Ron Paul 2012: When should Ron Paul announce his decision? ran two polls earlier this year regarding Ron Paul’s potential candidacy for the presidency in 2012. The first poll ran from February 13 to 23 and the second poll ran from June 1 to 8. The results were almost exactly the same: 93% of our readers want Ron Paul to run for President in 2012.

If Ron Paul runs for President in 2012, when should he announce his decision? As soon as possible so we can all start campaigning (or support another candidate in case Ron Paul doesn’t run), or at a later time (when?), to await further developments and focus on auditing/ending the Fed for the time being?

When should Ron Paul announce his decision for 2012?

  • Immediately (50%, 1,558 Votes)
  • early 2010 (12%, 370 Votes)
  • early 2011 (8%, 252 Votes)
  • September 2009 (8%, 249 Votes)
  • mid 2010 (8%, 237 Votes)
  • late 2010 (7%, 213 Votes)
  • late 2009 (5%, 152 Votes)
  • Other (specify below) (3%, 84 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,115

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  • Bob Cash

    Elect Ron Paul – Put America Back On The Gold Standard

    We can all go to DisneyLand!


  • Mary Miller

    How can one go about woo-ing the mainstream media to let Dr Paul actually run? Look at what they DID to him before.
    Also, we must look at what scared anyone away from voting for him in the first place. Although I was totally for him for 2008,my own daughter was very against him because she feared total collapse of our country to get it rebuilt the way it should be. She doesn’t realize that is happening already at the expense of her children.
    THOSE are the type of people we must get on board. Ron Paul supporters worked their hearts out. We must ‘get to’ those that can be swayed but don’t understand. And we must repeat the messages over and over.
    Maybe late night infomercials of Congressman Paul’s stands on the issues. He already has plenty of video footage that he can play so as to not remove him from his important work as a Congressman. He probably has some money left over from his last run to kick off the shows and then see if anyone new wants to support his campaign in addition to the die hard supporters. In these infomercials HE can ask the viewers what THEY would want with regard to his running and if they wanted to donate to the cause.

  • I think Dr. Paul knows when the time is ripe. Campaigning for president seems to me a very rigorous effort. The Honorable Ron Paul with his past experiences will know the timing of his announcement.
    As he says “I will leave you alone if I am president”, I think we need to not push him at this time.
    Government is essentially the negation of liberty,

  • Azeperak

    We must approach this carefully and strategically.
    I don’t think the announcement should be immediate.

    In the last election the media conspired to lock out Dr. Paul. Think about it; Ron Paul led a rally of over a thousand people just across the river from the Republican Convention and received very little coverage.
    You would think that the liberal side of the media would have relished the division, but instead suppressed coverage.


    The only viable answer is very disturbing: the media is controlled – and they do not want Dr. Paul’s message to get out.

    The media have attempted to portray Dr. Paul as a nut and a bigot. They and both parties dismissed him as a fringe candidate. Unfortunately, they succeeded to an extent.
    On the other hand, the collective and bi-partisan effort against Dr. Paul shows that he is regarded as a threat. This is good, but it makes things difficult.

    We must not underestimate their ability and resolve to discredit and bury Dr. Paul’s platform.

    If Dr. Paul announces now, it will give everyone time to formulate a strategy against him. He must stay under the election radar, but still get his message out. If he becomes an immediate threat, he will be blocked from coverage and silenced.

    A better strategy would be to show no interest in the next election and concentrate on getting Dr. Paul heard. His staff should work hard to get him booked as a regular commentator on CNN. He should also aim for MSNBC and FOX, but know that they are hostile territory. His goal with those highly biased networks should be to drop sleeper arguments and remain non-threatening so he will be invited back.

    Lou Dobbs should be pressured into covering Ron Paul. His own ambitions may explain his bewildering lack of coverage and support for Dr. Paul. But, Lou Dobb’s show would be a very good vehicle for Dr. Paul’s message.

    The pre-announcement goal needs to be threefold:

    1- Make Ron Paul and his message well known and understood by the average middleclass American.
    2- Give out lots of information about Dr Paul and his platform. While most politicians play it close to the vest and talk of transparency, Dr. Paul must be the opposite and pour it out in every format possible.
    3- Aggressive Grassroots support – write to the News networks and shows like Lou Dobbs and McLaughlin Group and pressure them to include Dr. Paul. Pressure companies, that may work against Ron Paul, to support Dr. Paul and threaten boycotts of their products among his supporters. Flood message boards with positive Ron Paul messages (without sounding cult-like) and remind people of how Dr. Paul was on top of this financial crisis before anyone. Create many support websites so that on any issue, Ron Paul’s position will Google to the top. And on those websites work to discredit his opponents and attack their counter arguments ( make sure you know his positions first).

