Ron Paul: Obama’s Healthcare Plan Will Make Things Much Worse

Channel: CNN
Show: American Morning
Host: Kiran Chetry
Date: 6/15/2009


Kiran Chetry: So the American Medical Association does have some serious concerns about a government-sponsored public healthcare program. You share some of those same concerns. In a nutshell, what’s troubling you the most?

Ron Paul: Well, I don’t like socialized medicine. We’ve had corporate medicine now for about 30 years which is managed medicine by the government, and it has been a total disaster and it didn’t do much more than push the costs up. And it didn’t work, so now we only have one other choice, it seems, and that is going towards total government medicine. I would like to see that medicine be delivered in the marketplace like other goods and services. There’s no reason we can’t do this.

Everybody complains about one thing: the cost of medicine is too high, and it is. But they never talk about exactly why. There is an inflation factor involved, too. I mean, we create inflation, but it goes into certain areas of the economy more so than others. The more the government is involved in an industry or service, the higher the prices go. So, in education costs go up way beyond the cost of living, and the cost of medicine goes way up.

So you can’t solve the problem of medical care by ignoring this. Now, Obama says, “What we’re going to do is is we’re going to tremendously increase the services and we’re going to cut all the payments to the doctors in the hospitals.” I mean, where is he coming from? That can’t possibly work.

Kiran Chetry: There are some physicians groups who do support this. One is the physicians for a national health program. They argue that a single payer government run approach is the only real solution to control costs, to remove unnecessary overhead in the current system. Do they have a point?

Ron Paul: No, I don’t think so. There is no proof that single-payer socialized medicine has ever been beneficial. I mean, that’s why in Canada we find many people leave and come here because we do have more freedom here than they have in Canada, and you don’t have to wait in lines. We just have the problem costs.

The other thing that we have all messed up is the concept of insurance. What is assumed as insurance is prepaid services. Insurers are supposed to measure risk. But now when you talk about health insurance that means pay for everything, but we need to see market factors, we need control by the patient, we need an incentive not to waste our services, we need some tax incentives and we need the control back in the hands of the patient.

I started medicine when there was no Medicare and no Medicaid and let me tell you, I don’t remember one time when I saw people out in the streets begging for medical care. Now we do. With managed care and now with socialized medicine coming, believe me, quality will down, costs will go up, there will be shortages, there will be lines and nobody is going to be happy.

Kiran Chetry: Alright, there are a couple of other questions here. One of them is about the doctor’s role. An interesting editorial in the New York Times says it’s not just government bureaucracy, it’s not just the insurance companies, the attorneys that all contribute to the higher medical costs. They go on to write,

There is disturbing evidence that many (talking about doctors here) do a lot more than is medically useful – and often reap financial benefits from over-treating their patients. Many are influenced by fee-for-service financial incentives and some are unabashed profiteers.

Now you’re a physician, do you agree that doctors deserve some of the blame for driving up the costs for healthcare?

Ron Paul: I do, and it’s very aggravating and part of this reason is because the money is out there. Instead of getting better quality and more people served, you have higher costs and people do take advantage of this.

But another reason why we as physicians frequently order way too many tests is because of the litigation, the fear of lawsuits. I did OBGYN, and believe me, I was never sued, but I never forgot the idea I had that if I don’t do this c-section right now, what’s the attorney going to say tomorrow? So you end up doing a lot more c-sections.

If you come to the emergency room you get a $10,000 bill because of a third party payment. Third party payment, per say, is really the biggest problem we have, and the direction we are going in now is going to make it absolutely much worse.

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  • dennis hunt

    Your article – healthcare is not a right – is wrong. The people pay all the bills for this country – including the ones we don’t choose and don’t want but we want healthcare to be accessible to all and it has not been – due to the greed of insurance companies. If you haven’t experienced denied tests that your doctor said you needed or refused payment for prescriptions that your doctor gave you – then you are lucky and you need to be sick to the point that you see the negative side of the way things are now. Healthcare is not just for the rich – but that’s how it is now unless you are lucky enough to get a job that provides it. Try getting insurance if you have high cholesterol that is controlled by medicine – you’ll get turned down. Try getting private pay insurance at your age – I think the price will surprise you. So – go look at both sides of the issue – not just the one that fits you best. We have the right to what we pay for and we pay into the medicare system and everything else. I don’t mind a tax increast to pay for healthcare but I do mind insurance companies that pick and choose who they will insure and then charge more and more as you get older and are less able to earn and pay for it. That is my side of insurance – try it sometime.

  • Obama’s health care plan has advantages as well as disadvantages. He says the plan is created for American citizens, so tell your opinion –


    • ringside seat

      if obama says the health care plan is created for American citizens, thats good enough for me to know ill be a gettin screwed AGAIN by this administrations cadre of republicans and lobbiests. funny that the anti trust act is never mentioned.

