Ron Paul 2012 – Poll Results

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Last week we asked the question, “Should Ron Paul should run for President in 2012?”

Our readers submitted 6,617 votes and 513 comments.

The results are as follows:

  • Yes. (93.0%, 6,178 Votes)
  • It depends. (explain below) (4.0%, 235 Votes)
  • No. (2.0%, 154 Votes)
  • I don’t know. (1.0%, 50 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,617

The poll was open from June 1 – June 8. Ron Paul has not yet announced whether he will run for President in 2012. It is expected that he will make a decision later this year.

Check out the new Ron Paul 2012 Overview


  • john

    If Ron Paul doesnt run, I dont know who im going to vote for (i might not even vote). Right now people in the media are trying to say that “Obama is like God” by bringing people from opposite sides together… Yet Ron Paul who has never voted to anything un-constitutional or basically immoral gets labeled a right wing nut? Its the biggest load of bullshit ive ever heard and it sickens me.

    Is it me or does EVERY OTHER presidential candidate not follow the constitution? follow what it means to be a moral person? I really havent aspired to be like many people through-out my life, but Ron Paul definetly inspires me. Why does the human race have to be so flawed, that we cant even get 1 good person to lead this country. Just 1 person who isnt after money or power.

    I hope Ron Paul runs 2012, he is our only hope.

  • Look at the total vote count and then add up the number of actual votes-comments.

    What kind of math is this?

    Where’s the primary poll?

    I mean, WTF folks …

    Is this diebold code?

  • samjams

    I supported Ron Paul and I even voted For Chuck Baldwin like he said to do. Even though I knew Chuck Baldwin didn’t have a snowball’s chance in he3ll, I did what Mr. Paul asked, as a supporter should. But, if Ron Paul doesn’t run this time and get off the “Save the Republican Party thing” I’m going to assume we are on our own and deal with it.

    When my country needed ME I rose to the occasion and did quite a few things I didn’t care for. We need Ron Paul to be our president or I feel that we will be hopelessly lost. So I think it’s time to say,

    “Come on Mr. Paul, there are worse ways to spend 8 years. Our country needs you, and the rest of the world needs you to be our president as well. We won’t ask anything else of you after that but we need you so much right now. I am worried sick about my country, my children, my grand children and my friends and neighbors I love so much. Do the right thing Mr. Paul. In return, I will find a way to serve my country one more time as well. I bet we ALL will. Thank you sir, God bless you, and America”

  • Mal Kyser

    I only voted “yes” because there wasn’t an “OH PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!” catagory.


  • Douglas J Dahlin

    Unfortunately I’m in a job that accomplishes nothing, but likes to question employees accomplishments. I’m at a point where I’m going to laugh at my layoff while they keep people that are happy to do nothing. I know I’m only being held back in hopes that I accomplish nothing like the others, but I do see several other employees realizing the same thing. I honestly can’t wait until it’s over. I’ll do much better on my own. Starving to death has more pride.

  • filmsincolor

    Yes Dr. Paul should run but as an independent or libertarian. The right and left have been slowly stealing all the real assets of this country out from under us all the while we’ve been to distracted by the feuding sides who have been working together to successfully gain more and more control over us and thus liquidate power in this country so they can profit while hard working Americans struggle and suffer. This is not the American dream that our forefathers championed for. I believe Ron Paul has a very clear understanding of the dream and can make it a reality for America if people would just take their heads out of their butts and listen instead of watching 5 hours of reality t.v. each day and reading celebrity magazines. Ron Paul has my vote in 2012 and Rage Against the Machine put it best ” We gotta take the power back!”

  • Randall L Denton

    Ron Paul is a leader.He means business.Comon america lets vote for a winner.The elephants and the donkeys got us in alot of trouble.America wants to be america not some simpetons brain storm,
    Obama is a dreamer and a loser.

    Vote Ron Paul 2012

  • Jurgen Schwartz

    When I vote it is usually Libertarian. I was planning to vote for Ron until he pulled out. I knew he was what the country needed, and was disappointed when people just didn’t seem to understand. As it was, I voted Libertarian again. However, I would definitely vote for him again if he ran in 2012.

  • Rusty Larson

    Please run again Dr. Paul that is if any one can run. I believe Barack Obama is out to bankrupt this country and once he does then he will rush in with force and replace liberty and freedom with progressive socialism. It can be done. I read Rahm Emanuel’s book “The Plan” and that is where Obama wants to take us. We need Ron Paul and more men like him in congress and the senate. We are in a dangerous place right now.

  • D Hanna

    The Libertarian Party is the only party I’ve ever donated too, but if Ron Paul decides to run in 2012, his campain,will get my money. I think he should run as an independant in order to insure he is able to get on all the ballots. He should also not withdraw, should it look like someone else is ahead.

  • Joe Iarocci

    Dr. Paul, please run as an independent or Libertarian if you have to, just get on the ballot. America needs you. Unfortunately, fiscal sanity and the end of our overseas empire are drastic changes, because we have gotten so far off course, but they are the drastic changes that are necessary. Our country is broke and broken and in desperate need of someone who believes in the constitution and believes in letting the market correct itself.

