Ron Paul 2012: Who should be Ron Paul’s running mate?

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Ron Paul hasn’t announced a decision yet whether he is going to run for President in 2012. If he runs, who should he choose as his running mate?

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If Ron Paul runs for President in 2012, who should be his running mate?

  • Peter Schiff (17%, 795 Votes)
  • Jesse Ventura (13%, 569 Votes)
  • Dennis Kucinich (11%, 503 Votes)
  • Mike Huckabee (7%, 339 Votes)
  • Rand Paul (7%, 338 Votes)
  • Sarah Palin (7%, 300 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (6%, 288 Votes)
  • Chuck Baldwin (6%, 259 Votes)
  • Other (specify below) (4%, 204 Votes)
  • Jim DeMint (4%, 194 Votes)
  • Pat Buchanan (4%, 187 Votes)
  • Lou Dobbs (4%, 173 Votes)
  • Wayne Allyn Root (4%, 164 Votes)
  • Michael Bloomberg (3%, 152 Votes)
  • Gary Johnson (2%, 106 Votes)
  • Mark Sanford (1%, 65 Votes)
  • John McCain (1%, 40 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,739

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  • Carrie B

    Bah – I meant Judge Andrew Napolitano… was just reading a report on “Sherriff Joe” and then tried to write about the Judge and got the two mixed up.

  • Carrie B

    The Honorable Judge Joe Napolitano first and foremost. I’d crawl through broken glass to vote a Paul/Napolitano ticket.

    I would offer up Michelle Bachmann as well but I don’t really know enough about her, have just seen some clips of speeches she’s made in the House that pretty much lay out the fact she’s more than ready to leave the Republican Party. However, her straight talk would be lambasted as “extreme fear-mongering rhetoric” by the left, even though we know it’s the truth.

  • Nick

    Jessie Ventura, Chuck Baldwin, or Peter Schiff
    I’d also would like to see Michael Badnarik as his running mate.

    Don’t get me wrong, Dennis Kucinich and Rand Paul would be good too. But Dennis has a hard time remembering what the 2nd Amendment means. And as for Rand, We’d need a constitutionalist in the Senate if he runs and wins the Kentucky seat.

  • Trent

    Paul/Parker ticket is the modern day equivelant of Thomas Jefferson/Martin Luther King Jr.

    If you think I’m exaggerating or don’t know who Ms. Parker is, take a look at this

    • Whoaaa Dan

      Was a powerful speech.

  • Trent

    Star Parker! She’d be like a Sarah Palin, only she actually has conservative values and believes in liberty and small government. And what a speaker…

    • VR

      … and extremely pleasant on the eyes, as well.

  • Judge Andrew Napolitano is my number one VP choice, mainly because I am really hoping Peter Schiff will run for the Senate.

  • Watchman2010

    David Walker would make an excellent running mate for Ron Paul. Together,they would straighten this mess out.

  • Nick

    Dr. Baldwin, Schiff or Judge Andrew Napolitano would be great choices. Root might be reasonable, too. I don’t think Dr. Rand Paul would have enough public exposure by 2012 to make a solid run for VP.

    I don’t see how anyone could vote for Rep. Kucinich on this. Sure, he’s done some good stuff, but the man is a socialist.

  • I refuse to vote because SHELLY ROCHE isn’t on the list. SHELLY! SHELLY! SHELLY! SHELLY! 🙂

  • Nik Markwell


    Ron Paul and Peter Schiff…..would be off the CHAIN!!

    • VR

      Schiff – Magnificent Mind, with the personality of cardboard.
      Make him Secretary of the Treasury.

      • Nik Markwell

        no way dude. Peter Schiff is the most interesting person….since Capitalism.

        WTF you talking ab….bro?

        • longshotlouie

          chill bro

          talkinbout Secretary of The Treasury …. with no FED.


  • longshotlouie

    Paul / Paul 2012 ?

  • Lancelot

    I would love to pick the most constitutional running mate for Ron Paul’s ticket. However not every American thinks in those terms, if we want to get something done, if we want to get Ron Paul into that damned presidency, we gotta get someone the dumb American people will want we libertarians and constitutionalists have to concede if we want to be seen and heard. I think a nice blue dog democrat,with good political power and a decent love for America would be Denis Kucinich.

  • Gayle

    Who should be Ron Paul’s running mate? Who can we trust? The most constitutional candidate we can find. Consider Georgia Rep Honorable Lynn Westmoreland for starters. What about Michele Bachmann?

  • Michael Badnarik!

  • Barbara Leonard

    When the rubber meets the road I like Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

  • Tim B.

    Rep. Jeff Flake

  • Steve
  • Peter Schiff

  • longshotlouie

    Pat, Gary, Wayne, or Chuck

  • Blizz

    Senator Jim Inhofe (Root and Baldwin are good too)