Ron Paul 2012: When should Ron Paul announce his decision? ran two polls earlier this year regarding Ron Paul’s potential candidacy for the presidency in 2012. The first poll ran from February 13 to 23 and the second poll ran from June 1 to 8. The results were almost exactly the same: 93% of our readers want Ron Paul to run for President in 2012.

If Ron Paul runs for President in 2012, when should he announce his decision? As soon as possible so we can all start campaigning (or support another candidate in case Ron Paul doesn’t run), or at a later time (when?), to await further developments and focus on auditing/ending the Fed for the time being?

When should Ron Paul announce his decision for 2012?

  • Immediately (50%, 1,558 Votes)
  • early 2010 (12%, 370 Votes)
  • early 2011 (8%, 252 Votes)
  • September 2009 (8%, 249 Votes)
  • mid 2010 (8%, 237 Votes)
  • late 2010 (7%, 213 Votes)
  • late 2009 (5%, 152 Votes)
  • Other (specify below) (3%, 84 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,115

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  • suzanne

    What about Mitt Romney? I’ve always thought they’d be a good combo. I think maybe the evangelicals have gotten their fill of Obama that maybe a principled Mormon wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

    • DG

      I hope you understand that Mitt Romney signed a health care reform bill back in 2006 for Massachusetts which many believe paved the way for Obamas national H/C reform. It included elements such as the (unconstitutional) individual mandate, which requires people to buy health insurance.
      This really proves that he is not THAT much different than Obama in policy. And we have also seen that Obama is not THAT much different from Bush or what McCain would have been, TRULY looking at his war policy.

      It never ceases to amaze me how people still listen to state run media sources with their 20 second clips for such important issues as voting for our leaders; and just boggles my mind that more people cannot see the obvious truth that neither party is truly distinguishable for the other. It really is just testamony that double speak actually does work and the masses really are just like cattle.

      I will say, if more people truly STUDY their candidates before casting a vote; like visiting their web sites, do a quick check on their voting records, stances or history. If every individual voter did that, we might actually get the “change” we need.


  • zac

    i like Ron Paul with the present amount of holes in his head. he is wayyy too honest for our current livestyle here in this country. he would see the same fate as Kennedy did or King Jr or Lennon (although this commie is a bad example). anyone who wants peace is weak right? and anyone who tells too much truth gets shot in the face.


    i think our votes should be graded on a curve from a test given before voting to show how much you know or don’t know about current affairs.
    (this will eliminate 90% of the idiots who vote)
    i.e. obama victories

  • Dionne

    I support Ron Paul because I am tired of being told what I can and can’t do. The Democrats think people are stupid and that they must make our decisions for us so we don’t hurt ourselves. I want Ron Paul to contact me to be his Vice President. I know my US History, I am a strong woman, willing to debate, and full of facts that the other parties do not want others to know about.

  • Bigwill

    Ron Paul Sarah Palin 2012
    Liberty and Freedom!!!!!!

    • Jonathan

      Ron would not step in the same room as Palin. Please study RP and you would find that he wants nothing to do with the neocons

      • Lindsey

        Jonathan: Many on this blog are not convinced that Mrs. Palin is a neo-con. Why are you?

        • steve atkinson

          Lindsey I’m with you why do people think bad of Sarah?
          What has she done to deserve this critical thought?
          Boy the lefty media really sways people in thier thinking.

          • SS

            Let’s try it this way.
            Please describe the policy differences between Sarah Palin and the neo-cons.

      • steve

        Yes I do understand these days why voters are confused by the front runners for Pres. It seems many of them change like cameleons. When the wind blows one way the change thier views. When it blows the other way again the changes. Ron Paul does not change. Sarah Palin could be like most and become corrupt once she gets there. I would hope not because her history has always been for the people in Alaska. Her book is rather interesting if you haven’t read it. Seems John McCain didn’t have a handle on his own people during the campaign. Sarah’s direction during that campaign was mis directed by Johns people running the show and they
        did not work together to get them elected. But McCain probably would have been the old John he has always been in the past. So is their really a difference between the 2 parties? Some, but not enough. What this country needs is a reformist. A president who can reform the system and make alot of changes in politics. Maybe Ron Paul can do that. The Constitution must be adhered to. The Federal Reserve must be audited and exposed for what it is.
        That is why Ron Paul would be my choice. Sarah who knows???