    I just read your book, and it was fantastic. You’re an inspiration.

  • jason keefe

    August 15th is a scared day for the Holy Roman Epire, I hope Dr. Paul has a great banquet for the people…I would love to be there, but may not be able too…Makes me sad in a way…May Peace reign Forever in your hearts and actions when we walk always remember to tread lightly…It’s a rough world sometimes, and sometimes people are dissappointed

  • jason keefe

    Give our Nations Camelot a chance…PLEASE…

    • dave Smith

      You are a complete IDIOT!!!

      • jason keefe

        yeah I figured there would be rhetoric have a nice day….oh I Gumped my way through it did’nt I.

  • jason keefe

    No, I think we should all focus on giving our pledge to the current administration….I truley feel they are my Camelot….Ron Paul is my right wing of the Eagle…Kucinich is my Left wing….May we all be kept in peace…

    • Tom Watson

      Well kid, this is not some fairy tale land, this is the REAL world. This nation was founded on freedom, faith, and free market principles, the opposite of what we are seeing today. Obama is taking us down the socialist highway at breakneck speed.
      (Not that Bush and others are guiltless, but at least were much slower with it) We don’t need a system (socialism) that punishes achievers and rewards loafers. Our Founding Fathers established something much better than that, and many people have died to protect and preserve our way of life. No, it has not been perfect, but in my over 50 years here, there has NEVER been an exodus OUT of this country to other countries, but, we have had MANY people leaving Viet Nam, Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, and other lands, to live here. What does that tell you? But our current administration is determined to socialize us. I say if people want to live in a socialist country, fine, go find one-but do not destroy America and turn it into a third world country. We need someone with the guts of our Founders to speak the truth and restore this country to its greatness. This train needs to turn around, not be run off the cliff, which is where Obama is taking us. Obama, Pelosi, Reed, Frank, and numerous others (both sides of the aisle) are a disgrace to the memory of our Founders and veterans. We have activist judges legislating from the bench, and Sotomayor is one of them. Our Constitution is being shreaded and trampled upon, and has been since 1860. Ron Paul is about the only true statesman in D.C., but of course the mainstream media, and even Republicans, have to make him out as a wingnut or fruitloop. He has more guts than probably anyone else there and because he speaks the truth, he is castigated for it. As for you, kid, if you want to live in Never Never Land, go for it, but don’t use your vote (again)to help destroy this nation. I truly believe we need voter qualifications that include more than being a citizen and having a pulse. It really is scary at the realization of who can vote in this country.

      • sean

        What are you talking about? From the beginning we have had tariffs and centralized economic planning. Government intervention is what was known to save all our growing industries from foreign competition. If anything we have more of a free market now than in the beginning. When we did try a free market economy, more than 50% of the banks failed and everyone demanded that we nationalize the banks.

        Haha, and you talk about socialization ..

  • Joe Scannura

    Mr. Paul must run in 2012, but he should run as an independent, and he needs to start now. If he doesn’t, he won’t be able to get on the ballot, they will do everything to keep him off. But he can’t run as a Republican again, because they won’t allow it either, they will destroy him like they did last time. If Mr.Paul wants to win, he needs to take a tougher stance on terrorists though. If he doesn’t, he will have no chance. The American people understand the threat, and Mr. Paul can’t just get the pacifist vote, that’s too small a group. Take Ronald Reagan’s advice, and make your campaign a big tent. He needs to do this because there is a real threat to us from Iran, and from Islamic extremists though too. Pacifism won’t get us out of this. If Ron Paul were to articulate a tough stance on National security, he could really do well, he could win. People are incredibly frustrated with this this government, and Mr. Paul, like Ross Perot in 1992, has hit a nerve. Keep pushing forward, and take these socialist “progressives” out.

  • Don KIlloren

    Dr. Paul,
    Yes. Go for it in 2012. President Obama will have us in deeper trouble by then and the country may have its eyes open to reality.

    Don Killoren

  • Glenda Newsom

    I would vote for him, I was ready to vote for him before and he pulled out. I was very unhappy. We need someone like him that tells it like it is and does something about it. Go For it Ron Paul!!!

  • George Helber

    If there is anything left to save and Ron Paul is still interested in the job, he will get my vote!

    I am ashamed to say that I allowed main stream media to convince me Ron Paul was a right wing nut. I didn’t do my due diligence untill it was too late. We can’t let that happen in 2012. We need to get Dr. Paul in front of more people as he comes across very believable and genuine and his logic is very hard to impossable to argue with. 2012 will come fast!

  • G Cannon

    This country needs Mr. Paul desperately. I fell for the “I don’t want to waste my vote” last election, (and ended up wasting it anyway) but, mark my words, I won’t next time. I will vote my conscious and for the best leader for our country. That person is Dr. Ron Paul. He’s one of the very few “out there” that I trust.

  • I’m voting for Ron Paul 2012!