  • longshotlouie
  • Sean

    I think everyone here is against medicaid, but i doubt anybody here would still be against it if their mothers we’re kept alive on it… I garuntee half the people here 50 years from now will be taking advantage of medicaid and medicare and not even remember having harsh feelings for it.

    • Chris

      That implies the system will still be functional in 50 years… After the baby boomers get through it?? and democrats have 50 more years to increase promises and benefits? come on.

    • sandy

      i guarantee you that 50 years from now america is going to be drastically different than you think it is….

  • Sean

    why don’t i hear anybody complaining about mandated car insurance? Oh ya, because the system works. Car insurance is half the price of health insurance. Only 50% of our health care dollars goes towards health care, the rest goes to these crooked insurance companies who wont accept people with preconditions.. Its obviously a flawed system that needs some sort of regulation. This would be an excellent time for anybody with some idea’s to stand up and make a decision. Wheather it’s the democrats or republicans, something’s going to change. I would rather see a republican carry answers but thats far from reality. Republican’s don’t think, that is there moral background. They thrive to be the party with no answers. They think everything can fix themselves and now look at us 8 years down the road. Nothing fixed itself, the people don’t have the power to fix anything, but the people have the power to elect officials to do something. Since republicans are known for not doing anything, they are not needed in the white house right now.

    • Nate Y

      I would like to see any mandated (forced) insurance to be eliminated.

      But you’re right, the system is broken. Fascism never works.

      • Sean

        This has nothing to do with fascism, this is about the free market. The major problem is that people with preconditions can’t get health insurance (from the free market). I’m sitting here listening to the health insurance termination hearing..

        Health insurance companies want to mandate coverage. They said that’s the only way they will able to accept people with preconditions.

        Congress wants to provide alternative health care (both republicans and democrats)

        It’s either one or the other..

        You always miss the big picture. 40 million people can’t get health care because they have cancer or some other expensive illness..

        • Sean

          my congressman was tearing them a new a-hole.. I got to meet with him and talk to him 3 years ago when I went to a conference at the college i was going to.. shortly after then I sent him a few emails complaining about the federal reserve system.. You were probably in high school then and didn’t know what was going on.

          i’ll still complain about the federal reserve system, but i get it. I understand the big picture. I understand that nothing will change. We can’t pay for oil without a national credit card and you can’t run a country without oil.

          When you miss out in the big picture, and you don’t have someone telling you whats really going on, than you tend to believe whatever else you hear and find to your liking.

        • Nate Y

          Not much of a choice.

          What would you like sir? Crap or crap?

          You miss the big picture. All the problems you’re concerned about will never be solved by the means you wish to employ. In fact, those means will only make the problems worse.

          • Sean

            ya it is crap. The health care issue canno’t be solved unless insurance was mandated, or if the government provided insurance. The government program will work, but I hate to see us do this. The insurance companies have put there foot down and said that they will not cover people with preconditions. That is not fair.

    • Chris

      Government mandated car insurance isn’t a good idea either, and people don’t talk about it on here because (thank goodness) it’s not a national issue (yet).

      It’s reasonable that healthcare costs more than car insurance, there’s a smaller supply and it requires more science and ideas. Insurance companies take advantage of the system but that’s far from the beginning of the problem.

      If you take away the ability of the insurance company to measure risks, and thusly sometimes unfortunately turn people down with pre-existing conditions, the insurance companies will fail and all that will be left is a monopoly of government run healthcare.

      There’s reasons we need the marketplace in healthcare. There’s more than one way to treat medical conditions… if the gov’t is in charge for paying for the treatment they would mandate that the most inexpensive way to treat conditions is the one that’s used. Putting important medical decisions in the hands of politicians instead of doctors. There needs to be incentives for people to develop new drugs… and freedom needs to be kept by doctors and scientists so they can research and evolve without be hindered by government.

  • Health care is a bigee!We, meaning all those who live by the tenets of our constitutional republic, have the opportunity to stop
    Obama’s egotistical,narcissistic personality disorderd attempt to seize complete power over us and lead him to psychologically implode. It’s now or never!Enough of his lies!
    I suggest that every one get a copy of “The Top Ten Myths of American Health Care-A Citizens Guide” by Sally C. Pipes. It exposes Obama’s specious arguments to revamp our great health system and provides the real solutions needed to improve it where it is weak. With the intellectual arguments the book provides we can fill our mail,emails,phone calls and faxes with enough truth to bring our elected representatives and Obama to their knees and force them to serve us and not be forced to serve them ill in health and weak in mind.
    There is no more important issue for each one of us.We have the power of truth.

  • Sean

    If our government has the capability to end one’s life, than it should have the capability to save one’s life.

    • Chris

      It should have neither the right to end lives nor the right to socialize in the name of saving lives.