  • Teresa

    I like to see Ron Paul start running in 2010. I was really hoping that he became the President this term. But the blinded kool-aid drinkers voted for that obama dude. Worst Mistake ever people. Obam is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • steve atkinson

    This is not related but the world is a dangerous arena. wrote this article. Time to protect our own country with secured borders and high tech border equipment. Really scary about the 12 lost suitcase bombs. Read below:

    rising disorder, Iran’s nuclear assets are matter of concern
    DEBKAfile Exclusive Report
    21 June : As the Islamic Republic slides deeper into unrest eight days after its disputed presidential election, the fate of Iran’s nuclear resources is becoming a pressing matter of concern.
    Iran has accumulated a mountain of nuclear data and a large staff of scientists working inter alia on enriched uranium. Facing opposition in Pakistan, al Qaeda might find Iran a tempting proposition.
    This situation has a nightmarish precedent. After the collapse of the Soviet empire in the early 90s, it later transpired that at least 12 nuclear cruise missiles and four Kh-55 nuclear warheads were stolen from the Russian stockpile in the Ukraine and reached the hands of Iran and China who copied their nuclear technology.
    And scores of “nuclear suitcases” designed as tactical weapons for Russian special forces vanished and were never traced.
    Iran lacks nuclear products of this level of sophisticated but it has accumulated a large quantity of enriched uranium, valuable prototypes of nuclear devices and warheads, ballistic missiles and a great deal of know-how for making “dirty bombs.” In a breakdown of order in Iran, those scientists may well decide to take off and peddle their nuclear trove to the highest bidder.
    The strained relations between the Islamic regime and Washington have made it impossible for the administration to access any leading Iranian official to help prevent Iran’s nuclear resources from reaching the wrong hands.
    President Barak Obama is under pressure at home to extend more forceful encouragement to the protest movement rather than placating the regime .

  • Tim from Maine

    The quicker we get a 50 state report card published with information easily understood for all will the truth be told. I believe people have no clue as to what these communist lets not hide from the real truth communists are up to . I think if we can post their voting records on line , on billboards , on t.v. wherever let the people know they have the power . I think with this a full access listing of are leaders phone #s and e-mail contact list.I have never been that active in politics until now within the last year i have been in contact with my leaders in the state that are lost sometimes on a daily basis and we are loosing ground fast wake up . Clearly we do not even have a president he was elected yes but, citizen NOT SO MUCH. GET BACK TO THE BASICS THE NATURAL LAWS. Anyone know where they come from? God remember one nation under God? I do not care about the P.C. police i will stand for God and Country and although middle America has been busy paying the way for these lazy bastards so far we are all but, done and yet they continue to try to enslave us with debt, limit are free speech send their IRS to destroy us well i say go ahead bring it on i will give the glory to the Lord above . Oh my God another right wing Bible pounding right winger no I am just a AMERICAN .I will support Ron Paul completely grass roots i do believe we need a free press of are own for him to be elected though they shunned him completely in 2008 . God bless folks

    • SS

      What we need are paper ballots.

  • Jason

    I’m no guru on political strategy, but I do see this. Idiots who can only see as far a next Friday’s paycheck tend to buy into one sided media propaganda. I know this because I was one of those people. Uninformed, uneducated people seem to hold a big hammer in todays political world as far as voting. They will never support a republican candidate UNLESS that candidate demonstrates that he is COMPLETELY different from what republicans represent today. Ron is that person. Do it when you want to Mr. Paul, your intellect has gotten you the support you have today. My only fear is that you may be ahead of your time. The key: Show those people that Tax money equals time. The formula: Weekly Taxes divided by hourly pay. Result is how many hours they worked for the government.

  • Ron Mapes

    Good Evening,
    Announce now, get the word out and generate interest and support. Rep. Paul can still get after the Fed and take care of immediate business.


  • Deirdre Mullen

    Ron Paul is definitely the best and so far the only candidate, and his record of integrity proves it. Find me another candidate who is as morally upstanding who has no dirt on his hands, and who has never been bought like 99.99% of the political whores of this nation from the bottom to the top. Secondly, people should STOP being divided by the two-party “dog and pony show” someone wrote about. It’s true. It’s on now and party affiliation does not really mean anything anymore. Dividing you is what they want. Don’t succumb.

