6 responses to “Ron Paul, Daniel Hannan, Lew Rockwell on Freedom Watch”

  1. Dylan

    I absolutely agree that the FED should be audited, and eradicated if necessary, but disagree with Ron Paul’s policy on Amtrak. The US is in an age of energy crisis, high oil and gas prices, and severe traffic congestion. Amtrak is a more energy efficient means of moving people around than cars or planes, as well as an alternative to the freeway, the gas pump, and the airport, so cutting that out is not a smart move. America needs train service, and improved train service at that. Also, just because it does not make a profit does not mean that it should be eliminated. Does the interstate highway system make a profit? No. They receive massive subsidies and operate at a loss. The airlines also receive huge government subsidies. Amtrak should be treated as a public service for the benefit of the public good as opposed to a mere burden on the government and taxpayers.

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  2. Christine

    With Obama himself having trouble filling his “team” with tax paying candidates (several non-payers!), you’d think this attention and awareness would highlight the problem within our country! I look forward to the day when the American people can know what the FED/IRS has collected and spent our hard-earned money on, then I think the elite Federal Reserve folks should have to pay it back with interest! And if they miss a payment, we’ll jack up their interest rate to 29.99% or more!

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  3. Josh O'Morrow

    I concur, when one has the ability to view it from an outside perspective one can see exactly what is happening within the ranks.

    I also firmly believe that they can and will keep on doing what they are doing solely because they BANK on the ignorance of the masses. This makes the majority a type of silent partner, abiding and following the few, like lemmings off a cliff.
    So long as the sheeple follow unquestioning subserviently then I firmly believe they deserve what is coming to them, HOWEVER, those who realize what’s happening are stuck in a thick bog of ignorance, not at all deserving of what is to come…

    -Vicariously I watch, as the whole world dies

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  4. Phillip Oliver

    I agree with thomas and josh on much of what they say. The only thing I have exception with is for congress to print its own money. This will be as bad as the fed. Our currency should be a commodity currency; silver, gold or platinum. We need to use natural commodities, that have high value in small quantities and will not deteriorate, as currency. Government paper should represent a quantity of that commodity held in the treasury. This in itself will restrain many of the problems that are occuring.

    We need to convert our currency from federal reserve notes to dollars. The value of the dollar has already been assigned a designated amount of silver. Man cannot create gold or silver and therefore cannot devalue our currency with inflation. Government cannot increase our debt in secrecy as it has done so many times.

    Remember, inflation is the MOST unfair tax because it is indirect and hidden by miseducation of the people to think it is a symptom of supply and demand. Inflation is the devaluation of the currency by placing too much in cirrulation. It takes away your ability to purchase goods, the same as a direct tax. With more money you think you have more but in reality with lower value you have less ability to purchase.

    I, like many others, believe this is a deliberate action by those who are controlling the distribution of currency. People are spending more and more energy to maintain their ability to provide a decent life for their families. Both parents have to work, leaving children alone. The value of this extra energy is captured by those that are controlling our currency, the owners of the fed.

    No business can ever survive for long under such a system. Inflation robs their ability to stabilize without continuous growth and debt. With more growth and debt of businesses the fed reaps more profit in interest. This interest comes from government spending as well as interest from all loans to businesses, when banks borrow money from the fed to cover loans to businesses or bailouts of badly managed banks and inflation.

    Convert our currency to silver, as it was originally.

    Abolish the federal reserve act and rescind all legislation connected to it.

    Limit banks to provide services for savings or time savings. Savings banks cannot loan your money but charges depositors a fee for keeping their savings safe. Time savings allows investing of deposits but restricts withdrawals by depositors for predetermined periods of time to avoid runs on the bank. These would also be limited to invest only 90% of deposits and not use loans as an assets to loan more money on, as they currently do.

    There are other things that need to happen with these changes to ensure stability and prevent a central bank from being reestablished.

    This type of economic problem has happened several times in our history and our economy recovered quickly when returning to commodity currency.

    Remember, everyone is inherently greedy and will benefit from their neighbors loss if they will not get caught. (The exceptions are extremely rare). Knowing this, we need to reign in the government officials that have appointed themselves as the intellectual superiors to the public. As long as their lies are allowed to cover up their actions in the media, they will continue.

    They even have the audacity to ask for a definition to sex and try to redefine it for their own benefit. And think you will accept it as fact.

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  5. Josh O'Morrow

    I think the fact that only 190 of your fellow elected representatives (40%) have opted to audit the fed. This is a clear and concise method in determining who does and does not have the people in mind and who they actually work for (you the people or those who have the money). This is in no way an insult intended to Americans I just wish to express my opinion on your government or at least 60% of them). In all honesty why can’t they answer a single question when questioned, or account for a single thing. Even admit to their fault in this crisis. Utter garbage and the people that vote for them are more ignorant than the people that think earth was created 5000 years ago.

    -A man convinced against his will is a man of the same opinion still.

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  6. thomaspainereturns.net

    The band aids will not help the economic crisis. There is a systemic problem. The Federal Reserve and all the central banks in the world that are designed on its model are defrauding the people of the world.

    There is no rational reason why the U.S. Congress cannot print its own currency. The Congress was intimidated, bribed and blackmailed into creating and maintaining the Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve was awarded a contract to manage the currency in America. The cost of that contract to the U.S. has been $10 trillion in national debt.

    To try to cover for the Federal Reserve’s greedy fraud, many countries are being forced to pay into the Federal Reserve coffers to keep the world economy afloat. One of the ways they are being forced to pay is through devaluation of their currencies with respect to the U.S. dollar, which is a way of building up America at the expense of others in the world.

    All of the band-aid measures will fail. The problem is the Federal Reserve, which concept is founded upon debt-based currency and fraud. It must be closed down or it will continue to suck the resources of the U.S. with its currency management contract.


    It is time to let the U.S. currency debt fail, close down the Federal Reserve entirely, and begin on the road to correcting the fraud that lies deep in world economic affairs. It is time to shut down every central bank that mirrors the Federal Reserve. It is time that the people stop feeding the ruling elite through their central banks.


    The Federal Reserve is a cancer that has nearly killed the entire world economy. That cancer must be surgically removed from the world’s economy, or it will soon kill the patient. There is no other viable alternative at this late stage.

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