Adam Kokesh to Ron Paul: The Revolution is alive and well!

Ron Paul and Adam Kokesh met in the Congressman’s office in Washington, DC on Tuesday, June 16, 2009. Adam Kokesh, who is running for Congress in New Mexico, got a lot of good advice from Ron Paul, who is working on ways to support Adam and other liberty candidates throughout the country.

Adam Kokesh: This is Adam Kokesh with Congressman Ron Paul in his office in Washington, DC talking about my race going into 2010, what’s happening here on the Hill and all the ways that the movement that this man did such an incredible job to make what it is today and build the kind of grassroots support that’s going to make it possible to put more liberty candidates in office in 2010. So thank you for having me, would you like to share something with our viewers?

Ron Paul: Well, we sure could use a lot of help here. I keep thinking that the country is a mess and it really is, and at times it is slightly depressing to be here in Washington. But I really get encouraged when I leave Washington because I think the freedom movement is much further along outside of Washington, and actually I’m more optimistic now than I have been in the past because the young people are actually waking up and that’s where all the movements are. I think all the revolution take place with younger generation.

I have so many people coming in to this office now, high school kids and college kids come in and they talk about the Federal Reserve and they talk about auditing the Fed and they bring their parents in and their parents haven’t been thinking about it in those terms. They have been sort of walked into the traditional, conservative opinions about what to do and they wonder why we’re not making progress up here.

But because of the seriousness of our economic crisis right now, a lot of people are giving deep thought to the monetary policy, fiscal policy and they’re aware that some major changes have to occur. Now, the members of Congress are starting to recognize this, but they sort of are lost because I don’t think they understand the basic free market economics. And that is what we need. We need people to really come to the belief that it is in their interest to believe in freedom. Right now, too many people think that the government will take care of them and there is always going to be a safety net. But in a way it might be a blessing in disguise that if there is no safety net maybe they’ll say, “Hey, I better take care of myself. Oh, the government is not going to take care of me forever. How can they provide free education, free medical care, free housing a job forever and not have to pay for it?”

And that is what is changing, and that’s why I think in the next ten years we’re going to see dramatic changes and yet, today here in Washington I would say “Don’t wait for tomorrow or the next day”. As a matter of fact at this very time we’re getting ready to vote for the supplemental bill which is a total disaster and is going in exactly the opposite direction. So, in time we’re going to see a change because we can’t continue this. We just can’t keep spending money, borrowing money, and then printing money you don’t have. That leads to disaster. So this is why I’m encouraged that young people are getting involved and this message is being spread and people are learning about sound free market economics. So, I’m delighted you’re very much involved and interested in this.

Adam Kokesh: I have some good news for you, sir. The revolution is alive and well in New Mexico as it is throughout this country. There are a lot of people getting behind candidates like myself because of what you have inspired them to do. You’re not going to have to wait ten years to get some help on the Hill here. Help is on the way.

Ron Paul: Sounds great, thank you.

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  • longshotlouie

    In January, without any recognizable corporate media coverage, Rep. Bob Filner, a California Democrat, introduced H.R. 675. The bill would amend title 10 of the United States Code and extend to civilian employees of the Department of Defense the authority to execute warrants, make arrests, and carry firearms. The bill was referred to the Armed Services Committee on January 26, 2009.

    At approximately the same time, the DoD issued a Defense Directive 1404.10 (read PDF) that establishes a “DoD Civilian Expeditionary Workforce” and rescinds a prior Clinton era directive dealing with the emergency use of civilian personnel. The Obama administration describes the Civilian Expeditionary Workforce as follows:

    “Members of the DoD Civilian Expeditionary Workforce shall be organized, trained, cleared, equipped, and ready to deploy in support of combat operations by the military; contingencies; emergency operations; humanitarian missions; disaster relief; restoration of order; drug interdiction; and stability operations of the Department of Defense in accordance with DoDD 3000.05”

    It should be noted that the original Civilian Expeditionary Workforce directive mentions the term “overseas” no fewer than 33 times, while the Obama revision does not mention “overseas” at all. In other words, the revised directive is designed for “emergency operations” in the United States.

    Both H.R. 675 and the DoD Civilian Expeditionary Workforce directive will establish civilian “soft power” under the direction of the Pentagon. Obama is now actively working to create a paramilitary “civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the military. In order to skirt Posse Comitatus, Obama’s paramilitary brownshirts will be organized and run out of the Office of Personnel Management with orders coming from the Pentagon.

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  • longshotlouie

    New Jersey Democrat senator Frank R. Lautenberg plans to introduce legislation designed to cancel the Second Amend rights of well over a million U.S. citizens this coming week, according to the New York Times. “Mr. Lautenberg plans to introduce legislation on Monday that would give the attorney general the discretion to block gun sales to people on terror watch lists,” the newspaper reports.

    Lautenberg is a notorious gun-grabber. He introduced a similar measure in 2007.

    In March of this year the terrorist watch list hit the one million mark, a 32% increase from 2007.

    The actual number may far exceed one million entries. The FBI says the number of names on its terrorist watch list is classified. In addition to the National Counterterrorism Center watch list, the FBI keeps a list of persons said to be domestic terrorists, according to ABC News.

    Earlier this year, a Department of Homeland Security report on “rightwing extremism” designated advocates of the Second Amendment, pro-life and anti-illegal immigration activists, and returning veterans as “terrorists.” It is not known if members of these groups are on the so-called terrorist watch list, although it is a fair assumption to conclude they are.

    On May 15, 2007, then Illinois representative Rahm Emanuel, speaking at the annual Stand Up For a Safe America event sponsored by the gun-grabbing Brady Center, said that if your name appears on the bloated and error-ridden terror watch list your Second Amendment right should be denied.


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    Adam Kokesh is a patriotic bad ass…vote for him if you have the chance.