    Maybe a new party is not a bad idea – the GOP and the Dems are equally useless to me as an American citizen, one wants my money to spend on themselves and their criminal friends on Wall Street, and wants money to spend on an unconstitutional war in Iraq, and the other wants to globalize, socialize, and appropriate my money to further subvert the memory of the Bill of Rights by bringing in laws on hatespeech and cyberbullying – no thanks, I’ll take my chances with whoever hates me or wants to cyberbully me or my kids. We are now standing on dangerous ground, quicksand. Don’t allow anyone to open that door. I don’t like hate speech or cyberbulling any more than anyone else but you can’t pick and choose which part of free speech is protected and which is not – it doesn’t work that way. I worked too hard for the money I take home after it is picked over by the birds of prey FICA etc., to donate it WILLINGLY to these corporate swine who are now in bed with the government bureaucrats. This is a corporatocracy, that’s what this place has become. That’s who runs these people in Washington. Ugh. I’m just disgusted. The only way out that I see is Ron Paul in 2012. Don’t worry about him being older – he’s probably in better shape than a lot of the people posting and blogging their heads off on the internet all day (God Bless them for GETTING THE MESSAGE OUT!!!). RON PAUL 2012.

  • Ron Paul can wait til mid 2010. His name is recognizable and he does not need to start a “name recognition” campaign like some other candidates might have to do. His followers are ready to jump on the bandwagon anytime he is ready.

  • Thomas M. Mangum

    I love Ron Paul, but if he is not willing to condemn the corruptness’ of the GOP and leave it to lead a new constitutionally based Third Party then he should not run and we should not support him. At best in the GOP he is a distraction.

    I think he would serve us best by backing a strong third party candidate “THE CONSTITUTION PARTY”. He should leave the GOP now and endorse the Constitution Party and help us select a younger, sound of mind constitutionalist who he can support.

    I do not believe Ron Paul is our best choice for a course back to the constitution. He proves this by remaining loyal to the GOP.

    Additionally we as a group of patriots must determine immediately that the Third party option is the best option leave the perspective parties we belong to now and endorse the new third party.

    I believe the Constitution Party to be the most viable and closest in political philosophy to the founding fathers.

    We then must agree to set aside differences in meaningless junk such as abortion and concentrate on constitutional government reform.

    The rest will only be fixed when we have won the minds of the American people as it pertains to self governance and the constitution.

    None of it can be achieved as long as our loyalties are held by corrupted parties intent on power, regional, and world government.

    • Jason

      Thumbs up on the new party. As for a younger, sound of mind candidate…couldn’t agree less.

    • Cynthia DeMoss

      I believe that Ron Paul is the best hope we have of restoring our Constitutional Democracy. Whatever way he decides to announce and whether third party or Republican, I think he can and should definitely run and must win.
      There is noone of any age who is his equal. That is my position. Maybe we should all consider an appropriate vice president to be his running mate, although Congressman and future President Paul will surely make the right decision, with guidance by a Higher Calling, which I believe he is quite in tune with.
      I feel that the Republican Party is ready and willing to accept him as their representative, and this is based on my careful study of clips from both Fox News and CNN, where major newscasters let it be known that they did not appreciate the way the last election was rigged. Ron Paul was registering thirty percent of the popular vote while it was still an open debate, with six candidates on the podiums.
      With his common sense and truth speaking, his knowledge about the economy and foreign policy, and his complete comprehension of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we would be short-sighted to want him to sit on the side-lines, supporting some newer, and undoubtedly lesser version of himself. Wake up. Ron Paul is it, and I say that being a reluctant Democrat,really a progressive, who has been looking for someone like Dr. Paul to support for many years.
      Who says that Republicans cannot be progressives, cannot be libertarians, cannot be other than Neo-Con power trippers.
      I think the younger person who is so gifted and astute should work for Dr. Paul’s candidacy, and maybe when Representative Paul becomes our next President, God and Country Willing, that person may serve as vice president, communications director or take a position in President Paul’s newly-formed Cabinet.

  • mary ann

    Our country future is very dimmed and its not looking any sign of relief. We need a man like Ron Paul who stood upon the test of time, his voting record prove it and he is not talking baloney either. Were sinking down so fast and people did not care what direction our country will go. God ordained us to occupy until he come and we need to abide by it or else we suffer the consequences. We have a lot of issues to worry about like immorality, abortion, our economy, our enemy is in our midts and the new administration are contributing worst than ever. Our government is geting bigger and bigger and theres nothing stopping them because we give them freedom to do so. What a shame in the eyes of god wht is happening to this country. I hope and pray Ron Paul would win in 2012.

  • mike

    Having run for political office, I learned a few things myself. If Ron Paul is seriously considering another run for president, and he wants to do it right, then he needs to build an organization that will start working for him when the time comes. He needs to build a database of as many people as possible who will work for him the day of the election, building a group large enough to have one person per polling location across America.

