HR 1207 and the Federal Reserve

Alex Jones interviews Ron Paul on the phenomenal progress of HR 1207, the bill to audit the Federal Reserve, which has attracted 207 209 213 218 222 co-sponsors.

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Show: Alex Jones Show
Host: Alex Jones
Date: 6/10/2009


Alex Jones: The bill to audit the Federal Reserve now has 207 co-sponsors. New names are being added everyday and momentum is building for the American people, thanks to Ron Paul and to all of your phone calls to Congress and all the letters to Congress.

“At the time of writing, a bill that would see the Federal Reserve Bank audited for the first time in 59 years, has 207 co-sponsors in the House and is gaining traction with every single day.” Now, we’ve seen numbers of 200 that we’ve confirmed. DailyPaul says 207. We could talk to the man himself, Congressman Ron Paul, the hardest working man in Congress.

Dr. Ron Paul, hailing from Texas. I’m so honored to be a Texan with him. Congressman, how many sponsors does it really have?

Ron Paul: Well, it’s actually 209 right now.

Alex Jones: Yeah! You heard it here first, 209.

Ron Paul: So we have almost checked it minute by minute and they’re coming in faster and easier now and the percentage of the new people are Democrats because a lot of the Republicans are already on it, so it is spreading. I think the people at the grassroots have done the job that they needed to do and when we feel… really, we’re depressed about how slow Congress works, we do have a system that will respond if we wake up enough people, but that’s the tough job, but they will respond when they hear from the people.

Alex Jones: Congressman, how long have you worked to get this many sponsors? I mean, you’ve been introducing this bill for a decade, haven’t you?

Ron Paul: Yes, it’s been probably ever since I’ve been in Congress. I don’t know if I’d ever skipped any, but there’s never been any general support from the public, but because of the financial crisis and because of the presidential campaign and the interest in the Federal Reserve, all of a sudden, it has come together.

So this is by far the most interest that we’ve had and quite frankly, I think it’s the most interesting anybody has ever had since the Federal Reserve has been established in 1913. But, you know, even though the Fed contributed significantly, if they didn’t cause the whole depression of the 1930s, nobody was calling for, you know, auditing the Fed and abolishing the Fed.

Today, those are routine chants that we hear and therefore, I think we’re making great progress only because they’ve created such a chaotic mess that we’re dealing with.

Alex Jones: Well, we have to change the headline at and to 209 from Congressman Ron Paul, so you heard it here first. Sir, I don’t want listeners to blink or viewers to blink because they may miss history. I don’t think even our own movement realizes the gravity of the fact that it looks like this bill has a good chance of passing if we get another ten or so sponsors and the Federal Reserve has hired lobbyists to try to block this.

Their arrogance, their veneer of invincibility, their cloak of invincibility is falling away. People see that they can be beat. They see that they are not above the law. It’s viral videos with the former Fed chairman and current Fed chairman saying they are above the law and no one can look into them and no agency of government of the three branches can. That is asinine on its face for even on uneducated, uninformed public on our system of government and so I just want to get your take on what is it like for you to know you’re the leader of something that is so amazingly historical, because even if they somehow beat this at this time, then the question is how we’re not able to audit you? And so you can see that the momentum has changed and the pendulum is really shifting. I sense destiny of the level of 1776 here, sir.

Ron Paul: Yeah, I think there’s no doubt about it. They can’t put the genie back in the bottle because the odds are still, you know, iffy about where this is going to go. I mean, the powers that be have a lot of tools that they can use; conference committees, they might block it in the Senate… they can do all sorts of things, so I remain cautiously optimistic because I know it has a long way to go, but the issue will not be quieted down. I mean, the issue is out there and in some ways, and let’s say, we have all these attention on this bill and we get the majority in the Congress to endorse it and it never gets out and never goes anyway, it proves positive that we really need to do it.

Then that means, instead it will be much greater to get a handle on all this, so I think we win either way because we’ve gotten the attention of such a large number of people and it’s not only the very, very hardcore constitutionalists because the grassroots are talking to the very average Republican, the very average Democrat, the moderate, the liberal, the progressive, and they’re all joining it.

The issue really here is reigning in government and transparency. We should not be fooled into believing that they have a strong belief in the monetary policies that we might want. I mean, they’re not all gold standard people or anything else. What’s driving this is that the Congress has created the mess. The Federal Reserve has been doing a lot secretly and the American people want to know what’s happening because they’ve seen too many special interests bailed out, not only by Congress and the Treasury, but by the Federal Reserve as well and they’re demanding answers.

Alex Jones: Congressman, in the 12 minutes or so we have left with you, I’ve got so many important questions concerning this. How do we explain to some of the public out there that this is all a process of liberty? Tyranny wasn’t born overnight in this country and liberty isn’t going to take back over overnight. It’s a constant battle between those two tidal forces, as you know, but the people said, “Oh, Ron Paul didn’t win, so boo-hoo.” I said, “No, it built this giant movement. Now, the biggest thing on campus isn’t liberal or fake conservative. It’s libertarian. It’s freedom. It’s constitutionalist,” and now people are finally seeing that a year later that it’s building in strength and that it’s a process that even, as you just said, even if they defeat it this time, then people will say, “Why can’t we audit it?”