    If after that effort, Dr. Paul is not a positive household name, then we will have saved him the trouble and expense of running.

    But, I believe that if he can sell just the message first and then throw his hat into the ring before anyone can usurp that message, then I think he will have a fighting chance.

    • longshotlouie

      ‘Think about it; Ron Paul led a rally of over a thousand people just across the river from the Republican Convention.’

      My fellow patriot, take a look at the crowd in this video.
      I think you will see 10,000+.

      One rally, one city. This man could hold 50 of these around the country, and have the same kind of crowds at all.

      The seeds of liberty must simply be watered. It is obvious that they have been planted.

      Live Free or Die
      Ron Paul 2012

      • Sean

        I was there.

      • longshotlouie
        • Sean

          I was trying to get over to the Rage Against the Machine concert..

      • Azeperak

        All the more reason to be concerned about the lack of coverage:

        10,000 people and only a few quick mentions in mainstream media .

        That shows you what kind of machine we are up against. Don’t let your enthusiasm cloud the obvious – the odds are against him.

        • longshotlouie

          My enthusiasm will never be watered-down by the so-called ‘obvious’.

          The ‘obvious’ is not some natural law.

          The only question is, is it an impossibility?

  • Peter

    I think the date should be dynamic and set around a specific occurrence. In 2010 there is going to be a lot of problems in the States if this continues and when Obama’s god like glow stops shinning and excuses no longer cover his irrationality, Ron Paul should step in and try to explain WHY. Hopefully the strong individuals in this country will wake up then.

  • Jonas

    Don’t announce until mid/late 2010. Wait until the sheeple realize the economy isn’t getting better. With stagflation and unemployment raging, maybe they’ll realize its time to elect real change rather than Socialism.

  • Dear Dr. Paul,

    I am not sure when you should officially announce your candidacy for president 2012, but I am officially campaigning and telling everyone I know/can about your assumed future run for the White House already. It’s kind of funny, this past Sunday I was telling my parents about you on father’s day. My mother asked, “Didn’t you tell me about Obama?” and I replied “Yeah, mom but he lied about everything he promised on the campaign trail; Dr. Paul is principled.” 2012 will be the first year my family votes for a Republican. I’ve been also telling people about your policies and candidacy and my my liberal friends, still enamored by Obama’s brand of neoliberalism, tell me “Ron Paul is a sexist and a homophobe.” This is ironic because I am both a woman and queer. Don’t worry, I let these grossly misinformed friends know that you are a baby doctor and believe rights are endowed because one is an individual, not because one is a man, woman, straight, gay, white, black, or whatever group of people.

    I’m really excited for your candidacy and I regret I wasted my time and vote of Barack Obama last fall. Let me know what I can do. I would volunteer to do anything to help your campaign.

    God bless and good luck.

    April Reed

    • longshotlouie

      Welcome aboard, April
      We are honored to lock arms with you.

      Live Free or Die
      Ron Paul 2012

  • Terry

    What if we focused on some program to support financial education for everybody. If people, especially young people, understood how money works, maybe the light bulb would go off. by Robert T. Kiyosaki is currently being written and you can participate for free. He endorses Mr. Paul, that is how I knew to look him up.

    Maybe if we looked a Germany once again, and how a sane population was converted to gross inhumanity, then maybe the light bulb would go off.

    Maybe if we told the story of the frog, how if put in a pan of water on the stove and slowly heated will not hop out even to death.

    I really think that all of the major self help people, both Christian and secular are telling people it is all in their head. If things are good or bad is all in perception. It is teaching a denial of critical thinking, which chooses good or bad, and is making it a mind over matter choice not a choice based on measurable facts.

  • Landin

    Ron, There is an Army of people who will hit the streets for you. Believe this! This is your time to shine, if ever there was a time. Everything you have said- has come true.

    Armies and Armies of young and old alike, hitting the streets, hitting the tea parties, handing out flyers, speaking your message at work and at play, and at bars and at ballets.