    And quite frankly, his effort in regard to the FED is noble, but a bit of a joke. If one truly understands WHO runs the FED, he is wasting his time. The real power brokers will never let him get to first base. Better to focus on the things you can do.

  • Robert

    another short note on Rons election run. I wouldn’t come out too soon either, as that just gives the opposition too much time to dig up or make up dirt on him. I think 6mos. prior gives him all the time he’d need, especially after the last run he had and sucess he had on the money raised throug the internet.
    Ya just have to catch the crooks with their pants down and not give them time or opportunity to do the damage.

  • Robert

    Good luck to him again. I do agree with most of his positions. My concern with our election procedures is still present. The Dems and Repb. have the election commission stacked against anyone else getting into the fray. The biggest threat and Rons best shot again is the internet. Just like Irans battling the PEOPLE by trying to keep the info from getting out into the world using the internet.
    On top of that, you have the true source of power running the show here and most of the world, the New World Order guys, that pulled Obama out of the hat. These guys are the true source of our problems, and Ron knows it too.
    So the practice of deception will just go on. We can think we’re really electing someone who will change the world and protect us, but the deal is in. We’re not running the show anymore like our founding fathers gave us. The Military/Industrial Complex has almost completed their agenda. Read the history of how the Socialist took over the banks,industries,schools,gun control,ect., and you’ll see our country headed the same way.
    So don’t be fooled into thinking our countries elections are really a true view or not designed to direct us into their alignment of views for our future.
    Rons a great patriot, no doubt about it. But short of a revolution, IT AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN.

    waiting to sign up,

    • Del

      Robert, you are absolutely correct. It never ceases to amaze me how so many are hypnotized by the media. We have ABSOLUTELY no allies in ANY of the news stations. It’s nothing but a “Dog and Pony” show. It doesn’t matter if you step in Dog S***, or Horse S***. You still have it all over your shoes. They will never support, or even give creedence to a candidate that truly has the best interest of the people at heart. Another thing that scares the bejeesus out of the powers that be is the fact that there is no personal, or political dirt to dig up on Dr Paul. This is why the media tried to ignore him in the last election in spite of his poll numbers. I fear that if he does gain the necessary support from the people he will be threatened. As a man of principal, I believe he would stand his ground. In which case they will have to make good their threat. Who remembers what they did to Perot? He knuckled under, then returned to the race after it was too late.
      You speak of the Military/Industrial complex. Don’t you just love the way they show us all of the new high tech weaponry…robotics, autonomous killing machines under the guise of “keeping our guys out of harm’s way”. We already have the most effective fighting force on the planet. These machines can be run from thousands of miles away by one person that can program multiple systems at one time. My question is “What is their real motive?” If they succeed in “Sanitizing” war they will be quick to wield these new machines…on ANYONE…including us.
      War is SUPPOSED to be brutal, cruel, and dangerous. It keeps leaders from using their power irresponsibly. The NWO has a new plan. World populace subjugation. That’s their real goal. I am usually an optimist, but these days it’s getting harder to be so.

  • Deirdre Mullen

    Sold out politicians and elitists ARE assisted by the media sellouts like Glenn Beck. One of my favoritie examples is his recent mention of FEMA camps and how concerned he was. Later that day he returns and kind of says that he needs to do more research on the matter and will be back to report on the issue, and was never heard from again. People like Sean Hannity also – interviewing Ron Paul but won’t let him speak, just keep on shouting in his face “So you ARE SAYING that America IS TO BLAME for 9/11!!?!?!?!?” I really thought RP should have just got up and walked away. This is why I WATCH NO NEWS unless I search for it myself. EVERYONE is bought and paid for. Sorry if I sound like a cynic, but I guess I have really turned into one. More than anything, I want Ron Paul to get elected so he can fix this place, or take it back to where it once was. It’s kind of pathetic that there really is only one person who has consistently demonstrated trustworthiness over the past 20 years who adheres to his original ideals. Countless, I mean you can’t even count them anymore, politicians can be found denying he or she ever said this or that and then you can google them SAYING WHAT THEY SAID THEY NEVER SAID. And they are doing it with a boldfaced attitude, like they believe it themselves. “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” and RP is the leader of the revolution!!

  • Dawn

    I would love for Dr. Paul to run again in 2012. I just hope he will have that opportunity again, because with where we are headed as a nation he may not get another chance.

