Ron Paul 2012: Who should be Ron Paul’s running mate?

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Ron Paul hasn’t announced a decision yet whether he is going to run for President in 2012. If he runs, who should he choose as his running mate?

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If Ron Paul runs for President in 2012, who should be his running mate?

  • Peter Schiff (17%, 795 Votes)
  • Jesse Ventura (13%, 569 Votes)
  • Dennis Kucinich (11%, 503 Votes)
  • Mike Huckabee (7%, 339 Votes)
  • Rand Paul (7%, 338 Votes)
  • Sarah Palin (7%, 300 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (6%, 288 Votes)
  • Chuck Baldwin (6%, 259 Votes)
  • Other (specify below) (4%, 204 Votes)
  • Jim DeMint (4%, 194 Votes)
  • Pat Buchanan (4%, 187 Votes)
  • Lou Dobbs (4%, 173 Votes)
  • Wayne Allyn Root (4%, 164 Votes)
  • Michael Bloomberg (3%, 152 Votes)
  • Gary Johnson (2%, 106 Votes)
  • Mark Sanford (1%, 65 Votes)
  • John McCain (1%, 40 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,739

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  • Dan Valley

    WHo put this list together???

    Sarah Palin ??? Whats more is that people actually selected her.

    This woman is as dumb as a stump and her slutty airhostess look is getting old.

    People Sarah palin ???? WTF????

    And please no religious wing-nuts.

    • Whoaaa Dan


  • Tony

    Bill Mays? Noooo but of course Peter Schiff

  • FloridaWarren

    I have been a Ron Paul supporter for yeas and voted for him in the 2008 Republican primary. But, I must say, as a lifelong Catholic, I am offended by the slur alleging that the Catholic Church sold indulgences to sinners. Disobedient, dissident Catholic clergy may have illicitly engaged in such actions at one time, but such an act is regarded as simony — the selling of a sacred object — and is considered to be a serious sin. While some individual Catholic clergy (individuals) may have engaged in such acts, the Catholic CHURCH (as a body) did not.

  • Sean

    This is a horrible list to pick from… Rand Paul for sure.

  • Wendell Cobbs

    Peter Schiff

  • Michael Badnarik

  • unclejay31

    Peter Schiff! And Rick Santelli as Treasury Secretary!

  • Ryan Muller

    Peter Schiff

  • Ray

    Michele Bachmann

  • Mild

    Alex Jones

  • DHS

    Cynthia McKinney

  • Liberated Woman

    Regarding Ventura, a Truther would be a liability to the ticket.

    • QuinnWard

      Ventura has a huge ego and is an amoral celebrity. Liability is right.

  • FreedomsReign

    Kucinich and Ventura. We need some honest ball busters waiting in the wings. If they can get us votes for the win, all the better. Schiff would be low on my list.

  • Liberated Woman

    Gary Johnson!!! He leads by example. This guy has executive branch experience and knows how to veto a bill! I would trust him in the line of succession (god forbid!).

  • Phil W

    Tom McClintock, recent freshman R congressman from CA. Good guy, needs more exposure. Can step into Dr. Paul’s shoes. Been fighting the socialists on the left coast.

  • Doodlehead

    Thomas Sowell

    • Christine Matthews

      How about Walter Williams instead? Sowell is a respected scholar but I believe he is a neo-con.

  • Alan Keyes…a committed Christian and Constitutional scholar. For insightful and extremely well-written essays, see his blog, “Loyal to Liberty,” at See especially his latest essay, “Congress Should Apologize Alright- for Imposing Slavery ON US” at

  • Scott

    I picked “Other” and nominate John Stossel. He’s a major celebrity and die-hard libertarian. He’d rip apart any other VP candidate during the VP debates.

  • Darryl

    I believe the rising star of the right is Paul Ryan from Wisconsin, I cannot believe he is not even mentioned on this poll.

  • Scott

    Gary Johnson. Who can be a Ron Paul supporter and seriously think that Mike Huckabee or some of these other people that they’ve voted for would be a good fit?