    Run Paul, RUN!!!!

  • Steve

    Hey Sean,

    You seem to think that there some value to a candidate being a lawyer and not an economist and you think Peter Schiff is a schmuck. You obviously need to go join in another, less intellectual conversation.

    • Sean

      Shows how smart you are. Our country has never and would never elect an economist to be president. Peter Schiff is a jew and would never be elected for president. That is the truth. I thought this was the room seeking truth, not stupid dreams and wishes.

      • Sean

        The president doesn’t run the economy, the economy runs itself. We want the government out of the hands of our capitalist society.

        • Sean

          I think bill maher is the most famous libertarian who is actually in touch with reality, but I don’t think talk show hosts could win the presidency either.

          • Nate Y

            Maher’s Classical Liberal bona fides are seriously in question. On a recent show he suggested States’ rights are a dead idea. WTF!?

          • Sean

            Sadly, states rights are a dead idea. Everyone loves bill maher. You obviously don’t watch his show.

          • longshotlouie

            yepper …. that Constitution is such a pain, huh?


          • Del

            Sean, You need to either lay off of the crack, or the kool-aid. Bill Maher is a liberal socialist puke that can’t have an opposing viewpoint on his show without a host of pukes just like him to “have his back”. He’s just a carnival barker.

          • Sean

            Ron paul was on his show. Ron paul is his hero. How can a socialist have ron paul as a hero….. maybe because he is not a socialist, he is a libertarian.

    • Nate Y

      Just a fair warning, Sean is probably the most disingenous person I’ve happened upon on the net.

      In other threads he’s praised Peter Schiff.

      • Steve

        His comment didn’t seem to warrant a reply so no reply was provided. Opinions are like a-holes, everyone has one and should keep it to themselves most times.

      • Sean

        I agree with a lot of things that Peter Schiff says and I used him to back up very distinguished points I was trying to make. That doesn’t mean I “look up” to him or think he would make a wise president.. No economist has ever been elected for president because the presidency isn’t about withholding the economy; it’s about withholding the law. That is why Lawyers always become president. I would not vote for an economist ooor a talk show host. I think Bill Maher has a voice of reason that can influence a wide variety of people so he should remain a talk show host. I think Peter Schiff makes a good economist so he should keep at what he does best.

        • Sean

          You might as well elect Ben Bernanke as president, he’s an economist.

          • Nate Y

            Simply two more posts demonstrating your complete ignorance and/or dishonesty.

            Btw, the word your looking for is not “withholding” it is “upholding”. It is the job of the presidency/executive branch to UPHOLD (or enforce) the law (the constitution). Unfortunately, Obama acts in line with your word confusion. He seems to think it the the job of the presidency to withhold the law rather than enforce it.

          • Sean

            I think that’s the most intelligent thing you have EVER said. Keep up the good work.

          • longshotlouie

            I was sure that he meant ‘withholding’.


          • Sean


          • Sean

            thats what 10 years of lsd will do to u.

          • longshotlouie

            Why, did you give it up?

            I thought you were still tripping.

            Let me be more pointed.
            Your use of the word ‘withholding’ was a bit Freudian.

          • Sean

            Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers occur in a word. The olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a total mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh?

          • longshotlouie

            Your implosion is not a pretty sight.

  • Bob Martin

    What the media did to Ron Paul in the last election was total crap. They chose to focus on BHO. Sure the media is a ratings game but the American people deserve transparency and fairness. Get on the media blog sites and let them know their networks are going to be boycotted if there isn’t equality and an end to partiality editing the networks have become famous for.
    Americans need to focus on the Constitution and dump the change philosophy. We need Ron Paul or it is goodbye America.

  • Tiffany Marler

    If Ron Paul runs there are some things that have to happen. Like others said, he must have the support of the Republicans. I think he should be working right now to try and gain support from them.
    Another thing I have noticed is this; when I discuss Ron Paul with people they back off and call him a conspiracy theorist. 9-11 is one thing, but when his supporters are out there talking abour fema camps and Illuminati it completely turns people off. I’m not trying to tell you what to believe, I’m just saying keep it to your self, at least for now. I believe from talking to people this is the biggest thing hurting him. We must touch on points that wins Americans, such as Audit the Feds, Anti-War and closing the borders. Those things there people will relate too. we must begin now to change Dr Pauls image to the public if he expects to have a chance in 2012, assuming he decides to run.

