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  1. America’s Fed Addiction | Lew Rockwell

    [...] (Transcript thanks to RonPaul.com.) [...]

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  2. christine

    So what if the UNITED STATES corporation decides to pay off its debt to China by giving them all the foreclosed houses, then China creates the mortgages for their people to move right in? They want more space for their people.

    Listen to this

    There are 12 parts to his presentation, mostly about the flu vaccine which is contaminated, and if that’s not bad enough, wait until you get more towards the end when he starts talking about China needing space for its race.

    We never know what kind of horsepucky our politicians are wheeling and dealing when they play with foreign countries. One minute their our enemy in conversation, then the next we are borrowing from them like their are our buddies. Nothing follows common sense or normal thoughts anymore. Everything is fear-based, irrational, distrubing and chaotic.

    We have vacancies in government by those we can verifiably declare insane. There are many who need some serious mental health treatment (hey I know, they like big pharam at the white house, I’m sure they can fix you right up)…the light is on, but ain’t nobody’s home.

    I love Ron Paul and the likes of Danniel Hannon, and Kokesh is a pricipled human being, Schiff knows what’s up with the economy…but these guys are just too few and far between, and we’re still waiting while our country/the world is falling apart.

    If we just didn’t have to contend with this damn NWO crap maybe we could get our lives back in order and be productive and positive minded again. These NWO people are so dark and destructive, it just makes you want to cry…America! If you intend to destroy her and her people and bring down the rest of the world, go get on the next fricken rocketship to another planet…start from scratch and leave us the h… alone.

    ahhh..I feel so much better now.

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