It’s almost better if they do engage in chicanery and pull out the stops and beat it this time because then everybody is going to want to know what they’re hiding.

Ron Paul: Yeah, that’s exactly right and that will just energize our group of young people especially even more so, but I think it’s an issue whose time has come and it’s not going to go away and I don’t know if you saw Jim Grant’s quote today on the CNBC, he said if we ever got that auditing bill passed that would be a declaration that the Federal Reserve is in a lot worse shape than any of the banks that went bankrupt.

But technically, you know, in conventional terms, the Federal Reserve does not have the assets, all they have are credits and obviously, that’s what we would expect, and that goes to prove why they can’t be the salvation of this country. I mean, just counterfeiting money and doing mischief and serving the interests of their friends, that can’t work. I think it’s going to come into an end whether we win this legislative victory or not because their system is deeply flawed.

Ultimately, I think the solution comes if we are well prepared to offer it up when the system totally collapses. The financial structure has come unglued, but the dollar still works to a degree. You know, people still are buying dollars and they don’t know what to do with them.

But when they get discouraged and they don’t hold dollars anymore and then they start buying up hard assets, they are starting to buy oil now more than anything a month or so ago and they continue to buy gold and, you know, China continues to buy gold. I mean, there are a lot of things.

But the end stages of situations like this goes very, very rapidly once the sentiment changes. Just like when the financial system collapsed, everybody rushed to dollars and interest rates went down to 1 percent along with what the Fed was doing, but when the currency crisis hit, people [will say], “Holy man, let’s get out of the dollar.”

And then you’ll see the fireworks, then we have to be prepared to say, “Don’t just give us a UN Central Bank.” I mean, the international planners know what we know and they’re making their plans. They know their days are numbered, but the contest is between totalitarianism and liberty, and whoever wants the totalitarian approach has to have government-monopolized money and that’s what we have to stop.

Alex Jones: In your gut and we all know what the gut is. It’s thousands of pieces of data integrated in and the mind comes up with a prime projection. In your gut, Congressman, do you agree with me that in the last two months, we were about to get the tidal shift or the flip to our side, but I can almost spiritually feel it at a DNA level that the shift has happened.

Ron Paul: Toward our way?

Alex Jones: Yes.

Ron Paul: Well, when I’m out of Washington, I have two perspectives. You know, when I go to a college campus and you represent and talk to people outside of Washington and there should be reason why you’re seeing signs of optimism. But I come up here every single day, right now we’re dealing with the State Department Authorization Bill. It’s atrocious! You know, it’s $18 billion and more mischief and more militarism and Republicans this time are going to oppose it but it’s just a partisan thing, but it will go sailing right through.

Alex Jones: So you’re saying there’s two different worlds and more and more, it’s getting separated and that gulf is widening.

Ron Paul: Right, and like this week, and I just got off the floor. I gave my all of two minutes and I said, “You know, our President has asked us to go with paygo, pay the bills as you go along. Of course, for the liberal, that means to raise taxes. Well, how can they raise taxes, there’s no businesses out there that can pay.

But they’re not going to pay for this, they’re incapable and as they pay for it by cutting it and they want to spend all this money overseas, they’ll have to cut the domestic programs, which we are not going to do. So the President was on TV and the people are saying, “Well, that does sound good and this President is not a radical spender. He wants to cut down and he must to rein this in, and he wants PayGo and two years from now, we’re going to cut way back and deal with the problems later on.”

And, you know, I think though our crowd is probably like young people around the world. Think of those young people in China, when Geithner cruised up there and said, “Oh, yeah, we’re going to get things under control and we’re going to rein back our spending,” and those students just laughed at him.

Well, I imagine there’s a lot of students around the country and a lot of other people now who just laugh at us up here in Washington, but the people here in Washington are still in charge and we haven’t converted them and we’re just seeing signs of it that it’s possible when we can get 209 people to support an auditing bill, so we just have to do our best and see what happens and see if the calamity hits us before we can make some calm, deliberate decisions and make some changes, but my guess is we will have the crisis before we could do that.

Alex Jones: Well… absolutely. Things are certainly deepening. When do you see the next big plunge downward deeper into this globally engineered depression?

Ron Paul: Well, I think it’s really going down now, but the government statistics sort of are giving people a false sense of security, so I think we’re still slipping. But there will be more announcements and more bankruptcies and probably more commercial property problems and more states going bankrupt and more unemployment and then finally, the euphoria on Wall Street over the last four months, it will dissipate and then that will feed into a lot of disappointments.