    • B.D. Sylvia

      Tiffany, You made reference to ‘Auditing the Fed’, however, you failed to comment on what ‘I’ said about ‘Who could be trusted to do it’. I would like to know your thoughts along these lines.

      • Too Late

        Your worry is only valid if the audit were done in secrecy.

        If the audit is publicly accessible, it will come to light whether it is fact or fiction.

        The audit should be done by the HBC.

    • Deirdre Mullen

      I agree with you. Although some of these things such as FEMA camps, Illuminati etc. may have truth to them or may not, “conspiracy theory” are dirty words and people should be careful because people are conditioned to the point where their eyes glaze over and they start thinking about The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Conspiracy buffs turn people off. Even if they are 100% right. Like there have never been covert plots by the extremely wealthy and powerful? And if you question any of this, the media brands you “conspiracy buff” and you are marginalized by that title. It’s a more sophisticated form of censorship, because here in the United States you can’t get thrown in jail (yet) for not parroting the accepted party lines, so they will ridicule you to shut you up. That is kind of scary. But I do agree that it DOES NO GOOD AND TURNS PEOPLE OFF, and serves no purpose to getting Ron Paul elected to the presidency in 2012. So Ron Paul supporters should NOT focus their attentions by spreading the news about those issues (Let Alex Jones worry about that stuff for now!!) because they will maybe win a couple of battles, but lose the war. And this is not a war we want to lose. If we can get this guy elected, all those things will be dealt with because Ron Paul, who will be a BUSY PRESIDENT, will see what’s coming down the pipe and IF IT IS NOT IN THE CONSTITUTION, it is NOT ON. What the American people will do when they figure out what the SPP and North American Union are really about is anyone’s guess. Take to the streets? The UN and Blackwater (Xe) are all too ready for us. FEMA camps. Yup. They are really there. Am a talking nonsense? Conspiracy? We shall see.
      Ron Paul 2012!

      • VR

        Have you heard of the movie ‘Camp FEMA’ ?


        ST. LOUIS, MO (BSMG) JUNE 25, 2009 – The Patriot community’s number one shock-jock Alex Jones has officially jumped onboard the new feature film “Camp FEMA,” currently in production from producers William Lewis and Gary Franchi. Over the course of a two-day interview, Jones shared his passionate opinions on the New World Order takeover of America and the implementation of death camps in U.S. cities while also speaking to the topic of legislation enacted to keep Americans safe in a time of national emergency. “It’s all a lie,” according to Jones, with documents in hand to prove it. Producer Franchi and veteran anti-NWO filmmaker Lewis agree citing legislation highlighted in the film that will shock audiences when they learn that “continuity of government” plans do NOT include the continuity of the United States Constitution nor any of the rights enumerated and defended by our forefathers.

        • Del

          I have not heard of the feature film you’re referring to, but I do know who Alex Jones is. I used to live in Austin. His data seems to be sound, and his facts verifiable. That’s enough to scare the pants off of anyone with even a modicum of awareness, and common sense. I believe he would be taken more seriously however, if he would tone down his theatrics. My opinion is based mainly on nearly 60 years of living with my eyes open. I remember the Kennedy attempt to end the Fed, and his adamant desire to NOT prolong the VN war. I was young, but I remember my father saying that he (JFK) was treading on dangerous ground. Shortly after that he was assassinated. Back in the early 70’s I was fortunate to have a history professor that taught us from British, and French textbooks on American history. The fact is that this Government was truly founded By the Gentry FOR the Gentry. The vast majority of our presidents came from four family bloodlines. That is until Peanut Carter, GHWB, and the New World Order. Their goal is to wrest power from those four bloodlines for good.
          They are anti-semitic…totally. They, and Cheney are thick as thieves…literally. BHO is a distant cousin of Dick Cheney. So…he will continue, and even accelerate their plan. It will take a powerful movement, a revolution to stop them. Dr Paul has been a shining example of what a public servant should be throughout his entire political career. I fear that without mass public vocal support he will never be taken seriously. He will never get media support.