    If the sold-out politicians and the group of elitists pulling their strings get their way, there won’t be any more elections. I think the international bankers are tired of playing the charades and the game is just about up honestly. What we’ve had as elections are a joke, and when you throw the darling propagandized media into the mix it’s a recipe for disaster.

    At the rate Obama continues to sell out on this once great nation, there won’t be a US dollar. It will truly be under the grace of God if there is even a US in 2012.

    But if by some miracle there are still elections in 2012, then I think Dr. Paul should wait until the last possible minute to announce his candidacy, and hire the BEST body guards available, because his chances of winning will be greatly multiplied and there will be people in high places with much to lose just waiting to get a hold of him.

    • William

      Dawn, spoken like a true patriot. There will be a 2012 and a Ron Paul as our President IF we the people (you and me) keep waking people up. That is what will make it happen. Yes the country is over, yes the paid bloggers are worse than graffitti on this site. “They” are paid to destroy our future, and the puppet masters that pay them want 80% of us dead. Funny the paid bloggers will suffer the same fate as those of us that fight them. They are already sold out. I liken them to the evil filth that pushed the Zyklon cannisters through the openings in the ceilings of the death chambers in Nazi Germany. They have to know what they are doing, so they are taking part in the genocide that is unraveling today. They get a sick twisted thrill knowing that they are paid to play their knife in the back games. They are the kind of people that get their fun from screwing others over without their target knowing who got them. What they don’t know is they will suffer the same fate if We the People lose. I listen to the fraud called Glenn Beck and I see Benedict Arnold. The kind of people acting like they are our friends but are actually screwing us over nauseates me. Obama either is under seige, or he is a traitor to our country and freedoms. We have a chance because of people like you and Ron Paul.

      • Dawn

        William, Thank you for your encouraging reply. I spend every opportunity I have waking people up, I am a certifiable blog-a-holic now, thanks to this crazy regime and the evils committed by the last one. I make flyers off my PC and hand them out at TEA parties; extolling the virtues upheld by true patriots like Dr. Paul.
        I’ve e-mailed my congressman, Bill Foster too many times to count, until he finally sent me 2 letters explaining that he would not support HR 1207. At that point I gave up on him. There is NO reason whatsoever why any congressman elected by the people would not want the people to see where their money goes.Unless of course there is something in it for HIMSELF!

        Every day I hear how Obama spends hundreds of billions of our future taxes to support the likes of the IMF, Israel and Gaza. I read of the GIVE act and what this will mean for our constitutional rights. I read of the biological warfare covertly thrust-ed upon us by big-pharma and covered up by the FDA, WHO, and others. It is difficult to keep up with all the outright tyrannical deeds done to us on a daily basis. Obama’s group is moving like warriors to completely destroy this nation.
        But people like you and others who truly care about freedom add a glimmer of hope in my darkest hours.
        Pardon my naivety but, I have never heard of paid bloggers. I suppose it’s possible,but I cannot imagine how anyone so diabolical could sleep at night or look at themselves in the mirror. Are you sure of this? If so, who would hire them?
        This is a bit new to me, and it would explain some of the inciters on my blog site, SodaHead.

      • Dawn

        Yes William, the paid bloggers will be of the first, along with the pansy journalists, politicians, dissenters, homosexuals and Illegal aliens to get the hatchet when the whip comes down.
        They are what is called useful idiots!

  • Douglas

    You con have all the medium of exchange in the world. But I does not have any value what so ever unless someone is willing to do something for it.

  • Del

    I think he should wait until right after the 2010 Senate/House elections. That will be an indicator of the people’s feelings about HUSSEIN’S reign of socialists. If the Republicans gain either side of the aisle things will be different. BHO is deftly making a mess of things, and even some of the Dems are starting to distance themselves from him. If the Socialists keep both sides of the House Dr Paul will be forced to start a third party. Since the “Two Party” system is in reality a sham I believe a viable third party candidate can make it. Has everyone forgotten that they used to be one party…The Democrat/Republicans. When the Federalist party folded they split. They have been bouncing power back and forth like a ping-pong ball ever since, both heading for the same thing…total government control. By the way…only two Presidents have ever taken the same stance as BHO towards Israel. Peanut Carter, and GHW Bush. What do they have in common…ONE TERMERS. The only way ANYONE who isn’t in the “Bloodline” can make it to the White House is by a Vast public outcry for Change, REAL change…not the hopey-changey scam that they have foisted upon us now. John McCain was never meant to be pres. He was just a shill. Hussein’s just an acceleration of the Bush Doctrine.