear Medicine scans due to the cost because they don’t have insurance. We also experienced losses on inpt stays & reimbursement of the above tests from Medicare/Medicaid/Caresource. Consider this, the USA does more MRI scans than the entire rest of the world combined, it has 10,000+ MRI scanners as opposed to just a few hundred in all of Canada & Europe. With a reduced reimbursement on these scans, free standing centers & convenient outpatient testing sites will not be able to sustain the operating costs of these multimillion dollar machines, which will reduce access to the millions of patients who are traditionally ordered them. Thus longer wait times, reduced # of tests covered by the insurance. This also means that the people operating these sites are unemployed as well as the physicians who read them. Sorry this is so long. That’s just an example of ONE test that will not be covered & it’s ramifications.

  • john

    I Dont think in all of history thier has been 1 government who actually gave totally equal power to the people.

    Hahaha its like in every single nation, the people with power end up abusing that power for self-gain.

    Seriously i think its just a human being problem. Our government is no different. If anyone cant see that our government is going to enslave us and steal from us, then they need a history lesson.

    For over 2000 years their have been the mega rich and poor. The last hundred years that sortve changed. But it was only a small change with brief episodes of stretched equality.

    I think Ron Paul is the only politician ive seen that wouldnt abuse the power of presidency for self-gain. And i bet only a couple people ive met in life wouldnt either, the rest would end up being like most other sell-out leaders.

  • Sean

    Health care is the reason why government has grown so large. Most of our tax dollars goes to high medical cost because everyone thinks they can get away without owning health insurance or paying medical bills.. I don’t believe that health care should be mandatory, but if the government temporarily provided cheap health insurance to make the market more competitive and lower the overall cost of health, than they should do it. I’m not a socialist but I don’t believe the public can do everything for themselves and if this results to cheaper healthcare and less government, I’m all for it.