But, you know, even though Wall Street has done a little bit better by these prices going up a little bit, I don’t think the average guy out there that lost his job has started to feel any better yet. And I was impressed the other day that some of the news media have reported that the real rate of unemployment isn’t 9 percent, it’s like 18 percent, you know, when you add up all the people who don’t look for jobs anymore or who work a couple of hours a week. So it’s a very serious problem and the…

Alex Jones: Exactly. The mainstream media is now having to admit more and more that the government is lying on spending because they want to keep some credibility. Sir, I want to specifically ask you in the time we have left, how do we help you get this bill passed? How do we help you get HR 1207 that has 209 sponsors now as of June 10, 2009 on this Wednesday edition?

What can we do to get this passed? What can we do, because going back to you and McKinney/Ruff when you gave a speech after I did five years ago. It’s in my film, Matrix of Evil. You talked about how the key was when the global crisis came in, the establishment would try to use the crisis to bring in their bank of the world, their world currency, because you were reading the same globalist documents I was.

Ron Paul: Yeah.

Alex Jones: And then now, it’s all over the news and they’re posing as the saviors and the public is going, “Wait a minute, you’re the guys that did this.” So they are looking to you and others. So there’s this vacuum that’s about to happen and I mean, just speaking to the fact that as you always said when this happened, we had to put in the maximum effort, so we want to put in our maximum effort. You’re the general. You’re the George Washington, sir. What do we do?

Ron Paul: I think we just do more of what we’re doing now and building our numbers. I mean, you have a large number of people that listen to you and you continue to do the things that you’re best at. Now, following up from our campaign, we started the Campaign for Liberty and that website helps bring people together and our numbers continue to grow.

But right now, in a more specific way, they need to go to the Campaign for Liberty, get the names of those who have signed on [to HR 1207] and find out exactly the congressman who have not and then instead of… if your congressman has already signed on, go to the neighboring congressman and then organize and find out where the meetup group is and list these people on the Internet.

Alex Jones: And go to their office. I mean, you can go and shake their hand, couldn’t you?

Ron Paul: Yeah, that’s it. Take it in and when the members come and talk to him and they say, “Well, come up.” And they’ll be very nice and they just try to do their job. They’ll say, “What is this bill that the grassroots are all riled up about, 1200 and something,” and I said, “Well, it has to do with transparency of the Fed, so we know what they are doing.” “Oh, well, I’m for that,” and then they sign on.

But they came to me, not because they wanted to be on a Ron Paul bill, but because the grassroots were telling them, but actually politically, I have to take a little credit. It is a little more popular being on a Ron Paul bill now than it used to be.

Alex Jones: Oh yeah, you’re out there setting bush fires in the minds of men and women everywhere. You’ve been introducing this, what, I mean, I remember 10 or 12 years ago, you’d get like 5 or 6 sponsors for this.

Ron Paul: Yeah, you know, it’s changing now and it’s politics. I mean, especially marginal Democrats and marginal Republicans, when they need this 10 or 15 percent of the vote, if there’s a Democrat in a Republican seat, boy, they would really want to pay attention to what I am doing.

Alex Jones: Okay, Congressman, in closing, I want to ask you two quick questions. Number 1, there’s a domino effect, isn’t there, from what you’ve been doing, because as you move to audit the Fed, other agencies and groups in government start thinking, here’s AP today, “Congress subpoenas the Fed about where all the billions of dollars to Bank of America went” because they won’t tell Senator Sanders and Congressman Paul and others, yourself. So again, here’s this idea of holding these guys accountable. It’s starting to happen, isn’t it?

Ron Paul: Yeah, it will be contagious and that is very good and I think that fortunately, we can get all political groups together on transparency and then we can argue out what we want to do and as a matter of fact, Barney Frank has been helpful to me on this but he wanted to make sure I knew that he didn’t agree with me on the ultimate monetary policy and that’s okay. If they believe in transparency, then open debate, but I so strongly feel that if we get transparency of the Fed and the people know what they’ve done, I think their days are numbered.

Alex Jones: Well, it’s been said that an audit of the Fed will abolish the Fed because as soon as all the admitted criminality we can see them doing openly… I mean, what do you expect to find if we do get the audit or how will they fight that?

Ron Paul: I think they’ll be some surprises, but I’d be most interested in what they’ve done with the international organizations, which countries they’ve bailed out and which central banks they’ve helped. What they have done with gold and whether or not they’ve loaned out and sold gold and how they manipulate markets. I would imagine they even manipulate stock markets for that matter and how they do it would be the thing. I think it would be a big audit. You know, I think once we get in there, to trace that thing through, it may be a big complex matter because it’s international as well as… I see my time is running out and I have to say goodbye.

Alex Jones: Congressman, thank you. In closing, you’ll hear about the news in the next few days, we broke it, just like the DHS documents, demonizing yourself and others. The government is demanding an inventory of even 100-year-old cannons at all VFW posts and threatening to have BATF raids if the veterans of foreign wars doesn’t basically become their little snitches, so I hope you’ll look into this, Congressman, on top of everything else you’re doing. Thank you so much for spending…

Ron Paul: Okay, very good.

Alex Jones: Thank you so much, Congressman.

Ron Paul: Thank you. Bye-bye.

Ron Paul: There he goes, ladies and…