  • B.D. Sylvia

    Well, Ron. . . If your going to do it, DO IT NOW. You ‘Must’ get high profile backers ‘IN PLACE’ to go along with a ‘Grass Roots’ movement, without them, you have ‘No Chance’ of breaking the hold the Dem’s currently have. With all that is going on currently, it ‘Should’ all ‘Blow Up’ in their faces by the mid-term elections, but that’s not for sure, an something else, you are calling for an ‘Audit’ of the Fed, that’s fine, ‘BUT’. . . Who can be ‘TRUSTED’ to do it ?, you have made no statements on this, an I, as well as others would want to know. This should be the first thing done to promote ‘Trust’, an ‘Confidence’. The conservatives of this country are looking for someone who will lead us to victory, ‘BUT’ it ‘Can’t’ be as it has away’s been, it ‘MUST’ be ‘Trustworthy’ to the ‘Extreme’, people ( including ‘Myself’ ) are tired of ‘Lip Service’ by those who are ‘Soposed’ to represent us, this has to ‘Stop’, if the party has any chance to come back. Failing this, I myself, will be ‘Changing’ parties to the ‘Libertarians’. If you were to do all that I have mentioned, you can count on mt support in the future.
    Thank You, an ‘Good Luck’ B.D. Sylvia

  • Susan

    I would like to see Dr. Paul get more press now while Obama’s approval ratings are sliding. I think that as soon as the Fed gets audited he should announce his intention to run for president. With the foriegn relations mess, out of control spending, systematic attacks on the constitution, the highjacking of the press, not to mention the ACORN corruption and fraud, people are disgusted and watching their congressmen and representatives carefully. Dr. Paul has introduced many excellent bills and is a voice of reason in a sea of sinister stupidity. Let’s get his name out there NOW and promote his bills so when he does run, people will be more familiar with his platform. Many Americans are angry and frightened at the all too obvious agenda of this administration. I dare say when the debacle of this presidency is over, people will want and need a true patriot to put our country and our constitution back together.

  • Christine

    The Obama effect has worn off. The “hope” and the smooth, confident, thoughtful talker that enticed Americans has faded fast. We see reality now. He’s just a continuation of the plan set in motion during the years with Bush Jr/Sr and Clinton. We know he has the same general agenda, NWO. We see our country going downhill, civil liberties being taken away, everyone’s hopes and dreams disappearing, borrowed money by the billions and trillions going into other countries when we have so many troubles mounting here at home… as the numbers increase in the national debt and as he solves nothing here at home, we are looking already for someone else to lead. It’s been more oppression by overburdening us with taxes (can’t seem to pass the bills fast enough in congress), a national debt that cannot be repaid, houses in foreclosures, no troops coming home (instead more going into other countries + Iraq), lies and more lies.

    The best thing about Ron Paul (and there are many) is that he is consistent!! He consistently stands for the guiding principles of the constitution and the bill of rights. He holds every bill up to the light of these two documents. And he knows our history, when we are going down the same wrong path time and again. We can rest assured he will not tell us one thing and do another!! We know that to be true of him…he’s been so patiently consistent until the rest of us catch on to the truth of what has been going on. He’s a great educator…and so many need their eyes opened. Once the audit of the FED is performed, and the FED is dissolved, that will be the time he should make his announcement…either to run or to continue serving as Senator. There is some advantage to him being Senator. He’s more free to move about and educate, not isolated and distant from everyone in a white house (with bad energy in it). Everyone that goes there seems to change.

  • Douglas

    He needs to make more videos on youtube to get the word out that he will run in 2012 People will have to spread the word about him and he must let them know how he plans to help save things from going so wrong.

  • Bob Fitzpatrick

    I think Ron Paul should announce after 1207 passes the House.

  • C. Worley

    There will be a point in time that may be the more beneficial and appropriate for Ron Paul to announce his intentions in seeking the office of the President of the United States of America.

    By this statement, I hope it is clear, that the current administration has a large following. From the inconstant ideologies the current administration has it will stump it’s collective toe and present an opportunity to offer an alternative.

    Basically, to which I believe all will agree, the real tax-paying part of the U.S.A., the country is not moving in a direction most working folks are comfortable with. That being said, it is only a matter of time before an opportunity of significant importance presents itself.

    That point will be the best time to offer an alternative.
    Won’t be long now.

    Thanks for asking.

  • gabriel

    the way i see it; the sooner the better, unless he feels that he is just not up for it.

  • I think that he should have wreaked havoc at the 2008 GOP Convention like he said he was after the Republicans treated him so badly.If he does that in 2012, I’ll vote for him.